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  • Can i get a really large life insurance policy for a baby?

    Best answer: Define "really large"
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  • I need health insurance off season to cover specific things?

    I am trying to get health insurance ASAP for me and my sister. I need it to cover substance abuse for detox and rehab or at least detox and prescriptions. Also I need treatment for a hypo active thyroid which I have never started. Also i would like coverage to be full or as close to full as possible. Not Medicaid or Obamacare I’m trying to get good insurance. Any advice I tried looking it up but it’s too much I want straight to the source. Thank you!!
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  • What actions can you take to reduce premiums on automobile insurance?

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  • Can i qualify for disability benefits for having seizures and plus my concentration not being as good as it used to be?

    I was in the hospital last month for almost 2 weeks. I was in ICU mostly on life support for about 11 to 12 days due to having seizures. I had epilepsy as a kid and havent had seizure in a long time til the past year or so. Well i was working full time for walmart. Been there as a full time associate for about 4 years, i even had health insurance through them. Well when i got out of the hospital, they fired me. So i lost my insurance. So now i have like 4 seizure meds that i cant pick up because i cant afford the medications its over 200 and something for all. Alot of my coworkers dont feel like its right that they fired me especially because of health issues. But i guess it is what it is. So im thinkin about tryin to get on disability. Maybe at least that way i can get my health lined out. If you think i can qualify. Thanks
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  • Soonercare denied me and I'm pregnant?

    I moved to Oklahoma about 7 months ago with my boyfriend to live with his parents. I'm 18 and ended up pregnant a couple of months ago. I've already gotten the lectures spare me please. I had signed up for the Soonercare insurance and had it for about two months, but what I had not known is that they denied me the first month because I "am not a resident of Oklahoma," and still had ongoing medicade in Kentucky, which i don't and have proof of. It took me a couple of weeks to get it but I got a letter stating that my medicade ended on December of last year. Which was a month before I signed up. By the time I had provided them proof for that, I was told i was past the 20 day allowance to fight against the denial. I don't know what to do. We're struggling just to make ends meet and find new jobs because both of us ended up being let go around the same time. I can't afford insurance and I'm 100 percent sure I have a UTI but can't get anything for it now. I have a rare blood type and need a shot for it so it doesn't harm the pregnancy about 30 weeks in and I won't be able to get that. I'm terrified, please give me any suggestions
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  • Can a mom purchase health insurance for her newborn only?

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  • I am a 24 year old male looking to buy independent health insurance. I have a college degree so I may be able to get benefits but?

    I have applied to over a 100 jobs with virtually no call backs. I do have a job but there is no benefits offered. In theory I can afford to spend about 1000 dollars a month to become self insured. I just am trying to plan for the worst and hope for the best. I dont even know where to begin.
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  • Canceled my Medi-Cal through Kaiser bc benefits through work. Yet I can book appointments for Kaiser. Does that mean I m still covered?

    I canceled my Medi-care through Kaiser recently because I received benefits from my work. My work benefits aren t the best and was thinking of going back to Kaiser. All of my information is still saved through Kaiser, I m still able to order my prescriptions and book appointments. Does that mean I am still covered even though I canceled? Kaiser is kind of confusing in that sense.
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  • My insurance won't cover mental institutions (blue shield of California)?

    I've been looking to admit myself to a mental institution so I can get rtc, php (I'm not sure about that spelling) and iop therapy. Something that has a program for me to get better. But I've called basically every place in California, even one in Tennessee. I have blue shield of California. Every one of them was either 1) not covered 2) or partially covered but was still too expensive or 3) only for people who are abusing drugs, which I'm not. Is there anything I can do? I also have MediCal but I'm not sure if they cover hardly anything
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  • What's the point of having life insurance?

    Is the only point of life insurance to have a proper burial? I could care less about a tombstone, I'm not going to be around to look at it. It seems that money spent on Life Insurance would be better spent paying down debts or saving up for purchases.
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  • My employer's company doesn't show up in my credit report?

    When I log into Credit Karma or Equifax I can see my old employers there. I have about $15,000 in debts that do show up. My goal is to save that amount by March 2020. I want to be able to have the amount of cash on hand in order to settle with these collection agencies. I have a couple concerns. My fear is I will get near the amount I want to save then an unexpected emergency will occur and take that money away, something involving health, dental, or a car accident. I have liability for car insurance at $250 a month. Getting full coverage at nearly $500 will give me peace of mind but will make reaching my goal harder. If i save $10,000 then 9 months from now my car gets totaled then my debt money goes to a new car. Another thing: my six months is up with my company so I can now get dental and health insurance. My fear is if I tell them to give me the insurance this will force them to get reported to the system that alerts everyone who I am employed with. If this happens then I'm afraid these agencies will garnish me, which will hinder my savings. I want to pay in full at the end of the year. I think I have Medicaid but I'm not sure. My fear is if I call Medicaid to find out they will ask me if I am employed and I would be forced to say yes and the company I am employed with will forced to be reported, popping up on the radar which will enable to agencies to come get me. I want to pay in full at the end of the year.
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  • I have a cancer policy and will receive approx 5000.00 in benifitw, when I receive the check is it taxable?

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  • When I got my house, the insurance company to insure my house too, they asked me if I had dogs. Do they charge more if you have dogs?

    Best answer: If you have certain breeds, ( Rottweiler, pit bulls) insurance companies might not want to insure you
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  • How do you cut off from California covered?

    California covered formly known as obama care in California keeps making hurrasing phone calls and cutting me off of my health insurance plan. How do i fenge them off?
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  • Where can i get insurance forms?

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  • How can I find a life insurance policy put on my name?

    My grandpa supposedly created a 10k life insurance policy on me when I was born. But no one knows who it was with or where it was done and every website I look up tries charging $10 or more and want credit card info. How can I find out if I really have it and who it’s with?
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  • Can I send my mother's Knights Life Insurance policy to American General Life Insurance based in Nashville, TN for payment?

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  • I want to change how much I receive a month for life insurance?

    Best answer: Send the agent a letter.
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  • I'm going to a mental institution and I'm on SSI, how much will they pay me while I'm there?

    Like I said in the description, I'm getting help, and I want to know how much they'll pay me, or just give me a ballpark figure, and what if it's out of state?
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  • Can I get a refund if car insurance been over charging me a year?

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