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  • Can someone demand that I clean their house without paying me?

    my husband agreed to share a townhouse with a friend. When we moved in my husband and the friend sat at a table and drank beer, I unpacked all the boxes for everything in the kitchen. The next day ny husband went to work and the friend came home at lunch and demanded that I clean the entire townhouse, wash the dishes and load and unload the washer and dryer for all the people in the home. I told him I would clean the room I lived in only and I would wash only the dishes my husband and I ate from,
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  • So I need to wash my underwear twice isn't that a waste of money ?

    I have heard and read: washing underwear in cold water doesn't kill all the bacteria because their is a lot present obviously.  Washing in hot water first seems to set the stains in.  So I need to wash them in cold water to remove the stains or soil followed by hot water to make sure they are clean and all the bacteria is killed.
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  • How do you get a bad smell out of a thermos. It stinks.?

    The thermos is just a month old and has gotten a lot of use. But now it stinks and makes even water taste nasty.
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  • Is it unreasonable for me to wash my jeans on a different day from the rest of my clothes?

    I live with my dad and my sister. My sister doesn't work or go to school. She just sits at home all day. Instead of doing her laundry when nobody else is home (which is most of the day four days a week), she insists upon doing it when I want to do mine. I only have one pair of jeans because I'm kinda fat and the only jeans that fit me properly are really expensive, so I do everything except my jeans on my day off, then I wear a dress the next day and wash my jeans. According to my dad and my sister, it's completely unreasonable for me to do laundry on two different days. Mind you, my dad does all of his on Sunday. Nobody else should NEED to do laundry on a Tuesday evening. Is it really abnormal for my laundry to be spread out across two days?
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  • What is the best way to clean a hairbrush?

    Best answer: If it's plastic bristle, it's tough stuff and not prone to damage. Clean the hair out of it with a comb then give it a shampoo. If that doesn't do it, soak it for an hour in a water-baking soda solution. 

    If it's a natural bristle brush, it's pretty fragile. Gently pick out the hairs with the tail of a rat tail comb, a knitting needle, or some other tool. Then shampoo gently, rinse thoroughly by swishing in a big bucket or basin of clear water. Dry quickly with a blow drying on cool setting or by sitting in front of a fan. Don't heat to dry. 
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  • How to get rid of stains in a stainless cup?

    I make my own matcha lattes to take to work in my stainless steel travel cup. However, I get frequent soy milk stains on the bottom. Any suggestions to clean?
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  • How to remove the smell of cigarette smoke?

    Best answer: Lots of luck. My bro in law found himself assigned to a cruise ship cabin that reeked of cigarette smoke. So he demanded to be either reassigned or they get rid of the stench. All the other cabins were assigned.

    So the ship's staff brought an ozone generator to work in his cabin. This is a high priced machine that generates O3 which is a known deodorizer. After literally hours at work, that cabin still had a faint smell of the smoke. But at least it was tolerable.

    I have two points: don't expect to rid all the smell except over a long period AND use an oxygen based deodorant to do the job. But watch out, oxygen also acts as a bleach. So whatever you use don't bleach out the color of materials in your room.
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  • How do you changed the door from right to left on a front facing kenmore dryer?

    How to change the door from right to left on a front opening kenmore dryer
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  • How to dismantle my whiteness?

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  • Is putting a kitchen sponge in the dryer harmful?

    My dad put a kitchen sponge In the dryer
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  • Do vinegar & alcohol kill germs much better than "Dish Soap"? why people don't use those items more than "Dish soap"?

    Best answer: Do they kill better: no. In fact pure alcohol isn't as effective at killing germs than diluted alcohol.

    You can reduce your exposure to live germs two ways: you can kill them, or you can remove them. Dish detergent is VERY effective at removing the germs, and so-called antibacterial dish detergents are no more effective at removing them than the non-antibac products. Worse, most antibac products require a certain amount of dwell time in which they remain on the surface to provide the level of antibacterial action that they claim - but typical users neither know nor follow that practice. So what they are doing is using their antibac product as if it were a conventional product, but paying extra for the ingredients whose benefits they do not allow to take effect.

    In practice the antibac products have been proven, time and time again, to be no more effective at reducing bacterial populations on surfaces than conventional ones. The cheap detergent is every bit as protective as the expensive antibac one.
    Knowing that, why would you bother to ever pay extra money for antibacterial products?
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  • Is There An Appliance That Sterilizes Plates and Cutlery With Steam?

    I'm a germophobe and I live in a shared house. So we share the same sink and sponges when washing our dishes. I'm just wondering is there a machine out there in which you can place your plates and cutlery after washing them, and this machine sterilizes all your plates with steam? I know such a thing exists for baby food containers. But what about regular plates? Not a dishwasher. Something compact and cheap and which works in just 10 minutes.
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  • I spilled a drink on my carpet. What do I do?

    Best answer: clean it up with a carpet cleaner vacuum.
    amazon.com/Rug-Doctor-Upholstery-Professional-Homeowners/dp/B00MFBJEU4/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=rug+doctor&qid=1581893094&sr=8-3" rel="nofollow"class=Clr-b>https://www.amazon.com/Rug-Doctor-Uphols...
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  • GE Washer and Dryers get top notch consumer reviews. Why do so many people say not to buy GE appliances?

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  • (For points) If I throw a couple of white t-shirts in the wash with the rest of my t-shirts which are darker colours, will it in any way?

    Best answer: Use cold water and there should be no real problems!
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  • How can I clean a penny with out harming it?

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  • Would you recommend a Frigidaire washer and dryer from Home Depot?

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  • Would it be safe to put a 15 pound weighted blanket in the dryer?

    The washing instructions say that it is safe to machine wash and dry, but I can't help thinking that something so heavy would damage a tumble dryer. Would it be safe, or would it damage the dryer?
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  • Is it racist to believe in separating the whites and the coloreds?

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  • How many times a week do you clean the house?

    Best answer: Since I finally live alone, it is super easy to keep my house clean because I pick up after myself right away.

    I sweep the wood floors a few times a week and vacuum the area rugs weekly on the first floor and probably once a month upstairs.

    The no shoes rule has kept my floors incredibly cleaner. Did you know that 80% of the dirt on your floors comes off people''s shoes?
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