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  • M A X I M A L I S M - A new design trend. It's the opposite of MINIMALISM. Will it catch on? Is it too much? Do you like it?

    I'm no fan of minimalism. [Where you have as little as possible in your home] But this seems like too much. Something in between the two would be great!
    6 answers 5 days ago Decorating & Remodeling
  • How do I get rid of the toilet bowl ring?

    At the beginning of February I moved in to a new apartment and the place had been cleaned really well before I took possession of the unit. About two days after I moved in I noticed a ring of tiny dots on around the toilet bowl, just under the top of the water level. I cleaned it using the Dollar Tree version of Scrubbing Bubbles. Two days later it came back. I cleaned it again this time using Barkeeper's Friend, which my mom uses to clean her toilets. I scrubbed it with rubber gloves and scouring pad. Two days later it came back. My mom thinks it's mold so I emptied the water in the toilet and I poured two gallons of bleach undilluted and left it there overnight and all the next day. I added a gallon of water to the bowl and flushed it out and again cleaned it with Barkeeper's Friend and Scrubbing Bubbles. It took four days for the ring to reappear. I'm going nuts. On the one hand I don't want to clean my toilet every single day, but on the other hand I dont want a guest to go in my bathroom and go ewwww! So what can knock it out for good?
    14 answers 1 week ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • Is talking to house plants weird?

    Best answer: If you stop talking to it it will die. I talk to all of my plants they look forward to it.
    13 answers 1 week ago Garden & Landscape
  • Can melted chocolate go down the garbage disposal?

    Best answer: Chocolate has a lot of fat in it. Fat can clog your drain and pipes further down.
    Fat of any kind that can solidify, such as chocolate, butter, lard, whatever, should be scraped into the trash, and the remainder washed thoroughly with hot water and soap to flush it down the pipes.
    10 answers 7 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Currrently using Emergency Exit lights with replaceable battery. Looking to install new Emergency Exit light with Nicad battery.?

    6 answers 5 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How could I get a home depot card if I don't have good credit?

    Home depot only offers credit for score 640 and over and I really need work done to my house. I have no idea what else to do. I don't want to work with no side person because you need money up front for materials and they rip you off.
    6 answers 5 days ago Other - Home & Garden
  • I have muddy ruts in my yard from people driving on it. Will a lawn roller fox this?

    5 answers 3 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • Alright, I need help with roaches.?

    So after I took a shower, I found a roach on my tub with grapes. I quickly put 2 wraps of cling wrap on the tub and sprayed pesticides on the wrap. I want to know how long it will take for the roach to die and will the roach escape the tightly sealed wrap and pesticides?
    4 answers 3 days ago Other - Home & Garden
  • Washers, gaskets for kitchen faucet?

    I want to buy washer/gasket for kitchen water faucet. I 've found a package of various sizes from lidl and decided to buy them but when i checked the description i 've seen written that they can not used on drinkable water pipes (also for their appliance it says they can be used for bathroom and garden but doesn't mention kitchen). I checked some other similar products and there is the same notice for o-rings and metallic washers. My question is, are there gaskets/washers specified for drinking water? Why those products shouldn't be used on drinking water pipes? I need to buy washers but this notice really concerns me.
    5 answers 4 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • I purchased a portable generator and need your help!! Electrical engineers and electricians please answer?

    So I just bought a portable gas generator and it didn’t come with a power cord. I have a 220v 30 amp receptacle in garage that runs off a separate breaker in the panel. In the case of an emergency, I was going to backfeed the generator to that receptacle. I used Romex 10-4 (10 gauge copper, 4 conductors) to hookup the receptacle. The respectable has two hot, one neutral, and no ground. So I grounded the Romex in the panel and also screwed the other end onto the box where the receptacle goes. Now, the old generator power cord has a male end with three prongs. Two for hot and one neutral. However, the new generator that I have will only take l14-30 plug with has four prongs (two hot, one neutral, and one ground). So I was going to pickup a l14-30 plug from homedepot and cut the old plug off with cord and put the new one on. However, the old cord only has three wires. Two hot and neutral. Therefore the new plug I will put on will have no ground wire attached. Please let me know your advice if I can still use the cord and just have the plug with no ground wire attached to it. I don’t think the whole circuit is grounded at all because at the box in the garage the ground wire is just attached to a screw in the box and not actually to the device it powers.
    5 answers 5 days ago Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • What posters did teenage girls have in their 1987 bedrooms?

