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  • My kitchen ceiling is leaking?

    My kitchen ceiling is leaking but we are unsure where it’s coming from, it might be the bathroom sink above but we don’t have a clue, what do we do? We don’t have money for a plumber:(
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  • How do I exit a dishwasher. I need to get out of it and the door is locked?

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  • Can I use my dishwasher when I have no hot water.?

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  • What if sewer pipes never existed?

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  • Add insulation to attic with hvac unit?

    So my wife and I just purchased our first home and we have been have serious issues with the house retaining gun heat. It feels like the split system is running all the time with temps around 30-40. The attic space looks very poorly insulated and I want to add some blown insulation. The problem I am having is the indoor unit is up there along with a good bit of plywood for it to sit on. How can I go about insulating the attic to retain more heat in the house. Is it safe to blow insulation right up to the unit? Should I build a wood box around the unit to protect it? Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  • How can I make a lithium ion battery gain 20% of its original power back?

    I have a lithium ion battery in an electric bike. I have it for 2 years, charged it probably a 100 times. It doesn't drive anymore that far, even if fully charged. But I need it to go further to reach the next charging station. Is there a way to make the battery stronger again except buying a new one?  
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  • Hello, I know this is a dumb question, but I have to ask to understand. Is the water from your refrigerator tap water?

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  • The humming sound that only I can hear. What is it?

    My husband and I bought our first house together in May 2019. We lived about 500 yards down the road in a rented place fir 10 years prior. Since moving in to our house though, I've been able to hear a whirring/humming sound that fades in and out. It's almost like a vibration. It's not permanent, but I can hear it quite frequently. I can only hear it when it's quiet, or if the TV is on low. If we open a window, I can't hear/feel it anymore until the window is closed again. I'm the only person that can hear it! My husband can't, and neither can anyone that visits. It drives me nuts! The house was built in 1950's, it's a semi detached, we live opposite a school and down the road from a railway line. It's not trains, I can hear them passing by. Any ideas what this could be? Or does anyone else experience something similar?
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  • What did tenant do to damage boiler? Leaking now.?

    So boiler is faulty plumber came down he checked air pressure and lots of water started leaking out. I am certain the tenant did some thing because he has mental health issues and his appliances always go faulty in last two weeks his microwave and door handle went faulty and now boiler. 3 items in 2 weeks is not normal. What did the tenant do to the boiler?
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  • What kind of lightbulb is this?

    Me and my wife moved into our home a few years ago and this light strip was already installed. The bulbs are starting to go and have no idea what kind of lightbulb this is. Any help would be appreciated. 
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  • I've replaced quite a few bulbs in my home with LED bulbs... One bulb  continues to glow after being shut off.    Electricians? Any ideas?

    This is not the temp afterglow. This glow is permanent and will be there after lights have been off for more than 12hrs!...
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  • What are the two threaded parts of a faucet, that connect to the water lines, called?

    Favorite answer: Union and there are many kinds of unions.
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  • Toilet fills with water and drains but doesn't flush?

    I threw some paper towels in the toilet and clogged it. I managed to get the toilet to flush with a plunger. But now when I try to test the flushing again (toilet bowl has nothing in it but water), the bowl just fills with water and drains slowly instead of actually flushing. The tank refills with water after I try to flush. What could be causing this and how can I fix it?
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  • Should I call the maintenance man this late?

    It’s 10:38 pm and my heater isn’t working and it’s 52 degrees outside
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  • Is this social experiment I’m doing on my mom wrong?

    So as weird as this is gonna sound I’ve always had a fetish for the thought of my Middle Eastern mom cheating on my dad and having a fling with a fit, well-hung dark skinned black man around the same age as her. She’s 39 and there’s no better way for me to say this but she’s very hot (I most likely wouldn’t be doing this if she wasn’t) and all my life I’ve had to hear it from my friends whenever she’d pick me up from school how “hot she is” and to take things a step further, interracial dating/marriage is usually forbidden or frowned upon in our Iraqi community despite being Christians. So after doing some scouting  I hired someone who fits the description of what I described, and he’s going to hit on my mom this weekend when she goes grocery shopping. I know she’s never been with a black man or else she would’ve been disowned by her family in her younger days, but now I’m honestly not sure how she’d react since she’s grown which is why I’m so excited and anxious. I’ve never caught hints of her being disloyal to my dad, they seem to love each other a lot although sometimes  he seems to get on her nerves. I have noticed one thing though is that every now and then a famous black guy on TV will show up and she’ll randomly say “wow he’s good looking”..she especially does this when Michael Jordan shows up on TV and I’ve seen her do it once during an old Wesley Snipes movie. Never in front of my dad though, only when he wasn’t around. Is this wrong? I just want to see what she does
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  • How can you tell if a plumber is really fixing a water heater instead of coming over 3 days in a row for 6 hours per day and riding clock to?

    make more money?
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  • Where can I get a replacement part for an old stove ? Model Peerless, Maker Premier, made circa 1990, Model GFA 100 WP?

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  • How to unclog bathroom sink - contact lenses?

    So the contact lens wearer in my household apparently thought it was a good idea to put her used contacts down the bathroom drain. Now I have a serious clog that basic approaches have not managed to budge at all. Short of bringing in a plumber, does anyone know what might work to resolve this? (Yes, it has been explained to the mindless offender the many reasons why this is NOT okay.)
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  • Why don't medical professionals use super glue to seal cuts when it is common knowledge that super glue is the best thing to seal cuts?

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  • My plug socket ?

    Favorite answer: it is fine.  The electrical box was not stuck deep enough into the wall previously.  Don't worry about it.  It just "looks" bad.  A little DAP smeared over it and then painted and you won't even notice it.  Or just ignore it.  Probably last YOUR Lifetime.  If it works, then that is all you NEED.

    35+ year handyman   I have seen worse.
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