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  • Are teachers greedy?

    I raised a family of 4 on 30k a year and got by, yet teachers can't live off of 45k - 65k a year! My sister is a teacher and complains about being underpaid on 70k a year!
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  • What if no one wanted to be teachers anymore and the incentives didn’t work?

    Best answer: Probably everyone will have to do Online schooling. So Still study and do homework and submit it in the computer at home.
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  • How can I teach people to use the KISS principle?

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  • My teacher posted my private letter to him on social media?

    I recently graduated highschool. I gave a thank you card with a handwritten message to my music teacher as a way to show him my gratitude for all he did for me as he helped me through some rough personal issues. He took my letter, removed my name and posted it on his Facebook page. I only know this because my private lessons teacher commented and it showed up in my newsfeed. The letter had identifying information, and a lot of younger students have confronted me about it (apparently they enjoy reading their teachers newsfeed and the post is public so anyone can see it). My question is, is my teacher allowed to do this? Is he allowed to post my letter with obvious identifying information? It was really personal between him and I, and the fact he did this bothers me quite a lot.
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  • Do speling mistaks annoy you?

    Best answer: Eye ewes a spell chequer
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  • So how do we start teaching our children two languages?

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  • Would a good teacher say "you tell me" when you ask her a question?

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  • Do female teachers get horny?

    I ask this because I notice some of my female teachers like to stare at my ***** and I m 15 years old. More recently my new maths teacher this year was teaching the class when I decided to do show off my ***** under the table, I was sitting right at the front and she noticed right away and started to studder teaching the class and went red. The next day I turned up to her class noticing that she wore the tightest pants to show off her huge ass and the tightest polo shirt to show off her massive boobs, she said hi to me nervously asking how I was. I did the same thing as I did the day before and she noticed and her face went red and and was drenched in sweat, I also noticed her nipples were extremely hard. I asked her for help and she came over and knieled in front of me while my ***** was poking out from under the table. She started to help me and I felt her boobs press up against my *****. I felt my penis growing bigger and bigger and my penis was literally squished in between her boobs. I also forgot to mention that it was a sport day so I was wearing sport shorts. The bell went and I left the class last showing off my huge erection to her and her eyes widened. So do female teachers get horny over their students boners?
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  • I want to report my teacher for trying to seduce me but I feel like no one will take it serious. How do I make it serious?

    Best answer: Don't worry about the people in your class. Go straight to the principal and report it, write down all the times she did what that made you feel uncomfortable as best you can.

    Since you're not very specific, it isn't clear there is anything illegal being done- unprofessional, yes, but not against the law. If that is the case, they may speak to her in private and watch her closely after that. If she is a new teacher, she may not realize she's doing it. If something more serious has happened - actual meaningful touching or anything more direct, that is a serious problem. If they speak to her privately, you may only notice her not doing it anymore, and nothing else.

    But do go ask for a meeting with the principal, and let your parents know what is going on. You're still a minor.
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  • How can we make future generations of kids more intelligent than this one?

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  • How to motivate young students inside classroom and outside ?

    Best answer: watch some Jordan Peterson, profession of psychology, youtube videos. He does a lot of videos on what students should do to be motivated so that their lives have real meaning.
    You could repeat his ideas and even refer students to his videos. The bite size philosophy ones are good because they are shorter taken from his longer lectures.
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  • Is it a taboo to put your feet on the table near someones face?

    My sons teacher would do this Im told. She would kick off her shoes and read to the class and stick her feet on the desk right near the kids faces. Im from Argentina so I cant speak if this is normal or not in the states please comment
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  • Why do some teachers get jobs teaching kids, when they abuse their power and have sex with a student?

    Best answer: Perverts who want to rape children get jobs as teachers, nurses and priests. That's not out of any ideals of education, health or religion - it's just a means of getting close to their victims.
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  • How would you teach reading to a kid who just started learning?

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  • How to confront my teach?

    Best answer: The one thing about teachers is that have to be able to not care what people say about them behind their back (or even in front of their back) whether it is good, bad or otherwise. Unless it is something illegal or reportable the teacher will probably forget about it
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  • Did you like your elementary teachers or highschool teachers more?

    Best answer: Both have their good and bad qualities.
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  • When is the right time to get teaching job in usa?

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  • Is there anything I need to know about sexual education?

    Best answer: You are right, it is important to know about sex before you start having it. I just wish more younger women thought the way you do. As long as you use protection, then your not likely to get pregnant, but making the guy use it to is even better. The two links posted below should help you, but there is lots of other information available to you on the internet. I hope these links help.
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