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  • How to make my bedroom make me happier?

    When I was younger my room was super colorful and a bit messy but it used to make me so happy. Last year I redecorated it (Painted the walls, got new furniture and decor, etc.), and now I'm realizing I no longer feel at home anymore. My parents won't let me get rid of any of the furniture and I feel kind of bad wanting to throw out all of the new stuff I bought. Is there anything I can do to make it more comforting and nostalgic?
    8 answers 3 weeks ago Decorating & Remodeling
  • Hook up faucet to washing mashine hook ups?

    Best answer: Go to a store that does plumbing supplies and explain what you want to do. They'll doubtless have an adaptor.
    8 answers 3 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Old wooden house leaking ?

    We have been having very bad rain the past few days and were expecting 10 days of rain ahead since we moved in the roof has leaked when we have any sort of rain,but now even worse,is there anything I can do or is the roof bound to collapse and needs ree doing,don't own the house am only renting,it's very very old and it's all wodden the patio railing has already rotted and collapsed during the last storm,any help would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance.
    10 answers 3 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Can I save money on heating costs by dampening back HVAC registers upstairs, so the downstairs stays warmer?

    I have a forced air unit in the attic and one thermostat located downstairs, the downstairs gets cold and the upstairs rooms are uncomfortably warm. Will dampening back the registers upstairs force more heat to the living space downstairs? Or am I better off to install a thermostat upstairs and have dual zones? 
    9 answers 3 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Samsung vs Maytag both prices $475. Which would you buy ?

    5 answers 3 weeks ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • What's the cost of having an oven fan replaced?

    Best answer: Oven fans are pretty much a standard part between all makes of oven so fan units are easy to buy without the high cost of the manufacturer's 'original' part. It is likely to take about half and hour to fit. That's how it takes me, a DIYer. The parts should cost about £20 (retail including VAT) though most repair firms will at least double the price when they fit the parts for you. I'd be surprised if you can get the job done for less than about £60 - £70. It is an easy job for someone who is used to DIY and to working with electricity. No one should try it if they are not competent. NEVER open up an electrical appliance while the mains is still switched on.

    The fan not working is a serious fault because it blows air over a heating element that will get too hot without the fan working. The air current makes the hot air circulate in the oven. Most ovens also have side elements that do not require a fan but work by convection, like a traditional oven. It might be a good idea to use the oven as a conventional, non-fan oven, using the side elements until the fan is fixed.
    6 answers 3 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Is there a way to protect my walls from kid damage?

    Best answer: "the bed is not a trampoline" LOL! OMG...THAT is how those dents got into the sheet rock in my son''s room!

    I would not  go through the expense of having your walls skim coated unless the walls are in bad, bad shape. Filling in dents prior to priming and painting is really all you need.

    I use Ben Moore paint, the Regal label in an eggshell finish is washable and tough wearing. One time I figured it was time to repaint the hallway because of the children''s handprints. So, I washed the walls to prep them for paint. I was shocked that all the wall needed was cleaning, not repainting. so that paint is true, tried and tested by two active boys.

    Don't be talked into the Ben Moore Aura Paint...it is VERY expensive, especially when you need many gallons to paint the whole house. I think Aura is up to just about $80. A gallon.

    Try to teach your children that the only surface in a room they are allowed to touch is the floor. I drilled that into my children''s heads. My 31 year old son always jokes that he wishes he could teach his dog not to touch the walls in his house! He really was listening to me! Lol
    8 answers 3 weeks ago Decorating & Remodeling
  • Venus fly trap advice needed?

    My husband bought me 3 fly traps yesterday. As soon as I opened the box they where all very water logged (water was still in the bottom of the box) and where planted in wood chips. So of course I immediately repotted them in a peat moss and perlite mix and set them in about an inch of water in a tray hoping that it would give them enough time to dry the roots out some...now the issue I have noticed that they are not even trying to eat the lady bugs that land on them. Even when I try to stimulate it to close it won't close. What can I do to help it thrive? Right now they are in our bathroom near the window which we always have a major issue with lady bugs this time of year in that bathroom. Any advice would be appreciated as it's been a long time since I owned a venus fly trap?
    8 answers 3 weeks ago Garden & Landscape
  • How to smoke inside without the smell?

    I have the window open, the fan on and a towel under the door but almost every time someone in my house smells it, how can I prevent this?
    9 answers 3 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Would you rather get a Maytag or LG washer and dryer?

    9 answers 3 weeks ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • Flexible fabric sealant?

    5 answers 3 weeks ago Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • How would you know what kind if mattress size you have when you need to get sheets? ?

    6 answers 3 weeks ago Other - Home & Garden
  • Whats wrong with my washing machine how can I fix it pls help ?

    It works up until the spin cycle. It washes than drains the water then stops and makes a noise like it's weak and can't spin. Pls help I'm a woman and will be fixing it on my own
    6 answers 3 weeks ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • Do any space heaters blow cold air out the back while blowing hot air out the front?

    7 answers 3 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Which color gray should I paint my walls?

    Best answer: go to a Home Depot or Lowes Home Improvement store, pick up some color cards, take them home and see what color you like, you can even buy very tiny jars to try out and see how it looks before you make a decision. Home Depot carries Behr which is a really good paint, I recommend the self priming as it covers well
    5 answers 3 weeks ago Decorating & Remodeling
  • What is the most beautiful wood in the world?

    Best answer: Morning Wood. It is a type of hardwood that needs a bit of finishing. But the end product is miraculous.
    8 answers 3 weeks ago Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • How to get spray insulation foam out of drain?

    5 answers 3 weeks ago Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Does Amana make good washer and dryer?

    4 answers 3 weeks ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • What are some inexpensive furniture tips?

    I'm moving out of my student apartment in July and I have to buy furniture for my new apartment. 
    9 answers 3 weeks ago Decorating & Remodeling
  • How do I remove tap flex pipes? ?

    My bathroom tap is broken and needs replacing, I’ve removed the tap and the flex pipes with it. But I can’t work out how to remove the flex pipes? There is no way of dismantling the tap and I font really want to have to buy new pipes if these can be removed. Thanks for any help, picture of how the pipes go into the tap attached. 
    6 answers 3 weeks ago Maintenance & Repairs