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  • Who is responsible for fixing it?

    3 months ago the lock the mail person uses to open the apts mailboxes all at once broke.the apt manager notified them immediately but the post office says its the apts problem. so which one needs to fix it and how long are they legally take.
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  • Why can't neighbors in apt bldgs mind their own business This ***** is telling the landlord my girlfriend is living with me?

    Best answer: Is your gf living with you? If she is then the **** has a point. If she isn't then why does this bother you so much. Just follow the rules and tell the landlord if the neighbor is incorrect. If you are telling the truth then this shouldn't cause a problem.
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  • Dry rot and mold?

    I'm getting ready to buy a house.  Had it inspected and the inspector said that there are two joists that needs replaced and he would recommend getting a contractor to look at it. The contractor immediately told us that all the joists were dry rotted and had black mold and it would cost about 15000.00 dollars. The seller got two different contractors to come out and look and they both said that the joists are sawmill lumber and just looks like that, also said that it gets discolored. The black stuff on the joists wipes off with your hand. Just not sure what to do. Would hate to miss out on this house because of one contractor who doesn't know what he's doing. 
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  • What is the very first thing to do when you are looking to buy a home?

    I am a first time home buyer with my husband. What is the first thing to do in the process of buying a home? We have some money saved up together. Good credit. We both work. I just do not know where to start with the actual process. Thank you for your help.
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  • How to live rent free?

    I'm tired of losing my income to monthly housing expenses, but in this **** economy, I'm looking to completely eliminating monthly rent, I just don't know what good housing alternatives are there other than squatting or living in my 2000 toyota corolla. I don't want to pay money to someone every month for a place to stay. That entire concept is ludacris! I'd spend more of my money on businesses if I didn't lose it all to pay for housing. 
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  • Can my landlord actually do this? We need help?

    Hello guys, I need some help here. We currently live and are renting in a condominium/apartment here in Ontario for over 10 years now. Is a weird townhouse-style apartment where the hallways ("skywalk") is outside and every apartment is like a small house with a little vestibule in between the screen door and apartment door; measuring around 3ft x 6ft Last year towards the end of the year we got a german shepherd puppy. Being a puppy, she does puppy things but she's well behaved. Recently about a few months ago a neighbour of ours has been making comments, smart remarks, and causing issues by aggravating our dog with his own. He's been purposely going by us and our dog so she would bark at him and the dog and then he'll make snarky and rude comments. Recently we found out that our dog likes to sit in this vestibule area and lay down and watch the people outside. She does not bark or causes any trouble to anyone walking by, not even me if I'm coming home. Ever since this man has noticed he would purposely walk by our unit if the door is open and he would stand there, purposely upsetting our dog. We contacted the police and they spoke to him saying he needs to stay away and use a different elevator, there is 4 total, two he can take. The other elevator is actually closer for him and he chooses this one. We then told the landlord and they said that our dog cannot be in that area because it is a "common area". 
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  • Not sure what to do want to help my friend but...?

    So my friend just got divorced and my husband and I are moving this May. We are asking him for 900 month for our 2BR 2BA townhouse. Average rent is running around here is 1300 - 1400 so we are trying to help him out plus we are hoping to make a slight profit. He just told us he can only afford 750 per month maximum. I don’t know that we can go that low. If we rent, we would have to pay taxes on that money plus we pay 300 for our HOA. We don’t know what to do we want to help him but at the same time we would likely not make any money. 
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  • Why are people buying records again?

    I don't understand their sound quality is horrible 
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  • Can i become millionaire by buying and selling houses?

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  • HOA Requirements?

    When looking to rent a townhome, the landlord is stating it depends on approval from HOA? What is the requirements from Florida HOA? The tenant has rental history for 6 years. 
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  • Rental house income.?

    The house is valued at 60,000 currently renting it out at 900 a month which comes to 10800 a year minus the taxes and insurance I get 8800 a year. My question? Is this a good return on the 60,000 I invested?
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  • *Rent*: What would I need to pay? ?

    So we just moved into my parents home on February 13th. They’re charging us a full months rent after telling us they didn’t want any money upfront. Makes no sense to me. Their rent is due every 20th of the month. But we have only been there since February 13th. So to shut them up we ended up paying. Their explanation or excuse is that us paying a full month covers till March 20th. And then when we pay on March 20th it’ll cover it till April 20th.  Still makes no sense to me. 
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  • Is it legal to buy a home with the intention of immediately selling it at the same price?

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  • If you sell a home with $130,000 mortgage, how much money will you make? And can you tell me what calcluation to do to figure it out?

    Best answer: Selling price (including closing cost) - remaining mortgage/initial down payment = gain/loss.
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  • Hello, UK (London) rent increase question....?

    I live in a shared property. Currently pay £420 rent for a single room (which I know is VERY cheap based on location and local amenities). All bills are included (Council Tax, Electricity, my Landlord has just given me notice of a rent increase from £420 to £550 based on rising costs etc. Is this reasonable considering I don't have to pay other bills. I live close to two stations, one on the Victoria line and the other on the Northern line.
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  • How do I deal with this tenants concern about her PGE bill increase?

    We are having a seismic retrofit done to our apartment building. It is a commercial residential property building. They had their energy bill increase the past couple of months and think the workers are tapping into their electric lines which is definitely not the case. I've heard some people say PGE increase energy rates in california or san francisco, anyone know if this is the case or how to respond to a dumb accusation like this.
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  • Does a real estate agent make a profit when you buy a home or when you sell a home?

    Best answer: Real estate agents earn commissions on sales they make. Profit or loss is calculated at tax time the following year, gross commissions earned minus all allowable expenses of conducting their business.
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  • Painting over faded/cracked walls using original paint in rental property?

    Hi, This question is for landlords, or anyone who had an experience like this... I moved into a place recently and stupidly started doing a few touch-ups that I wasn't supposed to do according to the lease. I basically painted over a few wall sections with faded/missing paint. The color didn't quite match so I decided to call over a professional to do touchups using the original color. I'm worried that when my landlord sees these changes that they might not return my security deposit once my lease is up. Technically, I will have made the apartment more marketable because the professional will paint over sections that were entirely bereft of paint. And I heard that as long as the paint matches the original, it should be fine... But will the landlord be angry that I started painting in the first place when I wasn't supposed to?
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  • Is it legal to buy a house with the intention to sell it?

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  • My landlord keeps asking for next month's rent in advance. Is this legal?

    He keeps saying he's in trouble and needs next month's rent in advance. I am not able to over half my disablity check goes to 1 month's rent. Is what he's doing legal in Pennsylvania?
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