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  • Dating a man with kids. Help!?

    I am reaching out to ALL the women who dated a man w/ kids & asking why did YOU break up w/ him? I am having thoughts about if I should stay w/ the man that I am w/. We have been together for little over a year, he lives w/ me, has 3 kids, is recently unemployed, he does everything he can for his kids, his ex is going thru cancer so he is trying to be there to support her, & I feel like I am just there.. I'm not saying he doesn't do anything for me, but I feel like I shouldn't be around for this stage in his life. Him being there for his kids doesn't bother me, if he wasn't I wouldn't want to be with him. This built up stress & resentment is probably from him NEVER allowing his ex to handle things on her own. He does EVERYTHING for her & has ALWAYS done everything for her: Pay her car, her car insurance, her health insurance, her phone, changing her oil, changing her tires, etc. Now w/ her cancer it seems that I need to work more than 50+ hours a week to provide for ALL of them/me even tho she lives w/ her mom. I'm 25 going on 26, no kids, never been married, work a full time job, & not struggling but he just asked me to pay for more of OUR bills including her, his, his dad's, his son, and my phone bill. I feel like I am helping him take care of her by taking OUR commitment off his shoulders. I have been vocal about how I feel and we end up fighting... he says I am asking for a lot while going through this time in his life &that he has made changes for me. What do I do?
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  • If I tell her about my past life, will she leave me??

    Best answer: First of all, you have overcome a lot, and that deserves recognition. Congrats.
    Second you dont need to open up about your past if you dont feel comfortable with the other person. Ideally yes one should be able to tell everything to your partner but that's "ideally" and relationships are far from idealism.
    If you like this girl then try to meet her and see where that takes you. No one here can tell you how will it go. To begin with, you could find out she's a terrible gf and be done with it before even talk about your past. Or she could be amazing. Who knows?
    But you wont know unless you try. We all have a past.
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  • Why did my boyfriend respond to me like this?

    Best answer: Anyone who truly cares about you will do anything and everything in their power for you to not hurt yourself. He simply doesn't care about your well being.
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  • Will he ever want sex with me?

    I m a female and I ve been giving this guy blowjobs for the last 6 months. 16 of them. He never tries to initiate a makeout, sex, anything. We ve been "talking" for 11 months. I love him. I dont want to force him to do anything he doesnt want to do, but every time I try to bring it up he shuts down. What should I do? Do I walk away or give him more time?
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  • Do guys fall in love the same way girls do? Do hopeless romantic guys exist?

    Guys who work, talk not too much, help you and protect you without waiting for you to say 'thank you', who in case of need protect you and feed you instead of thinking of themselves (unless they are badly injured). Guys who warm you up with their body when you're feeling sick and cold, who hug you tight and dry your tears with their hands when you cry.
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  • My fiance wants to stop having sex to get closer to God before the wedding, what do I do?

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  • True or false? A 27 year old girl dating a 23 year old guy is weird?

    Best answer: Not so much younger guys will come along for a while because an older woman is more established. They don't seem to want to work or do anything for that matter. The reason I ran from them after the first one.
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  • I got my friend in huge trouble!?

    So, there was that party one of my friends was doing. I am 19, so I didn't had a problem going even if it was a school night. Allthough, my best friend is 16 so he had to ask for permission before. His dad was very negative, thing I get now, and he didn't allow him to come. I wanted him to be there, so I told him to lie to his dad and tell him he was going to sleep in my house so I could help him with a project he had. His father let him eventually, and we went to the party together. We had fun untill some guy took a selfie with us, and put it on Facebook, tagging our names. Unfortunately, my friend's dad saw this and he become very angry. He called my friend, yelling at him, and like 40' later he was there and took my friend back home. The next day, I tried calling my friend, texted him,but nothing. I went by his house, knocked the door, and his dad opened the door, and he told me to get in, in a kinda angry tone. I apologized, and said that it was all my fault, but I don't think he was relieved with that. Then, I talked with my friend a little and left. My friend is grounded from everything for 1 month and he is not allowed to leave the house for anything expect school. His dad said I am allowed to see him, every Sunday for an hour and so, thing I am grateful after all I did. I am an asshole, and I know my friend is suffering. I know it seems I am a bad influence, which may I am, but is there anything I can do to help him?
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  • I want to propose but my girlfriend is adamant she doesn’t want to get married again, should I propose anyway?

    We’ve been together for 3 years and have a 4 month old daughter together. We’ve both been married previously, her ex husband was a good friend of mine, and we both have children with our ex’s. Her marriage fell apart quite violently and she was very hurt in the aftermath of it. As a result she decided she didn’t want to put herself through that again as he’d broken her. Her ex husband isn’t apart of our lives at all, after he went to prison, I adopted his children. In the 3 years we’ve been an actual couple, she’s had a lot of doubt as she kept thinking I’d leave her which is the last thing I’d do. He just destroyed her self esteem. When we found out she was pregnant, she told me that she didn’t want to get married. I didn’t argue with her, I knew why she told me that and I could see her thinking that I’d repeat what he did. However, I really want to propose and spend the rest of my life with her. I know really that it’s just a piece of paper and won’t change the fact that we are and always will be a family. It also feels like the last step to finally getting him out of our lives for good because it’s what he did that’s stopping her. We’re going away overnight next month and I’d like to propose to her while we’re away. It’s just the two of us and it would be nice to just spoil her for one evening as she normally won’t let me. Should I propose anyway or should I just leave it and respect her wishes?
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  • Why does my ex put me down?

