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  • What vitamins are in Philadelphia cream cheese?

    Favorite answer: A small amount of vitamin A (183 IU), vitamin K (0.5 mcg), folate (1.6 mcg) and choline (3.9 mg). 
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  • What happens if you eat leftovers?

    Favorite answer: Your parents leave you at the train station, never to see you again. 8(

    However, leftover cold pizza, chicken, fries and baked potatoes with turkey and even coffee with cream are some of the tastiest things ever, so you'll have THAT!! 8O
    11 answers
  • Is this chicken safe to eat?

    Bought from costco earlier in the day, looks pink 
    8 answers
  • Whats your favorite candy bar?

    if you are wondering i am counting m&ms, maltesers, skittles and any other not bar shaped candy bars.
    76 answers
  • Will I get sick if I bit and ate a undercooked nugget?

    So I cooked some nuggets in a vat and when I bit into one it didnt seem cooked all the way all the rest of them were fine. Will I get sick
    7 answers
  • Why am I somewhat obsessed with chocolate?

    I always say that I won’t have any chocolate today but it always fails however I used to be so addicted to it I’d eat up to one jar of Nutella a day and sometimes a bag of peanut butter cup minis I don’t eat either anymore I’ll eat one or 2 protein bars a little of Lindt dark chocolate truffle or truffles it’s not bad especially since I workout but I’d love to stay away from it for a few days I actually can it’s just before my period when I pms which last 2 weeks I need it or I am grumpy or during my period I go maybe 3 to 4 days without it after I actually wouldn’t even care if it’s the bitter dark chocolate I actually have some in case I need it and don’t have the money really to buy more lol so it’s the cocoa not sugar at least but Is anyone else the same way? I also do a lot of walking it’s my favorite exercise actually.
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  • What food can I get at Walmart that would last me a whole month?

    5 answers
  • How do you store an opened can of ketchup?

    Favorite answer: If it is in a 'can' you need to move it to a non-reactive and sealed container (plastic, or glass), as the acid in the ketchup when exposed to air and the inside of the can can create some nasty chemicals. 
    Then just store the containers in the fridge for and indefinite amount of time (very long time). It is ok a room temps but for not nearly as long. 
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    Favorite answer: I dealt with a failing gallbladder for years too. I found that I could eat the hot dogs that were low fat turkey, only. I also lived on a low fat diet for several years until I had a gallstone attack that lasted 4 days and put me in the hospital. I don't know why I waited so long! Once that sick gallbladder was gone, I felt better immediately!
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  • Be honest: Are Air Fryers Worth it for Oilless French Fries?

    14 answers
  • What happens to your body if you eat a giant bag of skittles.?

    Okay so yesterday I had a large bag of skittles and ate it all in like 3 hours. Afterwards my tongue burned and now I have awful diarrhea? Whats happening?
    10 answers
  • How long does Arby's last in the fridge? ?

    Hi. So today I went to go get Arby's, and I was less hungry than I thought. I only took 2 bites of the burger. I don't like to waste food, but I want to know how long it lasts in the fridge, or if it isn't safe at all. I'm currently storing it in my mini fridge in my room if that helps. 
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  • Is it normal for my poo to taste salty when i eat chocolaye?

    8 answers
  • What happens when you eat a bag of cheese?

    Specifically Cheddar Jack from Costco.
    7 answers
  • Bird ate my food. Am I okay?

    Favorite answer: Dont worry, If you had'nt seen the bird at all, you would'nt be any wiser!
    6 answers
  • Which candy bar makes the best breakfast cereal? Kit Kat?

    Favorite answer: No, Skittles. Ever eat them in milk with a spoon? Taste the d*mn rainbow f*ckers.
    6 answers
  • What is your favourite Christmas snack?

    Favorite answer: Sugar cookies with lots of frosting and designs
    12 answers
  • Do any cola brands make a Christmas spiced cola?

    I think cola with Christmas spices would be divine
    5 answers
  • It is weird to like a lemon sandwich?

    Favorite answer: why? you can have your own taste
    16 answers