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  • What are things that make a woman not be wifey material?

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  • What age range are you willing to date right now and what is your age?

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  • Am I obliged to tell my boyfriend?

    I am 24, he is 26 and we have been dating for 5-years and living together for 3 years. He wants to have children and I don't, he doesn't know this and I am on the pill. It was my secret until my sister found out, she told me I need to be honest and I said "my body, my rules", "I don't have to tell him anything" My sister called me selfish and she said if I don't tell him the truth then she will (is this allowed?!) As far as I am concerned it is my body and I am under no obligation to tell my boyfriend anything. he doesn't own me! It is MY BODY!
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  • Is he using me for sex or does he like me? Please help. Very confusing for me?

    Best answer: This guy sounds as though he is playing you. Your analysis of things is spot on. It isn't like he is looking for a serious committed relationship. That appears to be what you want. The fact that so much time passes between visits makes me suspect he may be doing the same thing with other girls besides you. If you keep it up you may end up with an STD. Trust your intuition and stop letting this player use you. Get him out of your life completely while you can!
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  • Do you think a threeway spices up a marriage?

    I am trying to spice up our sex life by having a threesome with my husband and his brother. Do you think this is a good idea?
    60 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Should I let my wife sit in the front seat of our vehicle or my mother?

    So for the first few times I allowed my mother to sit the front seat and my wife got really upset with me about it and declared because it is OUR car and because were married she should sit next to me as a woman. But I thought it was more respectful to allow my mother to take the first seat So I talked to my mom about this and she feels because she is my mother and the oldest she should be given the first seat. So now were all fighting over this and I'm in the middle. Who typically takes the front seat and why?
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  • My husband's farts are ruining our marriage, what should i do?

    My husband farts a lot and they smell really bad. He will fart in bed, in the car, when we are watching TV or having sex, which by the way is a huge turnoff. I told him to stop farting but he continues doing it. I am at my wit's end and I am almost ready to file for a divorce. What should I do to heal this crumbling marriage?
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  • My brother-in-law is asking my husband to borrow money to pay for an engagement ring. Opinions?

    My husband's brother is asking my husband to lend him $6000 to buy an engagement ring, claiming he will pay us back within a year. My husband seems to think this is no problem.. I think my brother-in-law is being selfish. I think that it would be one thing if he was in a bad situation and really needed the money. He also just got unexpectedly married last year to a different woman and divorced 3 months later. We have a mortgage and a toddler, with another kid on the way and we work hard to save money. He is single with no children and a decent paying job and even brags about having expensive taste and spending money on himself. I also feel like he is kind of selfish and wouldn't do the same for us if we needed help. Am I wrong for not wanting to lend him and for thinking he has a nerve to ask?
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  • Am I too old to be told what to do by my parents?

    I'm 24.
    47 answers 3 days ago Family
  • Should I be bothered by my boyfriend not being generous?

    I know it s stupid and wrong of me to feel this way but I always get my boyfriend things, I bring him his favorite snacks every day, I surprise him with presents, and I always get him weed. And I feel guilty when I don t get stuff for him even when I really can t afford it at all, it s to the point where I don t even get myself stuff all like that so I can get him something. And he has gotten me a few things before but they weren t anything that had thought behind them or he has gotten me something like snacks for example and then ate them and never gave me it. Also when ever I get weed I get him some of his own then he ends up smoking most of mine too, but he will get himself a bunch and won t even think about sharing with me. I show my love by getting him things and it s honestly becoming a burden but I feel bad when I don t am I wrong
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  • Is it appropriate to ask him if I could give him a BJ?

    Best answer: He will say ok, but ask yourself what he ever did to deserve one? Most guys don't merit a ******** ever. I'd rather just sit on their face.
    7 answers 21 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • Should I tell this Guy I just started dating that I like him before he meets with his ex girl friend?

    I just started dating this guy and his ex girl friend who left him for her best friends brother a year ago asked to have a meeting with him. He seem to still like her and has been honest with me about it. We really just started dating but I think I could see something good with this guy happening. should I tell him that a like him before he meets with his ex girl friend?
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  • My husband bought me flowers should I forgive him?

    My husband and I argued about work and the kids. He works 4am to 5pm and I m self employed and work on call for a few hours. Well he went to help a friend on his truck and I got a call from work and well I had to take my two boys with me. We ve talked about him needing to be there for my work too and he s never done this to me before he s always there to help with our boys if I get a call. But when I called him I was so angry that he said he couldn t come back right then and there to watch the boys. Well he bought me flowers today I woke up to them and him saying sorry but I m not sure if I m ready to just forget and not be mad anymore. Am I wrong? Should I forgive and talk about it.
    29 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • So I have had sex with 24 men, do I need to tell my current boyfriend this?

    I told him I had only slept with three people...
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  • What can I do If I fall in love with a married lady?

    Best answer: You should try to let it go. If you know she is married and happy, don’t ruin it for her or make her feel unsafe with you.
    If you’re having an affair with her, try to end it as soon as possible - unless she’s unhappy in her marriage. If she’s unhappy in her marriage, she might want a divorce anyways.
    Just be wary.
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  • I am going to kill myself tonight because of a car crash, should I write a letter to my family?

    I am 17 years old. Today I got into my second car crash. I am working at five guys and only have 700 dollars saved up. My parents payed for a crash I caused a year ago. It cost them 1,500 dollars. I know this crash will cost even more. I want to kill myself because I feel terrible for the amount of money my parents are spending because of me. I am an embarrassment to my family. I feel like I am not a part of reality anymore. I want to die. I am a senior and was planning to go to UF, to become a doctor. My tuition is payed for by Bright futures. This, and causing my parents pain because we can’t afford this crash is the two reasons I have to not die. I am doing it tonight. I don’t know what letter to leave. I don’t know. I need help I need to talk to someone I am scared but I am done causing my parents pain.
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  • Husband wants to go home to see his son for Christmas but we can’t afford it.?

    We barely have any savings, and a round trip ticket for a family of 3 will cost atleast 1,800. This would take away from the children’s holiday gifts and I don’t think it’s fair to anyone. Especially our 2 year old daughter whom we have a set budget for. I was planning on mailing his son his gifts and hoping that we could go visit after the holidays are over so we have more time to book a flight at a cheaper cost. If we go home we have to worry about budgeting for everyone else’s gifts on top of the flights and right now I rather keep our money since we barely have 5k in our savings at the time. Am I being selfish or am I being logical?
    33 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • My girlfriend cheated on me, should I cheat on her back?

    I found text messages about her and another guy and I was sick to my stomach. I had a sudden Adrenaline rush, I was shaking with heartbreak and disgust and when I confronted her about it I was crying and I asked her what does he have that I don’t have. I told her my heart was crushed and I’m devastated from it. She was crying too and she said she’s sorry and promises me to never do it again. I told her that I don’t wanna be anywhere near her because I can’t even look at her. Been together 3 years, Should I cheat back?
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