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  • What do I do with my faking marriage?

    Best answer: lol troll

    if this is real then divorce her obvi
    7 answers 1 day ago Marriage & Divorce
  • What do I wear to my boyfriend's costume party?

    My boyfriend is having a Halloween party very soon, I can't figure out a costume/ makeup look. I want something that him or his mom will like but also stays true to me. Suggestions? Him and I's common interests: - Supernatural (TV show) -The Walking Dead (TV show) -anime His mom and i's common interests: -supernatural -the Walking Dead -The originals (vamp diaries spinoff) OR, should I go for a makeup look (sfx) that'll wow everyone? AGH I just wanna make a good impression bc this will be the first time I'be gone to his house
    27 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Poll are you going to stay single for the rest of your life?

    227 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • How can I just straight up ask on of these guys to have sex with me?

    Call me a slut, I don't care, but I've been feeling really horny lately. My ex boyfriend and I broke up 6 months ago and I haven't had sex since then. Masturbating doesn't help anymore. There's this group of pretty awkward, nerdy guys I know. I have heard them talking about how hot they think I am, so I know at least one of them would want to have sex with me. They are all nice virgin guys too, so they would probably be considerate to me in bed. How can I just ask one of them for sex? I don't want to seem like a hooker or something, I just want to know how to lead on that I would have sex with one of them if they asked me?
    92 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • How many sexual partners should a guy at least have by the age of 30?

    as in not be looked down as less of a man?
    135 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Agree or disagree: men tend to prefer beautiful women over ugly ones?

    90 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • What should I do about my daughter?

    My daughter is 19 years old. She’s a freshman in community college, which I pay for. I pay her car insurance ($2,000/yr), car repairs (thousands of dollars over two years), and she lives here rent free. I also buy all her food and toiletries. She’s in school about 9 hours a week over three days. I don’t think she has much homework. She has a job where she works 2-3 days a week for about 10-12 hours on average for the week. She only pays for her gas and for clothes. Should I continue doing this? She always says she’s so busy but she spends more time with her boyfriend than she does at school or work and sometimes getting her to do chores around the house becomes a chore for me.
    90 answers 3 days ago Family
  • How would you feel if your partner told you that they don't love you anymore and they want a divorce soon as possible?

    27 answers 12 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • My Gf wants to see me naked im 14?

    Best answer: If you don't feel comfortable doing it, don't do it and let her know. She needs to respect your decision on this. Should she still insist, that's obviously not respecting your own wishes or you at all.
    28 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • My friends are excluding me?

    My friends have been excluding me from group partys and such. I don't know what to do and I can't talk to them, I'm afraid they have more reason to hate me. A couple of them have also been making up things and telling people behind my back. All I want to do right now is be with my friends but I can't.
    19 answers 17 hours ago Friends
  • If your neighbor was beating his wife, would you get involved?

    If you heard your neighbor's wife screaming and crying as her husband jumped on her, calling her all types of obscenities, and striking her with his belt, would you get involved?
    31 answers 1 day ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Would a guy be okay with dating a kinky virgin or is that weird?

    I am a 23 yr old female and still a virgin. I've always been very shy and grew up reserved. But Secretly I am very kinky. I've had some bdsm experiences and love it. But I've never gotten around to having sex with a man. It's so embarrassing when guys find out and they are turned off from my virgin status. They think that because I am a virgin, I am too innocent and taking my virginity would be stressful. I like spanking and submission and a whole bunch of other things. Do I have a chance with a guy? I think I am pretty, its just I don't talk to a lot of guys. I don't know what to do. I don't want guys to think I'm weird for being a virgin, or a freak because of my fetishes. I don't want to be a virgin for another few years. But I am very shy when talking to guys I'm interested in. Any advice?
    13 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Do you have friends that you have never met?

    39 answers 2 days ago Friends
  • My parents are away on holiday, do you think my older sister is being cruel and mean for not getting me out of a school punishment ?

    my parents are on holiday and my older sister is in charge she is 23, she is a secondary teacher ( NOT AT MY SCHOOL ) on Monday I had an after school detention for bad behavouir it lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes, my friends were going bowling so I skipped it ( DETENTION IS FOR LOSERS ) the problem is it states that any student missing a detention will go straight into a FULL Saturday detention. today the headmaster gave me my timetable for Saturday detention it is HORRIBLE. 845am registration and FULL school uniform inspection, 9am-- 12 am punishment essays 12 am-- 1pm lunch we have to bring in a packed lunch, we can go into the playground if we want, 1pm-- 3pm copy out punishment essays 3pm--315pm break, 315--5pm write an essay on what we have learned from Saturday detention, 5pm --515pm tidy classroom hand in punishment essays, go home. it states quite clearly that the only way a student can get Saturday detention postphoned is in an emergency and guardian signs a letter saying they have a wedding or doctors etc. tomorrow is my friends 16th party and I am invited it is at a TOP theme park, MY QUESTION, I asked my sister to lie and sign the letter so I could get out of punishment, she said NO WAY I have broken the rules and MUST be punished, I think she is mean and cruel what do you think ?
    11 answers 12 hours ago Family
  • Is 18 to young to be married?

    Best answer: No I married at 16 41 years ago still incredibly happy and satisfied with my guy
    27 answers 1 day ago Marriage & Divorce
  • What does it mean when a guy asks to be called "daddy"?

    98 answers 4 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Should I break up with my boyfriend? Is this considered cheating?

    I walked in on my boyfriend and his best friend making out on the bed with only boxers on. When I saw them I was so shocked, I walked out the house and my boyfriend tried to talk to me as I was storming out. He was saying that they only were experimenting and it was just for fun. I don't know, because if it was a girl I would be WAY MORE MAD because he's never said he was bi/gay or anything other than straight. So idk if their experiment is cheating or they were actually having some kind of low key affair . Also, the friend he was kissing has a girlfriend too, so idk if I should inform her. I'm so conflicted. I've told my boyfriend I need some time to think about it and I'm staying with my friend at the moment. Should I ask him if he has feelings for his friend? or believe what he is saying... do guys randomly make out with each other for fun when they are not drunk or at a party? like it was just just them two alone and it was like an hour after they finish their work. :/ HELP ME
    24 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Can a marriage survive if his in-laws don’t like you and yours don’t like him?

    32 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Is it weird that my girlfriend refuses to give me head?

    Best answer: Thats ok. You can get head from lots of other people.
    20 answers 16 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • My bf of nearly 6 mo. wants me to pay for everything on dates (says he has no $); when I m not around he spends money on things. What to do?

    6 answers 3 hours ago Singles & Dating