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  • Can my brother kick me and my sister out?

    Best answer: You are very entitled.
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  • Should I maintain a relationship with him now that he’s in prison?

    I've been seeing a guy for nearly two years, our relationship was very rocky and was not the healthiest. He's now in prison for a drug offence he committed prior to us meeting. I never knew about this and only found out once he was convicted, I also found out through a family member that he had committed fraud and was arrested whilst on bail. I also found out that he used my details to apply for a loan, credit card and store card all which I have now managed cancel. I cut him off completely only to find him trying reach me via a family member to ask for money and clothes. He recently went to court and was sentenced to 8 years in prison. I feel upset, I genuinely cared for him but he is extremely manipulative and a compulsive liar. He lied to his family about everything and now that it's all out in the open, I feel sorry for him. I feel very stupid that I gave him a chance and I wish I never pursued any form of a relationship with him. However, I do have feelings for him. I just wonder whether it is a good idea to maintain contact or cut him off.
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  • Is it wrong to move in with a boyfriend or marry to get away from a toxic parent?

    Best answer: Yes.
    But it is also wrong to stay WITH a toxic parent.

    Why is it wrong to move in with a boyfriend or marry him to get away from your parent?
    - First of all, moving in and living together without marriage has a 75% breakup rate. So if you are not ready to move out on your own, you will end up being on your own anyway if you move in with him.
    - Secondly, only people who are already happy can make a marriage work. People who have a healthy sense of self-esteem. And psychologists say that even for those people who AREN’T damaged, that they need to live on their own for at least 5 years before they have grown enough TO make a marriage work
    You simply are NOT ready to make a marriage, nor a living-together situation work.
    NOR should you attempt to stay with your toxic parent.

    It is time to move out on your own. NOT with someone else. On your own. For at least 5 years until you become happy with yourself and with your life, until you no longer get carried away by negative emotions, until you feel confident about your ability to take care of yourself (making decisions, making things work for your life, supporting yourself financially).
    Any short-cuts you take now will turn around and bite you hard later on.
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  • There is this guy I’ve been friends with for a few years. About 4 months ago we started getting romantic and have slept together a few times?

    But he says he can’t have a girlfriend right now because he needs to focus on working to get his own house and a new car. Is this just an excuse because he really doesn’t want to be with me? He is really confusing because we act like we are together even though we aren’t. He calls me babe and boo and hun and will hold my hand when we hang out. We text each other good morning and goodnight everyday but I don’t know how he truly views me. Should I just move on and find someone else even though I think I love this man? Or should I wait and see if he ever asks me out?
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  • How to make sex more exciting?? Serious question?

    My boyfriend and I have sex and it is amazing but we struggle to find new positions or new ways to make each other feel good. I don’t like sucking but I do it sometimes. He fingers me and sometimes eats me out(but it’s rare like how it’s rare that I blow him) I’m 26, he’s 25. We both were virgins before each other. I’m not saying sex now is boring but it’s so quick. He cums really fast. Sometimes after he still pleasures me for a bit. I want to find new positions or new ways to have fun with each other during that time. What we do position wise is I will be on my back and he is over me putting it in. Or he goes when I’m on all four and he goes from behind. Sometimes we do it while he is standing and I am on all fours on like the edge of the bed. What are other positions???? Or anything else we could do??????
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  • Is it ok to make your BF quit drinking, or is that considered "too controlling"?

    Ofcourse that's for his benefit... alcohol creates so many health problems. So, if he has a habit of drinking...is it ok to make him give it up?
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  • How do I tell my children their father had an affair?

    I filed for divorce from my husband of 20 years after I found out he’s been having an affair with 2 different women (possibly more.) he’s admitted to the two I know about, I’m devastated. My kids are 16, 12, and 10 and they don’t know the reasons behind our divorce just that we are separating. How do I tell them that their father has been having affairs with multiple women? This is their father and I know he’s done very wrong but I don’t want to be the parent who turns their kids against the other parent. Any advice on how to approach the situation?
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  • What age did you leave your family home ?

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  • I found out my husband is into force sex porn?

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  • My 'best friend" is choosing to go on vacation instead of being a bridesmaid in my wedding. Do I have a right to be angry?

    Earlier this week I told her I just got ingaged and asked her to be a bridesmaid. She told me that she was honored for being considered for the important role but would regretably have to turn it down as she and her family were planning a vacation during that week. I guess going to Universal Studios is more important to her than my wedding. Not to sound rude, but I am literally her only friend and she doesn't seem to care tat I wanted her there on my wedding day. She apologized again and said that she has been planning this trip for an extremely long time and finally got the opportunity to go, and hoped that I would understand. She also told me that it was not just about the vacation, and that being a bridesnaid would cause too much financial difficulties and time reduction from her job. This seems like bull to me because she has her own business. At the end of the day, all I'm hearing out of her mouth is that going on Harry Potter rides is more important to her than my wedding day. My fiance has tried to calm me down and told me that I am thinking too much into this and he could see how her "priorities" would be affected and that she is still my friend, but she has always put herself first in the past when it came to things like this. She just doesn't seem to give a crap about weddings but I thought mine would be different.
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  • Should I have a say so?

    So this is kind of tricky. So I’m still living in my parents house I’m 22 years old my mom pays the bills. I have a seasonal job that pays just enough but not really enough to live on my own yet. I give my mom hundreds and hundreds of dollars to help with anything she needs help with. My dad pretty much does nothing he is disabled but he can still move around and stuff. Doesn’t help with bills or anything, he just kind of comes and goes as he pleases. Now the main point of this is that recently I was able to buy my first car. My dad seen it on the way home from his friends house and said it looked cool which I was looking for a car anyways so I asked him to show me. I had around $1400 cash saved up but I needed insurance on it and the only one there was my dad so I had to put it in his name. Should I have a say so on if he could drive it? If I’ve bought the tires, a new ac unit? Also I let my dad drive it to see my older brother in another state, and he ended up crashing it, now it’s been over a year finally saving my own money to even get the car home. Before you ask my mom pays the car insurance of course I help whenever I can. Ps i believe I can’t really tell my mom if she can drive it or not because she literally pays everything.
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  • Gf wants me to stop talking to our mutual friend?

