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  • I have DIARRHEA AND CONSTIPATION AT THE SAME TIME? Someone please help me. I’m desperate and confused!?

    I have been having diarrhea and constipation. Well I think I’m having them at the same time. It started Last Thursday ( June 13,2019 ) and my bowel was just wet. The next day my bowel was wet too. The day after that day my bowel was soft and mushy! Yesterday, ( June 17) my bowel was soft and mushy again in the morning but at night I felt like pooping but nothing was coming out! Today I can’t poop! Please help me! No UNNECESSARILY COMMENTS NEEDED. THANK YOU.
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  • What happens if someone stomps on your head over and over?

    8 answers
  • How can I stop my brother from drinking himself to death? He has liver disease & continues to drink. I pray every day.?

    2 years ago my brother's belly got so bloated that he looked pregnant and after going to the doctor it turns out it was filled with fluid due to cirrhosis. He got treated for it & surprisingly his liver function is good which even surprised the doctors and he doesn't look ill, usually when symptoms occur that's end stage. But now it seems that since his medication prevents the fluid buildup & he feels fine he has continued to drink an extreme amount. 2 years and yet his tests come back fine apart from raised liver enzymes. He says that if he has cirrhosis he'll drop dead any day so why quit, but the thing is that he actually seems somewhat healthy & the dr said if he stops drinking he could live a normal life & not even need a transplant, yet he doesn't care. I feel bad for thinking this but sometimes I've hoped for more serious symptoms to appear so he'll take it seriously, I know that makes me a horrible person but I don't know what to do. Can I get some advice. He drinks like 30 beers a day, I honestly don't know how he's still alive & his tests are coming back somewhat fine. He's only 28, he needs a miracle to stop drinking.
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  • Is it safe to perform a self circumcision?

    What equipment do I need?
    16 answers
  • I get sick easily. Does that mean I’ll die an early death?

    From low immune system function?
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  • Before we were born, were we sperm cells or eggs?

    6 answers
  • My sisters boyfriend called me fat?

    I'm am fat but I'm trying to change that but it hurts, I have things that prevent me from losing weight it hurts that someone I thought was nice could say mean things I was never mean to him I never commented on things that he was insecure about
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  • Is it ok to dip oneself in a bathtub with hot water first before taking a shower? (Normal process is that shower comes first)?

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  • What Should I do?

    So my mom has been tired alot recently she falls asleep while eating sometimes when I go somewhere to get something from a store and I come back the car she is sleep and I'm scared when we drive back home.back in 2018 we were at my grandfathers house she looked energized and not sleepy at all so when we left my grandfather house I fell asleep then later I suddenly woke up and noticed that my moms black truck was getting closer to another car which was beside us on the other side of the yellow line I looked over she was sleep with her head hanging down and I yelled her name and she woke up and tried to turn her car but it didn't end we obviously had a car accident but after all that she did felt bad but now in 2019 she still drive sleepy I have to fake cough or create conversation so keep her talking it's so annoying
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  • I want my Holes CLEAN!?

    5 answers
  • How should a teenager quit smoking marijuana?

    i have smoked almost every day for the last year, starting to get sick of my lungs and body not functioning at its best, cant even run a mile anymore. also want to fix my mental health and better myself all around but in order to do that i feel like i NEED to stop smoking. need some help from people who don’t judge
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  • When I was getting myself out of the toilet seat to go wash my hands, I felt an ache in my lower left side of my front torso body.?

    If that happens, does that mean my stomach inside pops open and spews our blood inside my entire body?
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  • Why does my stomach always hurt after I eat?

    I’m not kidding when I say after every meal I get the WORST cramps. My stomach will hurt for hours and then I’ll get diarrhea (sorry tmi) but I’m fed up and I don’t know what else to do. I’ve gone to the doctor twice and he always brushes it off. I changed my diet and nothing is working.
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  • Can I try ecstasy if I cannot handle weed?

    I’ve always wanted to try ecstasy and before you tell me about all the potential risks I am aware of them. Basically, I do not agree with weed and any time I smoke it I either feel mildly panicked or have a full blown panic attack and end up sitting on the floor terrified. Does this reaction to weed mean I am more likely to have a bad reaction to ecstasy or are the two not linked?
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  • I haven't had a bowel movement for 5 months? Serious question? Please help.?

    I've always had problems going to the bathroom ever since I was little. This isn't the first time this happened either, last time it was 3 1/2 months. This is the longest I ever went without pooping. I have a bad habit of holding my poop in and now it's gotten to the point where there's nothing I can do to make it easier and more comfortable for me to go. It hurts so bad i'm honestly afraid to push it out because it keeps getting more impacted and more solid, my stomach is hard as a brick if you press on it. Last time i had this problem my doctor admitted me to the hospital and they put a tube down my nose and gave me laxative drips, and that was the only thing that actually helped me. But i was also 11 years old, i researched that they only do that at the Children's Hospital.. And sadly i'm an adult now i'm 19. I'm running out of options and if this doesn't get solved, I could possibly die.. I see a specialist tomorrow, i hope they can help me. What do you think they'll do? An enema don't work, miralax don't work. I tried everything idk what to do i'm scared :(
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  • Is medical marijuana worth it for PTSD, any response appreciated?

    Best answer: Heavy and/or chronic use can cause anxiety. So, not always the best combination with PTSD. But like all psychoactive drugs, there is a degree of inter-individual variance in the effects. So what may make one person freak out may chill another out.

    If you've never smoked, don't dive into a blunt.
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  • How does blood in stool look like?

    If I had blood, visible to the naked eye of course, in my poop, how would it appear? Inside of poop, outside of poop, color of it? Black pink red, dark etc. thanks.
    4 answers
  • What age do boys stop getting taller?

    Best answer: I've heard people sometimes grow until they are 25.
    6 answers
  • Can I take a tums the night before a colonoscopy?

    4 answers
  • My friend only has two nipples and says that's normal?

    Best answer: you need to troll better, much better
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