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  • Why don’t more people just starve themselves to be thin?

    I’m 19 and i mean i  just stop eating for a few weeks and fully starve myself when I need to go to something big and important and then my stomach becomes completely flat and I lose a ton of weight. it’s not the healthiest but it looks super skinny and good haha and at the end of the day I want to keep looking thin in my bikinis and tight dresses and this is the way I maintain a perfect figure that allows me to do that. not saying people won’t lose weight dieting/working out but it’ll take forever and you’ll have to maintain that. I’m 5’ 4” and i normally weigh 115lb and eat 1000cal a day but then as soon as bikini season rolls around i don’t eat for 2-3 weeks to flatten my stomach and drop to 100lbs and then go to 400 cal a day for the rest of the summer. I’ve been doing it for like 4 years now and i just don’t tell anyone about it so they think i just am skinny. oh yeah and also when i do eat i try to wear one of those belt things around my stomach so that the weight goes to my boobs/butt so i can still have an hourglass figure...my measurements right now are like 33-23-33 and I swear it’s just the no eating and eating limited quantities with the belt I don’t workout at all except maybe a few sit-ups to tone my stomach and it keeps me looking super thin for everything I need to go to. don’t get why more people don’t lose weight like this it actually works so effectively and like who doesn’t want to be size 0 with model measurements all the time ahahaha
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  • Why is drinking Gatorade and powerade bad for kids and adults when not working out?

    So my daughter ( 4 yrs) grabbed for some powerade and the gf yelled (her mom) that it's not good for her to drink. Why is that?
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  • Weight gain during cquarantine?

    Ok sooo the last few weeks I have been eating like crazy and I gained quite alot of weight 😒. I was 133 pounds at 5'5 abt 3 weeks ago (and I'm 19 btw) and now I'm at 147 pounds!!!! I literally eat 3200 calories A DAY! I haven't gone out in like 2 weeks and a half and I can't burn the calories...  The worst thing about that is that I did not realize that I was getting THAT big untill yesterday when I needed new groceries and I had to go out. Sure, my belly was jiggling a little when I walked and my *** was getting fatter but it's not a big deal, right??   First of all I couldn't pass my *** with my jeans, then I had a hard time buttoning them cos of my big belly and when I finally did they almost ripped! I had noticable love handles and my *** was just huge! My shirt was a problem too! It was highlighting my grown belly and my bra also felt smaller... I was ubliged to go with my pijamas, because everything in my closet, I was too fat for. Any suggestions?
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  • When is the best time to take a walk or jog?

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  • Do meat eaters have any logical reason for not being a vegan/vegetarian?

    Best answer: Yes: they don't care enough about the problems with eating meat.

    ALL humans are dumb and irrational. Including you and I, even if we don't eat meat.

    Everybody exhibits behavior that's presently ruining the planet or harming other people. People don't normally do things because logic dictates. It's much more complicated than that, it's a combination of factors. The animal agriculture industry is a malignant tumor that can't be shoo'd away with logic or shaming.
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  • My “diet” is that I starve myself to be skinny?

    I’m an adult woman - 29 in NYC. I’m 5’ 4” and 124 lbs so fairly slim and have a decent figure but feel like I look skinny when I drop down to 118ish which is what I usually do for summer bikini season. That’s when I have a perfectly flat stomach and can look in the mirror feel good.  Anyways I was out with some friends the other day and we’re all pretty slim but one of them just remarked “haha Im thin but I have to go back to being ‘skinny’” and the other went “yeah me too but it’s so hard - I basically starve myself.” 10 mins into this conversation I realized that all 3 of us basically skip meals and stop eating to look the way we do. For me personally to slimdown from that “everyday thin” 124 lbs to actually skinny at 118 lbs I eat 1 self-limited meal a day. But I love the look.But it was the first time I heard people actually admit that was what they were doing because I had been doing this for years. On the surface we’re just a nurse, an engineer, and an accountant, but behind it all we starve ourselves to be skinny. And I’m sure we’re not the only ones. But when people ask how I lost weight and stay thin I reply oh I’m just eating healthy and working out. They don’t know that I actually just don’t eat. I went home that day and instead of being upset about the societal pressures to stay thin i stared at my stomach in the mirror and how it wasn’t fully flat. And then I decided I wouldn’t eat breakfast.Because that’s how I stay skinny. But surely I’m not the only one?
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  • If we run out of food should we eat the fat people ?

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  • Anyone else gaining weight?

    Sitting at home around all this food is a but of an issue
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  • Is it possible to completely cut out sugar intake?

    How would the body react and would it help a person who has extreme anxiety?
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  • What help you when you are anxious?

    I usually do some deep breathing exercises.
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  • Are there any benefits of Work From Home?

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  •  When do you do morning exercises?

    Best answer: i try to start my morning exercises at 6 am
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  • Does this body type looks "chubby" or curvy?

    Best answer: you have a nice hourglass figure and its definitely curvy not chubby. I know you aren't interested in fitness/a diet but perhaps if you did a bit of ab exercises and toned your stomach you'd personally feel more curvy instead of questioning whether you're chubby. dont lose weight, just the appearance of muscle could help your mid section be more defined. just a thought 
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  • Has anyone gotten gastric sleeve surgery and did it make you lose weight?

    for some background I’m 25, 5’ 5” and 129lbs and I just can’t lose the last 10lbs that I want to. I’ve tried every single diet/workout out there (I mean LITERALLY EVERY ONE) and have been trying to lose this weight for 3 years now and it just won’t go. So, I’ve been looking into maybe getting gastric bypass surgery as Ive heard it makes you eat way less and lose weight. I think it’ll not only help me get down to 119 lbs but also keep that weight for years afterwards. Money isn’t an issue for me as I work a high paying job and can afford it but I want to know whether people have gotten it and how much they were able to lose/their experience?
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  • What if water was the only liquid you drink daily? Is this unhealthy?

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  • I lost 20 pounds in a week, and im eating the same way I always do what is happening?

    Best answer: Your scale is broken.
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  • Are you eating a lot more rice recently?

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  • Morning. I hate you.i hate everyone. How can I incinerate all life on the planet?

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  • Is this virus fatal to overweight people? ?

    Best answer: It is fatal to everyone and I doubt the hundreds of Chinese people that have died are overweight - it is more fatal to men than woman as research shows ones that have died in Italy are 71% men?
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  • Do i need to lose weight?

    Best answer: Considering you aren't physically morbidly obese, you'd need a doctor's opinion. But in my personal opinion, you are fine. I like your outfit too :). If you aim for "healthy" rather than focusing losing weight any extra pounds you want to lose will come off naturally, and it'll help avoid eating disorders.
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