    Best answer: He wants to bring you down bc he's not happy ignore him. He's not good enough for you.
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  • What to do in a miserable married life?

    So we have been married for 5 years both in our early 30s no children's atm. My husband has his own bussiness and I work from home part time due to health reasons. My husband leaves home at 8am and gets back home at 8pm, I dont see him for 12 hours a day. He works 6 days a week and has only sundays off, the sundays he has off is meant to be a time spent togeather he is constantly on the phone with his clients every 5 minutes his phone rings. He never chooses where to take me but always asks where I want to go it would be nice if he chooses where to take me rather then always asking me where do you want to go. I'm so sick and tired of him, he gives me no attention what so ever it's always me making the first move for everything. He never asks let's take pictures together unless I just take a picture with him. I feel like a burden in his life I've told him if he doesnt change I'm leaving him and he always says sorry i dont mean it but turns back to his old self again I'm sick and tired of his behaviour. I dont understand what's going on or am I just being a bit harsh on him?
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  • Should I ditch my friend or just take yet another break?

    After 15 years I still can’t stand her or her habits. Was very mean to me in grade school but got over it in middle school. Always bragging, usually for the express purpose of making people jealous to make up for her insecurities. Knows no boundaries and asks inappropriate questions. Mostly talks about herself, not very interested in other people’s lives. Always talking **** and can lie to your face. We have been on as many “breaks” as being active friends but I’m tired and about ready to call it quits permanently, what do you think? She’s moving to another state in 2 years, not sure if I should just hold out until then and let the friendship die naturally from the distance
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  • Please be nice So my boyfriend is 32 years older than me and proposed to me. He just bought me a bran new Nissan Rogue?

    And me and my daughter live in his house with him which is really nice. I didn't want to say no because if i don't marry him i might lose everything and i don't want to end up like working at McDonald's and living in a trailer. But i don't want to marry him. I don't know what to do.
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  • My adult daughter gained so much weight?

    My daughter is 26 and she used to be very skinny in high school. As an adult she gained so much weight and doesn’t do anything to address it. I told her she needs to lose weight, but when I do she throws a fit. She has her own place so what she does is outside of my control. However when I see her in town I can’t look at all the weight she’s gained. I tried to do a family weight loss challenge where everybody contributes $20 and winner takes all. My family was offended and pissed. I offered to only contribute my own money, they didn’t take that offer either. I didn’t tell them it’s for my daughter. This isn’t a money issue. She eats at an expensive restaurant by her work. She orders a pizza which is more costly than the salad. I stop by and tell her to order the salad it’s cheaper and healthier and she gets defensive. She can walk to work instead of taking her car but doesn’t want to. If she didn’t have the money for healthy options I would most certainly provide her my own money. I’m 50, have heart problems and still exercise and maintain a healthy weight. I offered to pay for a gym membership, she declined. This is why she can’t find a guy. I am a woman and I can’t stand fat guys. I know most women don’t because I am one myself, and my husband doesn’t like her weight and offered to exercise with her.
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  • My wife says were to old for sex. I'm 73 and she is 66?

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  • How do you handle your dad disapproving your life decisions?

    I’m a junior in high school right now. My parents are divorced so I live with my dad and stepmom while my mom lives in a different state. I am very close to my mom but with my dad its been hard to connect with him all my life. Anyways, since I’m close to graduating high school in the next year, hes been asking about my future. I don’t want to go to college. I’ve been planning on going to a beauty school so I can do hair and stuff like that since its always been my passion. But my dad wasnt having that when I told him. He wants me to go to college and get a degree and said if I do hair I wont make any money and pretty much I’m just gonna fail in life if I don’t go to college. Its been breaking my heart so much that my own dad doesn’t approve. He still wont stop bringing it up and he just doesnt understand that college isnt for me. How do I ignore this and handle this pain?
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  • Husband will not have sex with me because of my pelvic pain?

    We have been married 4 years and have barely had sex at all with each other. He refuses because I have endometriosis and usually have to stop because of pain, therefore he decided he is not going to have sex with me at all. I am very conflicted about what to do. He is not cheating (he works with all guys and I know where he is at all times, plus he has not shown signs of cheating and I do check his phone/email.) I have brought this up to him numerous times and every time it's the same answer. There is no physical contact (kissing, cuddling, etc.) In our marriage and I hate it. Should I get divorced? I do love him but hate what our marriage has turned out to be. We do not have any kids if it helps.
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  • Does going for a cup of coffee with a female worker of mine make me a womanizer?

    My wife “has found out” about this. It wasn’t even a secret. It was not a date. It was just coffee. People do this all the time. I want to build friendships at work. This will come very handy in time.
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  • What’s the first step into marriage?

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