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  • Is it okay to drink a glass of wine everyday?

    Best answer: But for some people, a daily glass of wine can be a perfectly healthy habit. Either way, when you do uncork a bottle, remember that wine only delivers its health benefits when enjoyed in moderation. That's a maximum of 5 ounces a day for women and 10 for men.
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  • Where do you go for a drink.?

    I live in a village in England and go for a drink or two in the public house next door to me. The pub is comfortable  and the drinks and food are good. Where do you go out for a drink ?.
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  • Do you like jagermeister?

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  • Does consuming alcohol loosen your tongue, you become much more talkative and chatty as the drinks kick-in?

    Best answer: Yes if you don’t drink in moderation loose lips can sink ships as saying goes before you know it you telling your business and someone else business doing things out the ordinary to drunk to drive self home if alone lot of negative reactions that can put you and others in danger wise people see the danger and conceals themselves if possible. 
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  • I have a 12 oz. Bud light bottle with a Double Cola cap?

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  • Is an alcohol level of .010 considered impaired?

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  • Charging beer on moms card?

    Lol so i’m underaged and i told my mom i went to mcdonalds and i went to a gas station that doesn’t ID and bought $20 worth of beer. What are the chances she finds out?
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  • I was at a wine tasting pop up and I mistakenly drank from used glasses that I thought were "help yourself" wine samples. Could I sue them?

    Ok so this place does free wine tasting and I see a few glasses sitting out with a tiny bit of wine in them but at first I did not even think about the possibility that they were already used glasses that someone drank out of finished and set down and that the wine inside them were just residue, I thought for sure they were some "pre-poured and help yourself" samples of wine being they were sitting right in between 2 different wine bottle displays and so I picked a few up and drank out of them and next thing I know the man running the tasting setup comes back after ringing up a customer’s transaction and so I ask him “what wine am I tasting?” but then he mentions that he didn’t recall serving me any wine tastes and that I’m supposed request what I want to taste and he gets it for me, then tells me the glasses I drank out of had to have been used glasses that nobody had bussed yet.        Am I able to sue the place for having used glasses in customer’s reach causing me to accidentally drink out of them?
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  • D'you have to be 18 to buy airpods in store, in the UK?

    I wanna know incase 
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  • How will the coronavirus outbreak affect sales of the Corona beer?

    Best answer: Haha XD


    The American population has been gtting
    dumbr over the yrs so I suppos you'd xpct
    to truly see som kind of chang my Friėnd !!

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  • Do you get sick from drinking different alcohols?

    Like I have some rum, and a couple beers, and I want both, but I think if I put both in my system it might cause an unwanted reaction
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  • Is drinking alcohol every Friday night considered drinking in moderation?

    Best answer: No, because you would need to specify how much you drank and whether Friday is the only day you drink.
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  • Is it normal to drink beer after eating?

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  • Tasting wine aren't you supposed to swish it in the glass and hold your breath when sipping etc.?

    Best answer: No. You’re supposed to breathe in over the top of the wine. Try it. 
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  • Does drinking alcohol with food make you less likely to get drunk???

    Or does it just delay it? Would you get drunk hours later?
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  • Hard to quit drinking when friends are drinkers?

    So I've been thinking long and hard about actually quitting drinking. I'm unproductive, sad, bored with everything, diet is horrible, goals are always pushed to the side.. I'm 24, and I have at least 3 beers every night, but usually around 4-5. And they typical finish a 15 pack of beer on friday and saturday. I spend about 40$ a week on liquor. So I've decided to drop it. I've quit for a week before and it was extremely difficult. I was my best friends more than usual and I got laughed out of it pretty quick. I instantly went from "never drinking again" to beers every night in a single day. I dont know how to manage it. They like going to pubs or restaurants and crush a few pints, and without that we literally dont do anything else.  Should I just order fake beers? Or just get a pop? It's not like I have kids and can just pull the "oh I'm on dad duty tonight".. I'm just a young dude who wants to advance my career and be fully present. I'm tired of waking up feeling like garbage, I'm tired of getting all my chores done as fast as possible so I can get drinking sooner. Its only ever gotten worse. I want a good excuse that will persuade my own self and the others around me that this is a step in the right direction.. Thoughts? Thank you.
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  • Does anyone else remember chocolate cigarettes?

    When I was a kid the local convenience store would sell chocolate cigarettes. It was basically a cigarette packet with chocolates in cigarette shape rolled with edible paper but I hear no one talking about it so sometimes at night I have a panic attack wondering if the chocolate cigarette was a trippy dream that I believed to be a memory or if anyone else remembers it.
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  • How many drugs constitutes a cocktail??,?

    You always hear newscasters talking about people taking a "cocktail of drugs". I'm curious how many drugs you would have to take before it's considered a cocktail? Like a few? If I had some coffee with sugar than smoked a cigarette, is that a cocktail of drugs? It's more than a couple at least. Need answers ASAP,,
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  • What is your favorite Beer and Whiskey!?

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  • If I go hunting and fishing and drink whiskey and smoke a cigar does that make me a conservative?

    Best answer: You also have to be doubtful of easily provable facts because oil people told you to.
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