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  • Ramapo college?

    Hi everyone so I am currently a high school senior. I got accepted into Ramapo, Seton Hall, Stony Brook, MCPHS, ACPHS, Rutgers. I want to major in nursing and was leaning towards Ramapo. I told my dad and he said that it’s better if I go to Rutgers because it has a better reputation. If I went to Ramapo I might as well go to a community college. And that if I were to apply for a job as a Ramapo graduate and another person as a Rutgers graduate they would accept Rutgers and would pay Rutgers graduates better. However, I am not comfortable in such a large environment. I prefer a smaller size college. But I am now conflicted because of what my dad said. Also is it true that people look for what colleges you go to, not your experience or degree when looking at applications? More prestigious schools= higher pay? What do you guys think?
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  • What are other alternatives if you don’t wanna go to college or you struggle with college ??

    I have been struggling with school since I was young , I finish high schoool and didn’t really wanna go to college . I wanna figure out if there are other stuff to do if u really don’t wanna go to college . My parents as Africans really don’t want me to stop going to school but I am so depressed. I tried my hardest but I’m the end I’m crying and struggling with school . I dont know am I crazy for not wanting to go 😒 any answers are welcomed 
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  • Should I go to my high school graduation?

    Best answer: Only you know whether this event will be liberating and enable closure or if it will be stressful and unfulfilling.

    It IS a once in a lifetime opportunity in that you will never graduate from high school again.  Whether you go or not is totally up to you.  Years from now you may wish you'd gone.  Maybe you won't.  This isn't about the people who caused you stress.  This is about acknowledging and celebrating you and your achievement.  End of story.  If you don't go, you'll still graduate.  You'll still get your diploma.  You just won't have that memory of walking across the stage.  You also won't have to sit through speeches that cause you to roll your eyes.  
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  • Can you apply for college without college transcript?

    Can you apply for a college with a high school transcript instead of my college one? Don’t have debt or anything owed of the sort just wondering if I could use the high school one instead?
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  • What does this assignment mean by, "I would expect nothing less than 500 words"?

    Best answer: The teacher is expecting you to write more than 500 words.
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  • Where do med students do their residency ?

    I have a friend who could never attend anything not even family functions because she is in med school. You would think she is far away. Even on Sundays she is never available. We thought her residency was local.
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  • Do I need to take math in college?

    I wasn’t the best at math but I managed to pass all of my 3 math courses i had in high school. I want a major for graphic design. If I go to college for that do I have to take math?? Is it required??? If I go to a four year college.
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  • What can get you suspended in college?

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  • Can I still go to college?

    If I work 5:30pm until 1:00am monday-friday and off on weekends can I still go to college even though I have visitation with my kids on weekends starting Saturday 8am-monday 8am?Would all this be to much to handle?
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  • How do I tell my roommate I’m transferring?

    So I’m a second semester freshman in college and I know this is not the college for me. I’m planning on transferring after first semester of my sophomore year but I do not know how to tell my roommate. My roommate and I became very close and we decided to room together next year, this was before I decided I was transferring for sure. She has no clue I even want to transfer. Whenever someone mentions they are transferring she harshly judges them. I’m scared she’ll get mad and I don’t want to make things awkward but I know I’m not happy here and the best decision is for me to leave. I just don’t know how to tell her. 
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  • Can I get into USF or FSU with a 3.0 GPA?

    So, I’m a sophomore and I have a 2.9 GPA so far I’m planning to have a 3.0 but the time I graduate, so far I’ve never had lower than a 90 in Language Arts in my life, History and Science are okay (70-80) but Algebra, oh algebra, I’ve never had higher then a C- and currently have a 34, but I missed my ENTIRE first semester of Sophomore year due to a severe eating disorder. Any chance I could possibly get into an moderately good university? I really don’t want to go to a community college because my sister is overwhelmingly smart and it would just be awful. Thank you :)
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  • Can i refuse to be vaccinated as a minor?

    i’m only 14 but i want to be anti vax and my parents want me to be vaccinated i just wanted to know what rights i have and if i can make the decision and refuse to be vaccinated or if it’s my parents decision i live in new hampshire 
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  • Is it normal to have a graduate degree in science and not be able to find a job ?

    Best answer: Yes, that's normal. There are only so many jobs, and the best ones get offered to the best students, and the remaining students vie for what jobs are left.

    It took our kid, with a masters from an excellent STEM school, eighteen months to get a job that used the education. Other jobs in the meantime is the way to go.
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  • Is it impossible to get into Harvard?

    As an international student? Because i also have the language problem, i speak english well but obviously i don't know every word of english, in particular the most refined ones. Any tip? Do i have any chance?
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  • Is law school worth it?

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  • If I go to a South Korean college can I use my degree in other countries?

    I want to go to college in South Korea but I want to live in either Japan or France. What countries can you use a college degree in?
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  • Which degree offers more job opportunities: Communications or Marketing?

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  • What makes college so expensive?

    I've heard you have to pay for text books and transcripts. Is this true? If so, how much?
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  • How do you graduate from college?

    Are there certain classes you have to take? I want to become a social worker, but the position I want to apply to says I need to have graduated from college or have an education equivalent to that.
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  • How was life as a broke depressed college student ?

    Best answer: Fantastic! Because I was living! I have come to appreciate that every stage in life is an entirely different experience with both pro's and con's, and if you focus on the negatives all the time you will miss out on a lot. Appreciate what you do have now, because in the next life stages you may never get the chance to experience it again. Yes not having money sucks and school is stressful, but you have a crazy amount of free time and autonomy over that time with still very little responsibilities. Soon you will be working all day and have no energy to make use of the little time available at days' end. Think about what things you had growing up that you will never get the chance to experience again.

    As a kid you have no responsibilities and all the time in the world, but no independence or money. Still all your free time was great.

    In high school you have an intermediate amount of independence, money, and time, still with little responsibilities. Probably some of the best times in your life.

    In college, you are realistically back to having a ton of time and autonomy over that time, complete independence, but continue to have little expendable money and have assimilated some responsibilities. Here you start to stress over something as frivolous as school and forget how awesome it is to have time and little obligations. Maintain an appreciate for that available autonomy and free time (yes you have a lot more than you think) because this will be the last time you have it until you're old and have no energy or desire to do anything.

    In grad school, you have no money, no time, and independence doesn't matter because you have no time. Grad school sucks, there is no positive.

    Post graduation you will have money, but less time and less energy because of aging, and an obligation to work. As long as kids are not in the picture yet, you have an enormous relief from financial stress and security and can enjoy your earnings early in your career, however maintaining energy to do things is a lot more difficult than you would imagine for only being in your 30's. This is where biology starts taking its toll.

    When you start a family you will have no money, no time, no energy, an many obligations to work and your kids, but you will hopefully have a family. Really focus on that silver lining if its important to you, it will be everything to you later.

    When your kids grow up you will have money, but no energy, still little time after work, and probably some chronic illness and pain. Here you realize how silly it was to sacrifice your life and youth to work/education for an income that you do not use and really wish you had more time. However the value of family will really be emphasized.

    When you retire, you will have money and time, but no energy and possibly no memory of the life you had. Still debating if losing my memory is a good or bad thing.

    When you die, you have nothing.
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