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  • Have you seen a White girl with a South Asian guy?

    Best answer: It's so common. My friend Pren-eel Patel from the India in the Mumbai slum 5.6" is dating a Lil voluptuous booty White girl 5.0" from Sydney Australia named Sarah.

    There are at least 63 web page where there is unlimited pics/videos of white girls deep tongue french kissing Indian men, sucking indian penis, swallowing indian semen, letting indian men sit on their faces/mouths, licking indian men's assshole, doing anaI with indian men, swallowing indian men's spit, being a cumm bin for indian men, licking smegma off indian penises and you won't believe this but even being pets for indian men to take on a leash and chain.

    51 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • How to ask 2 men for a DP threesome if you're REALLY shy?

    35 answers 1 day ago Singles & Dating
  • It's just sex, no emotion or love so what's the big deal?

    I am seeing a younger guy (22) I am 46 married, we just have sex once a week, I don't love him or want him for anything other than lusty hard sex which satisfies me What on earth does everyone go on about cheating etc it's just a penis in a vagina I see it as the same as a massage. Nothing more than that
    72 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • I'm embarrassed of my wife's job?

    My wife is 28 and I'm 31. She is completing her Masters Degree and is currently "interning"(i.e. working for free) at a local business in the field she is studying. She also works part time at a grocery store. She still has about 1.5 years left in the program. I'm embarrassed that my wife is 28 working at a grocery store. My family has suggested ending the marriage. They feel at 28 she should be done with college and working a full time professional job. I support her financially (mostly) however, I do not pay her tuition or anything. I'm starting to see my friends buying homes and having children. We still currently rent and she has no savings so we are nowhere near close to being able to afford a home let alone children. I'm starting to rethink my marriage. Anyone have any advice?
    47 answers 1 day ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Hello anyone want to chat?

    I'm lonely tonight.
    40 answers 2 days ago Friends
  • My mom is hot. How do i get her to sleep with me?

    Best answer: Just put sleeping pills in her food and do it when she's unconscious.
    57 answers 2 days ago Family
  • I feel like guys don't like me?

    Basically, I'm a 6ft tall girl and I feel guys don't like me? I am not one who generally thinks of pleasing others, or even cares what people think about me. But honestly, I feel like I'm unapproachable. Like I'm not ugly but sometimes I genuinely feel insecure about my looks and my weight. I mean I'm 23 never really been on a date never really had a boyfriend, so I guess in a way there's reasoning behind my insecurities I guess right? It just makes me wonder like - will I be forever alone? Or will anyone ever like me, you know the most natural of thoughts. I actually feel over the past four years - I have become less attractive I don't know? Maybe what it is - is I feel people have been paying attention to me less I guess. Or maybe I just really want to see if there's someone out there for me. Anyway my main question is that - can height really be a factor in dating? Like ok - I know personalilty is everything but I really feel if were shorter guys would have approached me more. I feel I intimidate people a lot even though I'm really bubbly. Lmao - okay let me stop ­čś╣
    85 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Where I work every man there wants to have sex with me?

    if they are married or not. What does this say about marriage as a whole?
    53 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • I need help determining if this is cheating or not.?

    My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half, when recently I wanted to test his loyalty. I created a fake number texting him asking if him and his friend wanted to hookup with me and my friends. He then responded that he did and well you can read the rest in the pictures below. I believe that this is cheating, making plans to hookup with someone other than your significant other. My boyfriend thinks that this is not cheating, because the plans were never followed throug, and he claims that he wasn't actually going to do anything, he just wanted to get his friend laid. He also said that he knew it was me texting him the whole time, in my defense, if he knew that then why would he agree to it if he knew I wouldn't like it. Need a third person opinion, is this cheating or not?
    18 answers 16 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • My father slapped me just because I'm dating a married man, what should I do?

    Best answer: You deserved every slap they gave you and derserve more. You have no business messing with a married man. There are too many single men in this ­čîÄ for you to be messing with another woman's husband. Have some respect for yourself and find yourself a single man. If you were married, would you want your husband cheating on you?!!! You're only 18 years old. Do something more important like go to college and do something with your life aside from being a homewrecker.
    330 answers 5 days ago Family
  • Husband says male friend has other motives is he wrong?

    I have been friends with a male friend of mine all of my life. I have visited him and stayed at his place (out of state) before and he has never made a move on me. He is single and kind of dorky. When I was going through the death of my father during my previous marriage he flew into town and be my support system because my marrriage was rocky. My first marriage ended in divorce shortly afterwards. When I had problems in my previous marriage I would call him to vent. My husband now says he has alterior motives which I do not believe. I would never hook up with him as I do not find him attractive in the least but my husband says it's not the same for him. Is my husband wrong?
    45 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • WOULD YOU DATE SOMEONE OF ISLAMIC faith or have sex with them?

    216 answers 5 days ago Singles & Dating
  • How to propose a boy who loves someone else but i love him very very much from my heart??waiting for the answers....?

    18 answers 1 day ago Singles & Dating
  • Can you love two men at once?

    I have fallen in love with my co worker, I still love my husband as well but have a different love for my friend We have had sex and it was different from my husband Can this work long term because I am so lucky to have two men in my life
    25 answers 21 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Christians. Just be honest. Fear is what motivates you, not love or morals.?

    Best answer: Christians? Being honest? That's funny.
    34 answers 2 days ago Religion & Spirituality
  • I'm embarrassed my wife works at a grocery store.?

    My wife is 28 and I'm 31. She is obtaining her masters degree. She Is currently "interning"(i.e. free labor) at a local company in the subject she's getting her Masters Degree in. She's also working part time at a local grocery store. I'm embarrassed of my wife's work situation. My family often makes comments that suggest I should end my marriage with her because she's 28 years old and I'm mostly supporting her. They feel like at 28 she should be done with school and moved on to a professional job. She's very busy she's always either on campus studying, working, or at her internship so we don't see each other all that much. Im starting to become embarrassed of my wife and the life we have. We don't even own a home yet we are still renting a townhouse. Any advice?
    17 answers 1 day ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Should I call him out on this?

    I met this guy we've went on a few dates. I had a weird feeling he was "dating" someone or married. I did some "snooping" and found his profile. He has pictures with a female from 2015. She's saying she loves him etc. I clicked on the girls page she's pregnant. She also looks very young I'm talking potentially just out of high school. It says she was born in 1998. He's "supposedly" 30 but from his pictures he looks ALOT younger then 30. MAYBE 21/22. I'm tempted to "call him out" on this?
    7 answers 1 hour ago Singles & Dating
  • Why don't some girls like anal?

    Best answer: It has to be done in the right way with the proper preparation over time. If their clitoris is being stimulated at the same time, some women enjoy it. Others don't care for it at all or even the idea of it.
    Some men really liked getting pegged with a strap on to stimulate the prostate gland and other reasons and some think it is gay (not) Everyone is different.
    154 answers 5 days ago Singles & Dating
  • What's a good technique for oral on my boyfriend?

    7 answers 5 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • Why do men excuse their shallowness with "biology"?

    Best answer: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Inner beauty shines on the outside regardless of the look of the month that gets programmed into young male minds. The older the male the more likely they are to recognise the *VALUES* in a women that they connect with that represent this *inner beauty*. Aging however is no certainty of maturity. Far from it these days.

    The problem is not males. The problem is young people who allow themselves to become brainwashed by the mainstream media as to what is meant to be desireable in a young female. Young women are indoctrinated just like young men are.
    28 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
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