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  • Can my landlord install a gate?

    I recently moved Into a rental and there is a fence, but no gate. Lol my neighbors caught someone in my backyard and that freaks me out. I have a 2 YO son and now feel a bit unsafe. It is bad enough that we have no deadbolts and legally we are required to have them. I have discussed this with the landlord since moving in (almost 4 months) and continuously get the runs round. So my question is, with a fence but no gate...is the landlord required to install a gate?
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  • My insurance sued my old landlord and now he is basically giving untrue bad references to new places I'm trying to rent. What should I do?

    I was denied 2 apartments so far and lost application fees. Should I sue him for defamation or something?
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  • Is there a way to get evictions removed from your credit report?

    has anybody done this or tried?
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  • If you don t pay property taxes you lose your equity? So if you own a home they steal it? Does that mean an owned home is actually a rental?

    You have to rent the home you supposedly own from the local government or they hold it in random from you? Why don t you get your equity? That s your money..
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  • I put my dog on my apartment application, but he was not added into the lease. Now we’re getting evicted, can I fight it?

    When my husband and I applied for our apartment complex (which allows animals) we put down on our application that we have a dog. However, whenever we signed the lease, he wasn’t added onto it but we didn’t notice because we were moving last minute and the apartment manager gave us our keys right before the office closed for the weekend. Now, two months later, we are getting evicted because of our dog. If we put it on the application that we had a pet but they didn’t add it to the lease.. could I fight it? I could pay the deposits and everything today but they won’t even listen to me and keep saying we’ve had “piles of complaints” but we NEVER received any notice of complaint... I live in WA state by the way. And yes, the lease does say you can be evicted for unauthorized pets.
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  • When you resign a apartments lease, why do they raise it? How often can they raise it?

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  • Is it okay for siblings to share a nice apartment together?

    Best answer: If you can get along with your siblings at home then you should be able to get along with them in an apartment - this is far better than living with someone you just met and taking your chances - the 4th person is the only wildcard though he'll probably be fine too. Sounds like a great idea to me, best luck.
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  • Moved into an apartment with a clogged bath drain?

    I moved in the middle of July, the apartment had minor things wrong with it but the landlord promised to fix everything. I made a list of changes I wanted made and we both signed off on it. My first night staying there the tub didn’t drain properly. I let the landlord know and he agreed to fix it. By the time I let the hot water warm up there is usually enough water at the bottom of the tub where it almost feels unsafe to step in like I may fall (i almost fell seversl times). It is now November and there has been no changes in anything. I constantly remind him & still nothing. What are my rights as a tenant? I am extremely unhappy and uncomfortable at this point.
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  • I rented a 3 bedroom house with a friend and use the extra bedroom as my office. My landlord lost his job and wants to rent the 3rd bedroom?

    This is in indiana. We have a 1 year lease which we are only 3 months into. We've told him no, but he keeps showing the house to prospective renters. I turned him away one day and he went nuts about me not letting him show it saying I was violating the lease. Since I telecommute and am home when he shows it, I now am letting him show it, but I tell him and the prospectives that they won't be living there and not to sign a lease because we will fight them on trying to move in. We've read through our lease and there is nothing in it that says he is allowed to do this. Is there anything we can do to stop him in advance or do we have to let him show it and take him to court after he tries to sign a lease? If he does sign a lease with someone else will we be able to have that person removed or will we only be able to break our lease and move out?
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  • How much money do I need to make to afford a $1200 a month apartment in Los Angeles?

    I also need money for utilities and other stuff of course. I was thinking: $1200 apartment $300 utilities $400 month other A job making at least $2000 a month after taxes. So at least $16 an hour should do it. What do you guys think?
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  • First time apartment renter questions.?

    Hi, I am 20 yrs old and me and my boyfriend were planning on moving in with each other. I saw online that you should be making 3x the rent, could we combine our salaries or is it only one of our salaries? I'm the only one who has been credit and it is average will my credit be okay for renting an apartment? Is there any advice you guys recommend? I live in Southern California near LA.
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  • Am I following the correct procedure for terminating my lease?

    My Florida apartment building has dog urine and feces on almost a daily basis inside the hallways, trash that is neglected to be taken out in the trash rooms, water leak on my floor that is causing a moldy odor, vandalism of elevator lobbies, and there is an ongoing security issue where the general public is being allowed access through propped-open secure doors in the parking garage. This is a "luxury" apartment building where I pay a lot of money each month to not have to be dealing with these issues. I have written a letter and delivered it to the leasing agents about the issues and I have notified them my intent to vacate if these issues aren t remedied 7 days after receipt of notice. This 7 days is over in a few days and I d like to continue to terminate the lease. Am I on the right track with this or am I missing something?
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  • Im purposly making my yard and home look sooo trashy so my neighbor will sell their house cheap, and then i can buy itcheap. Will this work?

    Best answer: It may. Enjoy living in your dump.
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  • Buying my first car?? Questions?

    Used cars are out the question. Hey! So I’m 18 years old, and I need to a buy a car. My mother’s car broke down, and we’re car-less at the moment. I was looking at mustangs and challengers. I can afford a $1,000 down payment, and I can afford the monthly payment and insurance with my income. The thing is, I have no credit at all & my mother’s credit is absolute trash. How do you think this process will go? • What do the dealerships look at in order to approve you? • Can I even get a car? Dodge or Ford houses.. • Should I apply for a car loan, or is there too much risk? Am I even able? I’m responsible with my money and would make payments on time, even if I lost my job I could dip into my savings for awhile. • If I did get a loan, what would be the process on that? • If anyone can recommend reliable cars. Of course I care about the aesthetics but I’d choose reliability over looks any day. Thanks!
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  • Is it legal for the apartment I live in to inspect it at any time?

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  • My landlord wants me to pay for a stolen air conditioner. What should I do?

    The central air unit was stolen. I was home at the time but I didn't hear anything. I don't think it is fair to even ask me to pay for something I didn't do.
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  • Can my landlord make me move out and what are my rights?

    Me and my partner of 8 years have rented the property for nearly 2 years we have recently decided to split up and go are own ways she’s happy to move out and I’m happy to stay we are both on the tenancy agreement I’m wiling to take full responsibility of the rent and be on time as usual But I’m worried they will make me move out due to the change of the contract I no the best way is to just tell them and ask what happens but I’m curious and want to no my rights ect
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  • Can my landlord evict me because of my boyfriend?

    My landlord has threatened to evict me, accusing me of having my boyfriend living with me. He only comes to my rental 2-3 times throughout the week and stays overnight occasionally (once every 2 weeks or so). We are very quiet and my housemates enjoy having him over as their friends with him as well, they think it s a racism issue as my boyfriend is Jamaican and my housemates + their partners are all white. My housemate has his girlfriend over every weekend from friday-monday night and my landlord is fine with that, but refuses to let my boyfriend stay a few hours at the house.
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  • An apartment complex near my house sent me a $100 fine notice because my dog peed in their grass. I don't live there can I safely ignore it?

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  • How to buy a home?

    So me and my husband want to buy a house, but I’m unsure of how to best go about it. We’ve seen some mice homes on Zillow that we are definitely interested in. - Can I take out a loan for a down payment? - My husband has a credit score of 660. I have poor credit score, because I’ve only had my cc for 1 month, so I’m worried about that. - We’re young, so I’m worried about the impression we give off. I feel as though we’re both ready and have a decent background if they’re looking at that - I have a pretty well paying full time job from home (a little less then 2,000 monthly), and my husband is self employed and makes between 2,500 to 3,500 monthly. We own 2 cars and have rented places from $500 to $1000. Any info or tips or advice would be great, thank you!
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