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  • Why do most people talk about Hitler like he was a bad person?

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  • How long could you live if someone stole your kidneys? And you didn't have dialysis?

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  • 10 year old girl with headaches for months?

    My sister is 10 and has been saying her head hurts every single day since November. She says sometimes it gets better and doesn’t hurt and then other times she says it hurts. I don’t see her in the mornings usually but during dinner time (around 7:30) she complains of it hurting. Sinusitis runs in the family (I get it a lot) but after a course of antibiotics I’m good to go. But with my sister she’s gone to the doctor like 4 times and each time they give her a course of antibiotics but they don’t help. She’s on another course right now and they’re not helping. She has glasses and her vision went down a lot in a matter of months but she wears her glasses all the time. She’s also on electronics a lot. Do you guys think there’s an underlying disease or?
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  • When you die how would you like to be remembered?

    Best answer: "Oh, look !! He is still alive !"
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  • Ringing in ears whenever it’s too quiet and/or silent?

    I’ve lived my whole life, for as long as I can remember, hearing a ringing in my ears whenever it’s silent, or too quiet, and it’s just now come to my attention that this might not be normal. It’s like a high pitched ringing noise. If you’ve seen that one scene in the hunger games where Katniss blows up the careers supplies and her ear’s ringing, it sounds like that. Might be tinnitus, not sure.
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  • Does my mouth look weird?

    I keep coughing and my nose is running and my tosils feel itchy and kind of painful
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  • Why is there so much opposition to legalizing marijuana when in many ways it is less harmful than alcohol and has proven medical benefits?

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  • My uncle says advil is hard on liver? Is it hard on liver if taken frequently and combined with alcohol?

    Best answer: Over time, using Advil, alcohol, or especially both substances together may lead to diseases of the liver such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, jaundice and liver failure.
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  • What could this mean?

    Last night was the first time I had a bowel movement in 5 days. When I wiped after the bowel movement, there was a small amount of blood. Other than that, the stool looked normal. Today, I am rather sore and it feels swollen down there. I’m worried this could be serious? I am a 20 year old female by the way.
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  • Can I report a father (that I personally know) to the authorities for abusing his children?

    He has celiac, has had it all his life and follows a gluten free diet as medical treatment. He has 3+ kids all of whom eat gluten. He said it costs too much for more than one person in family to be on the gluten free diet, but two daughters look quite unhealthy and struggle at school. I very much think they have celiac disease but the father refuses to do anything about it. Is this child abuse? If so, who could I report this to?
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  • Help with lice?

    So if you hug someone who possibly has lice for a few seconds could that be long enough for lice to travel to your own head?
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  • What is sleep paralysis? what is the cause?

    if somebody snores and he couldnt wake up for days, is that sleep paralysis? what is exactly sleep paralysis?
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  • Why do I burp when I fart?

    Best answer: I think you have had some thing bad.
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  • Are these symptoms alcohol withdrawal?

    I'm 22 years old and college has low key turned me into an alcoholic. I want to drink every almost every other day. I woke this morning feeling a little hungover but sort of fine. It took about 2-3 hours for the hangover to really hit me this time. My heart rate has gone up, I have a headache, I feel slightly woozy, I had to poop, and I'm beginning to shake a little bit. Are these signs of alcohol withdrawal?
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  • Is it okay to drink beer one hour after eating?

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  • Is a bladder infection a medical condition?

    Best answer: Yes it is. Drink cranberry juice
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  • How can I tell if my blood pressure is high low or normal and what are the remedies for those?

    Best answer: HOW CAN ONE PERCEIVE BP* SYMPTOMS?Yes, but not always. Anger, shouting with slightest provocation, too much excitement. When my doctor friend visited my residence to check my mom’s BP in 1990, my mom, wife & younger sisters pestered with him to check my BP also. I asked them why? They noted my symptoms cited, and my BP was 130/100. Then I had to start BP medication to save my heart.
    Systolic 120 and diastolic 80.

    Although since everyone is under so much stress these days the general accepted BP is 130/80
    BP- Regular BP check-up is sine quo non to prevent heart issues & untimely death. Pl don’t be over confident with life style changes. Allopathy medication is time tested & highly dependable for BP issues. Your BP is normal just by virtue of amlodipine ; but, not your life style changes, as claimed by you.
    I’m septuagenarian using BP medication [Telmikind H morning, Telmikind-40+ cilacar-5 evening.] By His grace, I’m fine as on this day. Daily I take BP medications since past 3 decades.
    In my childhood, I witnessed many bedridden aged patients, post-stroke victims. Due to advancements in research, excellent medication is available to regulate BP levels, notwithstanding ageing. Now post stroke paralysis cases are brought down. How ever, we get such cases from Rly guards, labour, the poor & innocent victims; who never visit a doctor by virtue of poverty & lack of awareness.
    Prudent to see your doctor as & when you perceive anxiety, depression, irritable temperaments, chest discomforts, nagging pain in shoulder, left hand, jaw pain, fumbling words, reeling sensation, confused state of mind———————please, see a physician to check your BP levels & change medication with updations/upgradations per latest research findings in tune with ageing..
    All my doctor friends/Professors of General Medicine/Surgery say that for any heart issues, first symptom is BP fluctuations + symptoms cited.
    Salt to taste can be taken, provided you are under BP medication. However, lesser salt intake is safer.
    1. Make a mixture of powders of 100 grams of dried coriander seeds (Dhania) +100 grams of dried cumin seed (jeera) Keep it in a bottle. Eat one teaspoon of this powder in the morning and evening for 60 days. This is an anti-oxidant and helps in clearing the blockade, if any. It also controls cholesterol.
    2. Eat a mixture of half a teaspoon of powder of cinnamon + half a teaspoon of pure honey twice a day for 45 to 60 days.
    3. Pomegranate fruit-1 fruit a day.
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  • Is drug use genetic?

    My friends dad is a drug usar now my bestfriend is hooked he went to college and is now on drugs
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