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  • Why was I rejected by Mcdonald's?

    Best answer: Just move on, it could be many reasons. Either they found someone they thought we be a better fit or better long term employee, or they possibly had a change where they cant afford or dont want to fill the position anymore. It could be many things.
    6 answers 6 days ago Bariloche
  • Is 7 Burger King croissanwiches too many to eat in one sitting?

    I had four sausage egg and cheese and 3 triple meat sandwiches
    5 answers 6 days ago Fast Food
  • When will a Costco store be opening in Brantford?

    4 answers 5 days ago Other - Dining Out
  • Is Schindler’s list an underrated comedy?

    I’ve looked all over lists of best comedy films ever made, and not one mentions schindlers list. Why! I laughed almost the entire way through, such a funny movie, why is this so underrated.
    5 answers 6 days ago Gualeguaychu
  • Should colored officers outside of urban communities be required to have a standby officer when making arrests in Suburban communities?

    Best answer: Absolutely. In fact I don't think they should be allowed to make the arrest if there is a white man within 250 feet who can make that arrest properly.
    5 answers 6 days ago Bariloche
  • What buildings can’t legally be a place of residence? Why?

    Best answer: Building and occupancy codes are state, county and city codes. So, specifics will vary by location.
    In general, a building can not be used as a residence unless it is in an area zoned for residential use and an occupancy permit for residential use has been issued.

    Where I have lived these permits are issued as part of the building permit process as the inspections are signed off.

    Most areas do not allow residence in commercial buildings even if they have proper sanitation facilities.

    Again, you will need to check your state, county and local codes for specifics where you live.
    4 answers 5 days ago Bariloche
  • Should I interview for a job I am not sure about?

    I have accepted a job interview in a couple days, but I m not sure if I should cancel the interview. The company does not have the best reviews, the pay is likely less than what I m looking for, and the woman I am interviewing with was very difficult to work with in setting up the interview. I seem to meet all of the qualifications for the job, and the phone interview went well. I liked the sound of the company before reading their reviews (just by checking out their website). I m not desperate for a new job, but a new job sooner rather than later would be nice. The woman I m scheduled to interview with was extremely difficult in scheduling, and her emails were not professional. Based on her job title within the company, I believe she would be my future boss, which makes me uneasy and worried I ll be stuck in another job that grates and is stressful. I m not sure what to do. My friends believe I should still interview with the company, and say that I don t have to accept an offer with them. But what would be the point? I ll have to take a half-day off from work to go, and I do not get paid personal days. I ll be out of a half-day s pay for a job I don t think is a good fit. What do you all think I should do?
    4 answers 5 days ago Bariloche
  • In the US today, what is the standard vacation policy for new employees? Also, are national holidays typically paid leave? (SaaS company)?

    Best answer: Most professional jobs start with 2 weeks of pay holiday per year. Company holidays are paid.
    However, SaaS is known for having great benefits. I would surmise they have a PTO program which gives may give you 25 or more days off in your first year.
    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to learn they have an unlimited time off program.
    4 answers 5 days ago Bariloche
  • Bad idea: if Incells are so smart and always playing on their phone, why don t they use Tinder?

    4 answers 5 days ago Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo
  • (Uk) I will resign my current job 1st of Sept, I should give 1 month notice. Can I also apply for 1 week leave? I have 2 wks leave remaining?

    4 answers 5 days ago Bariloche
  • Which democrat canidate would be most likely to become a mass shooter?

    Best answer: I think Beto is someone to worry about. He wrote this.

    Visions From The Last Crusade

    by Psychedelic Warlord

    >>> A CULT Publication......1988 <<<
    -cDc- CULT OF THE DEAD COW -cDc-

    The catacombs of my head produce the most wonderful dreams and visions.
    I feel that I am one with my intellect and my soul. It was during these
    dreams and visions that I concocted a notion. It started as something
    small at first, but after every dream it grew stronger, until the urge
    had become too great. No longer could this strong desire in my mind be
    suppressed. Recognizing this fact, my one and only goal in life became
    the termination of everything that was free and loving. Only I could
    realize the true value of loving and expression. Only in my dreams.

    This feeling pervaded everything in my life, yet the first few months
    after realizing my goal, I had done nothing. Then one day, as I was
    driving home from work, I noticed two children crossing the street. They
    were happy, happy to be free from their troubles. I knew, however, that
    this happiness and sense of freedom were much too overwhelming for them.
    This happiness was mine by right. I had earned it in my dreams. As I
    neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping
    the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the
    two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of
    the two. I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped
    my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head. My
    dream was abruptly ended when I heard a loud banging on the front
    window. It was an old man, who was using his cane to awaken me. He might
    have been a witness to my act of love. I was not sure, nor did I care.
    It was simply ecstasy. As I drove home, I envisioned myself committing
    more of these "acts of love", and after a while, I had no trouble carrying
    them out.

    The more people I killed, the longer my dreams were. I soon quit my job,
    and stayed at my house in an almost comatose state. My dreams grew longer
    and more vivid. They kept me alive and proved to be the only thing
    to live for. I had killed nearly 38 people by the time of my twenty-third
    birthday, and each one was more fulfilling than the last.

    I was never really surprised at how I evaded the police. My dreams
    had taken over my life, and they guided me through the right path, and
    I never had need for fear of police. Or anything, for that matter.

    The Democrats like killing kids. So I guess he fits right in.
    6 answers 1 week ago Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
  • Have you ever been horribly sick after eating at a Subway sandwich shop?

    Best answer: Sounds like food poisoning
    4 answers 5 days ago Fast Food
  • If your colleagues were taking the mickey of you would leave the job?

    Best answer: No. I would just make sure my fly was zipped.
    4 answers 6 days ago Bariloche
  • Which job would you take?

    Job 1: Not at all what you’ve been looking for, but more of what your passion is. No benefits, no set location, hate kids but that’s who you’re working with, driving 50-100 miles away from your home a day.... but more in the lines of what you want your end career to be. Job 2: exactly what you’re looking for. Benefits. Higher pay. Office space... but has poor training, you don’t exactly know what you would be doing and may need a lot of help making you look unqualified for the position, but may have potential for success.
    4 answers 6 days ago Bariloche
  • Will Biden remain in hiding because Obama told him he didn't have to do run or because like w/Hillary, the less we know about him the better?

    Best answer: The Dems are trying to keep him out of camera range since every time he opens is mouth he sticks his foot in.
    5 answers 1 week ago Gualeguaychu
  • Any restaurant recommendations ?

    12 answers 1 week ago Other - Dining Out
  • What's the best thing to order from Chinese takeout in mixed meat?

    9 answers 1 week ago Fast Food
  • Should Trump buy Greenland and send liberals to live there to melt the ice since they melt like snowflakes?

    Best answer: I think the ice there is already melting from the real or fake global warming.
    8 answers 1 week ago Gualeguaychu
  • Why do cashiers always try to steal my money when I pay with large bills?

    When I pay with $100, they always short change me by $10-$20.
    13 answers 2 weeks ago Fast Food