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  • Someone tried to pry open the garage door at my apartment. They didn't get in, but the door needs replaced. The landlord wants me to pay?

    I told him that I'm not responsible for crimes committed by people walking down the alley, but he insists. I told him to file a claim with his insurance, but he refuses. In the meantime, I'm unable to open or close the garage and can't use it. I pay an extra $100/month for the garage. Can I stop paying the $100/month until he repairs the door? If he wants me to pay for the repairs though, I insist we go to court because that is entirely unfair.
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  • Why do people like living in cities?

    I lived in a city for the first 25 years of my life and I hated it. I moved to a small town in the middle of nowhere. It's nice and quiet all the time and there are barely any people around.
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  • Why is rent so high?

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  • Can a landlord legally send an officer to my apartment a few days after I move when they had 60 day notice?

    On May I told the property managers that I am breaking my lease early and moving on July 2019 due to my fiancé being pregnant and us needing to leave so we can save money and be financially prepared for the baby since the rent we were paying was really high.We gave them 60 day notice that we are leaving and told them I understand there is a lease break fee, but I won’t be able to pay it right away since the money I had saved is savings for the baby. I told them I will pay it when I can. I also sent out an email to one of the property managers giving them another notice so they don’t forget. On the beginning of July I got a call from one of the property managers, they were being very disrespectful and saying that do not care that my fiancé is pregnant and that she doesn’t care that we are having a baby. They threaten to take me to court and I said okay take me, but I’m going to tell the court the same thing I’m telling them that I cannot pay the lease break fee because I don’t have the money too. Today they sent an officer to the apartment building where I use to live at 8:15PM!!!! I told the property managers many times I’m moving on MONDAY the 15th and they will have the keys back either today or Wednesday the 17th. Can they legally send an office to the apartment complex late at night even when the lease office is closed, and when they had multiple notices that I was moving?
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  • If my apartment management had me pay a "one time pet fee" when I first signed my lease, can they charge me the same fee when I renew?

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  • What kind of mortgage can I afford with $3,000 a month?

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  • Can a landlord be held responsible for a break-in if it was her maintenance employee that did it?

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  • Newborn living arrangements?

    My ex and I decided to live together when the baby comes 30 days from now. I currently live at my grandma house and he has a apartment with 2 bedrooms for the baby. With the apartment him and I names are on the lease because we concluded this was something we would do. However he is switching things around now and saying he doesn’t feel as though him and I can living under one roof peacefully. I would like to know if I should keep pushing for us to live under one roof with a newborn or just stay at my grandma house? P.s my grandma house has 3 bedrooms and only myself and her lives there. Please help ! Thank you
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  • Do you think it’s selfish for a person to buy a 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom condo that’s 4,000 sq feet for themselves?

    Best answer: I would love to have the space to have separate rooms for a library, an office and a workroom for my hobby/business, all of which are currently being done in one room. And have bedrooms with their own bathrooms, for guests. If I could afford to, I would, and not lose any sleep over it. I worked hard for my money.
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  • Can landlord charge for this?

    We have a dog and cat. We ended a two year lease last month. We cleaned the apartment before we moved out. Landlord charged us $150 for pet odor and cleaning the apartment for cat hair again. Is it legal? NY state.
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  • Would I be able to get my money back from a down payment on a trailer and first month's rent?

    Best answer: Maybe. I once did that and the day of the move I changed my mind because it didn't feel like a safe place to live. I told the landlord he could keep the security deposit to cover the period of time he wasn't advertising the place to rent and so he returned to me the first month's rent.
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  • Can a landlord increase the deposit at lease renewal?

    My friend who is a landlord 365 days per year said "security deposits do not get charged again when you renew the lease" But my landlord requires an additional security deposit upon lease renewal. The rent went from 1000 to 1050. The original deposit is 1000. The landlord requires an additional 50 deposit to renew. but my friend the landlord says security deposits don't change upon renewal.
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  • How much does bills and day to day cost?

    In a few months I am moving to my own place. Just need a rough guide
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  • Aunt’s giving me her house in her will?

    My great great aunt is 95 and has dementia. 3 years ago in her will she gave me her house. I’m already on the paperwork for the house. I’ve paid property tax on it for 3 years now. She has taken a turn for the worst and they will be placing her in a nursing home soon. My family has told me I can’t have the house until she passes away. When would I actually get to move into the home?
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  • Breaking a lease?

    I signed a lease early in the year and now I need to break it. We live in Florida and I’m not knowledgeable in leasing contract laws. Any advice, answers, or things to be on the look out for that could get me out of the lease, would be great. There’s a mistake in the lease where it says the apartment will come furnished even though I said it wouldn’t be. It’s not included in the payment schedule, would there be a way to demand it when I ‘move in’? I originally put my dog on the lease and I’m no longer bringing her, could I have them redraft the lease and not sign it? They’re not offering prorated rent even though we can’t move in until the middle of the month because they’re renovating. I’m desperate and I need any way that I could break this lease. If my parents weren’t my guarantors I would just not move in, but I don’t want them to be at risk just because I needed to transfer schools and no longer needed the apartment.
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  • Can I legally change lock if boyfriend not on lease been there about 2 weeks in Oklahoma?

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  • Is it typical to not be allowed visitors if you rent a room in someone’s house?

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  • How much rent can you afford if your salary is 30-35k a year for a single person?

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  • Paying for apartment up front?

    So I am filing bankruptcy and I am looking for a place to rent downtown in a metro city. My credit will not be good but I will not have any bills besides car insurance and phone. I recently started a new job that pays significantly more than my last job. Will they want me to work their for a certain period? Will they want me to pay up front for the lease? or am i crap out of luck and need to find a hole in the wall apartment. For instance if i am making 85k a year but no credit and getting apartment that ask for 1,000 and i can prove i have 15 20 thousand saved. Will i have any issues getting a place down town that nice?
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  • What should she do? My friend paid the landlords property tax.?

    I have a question. So, my friend moved out here two years ago and she renting a 3 bedroom house in east Stroudsburg, PA. The landlord has been delinquent with the property taxes. She said this wasn’t the first time this happened. Even got a letter in her mailbox of someone offering to buy the house. So, this time around, she freaked out and paid the property tax. Yeah, 😱she has four kids and got worried the landlord was going to lose the house and she would have to move. My question is what should she do? Does she have to continue paying rent? I thought no but I’m not familiar with real estate in these matters. Anyone know what she can do because I don’t know what to tell her.
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