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  • If you could whiten your teeth would you?

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  • Can I eat animal crackers with braces?

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  • Tooth coming through gum?

    I'm 17 so I don't know how long it's been there but I just notice a really small tooth kind of I didnt think it was a tooth at first until I was properly feeling it. It's at the top back of the gums. It's not painful and I can't feel it but what is it? And is it something that needs to be sorted ?
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  • I just got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and wasn't told if i can smoke weed or not so i was wonder if i can?

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  • I've never been to a dentist but now I think I need my wisdom teeth out?

    I'm 19 and my mom just never really took me to the dentist as a child. Anytime I ever asked she just said she couldn't find one that accepted her insurance. For well over a year now Ive started having pain on both sides of the top of my mouth where my wisdom teeth are and I told my mom about this and she said she would look into it. But it has been over a year and it is very painful and one is starting to come in. I don't know how insurance works but I'm at the point where I want to literally just walk into a dentist office and not care how much it will cost me because it hurts so much. I use to have my insurance card but my mom switched insurance so I don't have my new one yet and I don't even know which insurance I have. My mom keeps saying she will take care of it when I ask her about our health insurance and express wanting to see a dentist and even saying I'll find a dentist and make the appointment myself. I have no idea why she doesn't want me to see a dentist but its frustrating. I don't know how insurance works but I just want to see a dentist.
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  • Did it make a small or big difference? will choose a best answer?

    this woman had some work done on her teeth. She had them filed down, closed the gap and had the dark tooth fixed. Please be totally honest...do you see a big difference? how would you rate her teeth in both pics from 1-10? She is just wondering if she got her moneys worth. will choose a best answer. Thanks
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  • Why does my daughter have 2 toothbrushes?

    Best answer: Probably hasn't thrown away her manual toothbrush or keeps it around for when her electronic one is out of charge.
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  • Can I use mouthwash everyday?

    Best answer: You're either brushing your guns too vigorously or your teeth may need cleaned
    Rinse you mouth with warm salt water twice a day.
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  • How do i fix my white tongue?

    Best answer: well that's not a good sign. It means your oral hygiene is not that well.

    You should use a tongue scraper twice a day. once in the morning when you brush and once in the evening when you brush before bed.
    Don't use normal mouthwash.. but use ORIGINAL listerine.. it works.

    if your tongue is still white then you may need to see your doctor. It could be from some other health issue.

    Good luck.
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  • Did your wisdom teeth ever come in? Did it hurt?

    My doc said mine will most likely never come in because of how far down there were, but now I can see/feel them coming in the back, but it doesn't hurt at all
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  • Teeth extractions😭?

    Best answer: The pain of the first injection, not gonna lie is uncomfortable. Are you having teeth on the top and bottom removed? If you are than your main worry is a world full of numb afterwards. After the first injection on the top and bottom each, you don’t even feel the rest, maybe pressure, but it won’t hurt. I had to get 3 teeth pulled when I was 13. I had to get bonding on my front 2 teeth, the gave me 6 shots on the top alone for that... Getting shots on the bottom is more weird because of the way your nerves are, one shot on the bottom, mainly in the back can make most of your bottom face go numb. The top is easy, one shot where the tooth is and it numbs that part. I’m 18, so similar in age to you, and I hate it too. Just wondering, why do you need 4 teeth pulled anyway?
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  • Getting put under sleep?

    So I’m rlly confused i have to have teeth out and they said i could get put under sleep where i can get injected in my vein or have gas to knock me out but if i have the gas is that just a way of knocking me out before they inject me? surely gas can’t knock me out for that long... if i chose the gas when i wake up will there be a needle in my hand???
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  • My dentist told me to double up on rubber bands and after reading a bunch of articles saying not to idk what to do?

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  • Does my tooth need to be removed or foes it just have a cavity? Please answer as soon as possible.?

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  • Are my teeth medically necessary for braces?

    My teeth are crowded, I have a pretty bad overbite, I might have a slight overjet, my canines are pointy and go forward, my some if my bottom teeth are slightly overlapping, i need to know because my insurance only covers medically necessary for braces, if my insurance doesn t cover them I ll have to pay, and my parents can t afford it.
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  • When can i use a straw after wisdom tooth extraction?

    Best answer: You can use a straw now.
    Most oral surgeons say "no straw" for 72 hours after extractions.
    You're way past that point now.
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  • Crowned tooth hurts?

    Best answer: Yes - go back to dentist for new x-ray . . . . I've had 2 do the same thing, infection returning a couple years after root canal & crown. . . . . . both times, dentist drilled thru the crown at original spot, cleaned it out, filled the hole without having to remove crown. Have lasted for many years without any further problems.
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  • What is this painful bump on my tounge?

    Extremely painful bump on my tongue is not filled with puss or liquid and just appeared here. Didn't eat anything salty or burn my tongue.
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  • Wisdom teeth removal food?

    I just got my 4 wisdom teeth removed and was wondering when and what can i eat afterwards? nothing hurts right now but i dont want to push it on what i can eat right now.
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  • Scared to be put under for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

    To keep this short and sweet, I have to get four wisdom teeth removed, two are completely impacted and two are partially impacted. The doctor told me he recommends me to be put under for surgery but I've never been put under and I'm scared if it will hurt or if I won't wake up or anything so I told him I was scared and he offered for me to be awake and he would just use general stuff and laughing gas but everyone who I ask their opinion if I should do it awake they act like I'm a lunatic and say how horrible the cracking noises are. Is it really that bad? I've been taking 800 MG of motrins twice a day every day for like 5 weeks just to push it off because I don't know what to do... Is being awake really horrible? Is being put to sleep painful, what if something goes wrong when they put me under? I'm scared, please help.
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