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  • Girls, what would you think if a guy had flowers sent to your house?

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  • Guy opinion? What does this mean?

    Basically we grew to be close at school- I'm a little bit older than him. He was kind of a cool bad boy always in trouble and I was a smart girl. In our case opposites seemed to attract. But we are both very traditional and old fashioned and bonded over that. I loved his sense of humour, his eyes and his hair and he was obsessed with mine as well. We were just friends. Then I moved school far away and told him. He was so upset and down. He had to leave the classroom. The following day he started a fight with one of the boys and started crying (I know it was over me). My last day we were in the yard, he was playing soccer with the boys. All of a sudden in front of everyone he ran down the field, picked me a beautiful yellow flower and ran back and gave it to me. Then he gave me a big hug. He didn't care about everyone looking on and I was so touched. I told him I would miss him and he gave me a sincere heavy 'I'll miss you too' with sadness in his eyes. Opinions please of him !! ??
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  • If my ex boyfriend didn't care that I broke up with him was he probably cheating on me?

    Best answer: I dont think that indicates he is cheating. He sounds a bit uncaring though. its always possible as well that he doesnt want to give you the satisfaction of seeing him upset.
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  • Do you like girls?

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  • Is it normal that my boyfriend doesn’t let me wear short skirts?

    Best answer: There is a big difference between "doesn't want me to" or Doesn't let me".

    If he is ASKING you to PLEASE not wear those things, then he is concerned about your appearance and how others might perceive you when you dress that way. (He doesn't want other guys looking up your skirts.)

    If his is TELLING you to NOT wear those things, then he is manipulating you. Guys like this start out by telling their girl friends not to do small things. Like "don't wear that skirt, I don't like it". As time goes on, they add more things to the "don't do it" list until you have a father instead of a boyfriend. Guys like this will also do everything they can to keep you away from your friends. If you stay with them long enough, they will even keep you away from your family. They will make sure they have total control of every aspect of your life.

    Anytime you start a sentence with "he doesn't let me", then you are in a bad relationship. Relationships must be a compromise and should never be one partner telling the other one things they can't do.
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  • Is this normal?

    I know there's a lot of fake questions like this on here, but I'm honestly scared and I don't know where else to ask. Ever since I turned 16, my dad constantly talks about my body and how beautiful I'm getting. He'll get offended or angry if i don't kiss or hug him goodbye or greet him. One time he put money in the back pocket of my jeans, which I found weird because he could've just handed it to me. He also talks about how "mature" my body is getting and how it's "developing beautifully". He acts the same way towards my older sister and we both find it creepy, but I feel like he does it more towards me. Is this normal?
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  • Why don't adult males moan during sex?

    females & pre adult males moans and usually bite their fingers and their lips, but why don't men do the same ?!
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  • Is it cheating on my husband if i’ve performing oral sex on my best friend’s husband? We rarely have sex. I just give him oral?

    Best answer: cheating is all in the mind everything is legal until and unless u get caught...go live ur life
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  • What should I be doing in life at age 16?

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  • A girl makes fun of me and I don't act mean to her 😢?

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  • I found out my husband had been cheating on me with a women from church that I knew. Should I tell her hisband what she did?

    I am trying to forgive my husband, I am not a mad women anymore. I think it’s the right thing to do. But I am not sure
    26 answers 17 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Shy:Were you bullied because u were shy?

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  • I was bullied in elementary by a big Brown guy. Now 10 years later I found that Brown bastard in college and he laughed at me?

    Back in elementary nobody cared about bullying. Everyone thought it was a game, not worth of attention. The truth is it traumatized me to the point I still have nightmares about it. 10 years later I found the same Brown bastard in college and he laughed at me. Should I buy a gun and kill him?
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  • Mistress is pregnant and I don’t know if I should tell my wife?

    My ex mistress called me to tell me that she is pregnant with my kid. She said that she will get an abortion only if I come along to support her and if I don’t come she will keep the child and tell my wife. The thing is, my wife knows about what went on with us and she decided to give me another chance. We moved our family to a different state to try to “start over” meaning I would have to go all the way back there just to be present when she gets that abortion. I don’t really want to tell my wife because it’ll be a major step back and she most likely will end up leaving me and taking our kids with her. I don’t know what to do?
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  • Should i believe my Husband or should i just move on.?

    My husband of 17years. Wants to seperate from me due to endless arguments,my attitude and trust issues. He said that he wants to move on to his on place so that he could be more independent. He feel that he didn't get to experience being a independent man living on his own being that we were together since the age of 18 years old. He refuses to go to marriage counseling, because he work too much. I asked him would he like to save our marriage and he answered yes; but only if i make those changes in my attitude and become more independent. He fell out of love with me because of the way i get angry and handle different situations. He tells me that im still a beautiful woman to him and that he want a year living apart from me to see If he would miss me again. He say that his heart is blocked from loving me he just cant seem to get pass all the hurtful situations we both put each other through. I Love my husband and I dont want him to leave me. Please I need helpful advice.
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  • My preteen sibling and I have a shared chore, they refuse to do their share and our parents don t want to get involved, advice?

    I can t just postpone the chore. Sadly, I ve been put in this situation the past 4 times and caved just to get it done. I don t know how to deal with this, they won t listen to reason
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  • How do you live in a sexless marriage at just 36 years old?

    Wife just has a bunch of excuses or finds any little stupid thing for us not to be intimate. We can go anywhere from 4 to 7 weeks without any intimacy. She’s 41 and my just 36. This isn’t normal!!! Now if I cheat then it’s my fault but why would any woman put their husband in a position like this or drive them elsewhere? Love fades and I feel my love for wife fading as I don’t think she’s just interested in me anymore.
    28 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • How do you know if a girl finds you hot?

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  • Can antisocial people make friends?

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