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  • Would you Vote Trump again ?

    Best answer: Anyone who did the first time is a brain dead imbecile.
    To do it again would make them a clinical psychopath.
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  • Can you get diseases if you swallow little bit of someone blood with mouth ulcer?

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  • Should someone who had MMR shot back in the 60s be vaxx'd again before going to Israel? I understand they are having outbreaks there.?

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  • Is it possible to develop strep throat while on antibiotics for a sinus infection?

    I was recently on 10-day antibiotics for a sinus infection, as diagnosed by my doctor. I accidentally skipped a day of antibiotics because I was on an airplane flight and packed them in my checked in luggage. I still have two days left. Now I have white spots on the back of my throat and hurts to swallow, which reminds me of the strep I had several months ago. Is it possible I have strep even though I m on antibiotics?
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  • Is this septicemia?

    Best answer: No - The main symptoms are fever, very rapid pulse, land ow blood pressure making it difficult to stay conscious
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  • Are my tonsils inflamed, or do they look normal? I'm beginning to wonder if I have tonsillitis. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks.?

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  • Is the Democrat Party basically finished?

    They are almost engaged in Civil War between the new radical Socialists and the old guard. They are made up of any number of conflicting special interest groups. No solid leader has emerged in 3 years, they have no plan, their most prominent member is a bartender with pie-in-the-sky fantasy visions. The ONLY thing Democrats can agree on is that they hate the President. How can they ever recover? I think that they will be forced to tear the whole party down in the very near future and rebuild from the ground up. Maybe they will split into two factions; a radical Socialist/Islamic party and a more centrist traditional version of the DNC.
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  • Is there a vaccine for Malaria?

    Best answer: We have vaccines against diseases caused by some bacteria and some viruses. Malaria is caused by a parasite, not a bacterium or virus. The parasite is injected into the host when mosquitoes fed on their blood. There are medication that can be taken to reduce the chances of being infected with the parasite. Many have adverse side effects.

    As far as I know , there is no vaccine against malaria though there may now be long-acting, injectable medications without so many side effects. Actual vaccines train your immune system so it can deal with future expose to the pathogen. Medications do not provide that immune system training.

    The most effective long term programmes to eradicate malaria involve insecticides or genetic manipulation of the mosquito breeding cycle. An insecticide called 'DDT' was used until the 1960s and was very effective but it was found to cause serious long term harm to people who suffered continued exposure so DDT was banned.
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  • 6yr son has chicken pox like spots but no itching/fever, etc. Is it chicken pox?

    Best answer: Sounds like chicken pox.
    Isolation until all scabs are dry and falling off.
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  • Really bad smell...?

    Whenever I defecate there seems to be an awful smell that appears from nowhere. Any ideas what this could be?
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  • I have a man in my church with hep c. I get red sores in my mouth sometimes if I took a drink from his bottle water. Could I be infected.?

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  • Should I go to hospital?

    Best answer: Since it's getting worse, you should go to the doctor or urgent care. Sounds like the wound needs to be cleaned out and perhaps a different antibiotic. They will refer you to the hospital if needed.
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  • Is it okay to go to office when I have mumps?

    Best answer: Mumps is a very contagious disease and it's usually air borne. So, no; it's not safe for you to go to the offfice. It might be "safe" for you, but it wouldn't be safe for your co-workers - You would exposing every one of them who hasn't been vaccinated to mumps.
    A severe case of mumps can lead to inflammation of the brain, ovaries, breast tissue, and testicles in males who haven't already gone through puberty.

    After you've been diagnosed with mumps, you're not allowed to go to work, go to school, or go out in public. For all intents and purposes, you'll be quarantined at home for a couple of weeks, or until the swelling goes away.

    Mumps is SO VERY contagious that, many times, doctors don't want you to come into their office around other patients, if you think you might have mumps. If you get mumps, there's no medicine a doctor could prescribe anyway. because antibiotics don't work on a virus. You have to simply let it run its course.
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  • Can Golden Staph cause Sepsis?

    Best answer: No, my friend, but it CAN co-exist alongside Sepsis.

    Common infections caused by golden staph include:

    boils and abscesses – infections of the skin
    impetigo (school sores) – a highly contagious, crusty skin infection that may affect newborn babies and schoolchildren.

    More serious infections include:

    meningitis – infection of the membranes lining the brain
    osteomyelitis – infection of the bone and bone marrow
    pneumonia – infection of one or both lungs
    septic phlebitis – infection of a vein
    endocarditis – infection of the heart valves.
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  • Does frying peppers for a couple minutes kill the germs on them cos washing them doesn’t get rid of germs and viruses?

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  • Difference between acute and chronic hepatitis?

    Best answer: If the hepatitis lasts longer than 6 months then it is called chronic hepatitis. Acute hepatitis lasts less than 6 months. What we are talking about is laboratory markers for the presence of the virus and the time it takes to become negative for the virus.
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  • How do you contract stomach flu?

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  • How long will it take for a wound to get infected if it has a foreign body in it?

    Best answer: that would depend on how contaminated the foreign body is. People have lived all thier lives with bone fragments, bullets, shrapnel, and all manner of foreign bodies inside them without issue.
    BUT if the item is contaminated with dangerous bacteria, a massive infection can happen pretty quickly.
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