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  • How do you get red stains out of carpet?

    Soda stains out of the carpet.
    6 answers 3 days ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • What's wrong with orchid?

    Best answer: Hm...you have fat healthy roots but the leaves are all gone.
    I’m not an orchid expert but I think that white stuff is a fungus.

    If that were my plant I’d toss it before it infected my other orchids.
    If you want to try to save it, take it to a place away from all other orchids, tap the root ball out of the pot and discard all the bark material and rinse off the root ball. If it were me I’d make a VERY weak bleach solution, like a teaspoon of bleach in a gallon of water and soak the root ball in that for a few minutes, then rinse well, repot in fresh orchid bark. If you’ve never done this you may want to look it up.

    I suspect that this fungus killed the plant, although the roots themselves look very healthy.
    7 answers 3 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • How often do you think contractors cheat their customers?

    A friend of mine was having new carpeting put down in two bedrooms in her home. She $1200 for the carpet and for padding. she, her brother, and i pulled up the old carpet and disposed of it, but was unable to scrape the padding off the floor as we didnt have the proper tools. The guy she contracted to install the carpet asked if she was gonna be home. She said no that she had to work. Well, today she asked me to go see how they were doing..i went into her home and found them in the middle of laying this expensive carpet over the nasty padding that was already down. I asked them about the new padding, they told me she didnt order it. I was there when she did order it. Well they argued back and forth with me, then i called her..she came in demanding to know where the padding was that she paid $200 a roll for. Turned out it was on their truck. They had planned on keeping it, and her money. Is this a common practice?
    7 answers 3 days ago Decorating & Remodeling
  • Is a hot wall cause for concern?

    Best answer: It's probably the wall through which the hot water pipes run.
    6 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Can a washer or dryer put holes in cashmere?

    My boss gave me laundry to do and I didn t realize there was a cashmere sweater in the load. When I got it out of the dryer, there were holes. I have no clue if they were there before. There s A LOT of holes. Could this have been the dryer or washer or would they have to have been from before?
    10 answers 4 days ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • Is it possible for me to grow vegetables within my room?

    Best answer: Last fall, I dug up a couple of hot pepper plants which had survived the first light frost in the garden. I brought them inside, hoping to ripen the last few peppers which weren't quite ready for harvest. To my surprise, those two plants have continued to blossom and produce peppers all winter....just sitting in a window with partial sun. These are tiny peppers, but so hot that one goes a long way. I doubt that this would have been practical with larger veggies like tomatoes without grow lights.

    Growing veggies won't produce any more of a moldy smell than any other house plants. In fact, arguably, all the greenery will help freshen the air. If you try to do it large scale, your room will probably start to smell like a greenhouse.....earthy. Many people like that smell.
    13 answers 6 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • Will normal unleaded gasoline kill a small bush stump?

    I just poured half a gallon of gas on a small bush outside my house. Will gas kill it?
    9 answers 4 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • If mold is under the kitchen sink in the crawlspace is there a way to kill it without ripping everything out and replacing?

    Best answer: Yes. Go to Lowes or Home Depot and go to the paint department. You want to buy a gallon of a special white paint that clearly says MOLD KILLER PRIMER. Red and white can, made by ZINSSER. Make sure the area is dried out and that no further water leakage is occurring. Rip out any easily removable wood and rot then paint the whole area with the mold killer. Be very liberal with it, really slop it on. Let it dry well and then do it again. Go outside the mold area by a foot or more, if you can. Check it in six months. If the mold is back then you got to rip out stuff, fix the leak and start over.
    8 answers 4 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Is pee stored in the balls?

    Best answer: Yes. This is why so many young women get pregnant while swimming in public pools.
    19 answers 7 days ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • I cut grass for money?

    8 answers 4 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • Having heck of a time finding air filter #597265 & pre-cleaner #597266 for my Snapper mower. Any thoughts?

    5 answers 3 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • What is the best plants to use for "defense"? I'm looking for things like thorns, poison, etc. to slow down an intruder?

    Best answer: Blackberries. Don't get the cultivated, nursery kind, find some wild blackberries. The long canes will root wherever they touch the ground, and in a year or two, it will be an unholy mess if you don't thin them or cut out the old canes.

    Poison ivy won't do squat to keep people out. Many don't know what to look for, and it may be hours before the rash appears.
    11 answers 5 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • I left my hand soap out all night without the lid, still good?

    My friend let me borrowed some hand soap because i was out and I filled some with a glass jar but I forgot to lid back in from last night so it been open but I didnt use the bathroom since then. Was wondering if it still good to use?
    13 answers 6 days ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • I try to locate my septic tank, I found this (see the pic). Anyone can tell me what this is? Help me to locate the lid if this is not it.?

    Best answer: Bingo. Usually(not always) the septic tank is located 7 feet from the bathroom window wall. Just measure out 7 feet and if it is a recent build(1960's up) it is on a small lot and that is where the tank is located...close to the toilet. If you got like 5 or 10 acres then it could be located elsewhere. Ask "city hall, planning department" about your LOT. They had to inspect and pass every construction job and location of septic would be on the diagram for your house. They know all about your place. Or lift that lid. It should be sudsy and full of water if it is a properly working septic tank. This lid is the "cork" made out of concrete. It is about the right depth down. Though mine is 4 feet down because of freezing conditions in the winter. If they need more they will dig for more as this cork is in the middle of the lid. They will dig it if they need to actually need to go in. Most times they do not need to do that.

    Leave it and walk away and call them up to DOIT. iT IS ALL GOOD.
    15 answers 6 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Are there any types of bird food that mice don't like?

    Best answer: I don't think so. Birds tend to eat seeds and mice do too. When hungry mice will eat a wide variety of things.

    A quick google search resulted in the following: "Mice are opportunistic omnivores and will eat both plant and animal based food. Wild mice will eat a wide variety of seeds, grains, and other plant material as well as invertebrates, small vertebrates and carrion."
    6 answers 3 days ago Other - Home & Garden
  • Mix of Lowes and IKEA cabinets?

    I am renovating a house. I decided to put white kitchen cabinets (Diamond) from Lowes. However, Lowes does not carrry 42" Diamond white wall cabinets. I decided to go for IKEA cabinets. They have nice 42" tall wall cabinets. However, they do not have any corner cabinets choice and some of their corner cabinets measure are odd. I am thinking of putting a mix of both. White base cabinets from Lowes and gray wall cabinets from IKEA and 3 white wall corner cabinets from Lowes. Your comments will be highly appreciated
    5 answers 2 days ago Decorating & Remodeling
  • What do you think about replacing chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer?

    9 answers 5 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • Advice on how to decorate living room with sofa shown below?

    Looking for design advice
    7 answers 4 days ago Decorating & Remodeling
  • A flower with a long stem and pink head?

    My mother is looking for a flower she's seen is some gardens. She says she thinks it blooms in the Summer or late Summer time, and it comes out with long stems and large deep-pink coloured flowers (and she spreads her fingers out to try to explain to me), a single flower on each stem. I'd like to find out what it's called to help her out, a nice pink flower would look grand in her garden. Does anybody know?
    4 answers 2 days ago Garden & Landscape