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  • If someone gets messages from the Holy Spirit what is the best way to share with others online?

    Like, I know Y!A isn't very popular compared to Quora or reddit but I never got into twitter, tumblr, blogs, that kind of thing - so what is popular that it would reach a lot of people?
    9 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Switzerland
  • The bar/restaurant I work for is wanting to have waitresses taking the food orders and tips of people eating at the bar. Is this common/fair?

    6 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Dining Out
  • Why do some people like In-N-Out so much?

    Best answer: I'm one of those people who really like it. I will say that the fries are a little soft, so the way to order them is well-done (yes, they even have a button on the register for that). I also don't think animal style is that great. I go for a double-double with grilled onions (avoiding the mustard cooked patties and the extra spread). And I would pick a vanilla milkshake over chocolate.

    Now that I'm diabetic and can't have the fries and shakes, I really love the place even more because I can get my burger "protein style" which means wrapped in lettuce. It's one of the few places that really wraps the burger so well that you can pick it up and eat it. Most places just toss the burger on some wimpy lettuce and it becomes a fork and knife thing.

    Everything is 100% fresh and made right there. That's why they aren't all over the country - there's no easy way to distribute the ingredients.

    Just like EVERYTHING else in the world - some people like it, some people don't.
    14 answers 3 weeks ago Other - Dining Out
  • Can a waitress do this?

    My daughter and I went to a diner for breakfast. This was a new diner that we've never tried before and we wanted to try it because it got good reviews. My daughter absolutely LOVES mocha coffee, like mocha lattes and mocha frappuccinos. What happened was at the diner, we had a very cold, rude waitress. My daughter asked for an iced latte and asked if they could mix chocolate syrup into it to make it mocha, and our waitress harshly responded "No! The iced latte comes in only one flavor, coffee!". Now my daughter is very sensitive, and she started to cry. We're still at the diner and my daughter is still in the bathroom crying. What should I do? Should I ask for another waitress? Should I ask to speak to the manager? Should I go into the bathroom and comfort my daughter? Please help me! We haven't even gotten the chance to eat yet because of what happened.
    29 answers 3 weeks ago Other - Dining Out
  • Is Burger King going under?

    Some yahoo article says it's one of a few that aren't doing well nowadays. If not how come?
    16 answers 3 weeks ago Fast Food
  • Why are Democrats so full of hate? What caused it? Will they ever learn to love again?

    12 answers 3 weeks ago Toronto
  • What’s your go to subway order?

    Best answer: Tuna on Italian herbs & cheese - provolone - drag it through the garden - spicy mustard.
    4 answers 2 weeks ago Fast Food
  • I have an interview at Jimmy Johns tomorrow. What questions would I be asked? What should I wear to my interview? Any tips?

    4 answers 2 weeks ago Food Service
  • Nervous for grand openin today.?

    Best answer: I've been involved in one or two store openings myself, I was apprehensive at first, we were so busy the time just flew by.

    Stay calm, smile a lot, do your best, remember your training, apologise if you have to and when in doubt ask. You will be fine, in 2 weeks time it will feel like you've been doing the job for months. Good luck.
    4 answers 2 weeks ago Food Service
  • I wanna go to prison but I dont have it in me to break the law?

    16 answers 3 weeks ago Ciudad de Guanajuato
  • Christians, do you agree with Martin Luther about the difficulty of reconciling eternal conscious torment with a loving God?

    When I point out the clear scripture of Matthew 7:13-14 to Christians which says the majority of humans go to hell and I ask Christians how they can reconcile this with a loving God, they often give a glib answer like "God doesn't send you to hell, you send yourself there." I have to say, I'd respect them a lot more if they answered like Martin Luther: "This is the highest degree of faith—to believe that He is merciful, who saves so few and damns so many; to believe Him just, who according to His own will, makes us necessarily damnable, that He may seem, as Erasmus says, 'to delight in the torments of the miserable, and to be an object of hatred rather than of love.' If, therefore, I could by any means comprehend how that same God can be merciful and just, who carries the appearance of so much wrath and iniquity, there would be no need of faith. But now, since that cannot be comprehended, there is room for exercising faith, while such things are preached and openly proclaimed." I like how Luther at least admits it's a mystery how eternal conscious torment and a loving God can coexist. Why do so many modern Evangelicals seem to think this isn't a difficult problem?
    11 answers 3 weeks ago Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo
  • What are the most and least racist states?

    "Racist against White People" doesnt count
    15 answers 3 weeks ago Nantes
  • Did I make the wrong choice? I feel dumb.?

    Best answer: Stop feeling stupid. Not only was the teacher horrifically wrong, your Pops was incredibly misguided in his reaction. WITHOUT A DOUBT YOU DID THE RIGHT THING.

    Dad is correct - standing up for what is right and being willing to put your name to upholding moral values incurs some risk. The wrong person might indeed retaliate against you, BUT it is not likely. You standing up like you did takes guts and more people should be willing to do so. "Anonymous" claims are easily dismissed and dropped (until it is too late).

    I would be SUPER PROUD to have you as one of my kids! Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for doing the right thing!
    8 answers 2 weeks ago Sapa
  • Due date tomorrow!! NEED A GIRLS NAME?

    We are stuck between Avianna not sure if we want to pronounce it AH-VEE-AH-NUH or AY-VE-AH-NUH! But we are stuck between 3 name please let us know 1. Avianna (which pronouncing) 2. Alèni (ah-lay-nee) 3. Shai (shy, Hebrew meaning Gift)
    17 answers 3 weeks ago Frankfurt
  • How many McDonald's McChickens does it take to die of diabetes?

    Best answer: there can never be enough
    4 answers 2 weeks ago Fast Food
  • Is Long John Silver's generally a good fish experience?

    For me fried fish is a rare indulgence. But nothing frozen contains any flaky fish flesh. Instead it is like dissolved fish inside a batter. Now if I plunk down 10-15 dollars at LJS will I get real fish or more junk?
    9 answers 3 weeks ago Other - US Dining Out