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  • Using Coca-Cola in laundry to get White Underwear clean ?

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  • Do you wash your underwear separate or with other clothes?

    I read that washing it with other clothes (ESPECIALLY in cold instead of hot water) can spread bacteria from the poop germs naturally in your underwear.
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  • How to remove poop smell from room?

    I'm temporarily living with a friend and the bedroom I'm staying in has a terrible odor. Apparently the people who lived there prior let their animals poop all over the house. The smell literally keeps me awake at night. I have tried the scented baking powder/vacuum product which help for a few days. I have sprayed the carpet with Lysol. I have a plug-in air freshener that doesn't seem to help at all. I'm afraid to try vinegar or peroxide because I don't want to discolor the carpet. There aren't any stains so I can't even pinpoint where the odor is coming from. My guess is it's somewhere in the padding. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!
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  • How can i keep my house from getting so messy?

    biggest issues is paper. i have piles of important paper everywhere, but never any time to properly sort and put them away until I actually need something.
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  • Washer oversuds, parents won’t let me wash again, wtf do I do?

    I washed my underwear, set it to HOT to kill bacteria, the water was cold (yes, it’s connected right, it wasn’t before but it was fixed) so I washed them again, but this time (I even put less detergent in than the first time, and the first time it was NOT oversudsing) it is FULL OF OVERSUDSING! That means the clothes won’t get clean because the suds are a cushion that prevent the clothes from rubbing against each other which means they won’t get clean. I’ve already washed them twice (this the second time) my parents are home so they’ll know and flip, and make me put them in the dryer covered in soap and bacteria, idk wtf to do. Idk why all these suds magically appeared when I put less detergent than the first time and it didn’t get sudsy like that the first time, now it’s over suds, idk wtf to do I feel so helpless. They always say “You’re the only one who has problems with the washer.” They don’t even use it right, they wash underwear with other clothes, in cold water, they overfill it, and the washer itself seems to be bipolar, VERY inconsistent. I should have just dried them after the cold water and bacteria germs spreading in my clothes, what should I do? They just say “I’m the only one with problems with the washer” but it doesn’t even work consistently! Even on the same settings and amounts of detergent! Little things are always a massive issue in this household, maybe I should just do things their way and try to not think about the bacteria poo poo germs....
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  • How often do you clean your house?

    Best answer: I never do one big clean - that way madness lies. There are certain that get dine every day like the dishes and cleaning all the kitchen surfaces. Because the dirt doesn't build up it only takes a moment. Anything that makes a messy mess, like spilling something or dirt dropping from boots gets cleaned right away. After that it's more like a rolling cycle of individual chores so it never gets overwhelming. The only thing set in stone is that the bathroom gets a thorough scrub down after work on a Friday so that the weekend can start on a good note. Why not? We spend more time at home on the weekend than weekdays.
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  • Is it unnecessary to disinfect your kitchen sink with bleach?

    Best answer: Yes, couple of times a week at least
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  • Why do some people hate pet hair?

    My Ma for examples hates the stuff. If I have any on my clothes she'll immediately try to dust or pick it off and it's just annoying. She also covers all our furniture with sheets so no hair will get on it. I just see it as a clear sign of "We have pets and love them!"
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  • How to remove yellow sweat stains from a white mattress?

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  • Accidently bought cold water detergent. Can I still use it on warm and hot?

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  • Is it possible to disinfect your toilet without using bleach?

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  • Do I ask the carpet cleaner for a free redo?

    Best answer: Toss the carpet and the pad and seal the floor. There is no way any person on earth can make your home livable no matter what you pay them.
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  • Are there any ways to reuse an old t shirt?

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  • How to remove the smell of Fermented apples?

    I left some Apple slices in my backpack and forgot about it. after a few days the apple fermented and the bag poped. i clean out the bag but the odor is still there. I ve tried Alcohol and that seems to only work for a few minute before the smell of the apples kicks back in. How do i remove the smell of the Fermented Apples? thanx for the help
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  • Uninhabitable living conditions ? They replaced the hole because of water damage i also found mold growing around the shower would you leav?

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  • How to remove rust of my toe nail clipper?

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  • Is it ok to HAND WASH clothes with dish soap?

    Hand wash, not machine. This won't be a recurring thing, just an emergency one timer..
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  • How much does it cost to get a dryer cleaned?

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  • What kind of incest do I need?

    My home I rented reaks bad of cigarette smoke and they told me that I could burn incest and it could help. Is there a suggestion on which incest i should buy?
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  • Can you make candles from bits of soap , my friend Rhoda says she can?

    Best answer: I really doubt it. You can maybe use scented soap to scent wax when you make a candle, though.
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