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  • Cooking: When you follow a recipe correctly, and the food tastes 'blah', what is a good remedy?

    Best answer: Nope. There are waaaaaaaaayyyy too many recipes and different kinds of cooking to have a one fits all magic bullet.

    I once had a ...rather thick... book called “Let’s Cook It Right” that talked about what to be particularly careful of with various recipes and then also how to “fix” particular types of fails with that type of recipe ... but I only ever read through it, never actually used it and eventually gave it away.

    Your best way to make sure that recipes you follow come out as tasty as you expect is to use recipes from known sources that have been tested. Some chefs whose recipes will ALWAYS work right are Julia Childs, Ina Garten, Caprial Pence (ok, her black and white chocolate chip cookie recipe has something wrong with it - but it’s probably a typo). James Peterson. There are lots more but those are MY go tos.

    I also find a wealth of recipes on the internet. When I am pulling recipes off the internet I look at the comments and the stars. If a bunch of people have tried it and report good results, then it’s been tested enough for me.

    Some recipes are not tested. I won’t just try any old recipe, it’s a waste of time and ingredients and my energy. Sometimes if I want to make something specific, like say a Chili Colorado, I may look at a bunch of different recipes then cobble together my own. When I do this I always write down everything I do, make notes later on the results and in my notes suggestions on how to make it better. Then the next time I make that dish I follow my original notes plus the suggestions. Then that sheet get stapled over the last one...so I literally have a stack of stapled papers that detail the history of the development of a recipe and how I tested it. That’s how I developed my own recipes for both red and green enchilada sauces, beef stew with cinnamon and parsnips, my super secret cookie recipe...many more.

    That being said, I’m a good, experienced cook and for many things don’t use a recipe at all because I have enough cooking savy and experience to “wing it”.

    In baking tho, ALWAYS follow the recipe EXACTLY if you want the results the recipe promises. I will always try a baking recipe once before making any modifications so I can be sure I know the base I am riffing on.
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  • What is this yellow stuff on the pie?

    Best answer: Looks like custard to me. The Brits LOVE their custard with everything.

    And yes, over there it can be thick and creamy or runny and thin. They pour it over a lot of desserts.
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  • If there was a fly in my honey and i used it for tea can i get sick?

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  • What would you guys pay per pound for a NON-GMO Farm Raised Chicken?

    Best answer: I rise my own so nothing.

    You need to find out what people are paying for farm raised chicken in your area and go from there.

    And I fully agree, modern meat breeds have been bred to become LARGE and fast. so fast they will eat themselves to death and they grow so fast their bodies can't handle it. Their bones break and their organs shut down, its very cruel to let them live for too long.

    Its easy to sleep at night since you rise and butcher your own animals so you know how well treated they are, you know they are not feed antibiotics at all times due to over crowded conditions, you know they are not packed into small cages and handled so roughly thier bones are broken.
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  • I see a lot of Asians on tv eating fish soup and seafood soups. Are these soups popular where you live?

    Best answer: No, I haven't seen seafood soup on any menus here. I think a large part of it is seafood in any form is expensive here. People don't want to spend money on soup. That's just the way most people here are. I think I saw a shrimp soup once.
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  • What to do when recipe is high heat but pan keeps over boiling?

    Best answer: Then don't follow the instructions! Lower the heat so the pan boils but doesn't boil over. Whoever wrote the instructions can't possibly know what YOUR stove is like, so use some common sense. Just follow "boil for X amount of time" and IGNORE the rest. Put it on whatever heat it needs to achieve that.

    You may want to put it on the highest heat to get to the boil quickly, but after that turn it down to what it needs to keep it boiling. That almost certainly WILL be lower - the pan is hot now, so you need less heat to keep it boiling hot. Just enough to replace the heat it's losing from being in a kitchen that is cooler than boiling. How much lower can depend on the size of the pan, the size of the ring, how much water is in the pan - all of those have an effect on how much heat you need to keep it boiling.

