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  • Why are a lot of men quiet and don’t look at me when they do talk?

    Best answer: How was it in the city, with a lot more competition??

    I remember a line from the Office where they referred to someone as an 8 in Scranton, but only a 4-5 in NYC...that's the truth. Your relative attractiveness increases in areas where people aren't as attractive. So, you may have been a 6 in the city...but you're a 9 in the country...which is why men get intimidated.

    Don't forget, you may actually be one of the prettiest people they've ever seen...if they work on a farm and interact with a few dozen people a month, could easily be true. However, you probably aren't the most attractive person riding that train in the subway on a given weekday morning.

    I see more people in one day (in a major city) than my relatives do in a month (probably even longer).
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  • Does the husband have a right to refuse his wife sex because she shaves off her pubic hair and he says that makes her look like a child.?

    He says it creeps him out and kills his sex drive
    44 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Do you think I am Pretty?

    Best answer: Yeah, not my type but still attractive.
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  • Should my friends technically pay me back when they bail out of concerts, gigs etc?

    I can’t believe I’m actually having to write this! But I am so sick of friends letting me down last minute. Three times in the last month, we have booked events and I have paid more than $30 for them. My friends have cancelled last minute and I have lost that money. It gets better! I booked tickets for a gig ($50 each) and my friend cancelled last minute. I told her I would try and sell the tickets, but if I couldn’t she would have to still pay me for her ticket. She has point blank refused because she has said she’s doesn’t think she should have to pay for something she can’t go to... even though she agreed to go with me when we got the tickets!!! I am at that stage where I will not book anything with anyone if there is only 3 or less of us. It’s becoming a joke. I have lost getting on for $200 because people cancel last minute and won’t pay me when I’ve lost money. Am I in the right?
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  • Why is my meat so huge?

    Best answer: Because you beat it so much you tenderized it
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  • Would you date someone who is bipolar(medicated)?

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  • Is it a red flag that the guy I'm dating stayed in a relationship with an asian gold digger/socialite type for 5 years and provided for her?

    We ve been dating for 2 months and he talked about his ex a lot. They got out of a 4.5 year relationship 6 months before I met him. For context he s white and shes asian . She has a very lavish lifestyle. He told me all about her and how she celebrates her birthday all month and had similar set up to an advent calendar. One gift per day for the entire month. He bought her louis vuitton purses, paid for them to stay at the ritz carlton, took her for steak and lobster in manhattan, bought her a tiffanys necklace, diamond earrings etc. She had an entire room as a closet. Very high maintenance, self absorbed etc. She has a small dog with a diamond collar that wears a tux and she carries in her purse. I know this is judgmental but just hearing about her was sickening. He talked about her so much that I looked at her instagram. She considers herself an "influencer" and has photos of her in miami, paris, new york, hong kong etc, photos of her on yachts, drinking champagne, photos of her closet etc. If the guy I m dating was attracted to this type of female should I just break up with him, people like her nauseate me. He told me he spent over $6k on her for her birthday month last year. He makes like 50k a year so I don t know how he made that work. Her parents pay her rent and bills. She s 29 and seems like the Asian Paris Hilton to me. Yet this guy asks me for half when we order take out pizza, down to the tax. She looks like the typical high maintenance asian
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  • If You Had To Spend 1 Million Dollars In One Day, What Would You Buy?

    38 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • My wife pays for nothing in the house?

    I pay for everything. The rent, all of the bills and for the food. The only thing she pays for is her clothes and makeup. Sometimes, she offers to pay for dinner. Like she just made everything great!! Does this seem fair to you? I suspected I will pay for most of the stuff because I earn more, but this is getting ridiculous. I don’t even know what she does with her money.
    44 answers 4 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Am I the Asshole?

