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  • My professors keep humiliating me?

    I got to a small community college. All my professors keep telling me drop out of my community college program,( Accounting). They think I cant do math with out a calculator. I was supposed to subtract something in front of the class, i blanked out. but i know how to subtract and multiply without a calculator. Also I wrote February 30 instead of 28 on my quiz. They keeping degrading me in front of my class, and everyone notices. My professor told me to drop out of the program in front of the entire class, and it spread to most people in the program. During my exam my teacher tried break my calculator, by trying to pull it a part. Also my professor stood so her back side faced me, she also threw the sign in sheet at me. I feel so humiliated. none of my class mates like me. I feel horrible about my self. I get good marks, i am 75 to 85 student.
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  • Do you have a degree?

    Best answer: Why do you care?! Are you hiring me?!
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  • Should I wait to go to college?

    So my family wants me to go to college to get a general degree as soon as I get my ged which should be soon. The problem is next year I plan on visiting canada for a few weeks and I was wondering how that would work. Like are you allowed to leave college for weeks at a time??
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  • Why do people go to University if you can earn the same amount of money without going? ?

    Best answer: They go to university because they want a career that requires a college degree, not just a job. Or they want to earn more money over a lifetime. Or they want to make the connections that will enhance their career in future years. But a university education isn't for everyone. If it's not for you, then you can start earning now. If you're really smart, you'll start saving and investing now instead of frittering away all your spare cash drinking with your mates.
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  • How can I get into university of Chicago after being rejected?

    Best answer: No, not this year. If you were waitlisted there's be a (slight) chance, but you were rejected outright, so your high school record is just not good enough for the University of Chicago. 

    Since UChicago is a private university, not a state school, going to community college for a year or so and reapplying has little chance of success. 

    So attend your second choice school (or your favorite of the ones you are accepted to) and get the best grades you can manage. If you still want to attend UChicago, you can apply as a transfer. The transfer deadline is currently March 1. 

    I do NOT recommend you try to transfer in the spring semester of your freshman year. Send in your transfer application in the spring semester of your second year, because:

    1. You want a great academic record in college to make up for your unimpressive (to UChicago) high school record. One full semester at college (your second semester will only be in progress if you apply in March of your first year) won't be enough to convince them you're a great student, but three full semesters will, assuming you do well in all of your classes.

    2. You want to give your own university a fighting chance. If you keep living in a dream world in which you're going UChicago, you won't learn to enjoy your current college. And it's pretty unlikely you'll be accepted as a transfer; unlike public universities, UChicago does not reserve seats for incoming transfers, so they only accept transfers if enough people drop out. So settle in, make friends, and decide later if you want to transfer. 
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  • Can I get into Harvard?

    Be brutally honest please :)  I'm applying Early Decision.I have a 3.9 unweighted gpa out of a 4.0 scale. I have a 4.33 weighted gpa on a 5.0 scale.My SAT score is 1500.I do three extracurriculars: Mock Trial Team, Track and Field, and Debate team. I won a few awards in Debate. I've been doing these activities since sophomore year.I have 500 hours of community service - I volunteered at some non-profit organizations that help bring food to those in need. I have also volunteered at our school's annual veteran's day assembly.- My friend and I have made a blog about human rights issues. We have raised over $1000 for fundraising.I've also been a tutor at my school since junior year. I am applying for an English and Philosophy double major (pre-law schopl). Does this seem like enough to get possibly get accepted? Can you guys offer any advice if not?
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  • Do I have a chance at UC schools or UC with no APs? ?

    So I’m doing high school in 3 years. I’m a junior and I’m only in 2 honors... I would’ve taken all honors this year but they didn’t fit into my schedule according to counselor :(. I would’ve done honors last year too, but my counselor wouldn’t let me. Is it too late to take AP classes next year? I have good grades. I have gotten all A’s this year. I take the SAT on March 4th, so if I get a good score, could that help as well? 
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  • My dr has md, phd on her lab coat, does the phd make her smarter than other drs?

    In my mind it does now i only want to see her for visits an i being ridiculous?
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  • College question- should I do it or not?

    The question doesn t pertain whether or not should I go to college- I m definitely going. The question is whether should I go out-of state or instate. Alright so, there are only 2 universities in my state, so there s not many options for in-state tuition. The university closest to my home is in a really bad neighborhood. Actually, 2 people have been recently killed infront of this college due to gang related violence. I m really scared to go here, but it s the cheapest option for University for me. Plus, my parents want me to go here because it s super close to them and they re very over protective (my dad has a GPS on me at all times). I want to go out of state and follow my dreams of going to an HBCU, yet that requires me to go across the country. I ve told my mom about this before and she was like "yeah, go for it". she didn t take me seriously, and when I showed her my acceptance letter, she got mad. Saying how "I wouldn t survive living on my own if I go", or "I m too shy to be able to live on my own" Maybe the reason I am those things is because I m so sheltered? What do I do, do I stay in state with cheap tuition so that I can stay close to my parents, or do I take the risk and finally get out on my own by going to an HBCU?
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  • If I want to be a high school counselor, what degree do I need ?

