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  • Is this a scam that Goodwill is just trying to pull?

    Best answer: Nope. Every store is doing that to reduce on the amount of plastic that goes into the environment. However a plastic grocery bag is 5cents so I always carry a bag in my pocket. Sounds like you bought a cloth bag. The government demands it of the stores to reduce the bags or charge you to purchase a bag.
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  • Why the flies didn't die with the Raid spray?

    There was these flies that was bothering me in my room, I sprayed them and left the house for 4 hours, sprayed the whole house. I came back and there are two flies still in my room, why they didn't die? is it because the air conditioner was on?
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  • Long distance moving - Would it be more sensible to sell / get rid of my stuff in my origin city and start over when I get to new city?

    I am moving from Wisconsin to Arizona in September and here is the thing . I was quoted $ 3,500 for a pod ( storage container move) They would be mainly moving the contents of a bedroom (which consist of a queen sized bed and then of course the dresser and nightstand) and the contents of A living room ( sofa , a few tables and a few arm chairs , a computer desk and a flat screen tv with the tv stand) Also theyd be moving about 15 large boxes of household items which are mainly decorations , clothing , small kitchen appliances , cookware , wall art , etc. HERE IS ANOTHER THING : I paid $5,000, seventeen years ago for the bedroom set . Which means that it is quite used. And the value and worth is depreciated . My mom offered to keep the bedroom furniture at her home while I move away to Arizona short term ( for about a year ) OR : Would it be more wise to sell my living room and bedroom furniture and repurchase stuff after I get to AZ?
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  • My room is very humid and it has no windows therefore can’t put an AC.what can I do in order to get rid of it?

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  • Will sandbags keep water out completely out of a house during a flood?

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  • How can you get rid of ants?

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  • Are smart meters dangerous?

    i just got an email from scottish power, my energy supplier telling me ' my smart meter is ready' - but the problem is i do not want a smart meter, DO NOT WANT ONE, - i have heard a lot of scare stories about them on the internet, that they cause health problems or are dangerous. what do i do here? do i phone scottish power and tell them i do not want a smart meter? i'm a man in my early forties who lives in a low rise block of flats on the 3rd floor.....and im concerned about this because i don't want a smart meter because of the bad press ive heard. any advice?
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  • How to get spiders out of storm drain hangout? (serious)?

    me and my friends hang out at this storm drain and recently it has been OVERCOME with spiders. I know it's just nature and all but i would like them to leave. Thoughts? Questions? No "alternative answers", just address what I can do to fix the task at hand
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  • What type of bug is this? We found three of them over three months on our bedding/furniture. They’ve even been crawling on us sometimes.?

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  • What's the best brand of roach spray when it comes to killing, repelling, and the length of time it keeps on killing after spraying it?

    I know that raid roach spray kills on contact and keeps on killing cocker roaches for 4 weeks after you spray it and i also know that hot shot doesn't always kill them on contact, but keeps on killing them for up to 12 weeks. However, what i want and seriously need to know is what brand of roach spray is the best when it comes to killing, repelling, and the length of time it keeps on killing after spraying it? Please give me details with a source or 2 with your answers, if any of you can! That'd be very greatly appreciated. A source or 2 with each and every answer isn't exactly needed, but it's so preferred.
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  • Anybody have or had a fly infestation this year?

    I keep having these small flies, keep killing them but I guess they come through the small crevices under the front door, just wondering if anyone has had this problem?
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  • Why is all of the drywall in my home soft?

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  • Blown bulbs?

    Best answer: Isn't on considered use?

    Usually bad wiring is suspect for these kinds of problems.

    Power supply is also suspect.
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  • Do all Oneida silverware have "Sterling" on them?..?

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  • Ac won’t cool below 75?

    Ac won’t cool below 75. Just runs constantly trying to keep up. For instance, in the evening it is 85 degrees and will be 78 inside. Heat and air company said nothing was wrong.
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  • Do I need a bee exterminator or removal, more information below?

    I am having a problem with bees coming into my house. I found 8 in my house dead, and 1 huge one flying in the kitchen. Do I get a bee exterminator or beekeeper. Any beekeepers I contacted want me to send them a picture of one to make sure they r bees and not wasps. I have no idea how they are getting in. My husband thinks maybe the windows as they have no screens. They r always shut and locked tho.
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  • Is there such a thing as a windowless AC? I have asthma and I really need AC this time. Please help!?

    I moved into an apartment where the AC is broken. I’m not paying to fix and the building won’t either so I’m in a pickle. I would rather buy my own so in the even I move can take it with me. Anyway, I also live in an apartment where there are no “windows”. Essentially, I have a balcony that serves as a window. The apartment is very beautiful just no window. Anyway, I’m having a hard time finding a “windowless” and portable air conditioner. Is there such a thing? I will pay almost anything at this point.
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  • How can I keep cool in an old brick house?

    Best answer: You can't even get a small a/c unit to cool one room as a refuge? Then for starters, run exhaust fans in the upper windows at night to pull in (relatively) cool air through the open downstairs windows. As soon as the outside air starts heating up, close all the windows and pull the shades to conserve the cool air. I realize the bricks and roof will start heating up, but at least this gives you some relief in the morning.

    Without real a/c, my next thought is to fashion a "swamp cooler". These work on evaporation. So does a/c except swamp coolers use water which is less efficient than commercial refrigerants. So you basically put a wet towel in front of a fan and as the water evaporates, it cools the towel and the fans spreads the cool air. Same principle as when you get out of a pool and feel cool until you dry off. The trick is to rig up a way to keep the towel damp. Google is your friend here.

    My next thought is that the same principle might apply to your bricks. If you were to wet down the sunny side of the house repeatedly (think garden sprinkler) the evaporating water might cool the bricks and minimize heat transfer into the house.

    Ultimately, you should invest in upgrading your electrical service, installing insulation at least under the roof, and putting up some awnings. Anything less is just dancing around the real problem.
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  • Do you shop at thrift stores?

    Best answer: Yes, I'm a big thrift store shopper. That's where I bought about a quarter of my clothes, lots of small appliances, and plenty of my books and CDs. Oh, and dishes, wine glasses, silver serving pieces, and tons of small decorative items. Stuffed animals for our kids. Jigsaw puzzles. Backpacks and purses. Suitcase.

    I could afford to buy whatever I need new, but why would I? Part of the fun of shopping at thrift stores is finding the bargains.
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  • My fridge freezer regularly switches itself off, I have to switch it off a few times for it to turn back on.My previous fridge did the same.?

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