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  • 2 BLACK MEN kissing in public. WOULD YOU BE OK?

    IMAGINE 2 BLACK MEN. WHITE TENNIS SHOES, white t shirt thats very clean and have young thugs on it, dark denim jeans that not too tight, and strong cologne on. KISSING IN PUBLIC. like 6 seconds.
    166 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Isn't rape the woman's fault?

    If the woman did not dress slutty/in revealing clothes she would not have been raped. I think most would agree that women are mostly to blame for getting raped
    170 answers 2 days ago Friends
  • How often do women want sex?

    140 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • My girlfriend dont suck d i c k.?

    she wont give me oral. and that really frustrates me. im probably gonna leave her
    60 answers 2 days ago Other - Family & Relationships
  • Who is prettier??? Me or my older sis(in the back)....plz answer, thx. :)?

    39 answers 1 day ago Singles & Dating
  • I m in love with an unhappily married man. Could our relationship ever work?

    I have known this man for several months. We ve been inseparable since, well, his wedding day. Even then I could tell he didn t love the woman he was marrying, he spent the entire night with me. Now, several months have passed, we ve had sex multiple times and shared several romantic nights, but his wife is due to give birth in a few weeks (the entire reason they got married) I just want to know if this relationship could grow into something more. Its obvious that we love each other.
    44 answers 2 days ago Other - Family & Relationships
  • How To Get My Parents To Buy Me An iPhone?

    I'm tired of being made fun of everyday. I'm tired of people asking why my texts are green. I'm tired of my snapchats being square. I'm tired of girls not wanting to text me because of my android. I'm tired of people saying "oh can I facetime you" and I have to explain to them. I'm tired of being the person in the group chat that ruins it because it isn't an iPhone. How do I get this to stop? It's not that I can't afford because I know we can. What do I do?
    43 answers 2 days ago Friends
  • Can parents still tell you what to do even after becoming a senior?

    24 answers 1 day ago Other - Family & Relationships
  • My wife's behavior has changed she fakes orgasms now?

    Been married twenty years, my wife joined a bowling club 8 months ago she goes there on Fridays She started buying fancier clothes and putting lots of make up on She gets back later and later. I've noticed she has started faking orgasms so she can finish me early. We normally make love for an hour, I always wait for her to come first She moans and thrusts her hips after 5 minutes but there are none of the usual gripping vaginal spasms on my c ok. I am convinced she is seeing someone but am afraid to ask Advice
    40 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Do men in their late 40s and early 50s get turned on by 18 year old girls? Serious question?

    115 answers 4 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Is this some type of emotional abuse?

    My husband watches porn on a weekly bases. I've asked him several times to stop. He usually gets mad and goes on a rant about that I'm trying to control him. He tells me that I'm an insecure person and that he won't ever stop.
    89 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Would you trust a guy if he had been investigated for looking up child porn twice?

    Authorities came to his house and took his computers however he was never charged in either case. He claims it was a big mistake because he looks up regular porn. Would you trust him?
    80 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Is it true that the best man always screws one of the bridesmaids?

    Ours did and I am so mad my husband laughs and says it's a tradition!
    38 answers 2 days ago Weddings
  • How do I tell my husband I have been cheating on him?

    My husband and I have been married for 8 years and together for 11 and we have 4 children together. Two years ago I met a guy at work and we immediately became friends and eventually lovers. We have been seeing each others for over a year now but it wasn't nothing serious. My husband's best friend's wife found out (I don't know how) and she told her husband. Last night I told my husband that I was gonna go get a tea with my friend Lisa but in reality I had a date with this guy at his home. Next thing I know my husband's friend starting knocking on the door and yelling that he had already taken pictures of the car and the plate parked in front of this home and that I needed to come out or he was gonna call my husband and tell him where I was at. I started freaking out and arguing with him. I eventually came out and he started calling me names and insulting me. He told me he has evidence of my cheating and if I don't tell my husband he will tell him. I promised him that today I was gonna talk to my husband and tell him the truth. I'm really scared now and losing my F mind. I can't believe I'm going through this. I cheated cause I was bored but I love my husband. We have a beautiful home, 4 children and a whole life built together. I want my marriage to work. I really don't want to split my family and I'm scared that my husband asks me to leave or forces me out of the house. I have not eaten since yesterday and I'm having anxiety and panic attacks. I don't know what to do.
    17 answers 6 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Do you think it is ok to hit women? Why or why not?

    41 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • My 20 yr old is on drugs and wanted by police, should I turn her in?

    She is living the Thugs life, doing drugs, shoplifting and on the run
    48 answers 3 days ago Other - Family & Relationships
  • Shes not answering my texts! Did i say something wrong?

    Theres this one sweet gorgeous girl in my computer class in college. I got her number. We texted back and forth this morning, went pretty smoothly. And she was telling me how shes different than all her friends, and she has always been a laidback reserved, quiet girl...And I said, "wow, i wish all girls were like that".... and i havent heard from her since. Was that creepy?? I thought at the time it was the perfect response. Now im starting to think im an idiot cause 6 hrs later still no response after trading 20 texts back and forth.
    45 answers 3 days ago Friends
  • My girlfriend is going to keep the baby, WHAT do i do?!?

    Best answer: Just guilt trip her into abortin it. Say stuff like how do you think the child is gonna be growing up without a father and that shes selfish for keeping it.
    122 answers 5 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Who's right, my mom or my wife?

    I'm a married 30 yr old living with my parents. My wife and mom don't mix well. My wife is short tempered and she gets upset at the silliest of the things, so am i, but i tend to keep it to myself but she lets it all out. This has caused some exchanges between my mom and wife and it troubles me a lot that i'm kind of in between the two and not able to decide who's wrong and right. My wife is of the opinion we should move out since my mom always keeps interfering in our lives.She always schedules something and talks me into accompanying her along with my wife and this has been the reason of some of the fights between me and wife. My wife keeps saying mom's just using me to drive her around. Whenever me and my wife would leave to visit her parents home my mom would tag along since my mom's parents live within an hours drive from my wife's parents. I'd then have to drop her off at her parents and then drive back to my wife's parents home. Its the same when we leave from my wife's parents home, we'd have to drive to my mom's parents house spend sometime there, pick her up and then go back to our house. At times my mom says she'd take a bus but i dont think she means it, she still wants to come with us and this causes my wife to break and she goes back to cursing my parents for not leaving us. I've never really confronted my mom regarding this, sometimes i feel what my wife's saying is true but i can't decided on that and i'm in a dilemma about the whole situation, any thoughts?
    72 answers 4 days ago Marriage & Divorce