    You just have to get to know your own stove. With mine, for example, 6 is the highest setting so I need that to get the water boiling, but once it's boiling, for cooking some vegetables in it I can turn it down to 4 or even 3. That'll keep it bubbling away. For pasta, I use a bigger pan with a lot more water on a bigger ring so the pasta has room to move around and not stick together, so to keep it on a good boil I need to turn it down only to 5. You really need to work this out for yourself. See what works for YOU with YOUR stove and remember that.

    Then there is a recipe I like which calls for simmering with the lid on for 30 minutes - putting the lid on keeps heat in so I find I need to turn it all the way down to 1 when I make that. It's still gently bubbling away inside and that's a simmer - so 1 is all it needs. But that's for one person, so if I make it for two and there's double the amount of food in the pan, I MIGHT need to turn it up to 2. I don't know - I haven't tried that yet!

    If water is boiling, putting up the heat any higher won't make it any hotter. Once water gets to 100C or 212F, that's the temperature it will stay. Apply even more heat and it just turns to steam. So you don't need to cook for longer. As long as the water is boiling, it will take the same time.
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  • Is Coffee bad for you?

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  • Simple Tomato Sauce and white rice recipe?

    Best answer: Put a cup of raw white rice and 2 cups of water in a pot, when it starts to boil, cover the pot and simmer on low for 20 minutes. Add a small can of tomato sauce to it, and season it with salt and pepper, onion and/or garlic powder if you like.
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  • What is the hardest thing to cook?

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  • Cork fragment found in Absinthe, safe to drink?

    Best answer: I can't think of any reason why it would be unsafe. The cork will have been in contact with the absinthe since it was bottled.
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  • Where can I find a home made food business that deliveries food to your house?

    Please give me a phone number, address, or website. I want to order homemade food. You know those people who cook chinese food from their homes and delivery it to people? I want to find where that is.
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  • I ate an old unrefrigerated sandwich. Am I going to die?

    It was an Italian sandwich with capicola, pepperoni, salami, mortadella, provolone cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers, and mustard. There was no mayo. I got the sandwich around 11am, then it sat on my desk in a plastic box in my room temp office until I left work around 5pm. Then it sat in my hot car until 8pm while I was at a happy hour. I didn’t end up eating it until about 8:45pm.
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  • Please tell me what you have been eating since you have no white hairs? For me 2 years into this diet and i started growing white hairs .?

    Hi Im a vegetarian for 8 years now and im a male 32 years old and 2 years into my vegetarianism i started growing my first white hair and since then increasing till today and also same for my 2 years younger brother who with whom i started my vegetarianism and genetically our parents and uncles and aunts from both side of family are above average meaning my dad had his first grey hair in his late 40s so as my mom. so making it short, can you please tell me exactly what you have been eating and you dont have no white hairs? im really interested to know cause i tell you we have been eating a lot of soy burgers everyday and some soy milk and also beans, but mostly for the first 3 years just eating the soy burgers and i think thats what we have been damaged by, please tell me me your opinion. Thank you.
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  • Which do you think is better for cooling off on a hot day ? Ice cream, lemonade, or frozen drinks.?

    Ice cream ,lemonade, or frozen drinks such as slushies
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  • Do you eat while you drink alcohol, or do you do them separately?

    Best answer: Some alcoholic beverages such as aperatifs, sherry, and whisky, are meant to be drunk on their own, while others such as beer and wine are meant to be drunk with food. Thus, the term "pairings".
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  • Is butter considered a dairy?

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  • Can I eat wild fruit and veg in the uk or anywhere in the world for that matter? Are they still healthy?

    Best answer: in general, wild fruit would be much healthier than anything you buy in the store which is full of chemicals. That assumes you know what is safe to eat in general.
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  • Alternatives for wine in chicken and carbonara?

    My aunt is coming over to dinner and she is an alcoholic in recovery so she can’t have alcohol. If I didn’t know that I would make her white wine and lemon chicken and carbonara. Are there any substitutes I could use that would still taste good?
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