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  • Is Trump really a great president? Why or why not?

    Best answer: No he is destroying America
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  • What is wrong with our water heater?

    In 1988 we bought a water heater it was called 'state'. In 1997, a flood came and we had to have it cleaned out and a new burner put inside of it. Now we are getting about 15 minutes of hot water. We have to wait for us to get hot water Any more and it only produces us less than 15 minutes of hot water before the water turns cool again. What should we do?
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  • Will this work?

    I want to have a light bulb in my garage. My garage is 100 feet from my house. I only have 102 feet of wire. Everyone I talk to with construction experience tells me it is not possible to get the light bulb to work the way I propose to do it. Here is what I propose to do. Connect 100 feet of wire from one side of a plugin on the outside of my house to the light bulb in the garage. Connect 2 feet of wire from the light bulb to the ground in the garage. Will that work?
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  • I lost the key to my dorm room and replacement is $150+. Can I duplicate a key that says don’t duplicate?

    This is a lot of money to replace a key I never used. Is it possible to get a duplicate somewhere and to engrave the numbers on that were on my previous key?
    20 answers
  • Who is more dishonest, plumbers, electricians or HVAC guys?

    Best answer: It's not the trade that leads to being dishonest. It's either in the person to be honest or not. That's why it's always a good idea to get multiple estimates on any job. And once you find a tradesman you can trust, stick with them.
    13 answers
  • My microwave oven!!!?

    So this morning, I went to the kitchen to heat up my breakfast in our Frigidaire stainless steel microwave, I was able to, but it was early, and I didnt want to make a lot of noise. SO right before the time ended (1 second left) I opened the door. I got my food out, and when i went to close it, everything was off, the lightbulb inside, the little dial that shows the numbers, and none of the buttons would work! I tried every button, nothing. close it and opened it, nothing. And the microwave isnt so old, not even 4 years! My parents might think i broke it, and maybe I did, but i need to make sure, all I did was open the door! It was raining heavy outside, but it wasnt because the power went out because everything else was still on except the microwave! anyone who may know how to help the situation or fix this, please, help!!!
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  • Dishwasher won’t run a cycle, and has 2 inches of very dirty water inside. Advice?

    We’ve never used the dishwasher since moving in 2 years ago. Finally decided to use it and now we notice this. It’s a small Electrolux. We’ve tried all the settings/ cycle options. Nothing. It’s turned on at the wall, so there is power. Does a blockage prevent running a cycle maybe?
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  • Can melted chocolate go down the garbage disposal?

    Best answer: Chocolate has a lot of fat in it. Fat can clog your drain and pipes further down.
    Fat of any kind that can solidify, such as chocolate, butter, lard, whatever, should be scraped into the trash, and the remainder washed thoroughly with hot water and soap to flush it down the pipes.
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  • Should I drain a water heater after 8 years. Bought the house in 2011 and just found out water heaters need to be drained.?

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  • I live in the north and keep my furnace at 12 centigrade. I never change it. Should I alternate the temperature for the health of furnace?

    5 answers
  • When I run the bath taps, the kitchen taps immediately emit a loud noise?

    When I run the bath taps, the kitchen taps immediately emit a loud noise. The water pressure on the boiler is normal. Thanks in advance.
    6 answers
  • I woke up to my walls getting wet! What do I do?

    I use a humidifier at night because the air in my room gets really dry in the winter. I haven’t had a problem at all! I woke up this morning and found that my walls are wet! What do I do? It’s not too late to fix it right? Will it leave any marks on the walls? I have my windows covered with insulation plastic to keep out the cold and I woke up to find them covered in condensation as well. Please please please help!
    15 answers
  • Currrently using Emergency Exit lights with replaceable battery. Looking to install new Emergency Exit light with Nicad battery.?

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  • Washers, gaskets for kitchen faucet?

    I want to buy washer/gasket for kitchen water faucet. I 've found a package of various sizes from lidl and decided to buy them but when i checked the description i 've seen written that they can not used on drinkable water pipes (also for their appliance it says they can be used for bathroom and garden but doesn't mention kitchen). I checked some other similar products and there is the same notice for o-rings and metallic washers. My question is, are there gaskets/washers specified for drinking water? Why those products shouldn't be used on drinking water pipes? I need to buy washers but this notice really concerns me.
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  • I am looking for a heater for my mini camper?

    The heater would need to be for a small space. 12x6x6. Run on propane. Reasonably priced. Safe. I already have a vent and a carbon detector. Thank You.
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  • How does a home thermostat system work?

    I always thought that the thermostat display box, was wired through the wall and connected to the furnace. I didn't know you can just buy the display thing, attach it to the wall and have it run your furnace and AC and whatnot. So how exactly does it work? I mean, how is it able to control the furnace and AC? Thanks.
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  • Boiler pressure?

    Best answer: No, BUT. Please read the note at the end.

    Pressure is heat. Higher pressure means there is more heat in the system, and your radiators will operate at a higher temperature.

    Lowering the temperature, and therefore the pressure, will mean that your radiators will run at a lower temperature, but your boiler system will have to operate longer at that lower output in order to keep your home at the desired temperature. There isn't any sensible gain to by had by doing this.

    If you want to reduce your fuel consumption, add insulation.

    PLEASE NOTE, 10 bar sounds kind of high for a home heating boiler and equates to about 345 degrees F / nearly 175 C, are you certain you're reading that right?
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  • My electric stove caught on fire? It wasn’t on fire for long. Could I die from carbon monoxide poisoning?

    11 answers
  • If i disconnect my thermostat & the fan continues to run what is the problem?

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  • Does turning down my hot water tank lessen the time the hot water lasts in the shower?

    We recently turned our hot water tank down to 130 and ever since we did that our hot water does not last very long. Is that a result of turning it down?
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