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  • Just denied from college with a 4.0?

    I have an overall 4.069 and I’ve taken 5 honors classes and 4 AP classes. Passed all my tests but I got rejected from CSU Long Beach whos GPA average is a 3.5... Am I really just that stupid??? 
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  • Does Graduating College give you a degree of some sort?

    I've never done college before and I'm looking to start with either 2d or 3d animation. Apparently graduation requires 30 credits. The path i'm choosing though might not be entirely conventional though. The total ammount of classes i want to take, with all of their pre-requisites included, matches 30 credits exactly. Do I get a degree in something if I graduate with these 30 credits? They're all art based classes, so I'm not taking any math or english or anything like that, only what's necessary to my goal. I'm not necessarily looking for a degree, just to get the training in the field I like. I've included the roadmap i've made of all the necessary classes and their pre-reqs I need. GRC-375 is the 3d animation  course, which leaves me at 24 credits, but If I branch out and do the 2D animation course at GRC 356, that gets me up to 30. (possibly 33, if GRC 280 is necessary. It's listed as a pre-req for GRC 356, but no information is available on the website. Either way, 30 credits meets graduating standards.)TLDR; If I 'graduate' with all the credits from these classes, will I get a degree of some sort? Or does a degree require specific credits in specific areas, such as math and english as well?
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  • What major is best to pick when trying to become an environmental lawyer?

    Best answer: As an environmental attorney (now retired), I think the undergraduate major that would have most benefitted me would have been geology (I was biology).

    If you only have the four to choose from, I'd think environmental science would be the best, but take as many geology electives as you can, those that cover groundwater flow in particular. 
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  • Was it a bad choice for me to graduate early? No chance at a good college?

    The reason why I’m doing high school in 3 years is from being held back in 3rd grade. Only because I moved to a different school district at the end of year, and they thought I wouldn’t adjust to what they were learning. Even though I had all A’s and I understood... I was homeschooled most of the middle because of bullying. I did my 7th/8th grade together.  So I could back to high school with 9th. But I didn’t go back that year. I went back the next. They weren’t able to retrieve any of my credits. So I had to take 9th/10th classes and they were all CP. My counselor wouldn’t let me take honors, because no credits were transferred and he wanted to see how I did that year. Now I’m considered junior and I’m only in 2 honors. I would be in all honors, but they would not fit in my schedule. I also won’t be able to take AP’s until next year. I feel like my chances for colleges like USC, MIT, UC schools, Ivies, Tulane, Emory are ruined.. but I still get all A’s. Can I get into Clemson, LSU, WVU maybe?
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  • What does this mean fro a writing assignment, Please use a minimum of 500 words?

    Best answer: Your essay has to be 500 word or more. There is no maximum limit, only a minimum.
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  • My college professor can’t teach?

    So I’m a college freshman and I’m taking a algebra class but here’s the thing my professor he’s a nice guy and all and always jokes around but he doesn’t know how to teach at all I mean I don’t think I haven’t learned anything all he does is do the problems but he never explains it he’s like doing every single problem in the book never even have the time to explain or let us do ones in our own like other professors so what can I do? I have a upcoming test and I’m not quite ready 
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  • Has anyone ever gotten a college degree and couldn’t use it? ?

    So currently I’m getting my bachelors degree for criminal justice. I’m afraid that if i invest money or spend so much time on this degree, i get booted out during the background investigation as my background isn’t clean but also not a felony. Should i continue this field? 
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  • Am I good enough to get into art school?? ?

    I want to go to art school but im not sure if my art is good enough?? I would add more pictures but I couldn't lol. 
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  • Can you live by yourself in student accommodation?

    Dumb question, praise anonymity. I know there are better places to ask this question, and it depends on the university, but I'm just wondering how all this student accommodation stuff works and if you HAVE to have a roommate, or share the kitchen, etc. Can you live in like a terrace house by yourself instead? I know you don't have to leave home to go to uni but.... I live under a rock and never go outside so I'm trying to cling onto the education system before I have to experience the real world full on, although I'm not very good at that either... so the least I could do is 'move out' for uni, but at the same time I don't want to socialise with a bunch of strangers every time I use the kitchen. I guess what I'm asking is how does student accommodation work and what are my options for that sort of stuff, generally speaking?
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  • I’m failing 2 college classes at the beginning of the semester and I wanna cry. Can I fix this?

    I have never failed a college course. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
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