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  • Would you charge your adult child rent? What if they had a disability or mental illness?

    Best answer: if you are able to get a job / work, then you are able to pay rent.

    Your mother is correct. Whether or not she needs the money from you is immaterial. You are an adult and working - welcome to the adult world.

    you talk of your disability / mental illness - OK. but that hasn't prevented you getting work and getting paid has it ? So, neither should it prevent you paying rent.

    Think yourself lucky that you got to 24 years old and not paid a penny in rent. Most people aren't that lucky
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  • Can a housing loan fall through due to work history?

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. Our lease is up in January and we’ve started looking at houses. He has been preapproved. My credit score is too low to use my income on the mortgage. With that being said, we found a house that we love, put an offer in, and now we’re giving over W2’s, Bank Statments, etc. I’m a tad bit worried. Personally, I’ve been with my company for 2 years and have a solid work history. On the other hand, he was in school about a year ago, had a few temp jobs during schooling, found a job for his degree, got laid off from that job, and has been at his current company for 6 months. Our income is solid, I just worry about being denied because of the inconsistency. Is there a good chance of denial?
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  • How does a single parent get affordable housing in Utah?

    My daughter's mother is living with her parents, and I'm not going into detail but I need to get them out of there, so as a single parent who is working full time in Utah, how can she get either financial help with housing and/or affordable housing? She barely makes 1200$ per month, and she has some debt all ready built. Please, if you know anything let me know ASAP. P.S. Yes, I did Google stuff and asked the DWS for information and they weren't much help. Also, she needs to be South Salt Lake, so she can get to work, due to no vehicle.
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  • I own a house and my house mates girlfriend is staying over every single night, what to do?

    I own a house and I rent a room to two of my mates each, I cover more of the mortgage and give them set rent a week ($120 each). Everything works great except my mate got a girlfriend about 6 months back and she stayed every now and again which was fine but now she stays every night without fail, she occasionally showers but she never has once offered to pay for anything, never helped clean or cook and she’s generally rude to me and the other housemate. It’s not exactly the money that bugs me it’s the fact that we’ve basically got a 4th housemate I didn’t ask for. I don’t know what to say because he could just say all she does is stay in his room and showers with him but it just bugs me and I don’t know how to go about saying anything because I don’t want to start any drama but it’s my house and I believe I should have a say in what happens. Any ideas please
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  • Can my landlady increase my rent because I planted several bushes?

    I didn't think this was such a big deal, but she came over in a rage because I planted two bushes. She then ordered the gardener to remove them immediately, & then increased my rent AGAIN to punish me for planting them. She just increased my rent six months ago, so to now raise it again over two bushes isn't fair. I rent month to month, so she claimed she can raise it every month if she wants to. Is this true? It's already way too high for what I'm getting. I've never once been late on my rent, and most of the time even pay it early. I'm trying to help her by planting bushes. When I moved in there was grass, now there's just dirt in the front yard. It looks really plain & I doubt it will be easy for her to rent out again looking like it does now. I moved here because I liked the way the front yard looked before she tore everything out. I can't believe what a rage she was in over the bushes. I think there's something mentally off with her.
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  • How can i move away without much money?

    I don't have a job or much money ($100-$250). I need to move away very soon and I'm afraid if I leave I'll be homeless but I can't stay here. What can I do?
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  • What to do if you saw 2 homeless people break into vacant home?

    I saw 2 homeless/transient near the front yard of neighbor's home which is vacant for the time being than later they disappeared. I realize now that they were scoping the home to see if anyone was living there than they jumped over the fence and somehow broke into the home maybe through a window. Maybe they needed a place to stay so they broke in now I don't feel safe living in my neighborhood. I live right across the street, what do I do? Should I call the cops?
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  • What rights do I have when it comes to renting a property?

    So I moved into a student house 2/3 months ago. When we moved in the property was in an awful condition but the estate agents described it as clean and immaculate! We had broken windows, cockroaches and ants, broken sofas, broken oven the list goes on and on! It’s been nearly 3 months and there are still problems, we still have cockroaches and now they’re starting to lay eggs and have been hatching which is grim. I left a bad google review on the estate agents site and the guy literally came round the very next day saying it was unfair and that I had to take it down, it made me feel really uncomfortable as well as I’m only 20 and he’s a middle aged man. I didn’t think it was professional of him at all. Do I have any rights ? Can I refuse to pay my rent or anything as we’ve still got cockroaches, the fire alarm system is broken and keeps saying general fault! When I told them the same guy that had a go at me over the review told me it means we’ve been smoking in the property which is a complete lie, it actually means there’s a problem with the battery. They then tried to blame us for the broken sofas saying we did it and have ignored the fact that the floor in the garden is cracking and we’re sure there is a basement or something underneath which is very unsafe! What can I do as I’m sure they’re going to try and blame us for a lot more !
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  • How long does it take to paint a 3 bedroom apartment?