    9 answers 1 week ago Decorating & Remodeling
  • Is it normal and design of retaining wall in the backyard to allow inflow water?

    It has been getting a lot of rain in the last couple months and are backyard is flooding. The retaining wall for the hill side is leaking. I am not sure if it is normal and design of retaining wall to allow water inflow to the backyard.
    5 answers 5 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • What veggies can I grow in a low sunlight area?

    6 answers 6 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • At night in my lounge and bathroom black cockroaches crawl around. how do I get rid of them?

    7 answers 6 days ago Other - Home & Garden
  • How to open a locked door with a broken lock!?

    this morning i managed to pull the lock off the door from the inside, it wasnt completely off the door but was hanging off. as i had to leave for the day i closed the door from the outside and it was allowing me to just push the door back open but when i came back it will not open at all via push, use of keys and even tried sliding a card inbetween the lock mechanism but nothing worked unfortunately. if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this or gain entry back into my flat that would be great haha is it possible to call a locksmith for this problem as the actual lock isnt connected properly on the inside.... thank you!!!
    4 answers 4 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Hey guys some help?

    Hey, so my daughter walked through sick at school last Tuesday,if I put Thoose shoes in the wash with other ones at standard 60 wash will that be okay or will that spread the germs to the other shoes
    8 answers 1 week ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • Is cardboard suitable for a floating floor.?

    Me i house sitting, while contractor work on house. I know what needs to be done. But see mistakes. Thing dont pass my standards. But not my call. Floating floor among other things. Contractor did sloppy job and is correct problem. (uneven floor/missing-section in old laminate floor, being covered by floating floor. Floor sunk in whenever stepped on in spot) Contractor is unaware I took pictures. (Bodycam like police, nothing in hands. Blends in with my normal attire. Police never noticed on seperate incident which got chages dropped) Cardboard will eventually compress, and isn't waterproof. Needing correction later on. BUT HOW LONG.
    4 answers 4 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Allergic to dust but have to clear attic?

    Best answer: Face mask and disposable bunny suit?
    6 answers 6 days ago Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • What can be used to try amd remove marks and stains on a white plastic alarm clock radio?

    5 answers 5 days ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • Does anyone else have a problem with loud neighbours living above ?? I cant cope anymore?

    I have just bought my own home but I have neighbours above me who are council tenants UK. When I bought the home I didn't think noise from above would be a issue as I have lived with neighbours above me my whole 32 years. Anyway the neighbours above have laminate flooring throughout there home and they also have two large dogs living there as well. The sound from the laminate alone is unbearable can constantly hear footsteps banging things been dropped things been scraped along the floor and just generally really loud. But the dogs are something else it literally sounds like horses galloping above my head and a big stampede when they get going playing ect balls toys ect throwing around bouncing around. My mental health isn't the best at the moment and I feel like I'm having a mental breakdown and I am in no position to move yet as I have a fixed mortgage for three years. I know the council has certain rules on having laminate flooring in these houses and also having pets would the council be able to enforce there rules on my inconsiderate neighbours ?? they also leave dogs barking howling for hours on end and there is no escape from noise I can hear it in every room over my TV. Help what should I do I feel really sad suicidal and angry everyday I cant live like this anymore I just need quiet I have bad anxiety and noises can trigger me off.
    6 answers 6 days ago Other - Home & Garden