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  • Why do people who can't afford to pay for college go to college ?

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  • OMG! I just got accepted to CalState Long Beach but I have no money, how do I finance this education?

    I opened my email and it asked me to check my status. For whatever reason I thought they wouldn't accept me but I got the confirmation on the application status page that I got in!!!! I just don't know how to pay for the tuition with zero college funds and minimal help from my mom.
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  • I'm don't know what I want to major in and yet I'm going to be a junior. Feeling scared?

    In Fall 2020, I'm going to a junior in college as a transfer from community college with an associate degree in general studies. When I applied to the university, I picked accounting for my major. Now I'm unsure if I want to continue accounting because the reason why I picked it is because I've always loved math while growing up. Now I have a slight interest in criminology because the though of solving crime fascinate me. Now I'm afraid that what if I don't like my accounting major and will have to stick to it forever and that's what terrify me the most. Going after for something I thought I was going to like. Now I can't decided between accounting or criminology. I feel like time is running out to decide and I don't feel confident at all with my decision. Help!
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  • Will I get unemployment ?

    So I am a college student who lives in PA. Normally I’d be living in college but since all the schools are online, I am in Florida with my family. I work part time at Burger King when I am down here Over summer and breaks when I’m off. However now because of the corona virus, they don’t want anyone coming back. This is completely understandable but I was wondering if there was any way I could get unemployment, even just a small amount. If I was here, I would be working, but I can’t. Thanks. 
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  • Did you go to college ?

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  • Why is society under the notion that school/college is all there is to succeed in life?

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  • Would drop out of college if your professor told you to?

    i asked this before. I got to a small community college. All my professors keep telling me drop out of my community college program,( Accounting). They think I cant do math with out a calculator. I was supposed to subtract something in front of the class, i blanked out. but i know how to subtract and multiply without a calculator. Also I wrote February 30 instead of 28 on my quiz. They keeping degrading me in front of my class, and everyone notices. My professor told me to drop out of the program in front of the entire class, and it spread to most people in the program. During my exam my teacher tried break my calculator, by trying to pull it a part. Also my professor stood so her back side faced me, she also threw the sign in sheet at me. I feel so humiliated.
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  • Is 27 to old to get my law degree? ?

    Best answer: not at all. By now, you have many times the real world experience of most law students -- that'll be your strength. Hint: collect examples of contracts from your place of work and get your friends to do the same for you. Lots of good study material in them
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  • How can I get into Howard University? ?

    - I'm currently have a 3.3 GPA with average scores on the SAT and ACT tests - I have a desire to become an ophthalmologist, but I will be getting a major in Biochemistry - I'm a very open-minded person - I have a magnificent story - I'm African American, etc.  
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  • What do I do? ?

    I got rejected from my dream university... I’ve been sick to my stomach for a week now and depressed... I keep crying and can’t get out of bed... I haven’t eaten much even though I want to. I’ve been sobbing like an idiot and I don’t know what to do..  I’m lost and I didn’t like the universities I got accepted into..  I feel like an embarrassment and failure 
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  • How are college dorms paid?

    Are the payments monthly payments. Or the whole thing a semester?
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  • Are there any 2 year degrees that are worth getting ?

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  • Can I still submit homework that was due 3 days ago? Here is the syllabus from my professor: ?

    Homework assignments are immediately posted on Blackboard after class. If class is canceled due to a personal reason by the instructor or for inclement weather like snow, hurricane, or tornado, it is posted at 8 AM on the day of class. Homeworks is 20% of your grade so it’s important you try to submit each and every homework assignment as possible to avoid incurring a loss of points. Even if you don’t understand the material, a grade is far better than a zero. Homework is due by 8:00 A.M, but I have a three-day grace period where you can still submit homework late, but incur a penalty: If you submit Homework after 8 AM on the due date, you will incur a 5% point reduction. If you submit Homework 1 day after the due date, you will incur a 10% point reduction. If you submit Homework 2 days after the due date, you will incur a 15% point reduction.  Homeworks uncompleted after 3 days passed the due date will no longer be able to be submitted and a grade of zero will be recorded. Special exemptions can be made to students who had a legitimate reason to not hand in homework, even post the grace period. Students who were injured/ill/hospitalized or had a death in the family, for example, should speak to me and hand in PROOF that they were unable to submit homework due to a personal reason. If I grant the exemption, I’ll give the student up to 3 days to submit the homework recorded as a zero for a grade change. 
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  • Should I go to Tufts University or UC Davis?

    I am trying to pick where to go to school and I have to decide between tufts university and uc davis. I live in southern california so uc davis would be significantly cheaper but my parents are able to pay for either school. I can't tour colleges because of coronavirus so I thought I would give this a shot!
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  • I’m interested in both fields , what should I do? ?

    Best answer: For a happier, more satisfying life, stick with psychologist and skip the medical school toward psychiatrist route. Psychologists are loved by their patients. But psychiatrists are often blamed for lack of sympathy and prescribing addictive, harmful drugs.
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  • If I earned an online BA+MBA from University of Phoenix can I get a job that pays me $100,000?

    The degrees can be completed in only 10 months. The BA is accredited and can be done in 7 months. The MBA is also recognized and can be completed in 2.5 months instead of 2 years.
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  • Can getting a bachelor's degree at college also be related to getting a better career later on in life?

    a) yes b) no
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  • Can I get into an Ivy League?

    I've asked this question several times, but here I am again lol. Ivy League Schools or schools like Northwestern. Here's some info about me: Academics:  I have a 3.9 unweighted g.p.a. on a 4.0 scale. 1550 SAT score (out of 1600) I have taken 9 honors classes and 11 AP classes all together at the end of highschool.  I get mainly 4s and 5s on my AP exams. Extracurriculars: - My friend and I have both written and published a book about violence in the country of Haiti. Internship at law firm - total of 90 hours. I've been on the Debate team for 3 years and Captain for 1 year. I've been on the Mock Trial team for 3 years and Captain for 2 years. I'm on the Track team. I've been on JV for 2 years and Varsity for one year. I have 500+ hours in community service. I have a personal blog where I write articles related to global issues. I have an Instagram account that goes along with the blog with 20k+ followers. I have raised $1000+ in fundraising for a world hunger organization. (This goes along with my book to help Haiti). - I've earned 2 awards related to community service.
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  • Why is college such a useless and pointless waste of time and money?

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  • Why do people choose careers that can't financially support themselves on?

    They claim that they do their jobs because they "love it" even though they can't support themselves and still live with their parents at 30 years old and if they continue staying working in this career, they will be living at home with their parents until their parents pass away. My cousin has a masters degree in japanese art and works at the library making $13 an hour at 33 years old and she will never move out of her family's home if she keeps this job. My other cousin has bachelor's degree in anthropology and is a day care teacher and makes similar amount of money at 29 years old. Do these women just plan on marrying a guy who makes a lot of money? Because I don't see how they will ever be able to have children or move out of their parents house making $13 an hour with no health care benefits
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