    The apartment is approximately 1000 square feet. Waiting to move into a new place and they are starting to paint today.
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  • How should I go about moving a person I let a room from me they have to go?

    Hello I rented out my room to a lady but I feel like she’s taking over my house I told my husband about it but he gets rude and say I’m tripping everything I had around my house has been moved and she put all of her things where my stuff use be and I’m very upset about it I don’t want to be rude but she’s also very nasty she has brought roaches to my home and I am very clean we never had a bug problem
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  • Can the city make me pay for a paving job on a road I don t own?

    Okay... So, I m looking at buying a property fairly soon. It s an empty plot of land with a dirt road connecting to the main road about a a quarter mile or so away. I talked to the realtor earlier today, and he said that the city was demanding that the road to be paved before building on said property could begin. I would be the only house up there at the time, but not the only property; so it s not a privet road. However, they are trying to make whoever buys said property to pay for the paving. So, my question is; can city make or demand a property owner to pay for a public road to be paved?
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  • Can you rely on your base salary for a couple of years as an estate agent?

    I read on quora that someone's employees at an estate agents get a base salary so if they don't make any sales for a few months it's not the end of the world. But what if it's a couple of years with no sales, in a recession - how likely is there to be absolutely no sales and will you get the sack? Can you rely on your base salary for that long?
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  • What would you do if you landlord refused to make repairs?

    My landlord is really nice. However, they just don't follow our contractual agreement. My apartment has no fire alarm, or carbon monoxide dector required by law. I 3 months ago and have yet to recieve the proper equipment. My bathroom sink has beenout of order for 3 months. I have been constanly giving verbal reminders and am getting an "okay" with no action following. My oven is broken and he is asking my husband to repair. Last time i checked our only obligation was to pay the rent on time which we do above and beyond. Sometimes we even pay months in advance. I feel like I am being walked on and I will not tolerate it. We work hard for our money to pay to live comfortably. The family lives downstairs from us and his wife does not work. They just sit back and collect money without holding up their end of the agreement. When you decide to rent you property to someone you must have everything up to code. Otherwise you should not rent! I don't understand how that is not understood. I have never been late with rent and I'm so pissed off because he has been ignoring me for days when his car is in the driveway. Can't move right now because I am pregnant and in graduate school + working for the state full-time. Any practical advice would be helpful.
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  • Do estate agents always make enough money to at least live on?

    Best answer: People will always buy and sell homes. But in a down market that does happen much less often. So there will always be work. In boomtimes there will be lots of work. In bad times there will be less.

    But the amount you want to make annually is very little, so the market would really have to go in the dumper for you not to be able to cover that.
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  • Is it possible to buy a house if you already have $3865.79 saved up?

    I live in cleveland tennesee.In trying to buy my first home.
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  • Do estate agents have to reach targets?

    Best answer: Very rare in the UK as no one can force people to put their houses up for sale. Many charge different commission rates to bring in business. Agents don't go out and persuade people to sell their homes.
    I have worked for a large chain and an Independent and they both advertised their services the same. We were paid salary and commission.
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  • Will I have to get good at maths in order to become a real estate agent!?

    Best answer: No real estate in the U.K., say that to anyUK Estate Agent and you won't get the job.
    No one is going to employ you to negotiate or price houses straight away. You will need extensive training as I had.
    Your first jobs will be making the tea and answering the phone. You will need to drive, you cannot show people properties by taking a bus.
    You would need to be a senior Negotiator before you value properties this comes with time.
    So you are overthinking the job.
    You will start at the bottom.
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  • Best place to buy a house outside of the city but close?

    Sooo I've only ever rented before but my husband and I are looking to buy a house. His family will be coming in from China to live with us as well so we are looking for something fairly big with 5-6 bedrooms, a decent yard (with room for a garden and maybe a few chickens). Somewhere quiet and not too close to neighbors, but close to the city and near a chinatown. Obviously a nice neighborhood but I am looking for the most inexpensive house that fits this criteria. I just don't know what town or state to look. Any advice? Thank you!
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  • Can landlord have copy of property manager's lease with the tenant?

    prospective property manager states owner cannot be involved between manager and tenant including having a copy of manager/tenant lease agreement
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