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  • Are you considered tall or short?

    I'm 5'5"... are you taller than me?
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  • True or False. You are wearing something black?

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  • Nowdays boy wear nose rings is it right boy should wear nose rings?

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  • What fashion laws should all men follow?

    Best answer: It's no more difficult to pull on nice pants, a nice shirt, and nice shoes than it is to pull on raggedy pants, a beer logo shirt, and shabby sneakers. If you're a grown up doing grown up stuff, then don't dress like a high school kid.

    And pull your pants up. You look like you have some kind of unfortunate condition like dwarfism with your over overly elongated torso and shortened legs. Not to mention, you look silly with your butt on display like a monkey.
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  • What would you think if you saw a guy wearing this?

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  • Did you see the online article about Keanu Reeves which listed the cost of the garments he was wearing? Who pays $1700 for a Tom Ford belt?

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  • True/false: high end makeup are better than drugstore makeup?

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  • Is it strange to wear all green?

    today i brought a green suit, it's a hoodie and leggings and its a dark green colour and i feel like im getting strange looks?
    9 answers
  • Why do girls dress so trashy at Cochella?

    Best answer: Because it's a place where it's considered "acceptable." Those thots would be wearing thongs to the grocery store if they could. It's really trashy. No one needs to see your butt.
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  • Why do people wear sunglasses when they drive?

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  • Is Wearing ripped clothes still a Thing?

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  • Clinique or Maybelline for makeup?

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  • Which hat is bigger 7 1/4 or 7 3/8?

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  • Can you wear espadrilles with heels to work?

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  • Should I go with the trend and try to wear flip flops during summertime?

    Podiatrists advise against wearing flip flops because they are bad for your arches, they are a tripping hazard, they can cause blisters and expose your feet to all sorts of dirt and bacteria. But I can’t help but notice that so many people still wear them despite what Podiatrist say and I can’t help but feel envious and want to do the same thing. I mean, they look like they’re so much fun to wear because it looks fun to wear something that is one step away from being barefoot. It looks so liberating. Not to mention they’re so easy to slip on and off. Makes them even more fun to wear. Should I do what everyone else is doing and try to wear flip flops all summer or should I stay away from temptation and listen to Podiatrists?
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  • Does u think atheists should be aloud too reprduce?

    Best answer: Evolution says yes, but only a little.
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  • What is the difference between black jeans and black pants?

    Best answer: The devil is in the style details when it comes to jeans versus pants. Jeans have several style details that regular pants do not have. Jeans have curved front pockets with a yoke sewn to a white cotton lining and there's often a small pocket on one of the yokes. Jeans will have contrast color top stitching on many of the seams. Jeans will always have a V shaped stitched yoke on the back and two patch pockets with different color thread top stitching on the yoke seam and the pockets.

    Regular pants seldom have contrast color top stitching anywhere -and the less top stitching the dressier the pants. Dress pants never have curved front pockets. Pockets are either an angle from the belt loop to the side seam, a welted slash in the front or a pocket integrated in the side seam. The back will have either a flapped or welted pocket and absolutely no V shaped stitching or patch pockets across the back.

    Additionally business casual and dress pants are made from a softer light twill or even weave where the up and down threads of the weave are usually the same color. The threads are thinner, lighter and finer than the threads used to weave denim. Jeans are made of denim which is a weave where one set of threads is in black (or more commonly blue) and the other set are a thicker white thread. The white threads help jeans get that faded lived in look. The thicker coarser threads in denim also make the pants look coarser. The same color threads that are fine and thin give dressier pants a crisp, clean well cared for look. The finer the weave the dressier the pants.

    For business dress codes -even casual -it's best to look for black pants that are styled like Dockers, khakis and chinos. These also come in an assortment of neutral colors such as grey, black, khaki, beige, navy and shades of these colors. By getting basic neutral color pants you can wear whatever color shirts, polos, sweaters or whatever your workplace allows. Better still, khaki, Dockers and chino pants can be dressed up with a jacket and tie for dressier occasions. For the modern man these types of pants can be worn to anything and everything with a dress code lower than a formal wedding or formal business or black tie.

    Lastly, larger mid-market department stores (like Macy's) are the best place to buy dress pants, khakis, Dockers and chinos. These are also sold under the style name of "slacks" which is a older fashion business word for khakis, Dockers, and chinos. A good wardrobe consultant at a department store can point out the differences between jeans and regular pants. Department stores have a wider range of sizes, fits, cuts and colors and if a store doesn't have your size or the cut you want they can often order it for you. It will be shipped to a store so no shipping charges and you can try them on to ensure the fit. Some larger stores offer hemming and simple alterations. Some larger big city stores offer wardrobe building help and have style consultations available.
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  • If I’m 5’1’’ what should my inseam for trousers (at a guess) be?

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  • Can buy a button up shirt that has not had buttons sewn onto it yet?

    So, a shirt that has a blank strip where the buttons should be?
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  • Purple prom dress... silver/diamond material over the bust should i wear tan/ nude or black heels?

    Best answer: Black shoes. This is a general rule: "if something isn't brown or beige, wear black". (This goes for men also.) If something is white, you can go with either colour...
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