    Three months ago I got a new job. Everything is awesome love working there. Made new friends. One friend in particular her name is Shay. She is 4 years younger than me and just so happens to be going through a tough time. her mom was milking her dry with rent costing 600 a month for just a bedroom and her mom was constantly asking for extra money. So she ended up finding a place of her own and moved out. I let her stay with me until she found a place. I have fed her countless times. When I leave work she will beg me to go get her something to eat and say she will pay back. Which granted she did the first few times. All this is ok. But as soon as she moved out i told her I needed a break. I didnt tell her my true feelings which is I feel like we've only known eachother for a few months and shes constantly asking me for help. Sooo today I got off at 1 pm and was stoked to be able to get some things done. But then... I go to the break room and shes sitting there all puffy eyed and in her pajamas and asked if I could give her a ride to this mechanic who is working on her car then to her place. I said ok, but I needed to go to target first. So we go to target she said she forgot her purse at work. Go back to work, she gets her purse. Go to the mechanic then on her way to her house shes looking through her stuff. She looks at me and asks if we can just go to my house. I said what for? She said she forgot her house keys at work. I was sooooo done. But didn't show it.
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  • I ask my bf for a gift every time we have sex. My girlfriends told me that's prostitution? I am not a prostitute, am i?

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  • Is 17 and 21 too big of an age gap?

    130 answers 5 days ago Singles & Dating
  • I'm finally at the point where I have no choice but to give my wife an ultimatum. How far is too far if I still want her as my wife?

    After sending a message to my wife telling her that I've realized that she doesn't love me as a husband but only as a best friend and that this arrangement is NOT okay with me I've decided that I didn't wear my wedding ring today, because what's the point if she doesn't treat me like her husband? She swore vows to love me as an individual regardless of my status or my health, and she's not doing her part at all. I also blocked my wife from messaging me on FB (she can text or call my phone if she wants to talk still) then I changed my bio on FB to say "best friend" where husband used to be. Then I went on to declare on my FB wall (only family can see it) that our marriage is NOT okay and it hasn't been for quite some time. I know it seems petty but I was told yesterday that as long as she's "okay" with the arrangement of the relationship and I'm not giving too much grief she will maintain the status quo, so this is me trying to give MORE grief over our arrangement so she can let go of her matriarchal feminist beliefs and finally treat ME as an equal to HER. Why I finally snapped is because after 9 years of talking to all of you on here I realized that the one thing that I have over my wife is I am a vulnerability in her "perfect online persona", she fears being exposed for being fake online and hiding the truth; so there it is, the only thing that can MAKE her see the relationship is NOT okay. But how far is too far if all I want is change?
    15 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • My girlfriend got an abortion, should I break up with her?

    72 answers 4 days ago Singles & Dating
  • I think for my marriage to work i need a seperate bed...maybe even a seperate room...what you think?

    She complains that I snore too loudly and its really affecting her sleep...Can we cuddle and have sex in one bed and unless we fall asleep afterwards, go into a sepearte room to sleep...could this work..or only in my head?
    22 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Should I divorce my husband?

    I’ve been married for almost two years and my husband has not only had a baby on me but also gave me two stds that thank god we’re curable. He has cheated on me countless times and does not bring in nearly enough money for us to be able to live and therefore he is always dependent on me. The only reason I am thinking of staying is because I was told that marriages can be rough and I did vow for better or worse but I am only 28 and he is 29. Aside from all the pain he has caused me we have of course had our good moments and we still do but what he has done weighs heavy on me. What should I do. I should also mention that his mom is sick and because he doesnt make enough I would be obligated not only to her but to his child as well when his mistress puts him on child support.
    29 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Should I give it a try? I met this guy. He is a single dad of 3. Everything sounds good. But few things bother me.?

    Should I give it a try? I met this guy. He is a single dad of 3. Everything sounds good. But few things bother me. 1 . He said he is smoking weed every night and drink some times. When i asked him he said it doesn't affect him. And he enjoys it. Question I have is does it smell when smoking weed . Is this a harmless activity or something to be woried about. 2. I am a single mom of 2 year old daughter and he have 3 boys ( age 7,10, 16) . Will this be problem. I don't know how children will get along. Please share experience with blended family. May be question sounds stupid. I asked since I am not a very social person. Also I was bought up in a very strict home. My parents were very strict. I didnt have any friends. Also parents arranged a marriage for me and it didnt worked out. Fortunately my parents were kind enough to let me get a divorce other than suffering my whole life in unhappy marriage. And i am looking someone. Chances of finding someone in my culture is very low. Dating is a new concept for me.
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  • I hate living in college?

    Best answer: College is not a party. You have plenty of time to study with no interruptions. Work hard and you will be glad you did well.
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