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  • Is it true that it’s okay to be in high school for 7 years since employers and colleges only care that you graduated not how long you were?

    Best answer: It's definitely better than not graduating, and many school districts have special programs for people who did not graduate in four years, since they don't want folks in their 20s hanging around with the teens.  Also, people who take a long time often finish up through evening classes.
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  • Is it unusual for a college student to not work, intern, or take classes during summer and winter breaks?

    Best answer: No not unusual at all.
    Getting a summer job in HS and college use to be fairly easy.  Not so much any more.
    Taking winter and summer classes can cost more. 
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  • Could you believe that they closed down the University of Washington-Seattle campus due to coronavrius and all classes will be online?

    I am applying to this university and I'm shocked that the Seattle campus and 2 others have all closed down due to the university-wide state of emergency. The 50,000 students affected will be taking online classes for this semester.
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  • Is there a relationship between close mindedness and a lack of education?

    Best answer: The first thought that comes to mind is why do you share any thoughts with her? If she flunked out of three colleges I imagine she's not the brightest bulb in the box. Sharing anything other than the weather with such people is pointless. I'm not being a snob or dismissive of people with no FORMAL education. I've learned a lot from good people who have experienced more in life than I have. However, I wouldn't try to discuss imaginary numbers or relativity with them. Assuming that your description is accurate, it seems that she feels threatened by anyone who has a formal education more extensive than hers and wants to impress you with her intellect or ridicule yours. Stop wasting your time. Just speak to her about things related to work which you must. If she asks you anything requiring your personal opinion or thoughts, simply tell her you don't wish to discuss it. I'm sure she'll be angered. Fine, let her be angered. Eventually, even if she's stupid, she'll learn that she can't bait you anymore and give up.
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  • Should I drop this college class?

    Best answer: If you can't stand this professor and class, then feel free to officially drop/withdraw knowing that doing so may delay your ability to graduate.  

    Take care of you mental health by getting help. You have issues with authority, impulse control, and anger that will hold you back in life.  You will have to learn how to deal with people who tell you what to do, that have rules you don't agree with, that you don't like or respect, and who have control over your job, your housing, your medical care, etc.
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  • Being sabotaged by college professor?

    Best answer: Time to take it over her head, just make sure you have some recordings/proof of her actions.
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  • Is it true that it’s impossible to flunk out of trade schools ?

    Best answer: No. I took carpentry when i was trying to decide what to do with my life during the summer. I failed. I didn’t like it, that might’ve been part of the problem. I mean i still learned a lot of things i didn’t previously know about but i did not complete the course.
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  • Do you have a bachelor degree, but find the only work you can get is minimum wage jobs?

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  • If someone was smart enough to get a degree from a tier one school but is too dumb to work at a job that requires a college degree did they?

    Best answer: There are some people who are truly excellent students, but for various reasons do not adjust properly to the work force.  In the case of a tier one school, that would most likely be the case.

    Of course, there have been many scandals over the years involving student athletes who were academically unqualified for college.  I recall the University of North Carolina was once caught up in such a scandal.  UNC had an institutionalized program in which fake classes were scheduled for athletes, and professors were pressured to pass student athletes who never attended class.
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  • Online class requesting to take tests on campus?

    Best answer: Absolutely contact the instructor.  No one else can give you your options.  They might be able to arrange for you to take the exam with a proctor who is closer to where you live, or make other similar arrangements.  They might not.  But no one here knows.  I would contact the instructor before making any decisions about dropping the class. 
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  • What jobs are good paying for someone with a AA degree in General Studies with four years of Studio Art education?!?

    Best answer: I know an art major who makes a good living working with a printing company designing flyers, posters, brochures, etc. for clients. 
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  • How do I tell my community college I don't need remedial math?

    Best answer: Ah, yes- the cry of your generation- "It's not FAAAAAAAIR!" Lots of things in life are not fair. Now, you can talk to your advisor. If you were only 1 point below the cut-off, they may be able to do something about it. But the point of these tests is so that you don't get into a class you can't handle and fail, and so that the faculty members don't have to deal with students who are not prepared for the courses. So this is an effort to help you- if you pay for a class and fail it, you've still wasted your money. 
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  • Is SAT score necessary for admission into American Universities?

    Best answer: Basically, yes. Many if not most U.S. universities want either an SAT or ACT score.  A few universities are "test optional" and do not.  Some universities also require a TOEFL test score for non-U.S. applicants.

    The specific requirements are listed on every university's website under admissions.  If you are are foreign student, there is usually a page with information specifically related to non-U.S. applicants.  
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  • What's the procedure to drop out of a university?

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  • How do I appeal my score on the math placement which places me for developmental math when I scored only 1 point behind college-readiness?

    Best answer: You can't appeal the score (you got what you got) and you have no right to demand that they make an exception for you.  You fell below the cut-off, and that's that.  The only thing you could do is try to retake the exam and do better on it next time.
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  • Why do colleges offer so many majors?

    Best answer: For most people, the choose something that will provide the academic foundation for the job or career they want to pursue.  For example, if I want to be a 2nd grade teacher, I major in elementary education.  If I want to be a CPA, I major in accounting. If I want to work developing new medicines, I get a degree in biochemistry. Ideally, you find a subject that you're good at, enjoy, and will lead to a job that will support you.  

    Some majors (nursing, accounting, education, engineering) have a narrow and clear path to a career.  Other's not as much.A counselor at your CC should be able to give you some guidance.
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  • Is it worth it to get a Science Degree?

    Best answer: It is certainly worth it to get a science degree.  It is worth it to get any degree.  However, the real thing to do is ask yourself how you want to use the degree you get.  It is best to have a pragmatic approach.  So, ask yourself this: what kind of job do you want to get once you graduate from college?  Do you want to be a science teacher?  Do you want to be a doctor?  Do you want to be a medical researcher?  If so, then majoring in one of the sciences is the way to go.  However, if you want to be an artist or an accountant or a real estate agent, then no.  It is best not to get a science degree.  Instead, get the degree that will help you get the job.  Good luck to you.
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  • Please help?

    Best answer: This means 5/8 of the students did not want to be math teachers.

    Let x = the number of all students.

    5/8 x = 3500 and solve for x:

    x = 5600
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  • Did you learn any valuable skills for a career while in college?

    In Community college right now, almost finished and will transfer to a four year in the fall. The thing is though, I feel like I've learned nothing of value. I've learned some basic stuff that I could make valuable, but I don't feel prepared for a job at all. This is kind of worrying me.
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  • Which college is good for Journalism and Mass Communication?

    Best answer: There are good colleges provided they are stationed in Delhi. I’m from Punjab and a decent college in the next three states is PCTE Group of Institutes as it provides hands on experience to its students whether it’s print or electronic media. Having said that the college also gets you a job once you are graduated.The second college I’ll recommend is Panjab University, Chandigarh
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