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  • Are you for or against vaccinations?

    I'm for vaccinations. I understand that there are many people who are against it. But why is that so?
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  • Fellow vegans, should we take a more active role to educate those around us about how to be healthy?

    Long time vegan here. It pains me to see so many unhealthy meat eaters everyday. Is it my duty to educate these people on how to be healthy?
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  • Synthetic urine temperature?

    Best answer: Do not use warmers just keep it on you so it would be body temperature. You do not have to sleep with it on you provided the air conditioner is not on and it's not cold where you live.
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  • E cigarettes vs vaping?

    Are there electronic cigarettes or Vapes that don't cause harm to ur body?
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  • What’s a good porn website that doesn’t look obvious?

    I’m not sure how parents would react to me watching porn
    7 answers
  • If rubella is known to cause non genetic autism..?

    And you give it to your 2 month old baby in the form of a vaccine, then isn't there some risk that the rubella vaccine could possibly give the baby autism? Especially since we've done studies in grown children who grew up without any developmental issues only to become autistic within a month after the vaccine?
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  • When was the last time you vomited?

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  • Need advice on passing a drug test/question about Lab Corp or Quest diagnostics.?

    Best answer: Quest is a b1tch. They even test for masking agents so thinking that drink will flush you out or hide it. WRONG. Quest is tough.
    That 1 MMA fighter Nate or Nick Diaz after a bout had to take a test. 2 test companies cleared him, Quest was the 3 and they said he was hot still.
    Also many of the construction trades use Quest. Very hard to cheat if you don't have the answers or even questions to cheat from.
    From my experience Quest does not watch. I even had to take a couple other tests thru the years and a couple other companies or testing facilities i been to do not watch.
    I think there is a federal law they can not watch, unless certain requirements, like military or court order.
    Quest usually makes you empty your pockets and thats it.
    Get a urinator or wizinator or even a hand warmer and get someone who has clean urine or better yet use synthetic urine. As long as you keep it body temp, no one will ever know.
    Not only do they have 2 samples ('A' and 'B' 1 test and the other is used later for a 2nd test). Oh yes they hang on to that sample for whatever reason. And they do 2 test on that same sample to confirm.

    BTW the past 2 years i have had abt 15 drug tests and not once did they check me. And i passed everyone and i am a regular user.

    If you decide. It just easier on your body than trying those drinks or the CERTO, all those really tax the body and are not fool proof, i know from experience.
    It is worth the money to get synthetic urine and a hand warmer as long as you maintain the temp no one will know and you will pass.

    I used synthetic on 13 of the 15 test. And not 1 issue. As long as you follow the instructions and keep it to body temp you will be fine. They do not frisk. Suggestion wear something loose like sweats and jock it, and keep calm.
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  • How do you throw up when you don’t have a gag reflex?

    Best answer: you don't.
    If you were ill, you would throw up if that's what your body needed to do.
    And that's the ONLY reason to barf.
    Anything else is called bulimia or call poison control.
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  • Hearing aids?

    Best answer: Go for tie dye hearing aids
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  • Can you give yourself an STD from fingering yourself without washing your hands first? Or if faeces makes contact with your penis?

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  • Is donating bone marrow dangerous?

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  • Whenever I eat, I feel really nauseous?

    Best answer: Your doctor said that? I deal with anxiety/depression but I have been stomach issues since I was 11yrs old, I'm 27 now. anxiety or being nervous can upset your stomach since that is a primitive mechanism that our body still uses from our caveman in the wild days. But with both of those things, I can tell you that doesn't sound like anxiety causing nauseation especially if it happens when eating.

    But you are correct is it was anxiety then it would trigger more often then you are reporting. I suffer nauseation too as one of my symptoms. I went to a gastro and had several test done with no conclusive results. So he gave me this strong *** medicine called "Ondansetron" which is for nauseation. Also I ALWAYS keep ginger root. A ancient plant use for nauseation. They sell it at Kroger and the produce section or most stores anyways.

    But yeah bro a lot of things can cause nauseation. I was tested for Gallbladder stones, stomach (organ) issues, etc. etc. Could be the types of foods you eat as well like spicy or greasy will cause issues in a heartbeat for some. I hope they find out but yeah you need a second opinion.
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  • Help please don’t want to pass out yano?

    Best answer: Pray, count your blessings, force yourself to think about something else. Philippians 4:6-8

    P.S. Don't watch when they do it.
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  • Took a drug test today, last smoked two weeks ago, will I pass?

    Took two hits of my friend’s weed pen two weeks ago. Before that, haven’t smoked since last Summer. What are the chances I pass?
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  • How do I sneeze if my noses are blocked? Can I sneeze through my mouth?

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  • I have a friend who buys Tums because he likes the taste of them. Should I advise him to stop?

    He eats about 5 a week he says.
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  • Going to the doctors alone at 17?

    My doctors office has walk in hours in the morning and I have to go alone but I have the worst social anxiety and don’t want to seem stupid when I get there. Do I just say “I’m here for the walk in hours.”?
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