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  • Ideas of what to eat as a replacement for (the constipating) rice/crackers?

    The rest of my staple food diet is- Apples Applesauce Zucchinis Carrots Canned peaches Homemade cocoa 'chocolate' with some nuts (idk whats in it my mom makes it) Just looking for something that will add something nutritious and substantial but not clog me up. Thanks!!
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  • Why are some Tesco's open 24 hours a day?

    Favorite answer: I've been in once or twice. Most decent sized supermarkets have staff in all night on stock replenishment,  warehouse  staff accepting and processing deliveries as well as cleaning staff on the premises 24 hours.

     As The heating and lights are on as well they may as well keep the doors open, pay for a guard to watch the door and have a cashier on a till.
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  • Why is turkey extra cheap this year?

    I love "Turkey Season", mid November through December when turkey is cheaper than chicken, typically offered to attract shoppers for the other holiday necessities. But last year Turkey was priced at 59 to 79 cents per pound, and now it is priced at 33-40 cents per pound. My question is WHY?
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  • Can you roast chestnuts in a dry frying pan?

    Favorite answer: Yes I think you absolutely can.
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  • How Long Must A Jew Wait Between Meat And Milk ?

    So I have decided to go kosher for a week so I can feel how jews live with such strict food laws. Now I am used to eating Pizzas and Cheese Burgers so I know I can't have them. But things get harder when I can't eat cheese fries with a non-cheese ham burger. Now I just ate macaroni and cheese. So how long do I have to wait before I can eat some meat item ?
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  • What does kid meat taste like?

    My friends said that kid meat is far tastier than adult meat, I've only eaten the adult, is it softer and more tender?, I just don't fee like eating kids as they are just babies, I just feel like eating them once they become adult goats.
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  • Have you ever eaten a whole pack of gum and did your jaw hurt?

    Favorite answer: Not a whole pack, but I did chew on a mouthful of gumballs when i was a kid.  I must have had a dozen of them all at once.  And yes, all that chewing results in a sore jaw and tired chewing muscles.  When you chew, you can feel the muscles on the side of your head tense up with every bite, and those muscles run all the way up through the temples, hence you feeling soreness in your temples after all that chewing.
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  • Is cleaning fruit with hand sanitizer harmful?

    Yeah, I know the main purpose of washing fruit is to remove chemicals, but my sister touched the apple and she's picking her nose and ears all day long, so I went ahead and put hand sanitizer on an apple, and rinsed it with water after that. Could it potentially harm me in any way? Should I eat the apple or should I throw it away?
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  • Is an open box of baking soda safe to put in a fridge with food in it? My fridge kept sending out an odor even after I tried cleaning it.?

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  • What is with all the negative stigma surrounding lunchables?

    I have sensitive teeth and don't like to eat hot food. Lunchables are about the only thing I enjoy eating that doesn't cause me discomfort, but I am sick and tired of the bullying from my coworkers about my what I choose to eat for lunch. Why does everyone hate lunchables so much?
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  • Accidentally took gulp of somewhat sour milk? but the "sell by" date isn t until December 21st? Will I get poisoning?

    Will I get food poisoning from a gulp? The sell by date isn t until December 21st. Not sure why it tasted sour, not like full blown spoiled, but sour tasting.. will this lead to food poisoning? ?
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  • Do you use Uber eats? Is it a good service?

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  • How long does Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce keep after opening the can and only using half?

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  • What is with the gap at the bottom of the cream cheese?

    I have noticed this whenever I am eating cream cheese and I think that you will too! Smooth sailing from the top of things, but when you dig down? A gap about the width of my pinky between the cheese and the base of the container. Even I have seen this thing in many different containers, including a variety of flavours and brands. Why???
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  • Ate a donut during a cold, bad idea?

    Ive been sick all day with a cold and was craving a vanilla donut. I ate one, and now Im all freaked out by the sugar inhibiting my immune system and I dont feel any better. Will I be even worse off now that I ate it? My heart is beating a little faster now, probably just anxiety, but I would love some advice?
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  • Cellulose (wood pulp) in processed food??

    I just read a “terrifying” expose that lots of foods like shredded cheese, actually contain minuscule amounts of extreme fine sawdust to prevent it from sticking together... And everyone is disgusted and horrified. Sooo.. I guess my question is... why? I mean sure they should have been more forthcoming about it, but I’m sure the information wasn’t available. It’s sterilized, finely ground enough that it doesn’t change the texture, has no flavor, and there are plenty of studies that it isn’t harmful, and it adds fiber.  I mean it’s just a plant? We chew on toothpicks, and we don’t mind the taste. If you’ve ever worked in a wood shop you’ve probably ingested small amounts of sawdust. (They advise against breathing it in.)  I don’t get hype?
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  • Juicy fruit gum tasted great when I was a kid, but now it tastes like ****, why?

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  • Why is there so much food waste?

    Favorite answer: One word...."Liability".  Food items have expiration dates/times.  I worked in a place where you mad up lots of food in advance to prepare for the lunch and dinner rush.  Everything put in the food warmer was labeled and had to be sold quickly.  Sometimes we would get several school buses that would clean us out in the blink of an eye.  You hurry and get more food out but then you find yourself with a warmer full of food that nobody purchased.  We also had someone come in and order 5 large pizzas but never came back to get them.  

    Every day we filled trash cans with food, but the manager wouldn't allow employees to take it home or give it away.  The reason he gave was because an employee took left over food home, the whole family got sick from food poisoning and they sued the place.  

    Nursing homes, schools, homeless shelters, etc. around here won't accept food donations for the same reason.  50 hamburgers that have been in the warmer for several hours might still be fine to eat but they are no longer fresh so they can't be sold and the homeless shelter next door won't take them.   I can't eat one myself because if I get sick I can sue the place.  We did get a free meal during the "off" times while we were working and a 50% discount on food we took home.  We had a family gathering and the manager gave me a 50% discount on 4 whole fried chickens, but I had to take it home fresh from the fryer.  
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  • Why are these fresh jalapenos not hot, at all?

    Are there different types that are not hot. I usually eat them from a bottle (like 3 bottle a week) But this time I bought fresh ones.
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  • Is eating 17 bananas a week over doing it?

    Favorite answer: 17 is fine. 18 would be excessive.
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