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  • Which is better and why? part time job with maybe no end date. full time job for 6 months only.?

    12 answers 6 days ago St. Louis
  • If we really are supposed to drink 8 cups of water a day, how many gallons of water would you drink in a 365 day year?

    11 answers 2 weeks ago Banjarmasin
  • Why aren't there any Wegman stores in Atlanta Georgia?

    4 answers 2 weeks ago Atlanta
  • Is Fredericksburg considered northern Virginia?

    4 answers 1 week ago Washington, D.C.
  • FedEx lost my overnight package and it ended up in Memphis? Why?

    The package was supposed to arrive at 1030 am but never did. I opened up a case and they said they doing a trace search. I even went to the place I shipped it from and they said they are searching the facility to look for it and will call me back with any updates. I knew something was up because I work third shift and was tracking the tracking during the night and I didn’t see and new scans. There are only two scans. One for the label being created, and one saying picked up meaning they accepted the package from me. (They creates the label there btw.) Thus package was time sensitive. Then when I look it says the package is in Memphis. I live in pa and was shipping it out two hours away to Maryland.
    8 answers 2 weeks ago Other - Local Businesses
  • What is a wren?

    Best answer: A bird..........................
    10 answers 2 weeks ago Tay Nguyen
  • Ex Job is talking bad about me but was a good employee.?

    Best answer: You are at entry level and young. Don't bother mentioning the company. Go find something you'd like to do and maybe be good at and can handle the hours. Good luck.
    4 answers 2 weeks ago Houston
  • Or dollar tree stores open today?

    Best answer: Yes                        
    8 answers 3 weeks ago Miami
  • True or false: coconuts, rice, soy sauce and bananas are staples in your diet?

    Best answer: False, Luigi. I eat bananas once in a while, rice less seldom, and rarely coconuts. And I don't use soy sauce.
    60 answers 4 weeks ago Cordoba
  • Do i need to upgrade my illinois forever state I.D. by 10/2020 ?

    4 answers 3 weeks ago Other - US Local Businesses
  • What is a quoram of 18?

    6 answers 3 weeks ago Other - Local Businesses
  • Life ban from club, how to get out of it?

    So, I had a lighter that doubled as a pocket knife in my bag, it got discovered and the club banned me and said I’d have to wait a year to come back. Kinda stupid, I should give up, but most my social life exists in that club. They have scantek, but I’m changing my name this year from my cultural name to my English name. (was going to do this regardless) Do you think I can enter by doing that?
    6 answers 3 weeks ago Sydney
  • As a man how do I go about getting into doing porn ?

    Best answer: Although that may be a very profitable industry with a lot of perks, it is not something that you should be pursuing. Doing so will basically ruin your life and your reputation. People will not see you in the same way they did before, and you may contract a deadly disease. The well known male adult movie actor: John Holmes actually died of AIDS! Just something to consider.
    10 answers 4 weeks ago Miami
  • How much do I price a Siberian Husky/Shiba Inu puppy?

    I'm trying to help a family member sell his Siberian Husky/Shiba Inu puppy. What would be a fair price? Shots, documentation, cage, bowls, and AKC papers are included.
    14 answers 4 weeks ago Nakhon Ratchasima
  • My boyfriend and his dog irritate me. What do I do? (LONG POST)?

    I love animals, I have a dog and a cat right now but I can't stand his dog. I also love my boyfriend we've been through a lot together and I don't want this to be the thing that we break up over. I gotta make this kinda short so sorry if some things don't look proper. - She sheds EVERYWHERE. I know most dogs do, but it doesn't help that I break out in rashes and it gets in my eyes and food all the time - She sleeps with us it makes my eyes water, lays on top of me or right in between us where there's no space and makes it very cramped on the bed. - My boyfriend babies her, we went on a family trip with our dogs and we had to stop and leave what we were doing because he couldn't go without seeing her for 2 hours. His dog is 8, my dog is 3 and our dog was there with his and we didn't complain about not being with him. When I'm around he sits petting his dog for minutes just ignoring me. He complains to me about getting his dog the wrong food, cause she only eats a certain type (over $50 bag of food). - He doesn't wash her enough, we came back from the family trip and he didn't wash her for the next 2 weeks after that. Shes constantly every minute of the day licking her girly area (then tries to lick me or him) or she licks somewhere else and it has the worst odor ever. -She barks at everything, she made my dog bark and my dog never barks at anything other than knocking. -She humps both of us. We tell her to stop, get off the bed but she does it again a few minutes after.
    16 answers 4 weeks ago Vadodara
  • Why do some scientists still get married?

    They know that love is just chemicals that make an animal want to reproduce. So primitive. They should be focused on science.
    15 answers 4 weeks ago Segovia
  • Will the post office pack my package for me?

    Best answer: They can supply the materials, but you will have to do the work of packing whatever you want to send.
    10 answers 3 weeks ago Other - Local Businesses
  • What is a good last name for a character named Brent?

    I'm writing a story in which I have a 'cool new kid' with the first name Brent, but I don't know what his last name should be. Please and thanks!
    10 answers 4 weeks ago Thiruvananthapuram
  • Why does North Carolina have not as many wealthy families with kids as other parts of America anymore?

    North Carolina feels like half the time or more it feels like businesses are shutting down schools are closing kids are fewer in North Carolina than in other parts of the country the roads are empty all the time with nobody warning to travel down them you don’t see any outsiders in North Carolina you don’t see parks and playgrounds with many kids and you don’t see stores and restaurants with tables full and filled with shoppers. Why is North Carolina not progressing like other states these days? Are used to see North Carolina have a ton of people in politics warning issue is North Carolina good anymore or is it icy roads MD I’ve seen roads in the nail in a different way from what they were pre-2016 since 2015 or roads have been vacant state wide and new jobs are coming in the way that they did back in like 2004 and I see a lot of people aren’t in the state as much as they used to be back in the early 2000’s North Carolina is it still a good place are used to see North Carolina have a ton of people and politics warning issue is North Carolina good anymore or is it icy roads empty I’ve seen roads in the now in a different way from what they were pre-20sixteen cents 2015 or roads have the vacant state wide and new jobs are coming in the way that they did back in like 2004 and I see a lot of people are in the state as much as they used to be back in the early 2000‘s North Carolina. Why are there not as many rich families in NC as other parts of America has?
    5 answers 4 weeks ago Vung Tau