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  • If a wife is still friends with her ex sex partners n still enjoys talking about the sex they had before in front of the husband, then?

    Is this modernism and maturity and freedom? What should the husband do after hearing all these things? Will people support the wife for it and call the husband loser n insecured for minding aboyt his wife talking about past sex openly?
    24 answers 22 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Is Sex without Love worth anything?

    20 answers 17 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • Should I tell my husband i hooked up with his brother in the past?

    I've been married to my husband for 2 years now and together 5 years. We have one child together. One thing that I kinda neglected to tell him was that I hooked up with his brother back in college. It was at a college party. We didnt go the same college but had mutual friends who invited me. I didn't know my husband back then and didnt meet him until years later. I didnt know they were related until months later. It was just awkward to bring up then and even more now. I am not romantically interested in his brother. Tho I do find him physically  attractive still; obviously nothing has happends and will not happen. We are good friends and that's it. And we have an agreement not to talk about the past. We told my husband that we met once briefly back in college and that's it. There is a old roommate who may remember. But I had hundreds of guys in the house in the 4 years; I really doubt she will., just need some outside advice. 
    32 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Is she extremely gorgeous?how would you rate her?

    Best answer: Pretty, but not gorgeous, not even close to extremely.
    34 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Should I date my neighbor? I can tell he likes me.?

    we've been seeing each other for almost a year and I can tell he likes me. I'm 19 and he's 29. He's really nice and funny, but he drinks and gets drunk with his friends. He also smokes.
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  • Husband hasn’t slept with me for 2 years?

    I don’t even know where to start with this.. My husband is 28 years old..when we first got together our sex life was good, but it slowly got less and less until eventually just nothing. I’ve asked the same thing about a million times asking what’s wrong and why he doesn’t want to.. he always says he doesn’t know what’s wrong.. he says he struggles to get an erection and always complains of being tired. He has been to the doctors numerous times regarding the issue after me making him go.. he then had a circumcision as he had complained about feeling sore, that hasn’t changed anything. We have done Couples therapy, he has attended a therapist himself to try get to the route of the problem. Absolutely nothing has worked. I honestly don’t know what to do. I always have thoughts about it being me that’s the problem or even worse I sometimes question his sexuality.. I thought men were meant to want to have sex? I guess I’m just wondering if anyone has been through a similar situation?  I just don’t know if love is enough anymore, I’m still young and I can’t spend my life going on like this :( 
    26 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • How to get a date?

    31 answers 4 days ago Singles & Dating
  • So whenever I take my boyfriend to see my horse I can tell he doesn’t care ?

    So horses are my life and have been since I was 5 years old and my dad got me my first horse. I am now 20 and I have had 4 different horses and now I only have one she’s an Arabian horse and she’s my entire world. Horses are my passion. I work with them. He is a college student and he works at a paint store. I don’t think I’m gonna go to college I am really good with horses and I love my job. But he goes out with me once a week to see my horse he just seems so uncomfortable and like he never gets to close to the horse. He never complains and he always asks questions and says he has fun but it’s so easy to tell he doesn’t. Sometimes when I’m talking to him about horses I can tell he doesn’t care. I don’t know why but this sometimes really irritates me that he doesn’t care or have much knowledge, when I say this he always throws in my face that I don’t care about sports. But in reality sports and animals aren’t the same ones an Alive being and one is rich assholes being paid millions to throw a ball. Does anyone understand why this makes me mad
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  • If he cheats on me, why can't I cheat on him?

    My husband has cheated on me , I found out about it. I was about to divorce him but I gave him another chance. So then he apologized and promised to never do it again. But now its been a year later and I strongly suspect hes cheating again. I haven't confronted him yet and I think its pointless to do so because he will just deny it. I have absolutely no faith in him anymore. Its been over 3 months since my suspicions have began and my heart is no longer with him. I don't love him anymore. But If I were to divorce right now, then I will also lose the luxurious lifestyle that I share with him. I'm planning on getting out there and searching for a bf. If the relationship works out, then I will be filing for divorce.
    24 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Is it wrong to keep a mistress if I am not sexually attracted to my wife? I mean I still love her. I dont want to leave her.?

    15 answers 16 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • What exactly does it mean to "have kids responsibly"?

    16 answers 22 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • How to make money?

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  • Is it safe to have sex with a prostitute?

    85 answers 5 days ago Singles & Dating
  • My little sister hits me, what should I do?

    Well so.. I m 16 years old and my sister is 14. Maybe I m the older one but she is taller then me. I went through a lot when I was young. I was bullied in middle school that made me sick for a whole month and it made myself as a person very weak. I went to 3 different highschool s. And my dad left us this year. A lot happened until now and I m sure my mom and sister also have it difficult but this isn t normal. Since the age of 12-13 she began to hurt me, mostly physically but also mentally. First it where scratches or slaps that didn t hurt much. But then it begun to be worse. She would try to pull out my hair, kick me or hit me repeatedly. It was so bad that at some point I already begun to back away when she putted her hand in the air when we were arguing. First did my parents came between it. But because I m so weak I always cried and just sat on the ground, waiting till it was over. But then my sister became taller. She didn t listen to my parents at anything they said. She felt confident of herself. And then when she began to hurt me again they didn t stop her. At the end they would lecture her but the next moment she would do it again. Today she did it again, she kicked me against the fridge that hurted my back very hard. But my mom wasn t here to stop her, so she just continued. I asked what I did wrong but she never gives me a proper answer. So if you made this far, please could you help me. (Also sorry for my broken English, I m from Belgium)
    20 answers 3 days ago Family
  • Is a 26 year old man dating a 19 year old girl inappropriate?

    61 answers 4 days ago Singles & Dating
  • My dad committed suicide. I don’t know how to cope. Can anyone who has lost a loved one help?

    My dad suffered for most of his life with major depression and after trying all kinds of medications and being in and out of hospitals, he took his life on October 13th of this year. My family and I are a mess. His memorial was on Saturday. I’m a stay at home mom with a 2 year old daughter, and she distracts me but I still think of him constantly. I don’t know how to get through this. I miss him so much. I feel guilt, like it was my fault. Like I should have done something to stop this. Death feels so final and I don’t know how to get through not being able to see him or talk to him. 
    28 answers 3 days ago Family