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  • Bleeding from my rectum after a bowel movement .?

    have been bleeding from my rectum after a bowel movement . Sometimes I dont even have a bowel movement but only with pushing down in the toilet. There has not been any in between bleeding however. The blood is bright rid but there is a significant amount.
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  • What's your solution to Insomnia?

    Best answer: Melatonin, it's a natural sleep aid also lavender can be very calming. Also stop using screens like phones or tablets about an hour or two before you go to bed. If that doesn't help you should see a doctor and get some thing not habit forming that will help you sleep.
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  • What is tourette s syndrome?

    Best answer: Its a disorder where you twitch to varying degrees and in serious cases forces the individual to say something random too. It can be cured but can be minimized to interfere less in your life. This is what I've gathered from my friend with a mild case of this.
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  • Going for an ultrasound tomorrow.Any ideas on how to prepare for the test?

    Advise me plz.Tomorrow is my ultrasound test.I am really scared of it.Will I have to remove my pants? Noooo !!!! What does the test detects? I am having some digestive issues like steatorrhea since a few days.Thats the reason my doctor prescribed me this test.I am 20 years old male.
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  • Can I donate my liver?

    2 years ago I swallowed 60 pain killer pills but obviously nothing happened cause I'm still here. So would I be able to donate my liver?
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  • Please help! Stiffness in fingers, wrists, toes, neck especially in the morning.?

    Best answer: Ask your doc about going to a sleep lab to see what's going on during sleep. The symptoms look like those stiff muscles are not fully relaxing during sleep. There are a variety of medical problems that might prevent muscles from relaxing during sleep.

    You might also eliminate as many things as you can that might disrupt sleep - such as keep a regular sleep schedule, eliminate caffeine, energy drinks, and alcohol; make sure you are hydrated at bedtime; before bed do stretching exercises that target the places that are sore; when you go to bed, make a conscious effort to relax the muscles that get stiff and make sure you aren't falling asleep while flexing your wrist or toes; and take a magnesium supplement at bedtime or use an electrolyte during the evening such as Nuun tablets.

    These symptoms can also be a side effect of antidepressants/
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  • Worrying about my acid reflux had it all day?

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  • I have a friend who has been diagnosed with macrocytic anemia. But the doctors are baffled, because they've checked his levels of B-12 and?

    Best answer: What did the doctors think? Their opinions are way more educated.

    I know what seems obvious. If your friend has plenty of B12, then for some reason their body is unable to utilize it.

    Sounds like a liver problem.

    Sounds like a dietary problem.
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  • Would you donate a Liver to a dying relative?

    Best answer: If you're living and healthy, you could only donate a small part of your liver; you can't donate your entire liver. YOU would die without your liver. Transplantation of an entire liver comes from a patient who has passed away due to some sort of accident. Liver transplants don't come from a patient who has passed away due to some sort of infectious illness or cancer.
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  • What do you call a condition where you have the symptoms (eg. Unable to sleep at night, palpitations) but there’s no underlying disease?

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  • Can you go on long haul flights with B12 deficiency?

    I have recently been diagnosed with B12 Deficiency, and will be needing 6 injections over 2 weeks soon, however I am going on an 8 hour flight two weeks after the injections, is this safe? Is there anything I should take with me? I have tried to research it however I cannot find this anywhere.
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  • Do I have multiple sclerosis at 21? What else could be?

    Best answer: In 80% of people who have been diagnosed with MS (myself included), their first symptom is Optic Neuritis, which causes temporary pain behind the affected eye and blindness. The other most common early symptom of MS are extreme fatigue, vertigo, balance issues, muscle weakness, muscle stiffness, bowel and bladder problems, numbness in hands and/or feet, depression and problems with memory and concentration. In addition to having MS myself, I was a workers' compensation claims coordinator and therefore saw my fair share of work related injuries. I personally think what you are describing is unlikely to be MS and sounds more like a lumbar strain and a pinched or otherwise aggravate Sciatic nerve. A quick trip to a General Practitioner will go a long way towards getting you some answers. A Physical Therapist can help with the lumbar pain and if your primary doctor refers you, your insurance will likely cover that.
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  • Years ago u could get a full body xray to check for diseases etc. what happened?

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  • Can someone share website that shows smoking makes u live longer?

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  • What is the diffrence between white coat and isosystolic hyper tension?

    i have a presentation next week and this is my part i am realy nervous and need help and firstly i need to know their difference
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  • Am I likely to have Alcoholic Liver Disease?

    Hi there. I am a 28 year old female who hasbeen an alcoholic for apporximately 6 years. My tolerance is very high and nowadays I drink on average 4 bottles of White Wine a day and I've also started drinking around 6 shots of white Rum with this too. I cant afford to drink every day but usually its 4-5 times a week. I had an ultrasound a year ago that showed I have a coarse Liver echo, but I wasn't entirely sure what that meant. Since then my drinking has continued and the amount has increased. I get a lot of pain in my Liver area (Top right of stomach below my breast.) and it has started to worry me lately. I am going to visit my Doctor again but couldn't get an appointment until 2 weeks time and I am really really anxious about it and feel on tenterhooks. Do you think that the damage coud be worse and how bad could it get in the space of a year? I am not expecting dead certain answers as I realise only my Doctor can really tell me the results but I just wondered if anyone could help through experience or any kind of knowledge that they may have. I am of healthy shape, I'm 5 ft 10 and 10 stone so my weight has no effect on my health. Thankyou for any answers.
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  • Do i have epilepsy?

    Best answer: You sound like a fun date.
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  • Caught my daughter snorting cocaine? So she came home from party and had white powder on her face so I asked her and she said it's cocaine?

    Best answer: Punish her, and never let her see friends again.
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  • Do antidepressants cause liver damage and what should i do instead?

    Im in a horrible situation but i hear antidepressants cause liver toxins and i already have liver problem. Idk what to do i feel like dying because i dint wana go on medicine In a feww years i was thinking of pregnancy and i dont want this medicine it already ruined me
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