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  • Is it dangerous to bypass refrigerator's thermostat?

    by bypass I mean I've removed it permanently and linked the wires together. Its working just fine but I'm afraid its gonna blow up the compressor.
    11 answers 1 day ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • What is interesting in your garden at this time of year? Thank you.?

    26 answers 2 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • What is the best cleaning product for showers and tubs?

    Something that will do all the work at dissolving soap scum and dirt so that I can just apply it and wipe away the dirt.
    8 answers 1 day ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • What style of home is this?

    We bought a fixer upper and we are curious (settling an argument!) on the "style" of home this is...contemporary, mid-century modern, spanish, colonial, etc. Any help is appreciated. ;) Two story Brick and Stucco Built in 1976 Located in Northern California
    11 answers 11 hours ago Decorating & Remodeling
  • Do you ever use one of your bedrooms for storage?

    18 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Will running my bathroom exhaust vent fan all day eat up a lot of electricity?

    14 answers 2 days ago Other - Home & Garden
  • Smoke alarm went off once 40 minutes ago and hasn’t gone off since?

    Best answer: FIRST: Read the manual the came with the device before you do anything else - it's a chore but might tell you something - not many people do this.

    Cooking can cause these to go off - ours use to sound when we made toast. Also if you are a smoker. You have the option to take it back to the shop and tell them it is going off when it should not and is potentially faulty. Ask for a replacement but a different model as you and your family's safety is at risk. At the shop this will help focus their minds on doing something. If they say no way, just say - OK I will post my findings on Social media and if there is (your God forbid) an accident, you will be culpable and my relatives will no doubt take class action against the manufacturer and the retailer - as I am reporting it to you.

    Another alternative, called the manufacture's support line and ask them why this has happened. Also register the appliance on their website for warranty.
    14 answers 4 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Freezing gym clothes?

    Best answer: They are very uncomfortable when they are frozen.
    10 answers 15 hours ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • How come construction workers in Vancouver can't afford the homes they build anymore?

    and will the government do anything about the housing market to make it more affordable for middle class families?
    11 answers 24 hours ago Other - Home & Garden
  • A tip for cleaning deep blood stains. All over my shirt now.?

    Best answer: To really get the stubborn stain out of your clothes there are a few other options:

    Real Simple suggests hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and an enzyme detergent.

    Mrs. Clean adds that denture cleaner, lava soap, meat tenderizer, and lemon juice will do the trick.

    GrabGreen All Purpose Cleaner Removes Blood Stains

    Spray some of this product on your blood-stained fabric, let it sit for a few minutes, and then dab it off!
    8 answers 5 hours ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • I use baby wipes to clean and disinfect a mattress. I do NOT get the mattress wet, just wipe it gently. Does this harm anything?

    13 answers 2 days ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • How to unclog a clogged up sink?

    12 answers 2 days ago Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Does my air condition need maintenance? The air is much colder on one side of the vent than the other.?

    Best answer: I have an older heavier than most window lower window mounted whirlpool ac,paid nothing for it,retrieved it from the alley
    I removed the guts from the metal case,, used the shopvac on blow to loosen dust & dirt, then set it on the concrete walkway used the garden hose plus soap to hose it out, also the aluminum cooling blades using a comb & small tools to straighten all of them,I let it dry out for a day,the motor had 2 capacitors,one of which had a rusty looking wire attached to the base,I cut the length corroded about an inch and a half,soldered it securely to the cap base,it fired up straightaway, I let it run on every cycle for an hour, pulled the plug,used spray cleaner to reach every inside surface,incl the fan blades,I went through 10 clean rags to clean it up.
    your upper window unit,there sounds like part of the vent to outside that is partly open,it ought to be closed,the unit has to throw water outside,some kind of tube ought to be there that makes the water drain down.
    the insides may need wiping off to clean caked on dirt & mold.
    the fan wheel inside might need a couple drops of light oil,maybe sewing machine oil,the dust filter needs to be clean & able to efficiently let hot room air pass over the cooling coils inside,
    11 answers 4 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • What is the best thing to use daily to clean the toilet?

    Best answer: Baking Soda – Sprinkle around the sink and scrub with a wet sponge.
    Vinegar – Use damp cloth soaked with vinegar to scrub shower doors.
    Baking Soda – Scrub shower walls with a wet sponge covered with essential oil infused baking soda.
    14 answers 3 days ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • Why did magic create nature..?

    11 answers 2 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • Can 10 year old fuel oil stain be removed from concrete basement floor?

    I am currently looking at buying a house but there is one major problem with it. There is a large (about 7 feet x 3 feet) stain on the concrete floor in the basement that smells very strongly like fuel oil. It can be smelled throughout the house and is pretty strong downstairs. The sellers claim that the stain is around 10 years old. They are telling me that it will be an easy fix and can be cleaned with an oil removal product along with some scrubbing. I am thinking it will be a much bigger problem that will most likely result in the removal of the floor. Has anyone ever had any experience with an old oil stain like this and what do you suggest as a removal process to aliviate the smell throughout the house?
    6 answers 1 hour ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Have you ever accidentally broken a window?

    Best answer: When I was a kid, my brother locked me out of the house, so I put my fist through the window pane in the door, and broke it. I got yelled at for breaking it, and my brother got yelled at for locking out of the house.
    11 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How do i sell a single potato?

    i managed to grow only one big potato in my yard, just wondering where could i sell it? how much can i get for it? the type is a king edward potato
    6 answers 2 hours ago Garden & Landscape
  • Electricity controlled by lamp?

    The electricity for the whole upstairs of my house is being controlled by one cheap lamp that was here when I moved in. When I did first buy the house, the electricity upstairs didn’t work well (went out frequently). Long story short, I hired a man about. A year ago, who was going to fix the electrical work upstairs, as well as paint the walls and a few other things. He asked for money to purchase supplies, then never came back and won’t answer my phone calls. Besides the point, he tinkered around with something or other, electrical, upstairs, and then the power would go off whenever I unplugged the lamp. He said he would fix it, but you know what happened there. The sensitivity of the power keeps getting worse, and now the power for the whole upstairs only stays on if the cord for the lamp is held at a certain angle (I tape it to the wall, sometimes, but if I shut a door too hard, it surged and the power goes out). If I plug in more than two things at a time, the power goes out. If I plug in the vacuum, the power goes out. If I accidentally stomp my football, the power goes out. Sometimes it goes out for seemingly no reason. I have to sit next to the lamp and use one hand to hold the cord in place, sometimes, just to have power to charge up my cellphone. Is there a cheap/free solution to fix this? Please, I am so desperate, at this point.
    7 answers 3 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Am I the only person who enjoys to wear a jacket and sit in my balcony while it’s raining when It’s dark?

    Best answer: No. I love doing that.
    Well ****, I just love the rain. I like sitting in it, I like to be outside and smoke in it, I even like to drive in it.
    The rain calms me down, emotionally and mentally. It's nice.
    14 answers 3 days ago Other - Home & Garden