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  • What's for dinner?

    Best answer: tuna salad sandwich and chili
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  • Do you consider tortilla chips and queso dip to be a meal?

    Best answer: No
    It's actually considered junk food since neither your brain nor your body can gain nutrients from it.
    Go one day without breakfast or lunch and then eat chips & queso for dinner when you're really hungry and then tell us how you feel afterwards.
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  • I always have a banana for breakfast but i want to change it up does anyone have any ideas for what i can have instead?

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  • Have you ever had french toast dipped in a corn flake batter?

    Best answer: No , but soon I will have had that , because I plan to try it tomorrow morning , it sounds so good..thank You Sharon
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  • Am I an idiot?

    Best answer: No...as long as YOU are the one who cleans the oven.
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  • What type of beef is best to make homemade chinese beef and broccoli? Is it chuck, I m not sure?

    Best answer: I often make it with a thinly sliced skirt steak, although if you can't afford that, use a sirloin or a marinated London Broil.
    But keep in mind that London Broil is NOT an actual cut of beef, rather it refers to a cooking method. The London Broil should be sliced as thin as possible-not necessarily on the bias, as you were probably told, but just thin. But London Broil can be quite tough.
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  • What can I cook for savoury foods?

    In my class I'm suppose to be cooking a savoury food, they said it had to be something like what you would serve in a festival ect. like fast food. They gave me an example to make a burger but what other dishes are savoury? Is hot dogs/sausage a savoury food?
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  • Is there a way to tell if snow crab was cooked dead or alive?

    I've been told that if crab claws are closed tight it means the crab was not fully dead when cooked and may be inedible? Any validity to this?
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  • Is it bad to pour bacon grease down your kitchen sink? Why?

    If I was to do it...I would run the cold water while doing so. I really do not want to save it for later cooking purposes.
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  • Why do you need to stir frosting before using it?

    Isn't it too thick to separate?
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  • Whats a quick meal to cook in 15 minutes include ingredients?

    Best answer: A friend of mine (he was divorced) turned me on to something he called "single man's casserole". You can either use a pan or a slow cooker. Take kielbasa sausage that you peel the "skin" and cut into 1/2 inch slices, a can of green beans (dump the liquid into the pot as well) and cut up an onion or two as well. Just take all the ingredients put them in the pan and let it cook. Mostly to warm everything and then eat. If you have leftovers, just take the pan and put it in the refrigerator and take it out and put back on the stove to warm the next meal.
    Very easy and tastes great.
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  • Blending angel food cake batter in a bowl...?

    The recipe says that I have to blend it all in a glass or metal bowl. I don't have glass or metal bowls, just plastic. Can I use a plastic bowl to mix it all together? Why does it say glass or metal? What difference does it make? Also, can I use any cake pan, or does it have to be a bundt or flute pan? Thanks.
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  • How much oil should you use to stir-fry?

    How much olive oil or grape seed oil should you use to stir-fry a bowl of veggies? Is using 36ml too much?
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  • How do I make hot wings hotter?

    Best answer: Use anything you want either in the marinade or in the dipping sauce. Some options are sriracha, chili paste, jalapenos, dried chipotle pepper, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes...and if you're brave, go buy yourself a habanero pepper or some habanero sauce. Caution..if you buy fresh peppers be very careful not to rub your face, especially your eyes, while handling them. You may wish to wear disposable gloves.
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  • How long is cooked food good for in the fridge?

    I cooked chicken, ground turkey, and salmon the other day and I was wondering how long these foods will stay good for in the fridge ?
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  • Can you make bacon crispy if you cook it in the oven?

    Best answer: yes served with buttered cheese scrambled eggs and a tomatoe.yummy... I am a total oven-baked-bacon convert.It's just so easy — there's no flipping or monitoring involved. You just lay the bacon on a baking sheet, stick it in the oven, and set a timer. The strips of bacon bubble away in the oven (no splattering!) and gradually become the crispy, golden-hued, irresistible bacon we know and love.if you love your bacon crispy through and through, then you might try baking it on top of a metal cooling rack set over the baking sheet. Lifting the bacon up lets it cook from all sides and get even crispier.
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  • Tips on making Chili more Chunky and flavorful?

    I found a basic recipe online but my boyfriend likes it to be super chunky, should I add more tomatoes, meat or beans? Or should I not add as much sauces?
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  • When a recipe says preheat an oven to 220 Degrees, How long does it take to preheat after i turn it on?

    Best answer: Depending on wind & how hot outside. Wind is a big factor. You turn on the gas, light the oven close door. Look threw the small hole in the bottom pan were you light it. When the flame reduces in size oven is preheated. Mine 10 to 15 minutes. Germania oven & range. Outside in the dirty kitchen. We do not cook inside do to heat in the tropics. If a charcoal oven. You load the bottom pan with charcoal with news paper under it. Once the charcoal is lit spread even. Slide pan back in. wait 30 minutes place hand over vent pipe about 1 inch above. should be 10 second before hand gets to hot to stay there. If to hot or cold adjust the vent at bottom for more or less air.
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  • Whats the best pizza topping?

    Best answer: In my opinion the best thing for pizza, regardless of toppings, is to put about 6 to 10 large raw / peeled garlic gloves through a garlic press, mixed with about 1/4 cup of olive oil. Just spoon that over the whole pizza and (assuming you like garlic) it is so good it will knock your socks off.
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