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  • How you change your race for college admission purposes?

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  • What is the number of years a student usually stay at a UC University before they graduate?

    I heard a lot of them usually cannot graduate in 4 years and they need 1 or 2 more years to finish classes before they graduate. Maybe because they couldn’t get the classes required to take because it was full etc,,,is that true?
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  • Would I be able to apply to a UC?

    Best answer: If your goal is to get a 4 year degree, I really don't see any point in getting another Associates degree.  Just apply to a 4 year college and start as a junior.  

    In regards to specific universities, you should look up their requirements for transfer students on their websites.  You do not mention your CC grades, but UC schools tend to have high academic standards.  If you want to get another AA because you didn't earn a high GPA the first time, you should not consider 4 year schools which are very rigorous academically.
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  • I got 166/180 on a midterm when the average was 136.3, does this mean I need to drop the class?

    Best answer: That's a 92%, which is an A on most grading scales. It is also well above the class average.  It sounds like you are doing quite well in this course.
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  • Does a college -degree guarantee a job or income. yes. no. we need an income to live in the world. income/expense. asset/debt for life.?

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  • Is there anything I could do about going to a better college?

    I’m currently a second semester sophomore at a 4-year college that accepts everyone. I know it’s weird to hear that. This college was my only choice because my high school grades sucked. My college freshman year gpas were just over the minimum. The last semester I studied for the very first time in my life and I got mostly As. My cumulative gpa is a 3.0. I didn’t apply to transfer anywhere last winter because I thought no other colleges would accept me with a 3.0 gpa. Is there anything I could do? Do any colleges accept transfers even if they’ve completed more than two years? I heard the alumni starting salary from my current college isn’t so great and the graduation rate is only 28 percent.
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  • I've lost faith in the doctors in North America solving this crisis. They're all just memorization experts. How do I solve it myself?

    What should I retrain in to fix this?
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  • Should I even bother with college if I don’t plan on living past 30?

    I’m 21 and my parents say I should go to college, I think it’s a waste of money I have no future even if I go, I don’t plan on living to 30 let alone 50,
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  • Dismissed from a masters .How can I explain to recruiters that it has nothing to do with my intellect or understanding of accounting/tax?

    Hey guys, I got 2 bachelor degrees in accounting and management and did part of a masters degree in Accounting w/ a concentration in tax. At first everything went smoothly. I did 6 classes and got bs in all of them. Then I did a accounting I.T class. I got a C because I did the projects poorly. There were some difficult projects involving excel/data bases. None of this had anything to do with tax or accounting.  Then I did a financial analysis class. The whole class is based of memos due to the virus outbreak recently. I turned into one memo/analysis but the professor gave me a 70 for various reasons. I don't know anyone in my class so I can't work in a group, plus they are all away.  I feel like I will get a C in this class as well. I've spoken to my adviser and he told me that 2 Cs w/o any As mean that I will likely get dismissed.  However, I feel that I can understand actual accounting/tax very well. I passed international, corporate, partnership tax, advanced accounting with flying colors. I just have difficulty writing financial analysis memos and doing excel projects. How can I explain to recruiters that it has nothing to do with my intellect or understanding of accounting/tax? Thoughts?
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    Discuss the reasons WHY MIGHT A SAUDI GO TO THE UK TO STUDY FOR A MASTER'S DEGREE? write 250 words and 4 paragraph in this template 1. Introduction 2. First reason with elaboration 3. Second reason with elaboration 4. Conclusion
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  • The university I got accepted to does not accept my online credits, help?

    Hi, I just got accepted to the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and when reviewing my credits, they awarded me zero credit hours for online organic chemistry fro the University of New England. I called the school and they explained to me that the online lecture class is not transferrable. For me to complete the chemistry major I must re-take the course on campus. But this is ridiculous because now all of the University of Colorado classes are online.
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  • Can i get into law school in the US with a bachelor took in Italy?

    I've read that to get a Juris Doctorae in a law school you need at least a bachelor degree, if i took it in italy can i apply to an american law school?
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  • My GPA dropped from a 4.6 to 4.0 this semester, how much will this affect my college admissions?

    Hey. So before this semester, I was earning straight A’s in mostly honors/AP classes, however, due to several factors (listed below), they have kind of gone down to straight... C’s. Here is a list of colleges I want to apply to (listed from most wanted to least): 1. MIT (early action) 2. CalTech 3. UC Berkeley 4. UC Los Angeles 5. UC San Diego 6. UC Irvine 7. UC Santa Barbara 8. UC Davis 9. Cal Poly SLO 10. Santa Monica College (I don’t want safety schools I’d rather transfer) Here are the reasons my grades fell: 1. Transferring. I transferred from a small private school to a large (~15 people per class), LAUSD public school (~50 people per class). I was very unhappy with the social situation at my last school, and also... 2. Depression. I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression a few months ago, so I that’s when I decided to make the switch 3. Curriculum Differences. Because I transferred mid semester, I can’t, for example, understand anything in Spanish class. 4. Coronavirus. Obviously I don’t have it myself, but online classes make the pain of mid-semester transfer even worse. Thank you!!!
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  • Living on or off campus if college near home?

    I thought I could gain independence but lose many privileges and comfort. What did you do when you began college? Of course it all after the COVID-19 ends. 
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  • Why is more women attend colleges on average than men do in western culture ?

    What is the biggest reasoning Is it because of men want to stay away beacuse of Title IX rules against them ? Is it because colleges are far to expensive and you cant get a good job after ? Is it because more men are finding trade schools are cheaper and quicker ? and who in percentage get better degrees from colleges
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  • Is it typical for a college to not let a student back after a medical leave of absence due to mental illness even if their grades are fine?

    Best answer: It happened to a friend of mine at college. She was dealing with mental illness, insulin-dependent diabetes and also doing drugs. She took a leave of absence to get her act together and was not allowed to come back. But it's the kind of thing that is judged individually rather than the college or university having a set policy.
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  • If colleges have makeup weeks after the end of the semester what happens to those signed up for summer classes or people who have already ?

    Best answer: You'll have to find out specifically just what your college is offering.  If you are starting a new job that doesn't work with any scheduled, or unscheduled classes, you may be able to take coursas at another time--or online, that works for you.
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  • Why do so many make out like university is so wonderful? Yes many professions need a degree but university environment is detrimental to?

    Best answer: I never could understand why people bought into that either. I think it depends on each person. There are those who have a solid plan for their life, and know what they need to do to get that done, and have no problem with university and all it entails. I was never one for that life. First off, I could not afford it, and would not see my parents put under a huge financial strain to get me through, even though I know they would have done it for me, if I had asked. I also really never saw the need to spend that much time learning things that would not benefit me, just to get to the place where I would actually be getting the training for the career I wanted. This foolishness about the first year just getting a bachelor's degree is a total waste to me. When I finally had the money, I went to community college. I was very happy with that decision, I graduated with very high marks and got a job I love. It only took me two years, and truthfully, I enjoyed every minute.
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  • Research paper help?

    Hello everyone, I am in need of a bit of help... I told a prof that I could help them write a research paper that explored what happens to youth who developed concurrent disorders (they have both mental health issues and an addiction) in their adulthood. But I am at a total loss! I don't know how to look this up ?? I am supposed to find results on the outcomes such as their likelihood of finishing school, gaining employment, relationships, overall health and well-being. If anyone knows of any good papers or articles or books of movies, etc. that would be incredibly helpful!! Thank you...
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  • How come a Bachelors degree means nothing when you graduate college?

    It takes someone 4 months even years to actually do what they went to school for. However people who never went to school get the highest paying jobs.
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