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  • Fair split of rent for a small studio apartment?

    Hello, what would in your opinion be a fair split of rent for a studio apartment, assuming everything is shared equally (room size, utilities, etc.)? The only thing is, this roommate would be staying for five nights per week and going back home on the weekends. I don't think 50/50 would be fair as I would obviously stay there all week.
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  • If your monthly income exceeds the monthly payment of your dream house, are there any other solutions?

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  • If you buy a house cash, How can you lose it( foreclosed or evicted)?

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  • How can I cut my roommates power?

    So she’s a ***** and refuses to pay me her utilities. I changed the internet password and she’s flipping her ****. But she always leaves all the power on. So how can I shut the power off on her when we’re gone?
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  • If someone removes their sign post on their lawn but it is still listed on Zillow for sale, is it still for sale?

    Why would they remove their sign post?
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  • Put in offer in house.. now waiting! How long to wait?

    Myself and my partner viewed a house on Saturday, and I fell in love. House up for 265,000. We put in an offer the following Monday for 252,500. Declined straight away. We then put in 258,000. It was declined and the estate agent said they wanted closer to the 260,000 mark. We then put up our offer to 259,000 on tuesday. The owners of the house are selling as they used to rent it out but now want to sell. The owners are on a cruise until Wednesday and they have not accepted our offer yet. The estate agent has told them they should accept our offer as it is a good offer, and we are both chain free. Do you think they are waiting until they are back from their holiday? Is that normal practice? We are keeping quiet and not bugging the estate agent so as to not look too keen. Any advice appreciated!
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  • I own a home in California that is paid for. What happens if I don't pay the property taxes?

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  • A girl signed a sublet lease to be my roommate, and now wants to break the lease before her move-in date, she has the keys, keep her deposit?

    I'm the only one on the lease with my landlord, but my landlord has given me permission to sublet one of the rooms in the two bedroom unit that I have rented. I searched for a long time for roommate, and the girl who was interested in the place signed the lease with me, and gave me the deposits (security/damage deposit equal to one month rent + pet deposit of half month rent). The lease is set to start in 2 weeks, and although she has not given me the rent for the first month yet, I have given her the keys to the unit. Her lease hasn't started yet, but now she wants to break the lease, return the keys, and get her deposits back. I have spent all my time during past month finding roommate, and I don't know when again I would be able to find another person interested. I cannot pay the rent for the whole unit myself, and it is stated in my contract with her that: "Deposits would be returned to the subtenant completely within 30 days from the end date of this tenancy agreement, PROVIDE THAT subtenant has fulfilled the lease agreement for the whole duration of the lease, the keys are returned, and the unit remains in the same condition as when rented (including costs associated with damages)." 1. Am I obliged to give her deposits back? 2.Can I keep both her security & pet deposits (specially since she has not paid the rent for the first month yet)? 3. Does she have any right to keep the keys if I don't give her deposits back? If she files in court against me, who would win?
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  • Would you be bothered if someone had their washing machine running whilst you were viewing their home when looking to buy?

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  • How is electricity in a half house billed?

    I am moving into a half house and I'm wondering whether I need to connect electricity myself, or whether the house will already have electricity and I will be paying a portion of the whole bill produced by myself plus the tenants in the other half of the house? I will be asking the agent but right now it's the weekend and they are closed. So I am just wondering how it normally works with a half house.
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  • Can I ask the listing agent how much the first offer is on a home and come in higher than the first offer?

    A listing agent said there is an offer on a property she listed for sale. Can I ask her what the offer was and make an offer for more than the offer she has right now?
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  • Writing to a landlord?

    So last month the state did an inspection on our apartment (they did all apartments in the building). Yesterday we got a letter from our landlord saying that we could not use the basement as a bedroom anymore and either have to stop using it as a bedroom or move out. We have decided to move out but I’m not sure what I should put in my response. Also, just to be clear, its a finished basement and we did inform her that we were planning on using it as a bedroom when we moved in.
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  • During an appraisal do they look in my cabinets, turn on faucets? I’m having the home I already live in appraised I’m purchasing from my dad?

    It’s all going so fast and feel like I don’t have time to fix some stuff around the house. Do they go in garage also? This is so nerve wrecking.
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  • Would you move out?

    When I moved into this apartment (which is within my landlords home), it was understood that all the neighbors parked in front of their own homes. My landlord had me parking infront of her home. The neighborhood doesn t have even 1 street light and it s pitch black at night. A tenant who is a young guy in his 20 s moved in next door. There is always a spot for his small sports car in front of his own apartment. He continues to park in my ONLY spot in front of MY apartment. Both my landlord and me have asked him NUMEROUS times to PLEASE use the spot in front of his apartment, because I am a young girl and don t want to have to walk around the block at night. He continues to park there. Should I move out?? I can t stand this anymore
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  • What would you do? Living on someone else’s terms.?

    I have a home that I build on my parents property 21 years ago under the promise that the land would be put in my name after I had lived here 5 years. The 5 years came and went and my parents refuse to put the land in my name. They also refuse to sell me enough land so I can sell my home and move. My house is completely paid for now. ( Many years of extra payments. ) I feel like I am trapped and have no certainty that I will even own the land upon their death. ( no will and they refuse to make one) . I have two brothers also so their assets would not be just mine. I am 44 and my parents are 86 and 78. What would you do if you were me? Do you see any options for me besides sticking it out or walking away? I need some advice.
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  • How do I tell my sister that the name she has chosen for her baby is bad without offending her?

    She’s planning on naming her “Starchild”
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  • Do you have to pay rent on a house you built?

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  • What options do we have to get out of a lease when roommates are forcing us to get rid of a registered emotional support pet.?

    My daughter has an ESA cat. She got the approval of the property management and her roommates before they moved in together. They just told her they don’t want the cat to live there anymore. The law protects us, but she wants to move out as the girls are making life very uncomfortable for her. They refuse to let her out of the lease. What are our options?
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  • Am I obliged to allow my my new to use the dishwasher machine, eventhough she is only one person with not too many dishes?

    Only me and my roommate would be living in this apartment, and although she is only one person she is insisting on using the dishwasher machine for her a few dishes that she would be using daily. Our dishwasher needs a small repair, but aside from that, even i myself do not use the dishwashing machine as every cycle on the machine uses lots of power and electricity, and that is while I can easily wash a few dishes that I have myself with hand normally in the sink. Am I obliged to allow my new roommate use the washing machine? (p.s. she is not in contract with my landlord but is in contract with me, so as I am allowed to sublet, she is subleting one of the rooms in this 2 bedroom apartment that I have rented, and I am the only one on the contract with my landlord, and I also live in the other room)
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