    My girlfriend and I have been together for a little over 2 years. My girlfriend and I have a long term friends of ours. His name is Kaleb. Kaleb knew my girlfriend first and then we kind of met. But Kaleb told me a week ago that my girlfriend was cheating . He basically said she was trying to make a move on him. Now I have found out that he went around telling people that she tried to make a move on him. Which made me upset because I wanted him and my girlfriend and I to discuss it together. But instead a few people know now so it’s no longer a private matter. My girlfriend has told me she thinks I should stop talking to him. But if she didn’t do anything why would she care if we still communicate. Is this suspicious ? TL:DR; I do trust my girlfriend but I also have been let down before. Instead of arguing i just wanted to know why he would say such a thing since he is friends with me as well as my girlfriend
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  • My girlfriend said I got one chance to cheat?

    I don’t plan on cheating at all but when she told me this I just ignored her I felt like it was a set up.
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  • Are millennials simply adults who still have the mind of a child?

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  • I’m carrying all the Bills?

    So, my boyfriend and I have lived together for over 3 years. He quit his job a few months back to go back to school for 4 months to pursue his fitness trainer certification. He saved money before he quit his job to cover his half of the bills. Now, he has no money and he’s in the process of taking the certification exam for the 2nd time ( He failed the 1st attempt). For the past 2 months, I’ve paid all the bills on my own. My family thinks that it’s wrong of me because we are not married, and it was his choice to quit work. My family feels that I shouldn’t be the responsible one to take the fall. I have a child, annnd...we are not married..and he doesn’t seem to looking for another job I guess because he would want a job in the fitness industry..but what do you guys think about this?
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  • I am 16 years old and a few nights ago my parents caught me drinking. They say they wont let me hang out with friends ever again.?

    This is a very scary thing for me because my social life is pretty much the only aspect of my life that I enjoy. They they are doing this because they want me to be more involved with my family and a better member of it, but isolating me socially seems like a manipulative and kind of ****** up way of doing that. It has only been half of a week and I already feel very alone.
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  • Nephew is siding with friend over family - What should I do?

    Yesterday I was driving home from shopping and I saw my nephew with his friend, (his friend was born here but his parents are from Mexico) I stopped the car to talk to my nephew and during our conversation his friend took a cell phone call and began speaking in Spanish, I was appalled, when the call ended I asked him why he was speaking in his own language in front of me when I speak English, he said it was his Grandmother and she only speaks Spanish, I said that she should learn the language and then the little **** said it is none of my business what language his family speaks, I told my nephew to be a man and give him a punch and end the friendship and he said "No" I said "I am a woman and am frightened by a MAN speaking a foreign language in my presence as I have no idea what he is saying" my nephew said "I understood him perfectly well" I scoffed and told my nephew that he can't speak Spanish and apparently he can. Now I am not a Trump supporter (as a feminist I hate him) but I still think if you come to America you should only speak English. My nephew is still friends with this man and told me I am in the wrong. I have told the whole family about the incident and they are shocked too, his parents and siblings are saying he was sticking up for his friend and did the right thing! What should I do?
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  • Is pre-marital sex bad?

    Best answer: First of all, you are to be commended for caring about what God thinks and being willing to make changes in your life to please him.

    Because God cares about us and wants us to be happy and avoid the myriads of problems that often come from having sex before marriage, the Bible says: “For this is what God wills...that you abstain from fornication.” (1 Thessalonians 4:3) Fornication is listed as a serious sin, as are adultery, spiritism, drunkenness, idolatry, murder, and thievery.—1 Corinthians 6:9, 10; Revelation 21:8.

    By obeying God’s laws about sexual morality, we prove our love for him. (1 John 5:3) He in turn blesses those who observe his commandments.—Isaiah 48:18.
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  • What would you do if your husband did this?

    Let me start with this. My husband came home from work a couple of months ago going on about how this woman (manager) kept bragging on him & making him feel important at work. The way he was explaining it to me, his whole mood changed about it all. Meaning, he seemed all giddy talking about the situation. It was a little off putting because he never gets like that & because it was from another woman. This woman is very pretty mind you, a few years younger than we are (she’s 27) but she is a lesbian. They then texted some about work over a week or so. I told him I felt a little threatened & insecure about the situation. Ok, so my husband & I went to his company’s “night out”. There was drinking, socializing, etc. I finally met this woman & we seemed to like each other & became friends. We were all drinking & I happen to catch my husband several times with his arm around her shoulder throughout the night. When the night was over, I was pretty drunk but my husband was not. We got home (we live an hour away from where the company get together was) & I passed out. Then my husband left our home, drove all the way back to the company party, called this woman to make sure she got home ok & then proceeded to take her home & have a heart to heart talk with her about her & her girlfriend. We have been together since high school & have always been faithful. How am I supposed to get over this? I feel so hurt and disrespected. He swore nothing went on.
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  • How do i know when im falling out of love with my husband?

    I have been with my husband for 10 years. I miss him when im at work but aggravated when im with him. I still cater for him, but i argue with him over EVERYTHING. I started telling him what i dont like about him and hes a nice guy, he doesn t argue back. Sex isnt interesting. we have kids. Just hit me w the truth!! Is this normal at this length of marriage? Am i not loving him anymore??
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