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  • Why is my daughter so ugly?

    I feel bad saying this because i love her so much but its getting hard to lie to her AND to myself; its like im in denial about her physical appearance, i tell my myself she's beautidul but shes just not beautiful...actually shes FAR from beautiful. what can I do? i always thought my kids would be beautiful because im pretty and my husband is pretty good looking. my older daughter whom is 15 is gorgeous and i tell her all the time. i even tell my younger daughter who is 13 that shes beautiful but its a lie and its been getting harder and harder for me to lie. my mother says i obsess too much about how they look and how they dress. she says im too obsessed with my own physical appearance also. that's true because i'm only 31 and am too young to stay away from caring about what i look like so i dont know what to do or what to think. and don't be rude. I feel really bad calling a 13 year old ugly but it's the truth, and i DO love her so much....
    21 answers 11 hours ago Family
  • Would you, male guy, marry a girl who's not a virgin anymore?

    Would your decision depend on the number of sex partners she has had or on the number of times she has made sex previously?
    57 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Does this guy sound like a psycho?

    I met a guy in Aruba two months ago. I live in CT and he lives in Manhattan so we went out on a date when he got home. He yelled at me for not taking my shoes off when entering his apartment and for having them on his bed, although they were not on his bed they were hanging off his bed! Then he goes back to Aruba bc he works there some part of the year, and he pressured me into phone sex every night. I told him I didn't like it. His response was "wtf is the big deal." He would call me at 4 in the morning and wake me up, and keep me on the phone for hours, until 7 AM, yelling and forcing me into phone sex. Then another time he was worried about if we slept together his penis wouldn't be "big enough" for me. And to go find a guy with a large penis. This is not a joke. He said "I'm not into this, go get what I suggested." This is all before our first date. I told him I didn't feel like I deserve to be yelled at, and that I wasn't forcing him to talk to me every day. He's totally stopped this whacko behavior. We went out last week and it went very well..but could this just be an act? its hard for me to put this behind me when I clearly see a red flag.
    45 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Why would a woman move in with a man who has no intention of marrying her?

    42 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • My boyfriend won’t let me go?

    I’ve been trying to break up with my boyfriend for the last month and he always cries and begs and blows my phone up everyone and I give in. Two days ago I decided to put my foot down and block him on everything so he’d understand I was serious. I blocked him in social media and I blocked his number. Today I got a random phone call from an unfamiliar phone number and it was him. He called me from his moms phone and he started asking me where I was and he asked me did I block him on Instagram because he tried to look me up and couldn’t find me So i hung up the phone and an hour later he texted me and said  “Yo” And i replied “Whatsup” And he texted back “what are you doing?” I said “I’m chilling” And he said “you got plans today?” I said “yeah i have a few errands to run” He said “ do you need help with your errands?” I said “no I’m fine” He said “well damn okay”
    31 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • How do I tell my cousin I cannot go to her Wedding without being disrespectful?

    Thing is I am out of school and have a student loan to pay off so it will be a financial burden on me. He asked all the people at the wedding wear red suits and I do not have $200 to buy all the suits, plus the gas to travel there and the hotel. I never noticed my loan and the interest rate is $1.75/day that is ridiculous. Obviously i DON'T wanna tell him thatt I'm throwing money away to his wedding when I can pay off my loan but my loan is more important. I was behind on 2 payments and it was sent to collections, and 1 more missed payment and it will affect my credit score. I told my aunt and she said she will give me money to cover my loan and I told her no I don't need your money, I can pay it off myself, I just won't go to your sons wedding.
    24 answers 2 days ago Family
  • Based on the stuff this girl is doing should I assume that she’s unstable? ?

    So I started talking to this girl and we’ve been on a couple dates.  She’s 22 and so am I. Before we started talking she was posting a lot of drama online about her ex boyfriend (he’s 40 btw) saying that he’s a narcissist and he was talking to other women while they were together and she felt like she was competing for his attention. She really played up the victim card.  Yet she unfollowed him on Instagram (she only has 30 followers and follows 45) but let’s him continue to follow her and she posts a lot of selfies of her all done up in makeup (red lipstick, fakes eyelashes, bra showing through her shirt). She says she deserves better then him and and today she posted this   “I’ll see you when the road decides its time for our paths to cross again”   And a few days before that she posted   “Let me be while I have healing to do, I’ll come back when I’m ready”    Does it seem like this girl is just playing games trying to make her ex see what life is like without her and pretend to move on but she’s actually trying to make him jealous and want her more. If not why like other men’s posts, post these seductive selfies, still let him follow her on Instagram and have an in in her personal life and post quotes like I mentioned ?    Is she also a narcissist?
    12 answers 1 day ago Singles & Dating
  • What is my least attractive quality?

    17 answers 13 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • What was the most valuable advice for your daughter who is coming of age?

    On the subject of dating, sex, and marriage?
    23 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Can’t agree on tv with spouse?

    My husband never wants to watch what I want to. I always suggest movies or tv shows and he says “ew no I wouldn’t like that.” He’s never interested. It’s always what he wants and I tolerate it. Thankfully, we have a tv in our bedroom that I watch. It bothers me that he’s not interested. Is this a small thing to be bothered over? I don’t mind going in the bedroom, but should I just accept it or make a big deal? Do you watch tv with your spouse together? 
    17 answers 1 day ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Do you think a person can be friends with their ex husband/wife?

    17 answers 1 day ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Masturbating thinking of married men!? Do I need psychiatric treatment?

    I'm a 24 y.o virgin female by choice. I never would want my future husband to cheat on me in case I get a date and get married.. but i can only orgasm if i think about a married man having an intercourse with me.
    37 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Is it OK to be friends with your ex while married? ?

    All I want is to send a text asking if person OK after his mother passed away. But I feel like I am cheating on my husband. Should I not communicate? 
    52 answers 4 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Is it a husbands right to have sex with his wife?

    My mom told me that she is tired of my dad’s sex drive and I didn’t know how to tell him but when I told my dad about it he just told me that it’s his right to f**k his wife as many times a day as he feels the need to. 
    24 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • My son (Caucasian) made a Black friend at school. What should I do about that?

    19 answers 2 days ago Friends
  • How to get rid of crazy ex?!?

    My ex has been trying to hack into my accs ever since we broke up so 6 months ago it’s a little stressful thankfully he hasn’t got any money out but recently he found out my dad’s information that’s where he crossed the line I texted him saying “can you stop” and basically explaining ive moved on from my life and I didn’t wanna communicate anymore then he told me that I’m lying about seeing someone and that I’m crazy then texted my little brother that it was childish to block him then he made another acc on Instagram and dmed me begging me he needed to have a conversation with me in all honesty I don’t know what to do this is all very stressful any advice?
    9 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Is 7 years too long to wait for my boyfriend to propose? ?

    22 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Would you date a guy who drinks and smokes?

    Favorite answer: Definitely not.  I would not date a guy.  How gross.
    14 answers 1 day ago Singles & Dating
  • How would you feel if your partner was constantly complimenting everyone around them besides you.?

    29 answers 4 days ago