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  • Is there any financial aid you can get at 55 years old?

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  • Can a college give you an incorrect statement of cost?

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  • Would i still qualify for fafsa in this situation?

    So my parents and i lived in Illinois when i started community college, but now my parents have moved to a different state. Would i continue to qualify for fafsa or not??
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  • Am asked to write the annual income on my financial aid application what can I write?

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  • Should I take ACT again based on my situation?

    Best answer: Read what you posted:
    1. You have been accepted at the school you want to attend.
    2. The deadline has already passed for scholarship submission.
    3. Your current score is within the range to receive a scholarship.

    Why would you even consider retaking the ACT?

    I have NEVER heard of any university that gives credit or allows students to "test out" of a requirement based on an ACT score. AP scores? Yes. School-administered tests? Yes. ACT or SAT? No. Some schools to provide scholarships based on an ACT score, but according to your post, you've already achieved that. If you aren't sure, contact the university and ask them specifically if a high ACT score gets you anything you don't already have.
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  • College/Financial Aid Help?! Please help!?

    So even though I do live with my mother she told me to put down myself as an independent student on FAFSA, because she is disabled and isn’t really much in my life, there has been many times where I had to stay with other people, does that count as an independent?? They say I have to consult with the financial aid assistant at whatever college I choose, but i’m Not sure which one I want to go to, & I don’t want to choose until June/graduation so i’m Sure of my family’s situation and I can choose to go away or stay close to home. Can I have more than one financial aid assistant at more than one college?? I won’t be able to know how much i’m Getting because I have no EFC, my mother lives on $1000 a month and has 4 kids. Do I HAVE to do everything (financial aid, apply for housing, etc) by March? Or can I wait until June (graduation)?? I’m thoroughly confused about this whole thing, please help. I applied to 7 different community colleges and I don’t want to choose Yet because I might have to take in My little brother and stay close to home. Can I just consult with all of their financial aid assistance, apply for housing,lead them on etc.. & then just choose at the end of the year?? Guidance conselour is no help, can’t find answers on google. Also because of my family situation, I haven’t been to school in two months, my grades are currently trash, but the community colleges want my transcripts, will I still be accepted??
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  • How to cut off all financial ties with parents?

    Best answer: Is "your" car registered and titled in your name? If not, "your" car is actually your folks' car. Do you have a job? Will it pay rent, food, insurance, AND your phone bill? Do you plan to leach off your parent's medical insurance, or get your own? Do you have furniture? Is the car insurance you pay your portion of your parent's car insurance bill? If so, prepare thyself for rate shock!

    I have been in the student financial aid business for over 40 years, and never cease to be amazed by what 18 year olds consider "controlling"...... If the household demands and rules - now that you are 18 - remain exactly what they were when you were 17? That's not "control", that is house rules & contributions. Mom is not going to scrub YOUR toilet when you get your own place, let alone do your laundry, tidy up the kitchen, shop or cook - that would be all on YOU.

    My advice: move out and be self-supporting if you want, but don't piss the folks off in the process - you may find yourself back on their doorstep within 6 months.
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  • College financial aid and school acceptance - CSU?

    If I'm preliminarily admitted to a school, return the Intent to Enroll, and accept a financial aid package- what can I do regarding financial aid if i'm not officially accepted? The financial aid offers begin mid-April, the acceptance deadline is May 1st and the 'official' acceptance is offered in mid-June. Am I out of luck since I've turned down other school acceptance offers and their financial aid packages?
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  • FASFA "Have you ever recieved Federal Student Aid?" I'm not sure, Help me please.?

    So Here's my situation. I planned to go to college in Fall 2018. I ended having to ask for my application to be paused until I can finish getting up the money. Before my application was paused I qualified for financial aid, I accepted it on the school site. However, due to me needing more money, I have not started school. So did I technically receive it because I accepted financial aid, or did I not receive it because I haven't started school? Please help, I'd like to finish FASFA before the deadline!
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  • What's the difference between a subsidized student loan and an unsubsidized student loan?

    Best answer: Subsidized doesn't build up interest until after you graduate. Unsubsidized starts charging you interest as soon as you get the money.

    It doesn't affect you as a student. But after you graduate you'll owe more money with the unsubsidized.
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  • Can I apply for two or more grants for college? Would the government only allow one grant per degree?

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  • Can everyone help with my gofundme or share it !?

    I am in the process of enrolling at delta college for they're phlebotomy program.  The program is 2700 and it starts in March so hopefully I can gain the funds by then to attend. I am really already a Medical Assistant and great at blood draws. I'm even more excited to become a phlebotomist. I just want to be able to pay this without having any worries and gain a job from it.  Anything helps so much and is greatly appreciated. Thanks. https://www.gofundme.com/k5qan-help-with...
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  • Are there any coding bootcamps that offer scholarships to international students?

    I am 18 years old and very interested to apply to a coding bootcamp since I am taking a gap year. My budget is around $5000-$8000. Are there any coding bootcamps that offer scholarships, part time jobs or other opportunities to make it affordable for me to attend as an international student? Please share any information you might have on this. I would really appreciate it.
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  • Can my grandmother file me as a dependent?

    Truth be told my mom hasn’t done **** for me. My grandmas always helped me and supported me. In fact I’ve been living for her for 2 years already. She feeds me, buys me clothes, etc. I work too but I obviously can’t support myself just yet as I just turned 18. I’m going to college and my mom doesn’t want to help me get the tax transcripts for FASFA that I need. So can my grandmother just file me for next year? I have no hope in my mother she tells me not to ask her for help and if it was her I honestly wouldn’t be able to go to college.
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  • Is it too late to fill out FASFA for next year 2019-2020?

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  • Where a good site to find scholarships?

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  • Why do I have to keep renewing my student loan payment application?

    Best answer: troll
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  • If I save the money I earned from my work study, does it count as a student asset on the FAFSA?

    Best answer: This is partly true. Federal work study earnings are reported on the FAFSA as part of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). They are also reported in the Additional Information section. Items in that section are deducted from the AGI when the FAFSA calculation is performed, so work study earnings won't affect your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) in that sense. However, you must also report any money you have in cash, savings or a bank account as an asset. So work study wages that are saved and reported as an asset are included in the calculation, but the effect will be much smaller than it would be if included in the AGI because only a small percentage of a student's assets are counted (about25%). Since work study awards are usually pretty small, and so is the percentage that is included in the calculation, this usually results in little or no effect on a student's financial aid award.
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  • Will I need a student loan cosigner for a college asking me for a cosigner if I use Direct Subsidized Loan?

    The college that accepted me wants me to get a cosigner. Cannt get a cosigner.
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  • Will the college I like to attend, accept me go there now that I accept my subsidized & unsubsidized loans in my award letters?

    The college I like to attend kept say, this is before I accepted my Award letters ( subsidized & unsubsidized loans ) that I need to get a cosigner for a private loan. Which I conot get a cosigner. Will they Iet me attend with subsidized & unsubsidized loans? Now that I accepted these loans in my Award letters?
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