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  • Pickled onion smell.?

    I want to use a pickled onion jar to keep sugar in but I cannot get rid of the pickled onion smell. I have tried washing the jar, putting milk in it, left it out in the rain, but I cannot get rid of the smell. Have you any ideas please?.
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  • How often should I wash bed linen.?

    Best answer: I wash my bed linen once a week, I find that is enough.
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  • Women, on a really tough stain do you use Shout or Spray n Wash, and why?

    Best answer: Shout, using it for years, they came out with a gel that works even better, removes stains excellent.
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  • Where does a small grocery store get off selling a stuffed pepper for 6.99?

    Best answer: They get off in the back room......but what does that have to do with the Peppers?
    The price is as marked. Many will pass it by and a few will buy. If the buying crowd out demands the supply, then they are selling them for cheap. So they can up the prices...so demand is Less(BUT not totally gone). It is a balancing act - the store charges what they believe the market will pay (and wait and see what happens)
    .They either sell it, or it ROTS ON THE STORE SHELF and they have to toss it out as a lost sale.
    . That is how "EVERYTHING" IS SOLD (from gasoline to Condoms)
    How much is too much?

    Everybody wants to be a millionaire overnight.
    .There will always be People that can't afford what the Jones have,
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  • Killing fleas in car?

    Best answer: You buy flea powder for cats and dogs and sprinkle it in the upholstery and also carpet, wait a bit, and then vacuum the car. That's not the only way though. At Walmart, they have plenty of flea killing products. There is a an aerosol can for killing fleas. It should be in the pet section. Decades ago, flea powder was about all they had to kill fleas. They would rub it into pets' fur. And, also treat the cat bed and couch, etc....
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  • Would leaving your shower towel on a rack in the bedroom during winter make the bedroom feel colder? or no influence?

    Best answer: no, not colder but it will add moisture to your room. Thats a cheap way of adding moisture if you cannot afford a humidifier.
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  • How do i make sure my clothes dont shrink or what are some ways that clothes shrink so i know what not to do?

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  • Can't find a sheet that fits my mattress, recommendations?

    Hi so it's been a real struggle since buying my new matress it's been so hard to find a sheet that actually fits since my matress is 90cm depth, also a single and I've only managed to find a 39cm I've resorted in using double sheets and wrapping it around which isn't all that great as it comes lose and gets bumpy.. So anyone know any brands that do extra deep sheets?
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  • Should I wash my white dress shirts in hot or cold water ?

    I ask because if I wash them in hot water first the stains will sit in.  I wash them in cold water not all the stains be removed.  I end up washing them twice.  The first time I use cold water then the second time I use hot water.  I am using a public laundromat that gets very expensive using soap and quarters for a cold and hot washing.  I need ideas or solutions on how to do washing on White dress shirts the first time and getting all the stains out.
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  • I always have poop stains on my underwear, and I do not know what to do anymore. suggestions?

    No matter how good I clean my self, I alway have this problem.
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  • Can germs become immune to bleach?

    Best answer: Bleach is so utterly destructive that virtually nothing survives, so no 'resistance' genes get spread throughout the population. Bleach is so caustic that disintegrates bacteria and viruses cell make up rendering them harmless. 
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  • How do I know if my clothes are clean?

    Somebody unplugged the washing machine while my clothes were in it. There is no way of knowing what part of the cycle the washing machine was on, but the pod had dissipated and my clothes are wet. I just want to know how I can know if my clothes are clean.
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  • Can vinegar bleach fabrics?

    I’m wondering because I want to use vinegar as part of cleaning my car seats.
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  • Anyone knows how to remove this stain.?

    Does anyone know how to get these stains out of leather car seats. We had those seat protectors on our seats to avoid our child car seats from destroying the leather. Went to remove said protectors and had this surprise. Not sure goes to get it off. I’ve tried soap and water, armor all, leather cleaner, non of those even touched it. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance.
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  • Can I bleach towels?

    I have a bunch of nice (expensive) body, hand, and face towels from Restoration Hardware.  They are white (not off-white, just plain white).  They are a couple years old and starting to lose their bright-whiteness.  The tags say not to bleach them, but they are the standard tags on all their towels regardless of color.  Is there any problem with bleaching them to bring back their original color?  And if so, any recommendations on how to do it?  I'm trying not to destroy the towels.  Thanks so much!
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  • How do I clean my room in 10 days when I am a hoarder?

    Best answer: Pay someone to come in and throw everything away and clean. Stay away while they do it.
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  • Gasoline spots on my shirt?

    Best answer: Some oils don't evaporate, take a look at the spots on your driveway. Wash it with a good spot remover.
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  • How to kill stink bugs?

    Help there's stink bugs in my house and squeezing them makes it worse?
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  • Whats the soft pillow like bag that you put your nice down comforters in to keep them clean? ?

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  • How can I mop my ceiling?

    Best answer: You need one of those robot ones.
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