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  • Do many bars still provide free popcorn, peanuts or pretzels?

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  • How do I eat moldy cheese?

    Favorite answer: you put it in your mouth then you chew it then this is kinda crazy you swallow it
    12 answers
  • If horsemeat was legal, would you eat it?

    56 answers
  • How can people eat the same foods every week. Doesn't your taste buds become numb to the same food?

    Favorite answer: This is a rather silly stance. Biologically and historically most human beings ate the same food most of the time for their entire lives.

    Culture to culture and region to region there were differences, but until modern food technology and storage, say the last 100-120 years, the foods available to individuals were fairly limited other than to the very wealthy.

    And off the top of my head I can think of at least 20 ways to have spaghetti that are all completely different.
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  • Why do noodles hurt my tummy?

    I am asking this because I am really curious can it be the msg in them? I have been thinking of looking for better brands to maybe try I do not eat stuff like this all the time if anything it’s been years for this reason I used to eat them a lot as a child though. Sometimes I do crave for them mostly in the winter I usually eat oatmeal when I want something warm, eggs actually do the same thing to me but I still had them yesterday because I wanted them. I have been thinking about looking noodles at Trader Joe’s maybe that’s a good place to find better ones? I remember trying a certain kind at a Asian store deli I forgot what kind they were but they didn’t hurt my tummy at all I wish I remember what they were called that’s why I think it’s the msg they didn’t taste very salty either.
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  • Just eaten possibly raw frozen chicken?

    I just had some birds eye frozen coated chicken breast and it was really hot and the meat was white, but I was just looking into why it felt a bit mushy and I realised that they’re made with raw chicken so now I’m paranoid that I have poisoned myself. Is it just due to it being bad quality meat? I also cooked it for longer than I was supposed to and half the time was on a higher temperature than it was supposed to be. What was wrong with my chicken??
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  • Does Soylent Green taste good?

    9 answers
  • Farkleberry?

    Favorite answer: Farkleberries, Farkleberry Bear, and Farkleberry Tarts are fictitious creations made up by radio broadcaster Jack Bogut as part of a fundraising campaign for the Children's Hospital in Pittsburg.  The AM radio station had a 500,000 watt transmitter and his broadcast could be heard as far away as California (if the weather was right).  A Farkleberry Bear plush toy was made, and a brewery is making Farkleberry Tart Beer in honor of the local icon.

    "The Farklebeary Bear can be found at these retail locations: Foodland, Brueggers Bagels, Boscov's and Exxon. An order form also can be downloaded from the Children's Hospital Web site at http://www.chp.edu..

    Also available this year is the 1999 Farkleberry ornament sold by KDKA Radio. It is available on the Internet at http://www.kdkaradio.com/store.html. Farkleberry ice cream by Hagan is available at local supermarkets, and farkleberry bagels are being sold by Brueggers. Farkleberry cookies are being donated by Pati-Petite Cookies in South Fayette and are available to anyone who makes a donation to Children's at one of the remote donation sites."
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  • How do I make my food taste richer?

    I already stuff certain dishes with sauces (i.e. creamy lemon dill sauce in salmon) and I also make crusted dishes (i.e almond crusted chicken)
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  • Is yoghurt a food or drink?

    I am eating a cherry yoghurt and need to know 
    7 answers
  • Is it unethical to buy large amounts of halloween candy after it goes on sale, freeze it and save it to pass out over the next few years?

    Favorite answer: I'm going to bypass the unethical and go straight to lame and dumb.  You don't have to pass out candy on Halloween if you don't want to, it's not a requirement.  There is no good reason to take up freezer space with candy.  Don't be so cheap!  It's one night a year and it's fun for kids.  Be part of the fun!!
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  • Why does milk mix well with fruit, but not fruit juices?

    Favorite answer: The acid in the fruit juice can make the milk curdle.
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  • Have you tried any of the limited edition flavors of M&Ms and if so, which, and what’s your opinion?

    Favorite answer: While I love caramel, the caramel M&Ms were really icky.  The crunchy ones were just weird and I still haven't gotten over the candy coating having flavors now.
    5 answers
  • Have you ever eaten duck eggs?

    24 answers
  • How long do I wait after someone claims food in the fridge to eat it?

    Favorite answer: i would just ask your mom if she wants it and if she dont then just eat it
    8 answers
  • Is it safe to eat pizza 2 days after it has been in fridge ?

    Favorite answer: No. Throw it out. Leftovers are yucky
    18 answers
  • Have you tried the cranberry bliss bar from Starbucks?

    Favorite answer: No but I intend to, along with their grilled cheese
    5 answers
  • Are zip loc bags more airtight that Rubbermaid food containers? ?

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  • Is it a problem that hes still vomitting?

    My 29 yo son drank wild irish rose and has vomiting off and on since wee hours this morning to now 5:31pm.  What can we do?...to stop it...
    12 answers
  • Is Lunch meat ok to eat if it expired 3 days ago?

    Favorite answer: Lunch meat is good for ONE WEEK from purchased. afterwards, you will get very sick.
    16 answers