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  • Why do girls typically date guys older than them?

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  • What's a good age to get a girlfriend?

    A number of my friends have one. I'm 13. Just wondering.
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  • Women won't do anything for you sexually until you spend a lot of money on them?

    In high school you could just buy them an ice cream cone, now they want a car or a wedding ring, or expensive vacation. Am I right fellas?
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  • Is the cause of break ups and divorces mostly the females fault?

    Best answer: Most of the time, women have an unrealistic idea of what a relationship should be . If it doesn't mesh with their fairy tale world, from paper back novels and movies, she starts finding problems, and begins to subtly undermine the relationship.They get fat. They make life uncomfortable. They reject amorous gestures. This might range from not responding during sex, to refusal, and criticism of his genitals. Men can only tolerate so much. Some negative responses are unavoidable. Soon SHE files for divorce.
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  • My father states that he can no longer pay my child support because he's getting divorced, is this correct or is he lying to me?

    Best answer: Depending on where you live, he may have to keep paying until you are 25 or have left full time attendance at school. He can't just arbitrarily decide to stop paying because then you or your mother could go to court and the judge would order him to keep paying up til age 25 if you go to college or university. They could also take his drivers license and passport and even potentially throw him in jail. Judges take this stuff seriously. If you aren't still in school though the rules may be different. I would call your local courthouse to find out about any free legal clinics they offer and then go in to ask questions. The rules vary according to your area. Good luck.
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  • Is it unethical for a 28 year old man to date an 18 year old girl?

    Best answer: it depends. is the attraction mutual? does she have a mature outlook on life? are the true intentions of the couple clear to each other? what is the age of consent in your country?
    Some may judge quickly and say it isn't right, others may say it doesn't matter. In the grand scheme of things, so long as both the people are in their right loving mind, the opinions of other people shouldn't matter. If you have doubts in your own mind about it, then the relationship probably has poor morals behind it.
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  • Do parents have the right to go through your room even though you're a legal adult?

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  • My sister's boyfriend slapped her in front of me, but my sister thinks she deserves it and told me to stay out of it. What should I do?

    I'm her older brother, and super-protective. I'm 20, she's 18, still in high school. She has had a boyfriend for a year, he's a popular, good-looking guy on the school's soccer team. Yesterday they had a fight, and it was in front of me. I was at her bf's house as he got ready for his team's final. My sister had been sulking because he'd bought her some gift she didn't like. Anyway, just as we were all getting ready to go, my sister said she would stay at home and watch TV. Her bf looked stunned and said no way. She said there was a TV program she wanted to watch, and she wouldn't go. After five minutes of her being stubborn, he slapped her across the face. It wasn't super-hard, but it was sharp and purposeful, and shut her up instantly. I tried to move in, and he said 'Unless you want one too, stay out of this." He looked angry, so I quietly sat down. My sister, clutching her face, apologised to him. And he gave her a kiss and they made up, and she agreed to go with him. I told her later she should leave him and she was angry with me, saying it was obviously her fault and the slap brought her to her senses, and she loved him 'more than before'. I would confront her boyfriend, but I'm scared he really will slap me and tell me to stay out of it. What should I do, she's an adult?
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  • Is this only gonna get worse?

    My boyfriend treated me like a queen when we got together but a few months in during an arguement he would pin me against the wall to get his point across for me to shut up. A few months later that lead to getting a slap in the face during a fight. Last night was the worse. Im not sure what happened inside me but this time when he slapped me I slapped him back and he went nuts. He pinned me on our bed and repeadietly punched me in the shoulders and back of the head. He tells me everytime that he's sorry and it will never happen again and I put up with it being a shove or slap but last night was the scariest thing of my life. Is this only gonna get worse??
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  • I walked into my daughters room and caught her using my wife's sex toys. What do I do?

    Best answer: Time for you & wife to discuss boundaries & birth control with her. You cant control her masturbating or watch her every second but sex toys should not be an option for her, draw the line on her taking things that dont belong to her and without permission. Also on closing her door for privacy. If shes using a vibrator it wont be long before shes penetrating herself or sexually active. As a parent you want to protect her from STD's and unwanted pregnancy.
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  • Something weird is happening to me, I keep finding long, blonde, female hair in my apartment but I live alone, I even moved three times?

    And it keeps happening. At first I thought may be it is coming from the outside. May be it is the neighbour's hair or may be it is coming through the windows but my windows are shut most of the time and there is only me living in my apartment. I do not have girls over neither are there any of my friends who are bringing girls in my apartment. The landlord comes over once a year. I moved three times and it just keeps happening, what do you reckon is going on here?!!
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  • He doesn't believe in marriage but we have two kids?

    Best answer: IF your story is true (it's tough to accept any woman would be that foolish or ignorant):

    "He said we can have a family without the legal part of marriage." - He's right you can, and you did. If marriage was important to you, you shouldn't have had the kids first.

    "He made me have an abortion" - He couldn't 'make' you do anything. You chose to have the abortion, and that's fine. He may have wanted you to have it, but you were free to say no. Sounds like you chose to abort rather than lose your relationship with him. Accept that's the choice you made. Don't blame the abortion on him. He had absolutely no control over you having it or not.

    "We fight a lot and break up/make up often. I feel our new baby will bring us closer" - You are a foolish woman. Babies don't fix dysfunctional relationships, and any couple who breaks up/reunites often, is definitely dysfuctional.

    Accept what you have with him as it is, or leave and try to find someone willing to be a step parent to your kids. FYI, you can always change your last name to match your boyfriend's, whether you marry or not. There's nothing stopping you there. You simply won't have the legal benefits of marriage, because you chose to be with someone who made it clear from the start that he wasn't interested in marriage. You've got no right to be upset about it. None.
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  • My husband circumcised our son at home last night?

    I will be honest--our boy has never been happier. Why don't all parents get their boys cut for the better of man kind?
    29 answers 7 days ago Men's Health
  • Plus-One wedding etiquette?

    So my fiancé and I are working on our wedding guest list and trying to keep costs low. Is there a specific rule with plus-ones? If I give some people a plus-one, do I give everyone a plus-one? I'm asking specifically about my coworkers. I was planning to give plus-ones only to those who are married, but then the other people who have boyfriends might feel slighted that they weren't able to bring their S.O. Help?
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  • Why do women get upset when the man in their life is naked with another woman?

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