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  • Am I wrong for reporting child abuse as a mandated reporter?

    Best answer: No of course not. You are just reporting suspicions. It gets investigated 
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  • Is it illegal for a teacher to send an email to a students parents without informing them? ?

    I was laughing at a joke my friend made when my teacher took me out of the classroom, moved me to a different seat, and contacted home and did the same to at least 3 other people but i didnt know 🤧👊
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  • Can a teacher share your confidential information to other students without permission?

    Best answer: No. That is unethical and they will get fired if someone finds out about it. Teachers are not allowed to discuss any information about a student to anybody including other teachers unless it's to be able to assess the student.
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  • Are teachers allowed to touch students?

    Not in a sexual way. I mean, for example, if a student starts crying can the teacher give them a hug? Or like give high fives and stuff?
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  • Can you teach an unconventional/not normally taught language at an american high school?

    Like could you teach like Swahili or Polish or Danish or something like that?
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  • Is it ok for my teacher to be able to hold me or other students four minutes before lunch if we go to the bathroom?

    So our fourth our English teacher has a rule where if you go to the bathroom you have to spend 4 minutes in her classroom the next day after 3rd hour before you go to lunch personally I don't feel like that's fair because what do a natural thing and we're basically getting punished to do what comes naturally to our body someone please like to explain if this is okay or not I just want to make sure that she's and she's not doing anything wrong or if she is doing something wrong. Sorry for any spelling mistakes I'm on mobile and I'm voice text.
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  • Why does my teacher let me sleep in class? ?

    lol 😂 most teachers smack my desk but he lets me sleep why? I appreciate it cause I am exhausted 😩 when that happens and can’t help myself but why? 
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  • Why don't we just teach students how to use calculators, and then give them the option to learn the manual way?

    the "real world" has calculators
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  • Is this an acceptable teacher?

    Best answer: There are two issues- many universities have guidelines about faculty using materials that they make money on. Then most have an office that works with faculty on preparing well-designed online courses. Look and see if such a thing exists at your university. I think you have a good case to take to the department chair. Discuss the conflict of interests in having the faculty member's own book as a require purchase, and show that there are not other materials being used in the course. I know that faculty at my university would not get away with that. 

    If you're at Penn State, go talk to Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor in the English Department. 
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  • Tablets out, imagination in. Some schools are banning technology for the sake of their student's imaginations. Do you support that idea?

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  • What is CBT?

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  • My teacher won’t accept my lab report. What should I do?

    I’ve been sick for a week and was unable to go to school. During the week I wasn’t there our class did a lab. And the day I came back, the teacher did the lab again so people can check their answers and so that the people that were missing could write the report. So I recorded down the answers the teacher told us and wrote the report. The next day, I was looking for her to give the report to her during her break but she wasn’t where she usually was so I gave it to another teacher. Last period, i found her in a class and she was not teaching so I knocked on the door and asked if I could speak to her.  (She was on her phone at the time) this lady, had the audacity to tell me she was teaching a “lesson” which in fact, she was not. I asked her if she got my report and she told me in front of her whole senior class that she will not be accepting it because i wasn’t there for the lab,  Which I don’t understand because the whole reason why she did the lab again is so that the people that were missing could record the answers and write the report.  She won’t accept it and I don’t know what to do. I’m thinking of going to the principal
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  • Is it acceptable that a teacher makes fun of a student who stutters?

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  • My teacher yelled at me in front of the whole class?

    My teacher yelled at me in front of the whole class and I am so embarrassed. I’ve never been yelled at by a teacher because I always try to be a good student and not bother anyone. Today I went to pick up some printing paper from her desk to do an assignment that she had told us to do and when I grabbed the paper she yelled “NO NO NO!” then picked up something and slammed it on top of the papers i was grabbing and told me that I need to go get my own paper and kept yelling at me which made me tear up. I understand if she didn’t want me to grab one of those papers i just don’t understand why she had to yell at me. She could’ve told me nicely and i would’ve put them back. That really hurt my feelings and I’m so embarrassed to go to class tomorrow and face her and my classmates. Will she still be mad about it?
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  • What do teachers think when their students confess ADHD?

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  • Will my teacher round my 88.2 to a 90?

    My history teacher is nice, and I have gotten good classwork grades, but this one test I got an 85 on, lowered my grade, so should I ask if my teacher could bring my overall class grade to a 90 if it is a 88.2?
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  • Why is my teacher so personal with me and not with other students that do the same wrong things?

    Best answer: Maybe your teacher thinks you are achieving below your potential, and that the classmates you are drawing comparisons with are not capable of doing better. Or maybe it's to do with patterns of behaviour, where your classmates make occasional mistakes but your make mistakes more persistently. Or maybe your classmates get away with mistakes or not handing in work because they are demonstrating a better level of understanding of the material overall, so mistakes or missing work is less critical.

    I doubt very much that he hates you. Teachers tend to feel far less strongly about their students than students do about teachers. Student's tend to only have a handful of teachers at a time but teachers might have over a hundred different students. If they got that emotional about them all they'd go crazy.
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  • My teacher thinks I’m hot?

    I’m 17/M student and my sub teacher said she thinks I’m hot.  I’m about 6’3, mixed with waves. I know I look good. She’s 24 white girl and thick affff  If I smash and don’t tell do you think anyone would find out?
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  • Why does my teacher get mad if I listen to my classmates suggestions?

    My teacher said that I shouldn't trust my classmates suggestions...WTF does that mean? Why would he tell me that and no one else? :( Does he think that I need extra help or something?
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  • Is it normal that they mandate such a silly rule?

    Best answer: Boring spanking troll.
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