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  • Deciding to major in Computer Science?!?

    I am a high school senior and most likely going to go the community college route and transfer to a university after. I want to major in Computer Science, but I am terrible at mathematics. I realize this is a degree that is heavy on mathematics and if i'm struggling now on Algebra and up, it will only get more difficult as I progress with more advanced courses. Can anyone assist me with words of advice? I realize there are other options for majors but I personally am interested in CS. I am willing to do whatever it takes in order to expand my mind in mathematics although it won't be a "walk in the park".
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  • My college did not extend spring break. Should students petition?

    Many other colleges extended their spring break for an extra week before starting online classes due to the coronavirus. 
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  • I’m going to a four year college soon but i want a master’s degree?

    Best answer: Most grads do go to a different school for their master's. Some universities actually discourage going to the same university for both undergrad and grad. Yes, you will need a minimum of master's degree if you want to go into counseling, any mental health related occupation.

    First, you need to see how well you do in your bachelor's, especially since you haven't even started college yet! It is premature to stress over grad school. Your focus right now needs to be on earning a bachelor's & doing very, very well. And finding that you really do have the talent & affinity for such work. If you are not earning a GPA of 3.5 in your first two years of undergrad, you will need to rethink grad school anyway. Pay attention to what NEEDS your attention right now.
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  • Is there a college major much more difficult than Mathematics?

    Mathematics includes ALL math subjects like algebra, calculus, etc.
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  • BlackStudies is multidisciplinary.It contains sub-fields in social science and the humanities which serves to contribute to a holistic study?

    Best answer: Yes, that's true. All "Studies" majors are like that.
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  • If I want to get 3.75 GPA or say a little higher than that, how many B's can I get throughout my 4 years in Uni as a pre-med?

    I am just trying to look a little ahead and as I take my pre-med courses, how many B's..C's am I allowed to get in order to get to 3.75 (or above)?
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  • Do college students stay in their dorms when campus shuts down such as coronavirus?

    I was wondering where to students go when they live in dorms and all the sudden campus shuts down? Are they forced to go home? What if a student has no where to go?
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  • Is it normal for community college to cost $7000/year and trade school to be $33000/year?

    Best answer: The cost you quote for community college is just about what my local community college charges for in-county residents.  The tuition and fees there are about $7,700 for a full-time student.   Some for-profit colleges do charge amounts close the level you mention.
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  • I'm a cashier but I suck at bagging. Can you give me advice?

    I'm very slow and sometimes scared that the customers' items are going to break so I'm too careful and idk if that's good.
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  • What’s the difference between college and institute of technology?

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  • How much years of school do you need to become a therapist?

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  • Can I get into Rutgers, or any school, without my SATs (because of corona)?

    Best answer: You are not going to the one and only student this affects. Plenty of HS students need to take the SAT or ACT exam.  Just wait for further information that will be decided as this issue progresses.  Both the SAT/ACT and the universities will be making decisions and policies  knowing that many student didn’t have the chance to take the exams. 
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  • Why do most young people not care about growing up into mature adults anymore these days?

    For example, I'm 28 years old and half my friends in the same age (25-30) still live with their parents, don't even know what a 401k is, work part time jobs, play video games all day, and have useless college majors. They don't have any investments set up, they care more about playing Pokemon Go and Snapchat than finding a fulltime job, they don't have health insurance, and they just aren't really adults, they still act like they are college kids
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  • Don't know what to study in college. (stressed)?

    I’m literally in college and I have no idea what I want to study. Originally I was a bio major but changed because I didn’t like chem and it to hard and stressful. Honestly I dont like anything besides playing video games. Everything stresses me out. I’m so stressed on what i want to study because living in Florida is expensive and dropping out to work at a normal job isn’t gonna pay the bills. I literally made a list of what I should study but could not think of one thing. I dont like being a teacher, psychology, law, medical like nurse or doctor, any humanities or liberal art or literature im doing right now cybersecurity and I hate coding its a ****** night mare for me. I was literally working at a medical recepitionist and I wanna quit because its to much for me and there already training me for front desk when I don’t even know how to use the system well. And its to fast pace. Honestly I feel so ****** useless I don’t wanna drop out also because I don’t want to be the girl in my family that dropped out because I was to stressed or to much anxiety to go to school. I literally cry and think about this all the time. I just don’t like anything literally there nothing for me and if I can’t handle being a receptionist then what the **** am I good for? Literally im going to my last resort as a radiography/x-ray tech because my mom just gave me that option and I took because I don’t know what else to ****** do and its only a 2 year program so **** me.
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  • How do I become a physician?

    Best answer: You don't need another degree.  You need to take all of the medical school prerequisite courses and the MCAT exam, and you need to do very well in all of them.  It's hard to say how long that will take because you may have taken some of them already.  With a 3.0 GPA, you have a slim chance, but if you do exceptionally well in these courses and on your exam, then you can be considered.  Medical school is then 4 years, after which you enter your residency.
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  • How do I find what I really want to do in the future?

    Best answer: The only thing that would "ruin" your future is to adopt the mindset that you cannot do anything until you "know" what you want to do. That may very well change and it's okay, sure there are some people who decide when they are six that they want to be a doctor and that's what they focus on... others might have a few different careers throughout their lifetime and the world needs those people just as much as the ones who decided at six. There's no wrong choice, well there is, the only wrong choice is standing still trying to make up your mind--- I think that's the only way you would wind up with regrets or "living poorly". Get out there and have experiences, look into volunteer and/or internship opportunities in the fields you are interested in, I know in my town there's a very active local theater, everyone has a day job alongside performing of course, but it's a great experience if you have that option. There are lots of opportunities in the medical field that don't require intensive math skills. Also, think about what it is you like about the options you've given yourself... perhaps there's a career out there that would overlap all three of those?
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  • I confessed to cheating on an exam ,,, help?

    I am currently a college freshman premed in my 2nd semester. My teacher caught a group of us cheating on the online exams because we got all the questions right in under the 20 min out of the 100 (ik im stupid for doing that) I confessed to cheating and I apologized for my actions and now idk how this will affect my chances of getting into med school. I was thinking of switching to the prenursing program and I was wondering on how they view something like this. I feel so much regret for my actions and I’ve even considered killing myself because I didn’t see my future any other way than going the medical school route. My teacher has to wait for what the department chair says and I’m really scared. Any advice//experiences would really help !
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  • How to mentally prepare for college?

    Best answer: College isn’t like high school. You don’t see the same bunch of kids day in and day out. No one has the same schedule. No one eats all their meals at the same time. So that alone cuts done on any bullying or HS bs. 

    You are going to have a roommate at some point in your life. This is a time to learn how to compromise, communicate, share, set rules, take care of yourself,  be considerate of others and how to deal with issues when they come up. Hundreds of thousands of college student share a room and do just fine. Eventually you will need to share an apartment or house. Now is where you learn how to co- exist as an adult.

    If you haven’t applied to any universities you need to see what school having a rolling admissions and are still accepting applications. And go visit them. Meet with the admissions office, take a tour of the campus. 
    If you have been accepted, you should go visit the campus. 
    Community college is an option too. Go visit them. Same deal, get a meeting with the admissions office, take a tour of the campus at in the dining hall. 
    College worked for me because I joined in. I went to a CC then to a university. I volunteered  backstage for the theater department and worked at the campus radio station. I met lots of other students that way. Got to know the campus. And had something positive and interesting to do with my down time.
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  • Does work study from college can be a full time job ?

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  • Can a college -degree be used to buy gas /food or a house in the suburbs ? yes or no?

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