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  • How to overcome fear of roller coasters?

    So I have been on 5 or 6 roller coasters in my life and not once have I ever had fun as I was just in pure terror mode the whole time. I have a deep fear of both heights and the feeling of falling/lack of control. How does want get over that fear and find roller coasters fun?
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  • Why are theme parks located far from city center?

    Disneyland and Elitch Gardens are the only parks I can remember that are located close to their cities' downtown.
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  • Going to disneyworld while pregnant?

    pregnant? So I found out this week I am about pregnant. We had a trip to Disney world planned for this July by then I will be about 30 weeks. Is it still worth it? Will their be many rides I can even go on? Will I get stopped if their is a "no no" ride that I still want to ride?
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  • What would a Disneyland for adults really look like?

    Best answer: Like Disneyland but with lots of gambling, hookers, and booze.
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  • Would you ride an euthanasia roller coaster?

    Best answer: If it's really a euthanasia roller coaster it's made to kill you by stopping the flow of your blood pressure. You pass out your heart stops and you die. just because it's named the euthanasia roller coaster doesn't mean that they're actually going to run the thing at the speed that's necessary to kill you. even if you sign a paper that says I know that this ride can kill me they cannot purposefully make the ride go a dangerous speed that can actually kill you that would be assisted suicide. Said I can advertise it and hype it up all day long but they can't legally run a euthanasia roller coaster.
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  • Do Disneyland Tickets Sell out?

    I have everything planned for a trip in December, which includes the plane tickets, hotels and transportation— I just need to get the Disney tickets. Unfortunately I’m still working a minimum wage job so I couldn’t buy the disneyland tickets first, I’m waiting for my next few paychecks. I plan to get peak tickets, by any chance can I wait until the week before to buy them? Or do they sell out and I need to get them now
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  • Help I **** my Pants at the Fair and I need a quick Fix?

    I was at the fair when I **** my pants after eating cotton candy? Help my daughter wants to ride the ferris wheel but I m pretty sure they don t want it taking a ride to brown town. How do I tell my 6 year old daughter her papa had an accident. I feel it in my shoe. I m terrified.
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  • Can you ever be too old to ride a carousel? ?

    Best answer: No, not at all!!!
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  • Getting edibles into Disneyland?

    Everytime we go to Disneyland we see police dogs with the security around the gates; if I were to put on gloves, insert edibles into a thick plastic bag with tweezers to ensure no residue gets on the outside, then vacuum seal the bag and put that in my bra would I be able to get into Disneyland undetected? 
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  • Would Disneyland allow me to bring in small snacks?

    Best answer: YES, you CAN bring snacks into Disney. Many parks do not allow this, but Disney does.

    There is no limit - whatever is reasonable for your family to consume during your day there is fine.

    This link is from their website:
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  • Do people wear short shorts at Hershey park?

    Best answer: they might, people wear them everywhere
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  • On the water rides at theme parks, why do they use water, why not use Sprite?

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  • Disneyland interview?

    Hello! I have my on-site Disneyland interview soon and I heard a rumor that they let you into the park after you are done. Can anyone verify?
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  • What is the tallest roller coaster at Elitch Gardens in Denver Colorado?

    Best answer: Minderaser is tallest (by 0.9ft) but has the same drop height as Twister II at 91 ft.
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  • As a ninety year old man I'm starting to think of death and getting a burial plot. Can I get buried at Disneyland?

    Best answer: Disney world has a real ghost
    The ghost of Walt himself roams around at night
    He’s been caught on video
    You and Walt could be pals
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  • What can I do to get rid of bad motion sickness?

    My girlfriend wants me to go with her to cedar point. And I have not told her but I have not rode any rides for years. Ever sense I was a kid until this day every ride I went on I got sick instantly so I quit trying years ago. I even get sick being in the car or airplane. It seems as though the only ride I can go on without getting sick is the ferris wheel but it would be foolish to spend money to go to cedar point and just ride that. Its not so much that i’m scared, rather I just know if I ride it I will get sick right after
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  • Is Trump the greatest President in American history?

    Best answer: He's also the greatest troll in American history.
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  • Are you afraid of the swimming pool?

    Best answer: Yes. Because I cant swim.
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  • What is the fastest way to get to Disney World's Hollywood Studios for rope drop if you are NOT staying on property?

    We are going to Disney World about a week after the exhibit opens and don't want to spend forever in line. They are not offering Fast Passes. I was looking at trying to park at one of the resort hotels nearest to the entrance. Thoughts?
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  • Is Skyrush at Hershey scary?

    I love rollercoasters and im going to Hersheypark this week but im a bit scared of Skyrush because Ive read some scary reviews. Ive been on El Toro,Nitro, and King da Ka so do you think Skyrush would be scary for me or no?
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