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  • If you bought a share of stock, would you be certain that your expectations would be met?

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  • How can I get wealthy with penny stocks?

    What are the best penny stocks on the market? What are trusted research sites and apps to use for penny stocks?
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  • Is now a good time to invest in stocks? They seem to be doing really good?

    Best answer: S&P500 just made a new high, this is a bull (good buy) market.

    Besides, even in a bear market (bad buy) market, there's always a bull market somewhere - as Cramer would say.
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  • When you invest are you actually buying something?

    For example if I buy a shirt I can never get the money back. But if I buy a stock I can have my money back in seconds
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  • Is this a good idea?

    Getting a loan from the bank say to buy a "house" and actually using the money to buy divend stocks. I would make it so I earn more money on the stocks then how much I have to pay for the morgage each month.
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  • How do you realize a loss on stock that you cant sell?

    I want to liquidate some stock that have gone so low as to no longer be listed on the stock exchange, so that I can deduct them from my taxes. Since I cant sell them what can I do?
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  • Why are the ******* always out of stock at the dollar store??? i miss the good old days..?

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  • Does stock quadruple if it goes up 4 times in value?

    If you invest 10k and it goes up 4x in 4 years do you have 40k value or 160K? How do you consider 4 times?
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  • Weird to buy silver for aesthetics alone?

    I have roughly 300 ounces of silver coins and bars, but I buy ones I enjoy looking at rather than as an investment. I think silver is a beautiful metal, and I love the art that goes into so many of the coins and bars. I have routinely been criticized by others for spending more on my collection than I can recoup from the value of the metal. Do you think it's so weird to buy precious metal just because you enjoy collecting it rather than for some financial gain?
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  • What is investing and what are the benefits of investing?

    Best answer: Investing means letting your money work for you, so you don't have to do all the work yourself. During the first year or two of saving and investing, you may see little progress. But because you are compounding your earnings, your nest egg will grow much faster after that.

    A passbook bank savings account pays so little that it is hardly worthwhile. But if you talk with a stock brokerage house such as TD Ameritrade, they can show you how to invest relatively safely. Then your money can really get to work for you.

    If you save a portion of your money each payday and invest it, you can be on easy street long before retirement time.
    (You can also "gamble" with stocks. Many new investors can't resist doing that. If you wish to gamble, I recommend a casino.)
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  • I have 5 shares of Texas Air Corporation stock dated 10/19/89. What, if any, would be its current value?

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  • I have a $20,000 emergency fund is that good?

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  • How does investing in stock work?

    Best answer: The answer is "Yes" if you meant those amounts to be all in the same currency.
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    When you buy shares of stock, you are then one of the owners of that company. As part owner, the company’s land, buildings, machinery, inventory, debts and earnings belong to you.

    If you have chosen a quality company that steadily earns money each year then it progressively becomes more valuable. You can collect this increase in value when you sell your portions of the company (shares of stock) for more than you paid for them, and also when dividends are paid out. This is not gambling; you are part owner of a money making business.
    (You can also gamble with stocks. Many new investors can't resist doing that.)

    Your company’s board of directors makes the major company decisions and decides what to do with your net earnings.
    ►Some or all of your earnings may be given directly to the shareholders (you) and this is called a dividend. They just mail you a check or send the money to your brokerage account. This makes the value of the company, and thus the price of the stock decrease by the same amount as the dividend, so you have the same value in the total of stock and dividends.
    ►Some or all of the earnings may be re-invested in your company so it can grow, open new stores or make repairs. When this is done, the earnings money is used up but your company is more valuable by that same amount.
    The per share price, having increased because of the earnings, retain that increase when the earnings are re-invested in your company.
    Since your company has reinvested its earnings in itself, it has grown and can earn more money for you next year than last year.

    It takes time for your company to earn money, so you would want to buy shares with money that you can leave invested long term.

    Like anything that you own that has increased in value, you can sell it at a profit. Brokerage houses generally charge a fee for making the trade, usually 5 to 8 dollars per trade of a “lot” of 100 shares. Of course you can buy or sell less than 100 shares if you wish.
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  • Is it pretty good that I'm only down $1500 after being down $4000?

    I invested $7000 in some risky stocks last week and almost immediately lost $4000. This morning it's up to $5500
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  • Would you invest in car business(detailing, accessories,etc)? why?

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  • How do I correctly invest in the stock market?

    I want to understand what the different things on the charts mean and how to read the charts, and all the other details necessary to be a successful investor. Can anyone help me out by explaining some or pointing me to a book that could help? I don’t want to buy one and find out it doesn’t have what I need. Thanks.
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  • What kinds of things are normal now but will be highly valued antiques a century later?

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  • Could I Buy One Share Of Tesla Stock And Stop Them From Going Private?

    Best answer: No. That doesn't work. They don't need every single share to take it private. You can't stop them with just one share.
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  • My friend in Korea said he’s a free lancer in the Stock market and I literally don’t know what that means can someone explain ?

    I just don’t want to ask him and have him explain I don’t want to seem dumb
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  • Advice on investment at 17 years old?

    I’m a 17 year old male. Live in England in the UK. I have no money atm, is there anything I can invest in to get me started in the businless world? I can get money to invest from my dad or by getting a job.
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