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  • My husband keeps forgetting to flush the toilet what can i do?

    So he leaves for work i say around 5:30am usually. Lately (my job is at night but because of the coronavirus im jot working at the moment) when I wake up in the morning and go in the bathroom i notice my husband forgets to flush the toilet. I dont want to wake up every morning and see a toilet full of piss (and when we were just dating he NEVER did this at his parents house). I tried confronting him multiple times but he doesnt listen. Now i am just fed up. What can i do to make him flush the damn toilet??
    31 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Am I going to die?

    I have a cough and headache is it defo Coronavirus?
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  • Do you think China is responsible for this epidemic (coronavirus ) and why?

    Best answer: For sure the virus-19 came from China, and they could have informed the national health organization sooner the Dec. 31st.  When of the 160,000 cases, 50,000 happened in the last weeks.  But by far every country was told well before their was more then a few dozen cases shortly after China informed the world about an virus epidemic, which in a few weeks later turned into a pandemic health crisis. In just a few weeks, a few hundred turned into a few thousand.  More than 10 times, what was predicted. It slowed a bit to 5 times that number, and still most countries did very little. It was not until China, Italy, ordered people to stay home before America started to do half as much. And another month before we America state by state closed most business. And even in the last week, Detroit, Florida, and New Orleans did not, and And thousands of people were infected. Which some experts say they could have infected a few hundred thousand before they were hospitalized. and separated from everyone else.  
    18 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • My mom won't let me leave the house at all even to get food. I am 24. What can I do?

    29 answers 1 day ago Family
  • My boyfriend doesn’t want to do the things that get me off, ex; finger me because the “wetness grosses him out”? ?

    I thought this was a bit wild but I would never make him do something he didn’t want to do, so I just roll with it. He’s perfect in every other way, and while sex is not an essential, it makes me sad he gets to be satisfied every single time. He’s doesn’t last more than a few minutes, I’m starting to get tired of it and not wanting sex at all. Has this become a problem that will only get bigger? 
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  • My gf is a slut? what should i do? ?

    My gf is getting out of hand. She's been asking me to choke and spank her in the bedroom, i do it, but i feel like thats a strange thing to ask for. The last few times we've had dinner with my family she's rubbed the outside of my pants under the table which get's me too hard to get up without it being noticeable. Anytime I get her alone she wants my pants off immediately and I honestly can't keep up. So bad to the point where two weeks ago at my family's vacation spot, we were getting ready to go to dinner and my mom came in the room while she was giving me a bj!!!! I told her to stop because we had reservations but she said it would be quick. I am an adult so It's not that we were any way in trouble, it was the fact that we told my mom that we were getting ready to go to dinner and it just looked terrible. My parents say they like her, but i dont know if they really do. Should I break up with her or what? I love her, but I dont think she will change. this is only getting worse. 
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  • My boyfriend hit me. Please read?

    Last week my boyfriend lost it. I said something about going out that pissed him off, he came over, pegged my phone at the wall, it cracked a little and he started choking me hard. I eventually passed out and when I came too, he was still choking me and shouting in my face. He was saying how he would make me look so ugly that I wouldn’t want to leave the house when he’s done with me, he also called me a sl*t multiple times and said “you know how much I love you but yet you still decide to piss me off”. I freaked out when I realised he wasn’t going to stop choking me and I slapped him across the face. He slapped me back harder and threw me off the bed before he got on top of me and continued to hit me in the face and tell me to “stop trying to make him the bad guy”. He then grabbed me by my wrists and dragged me back onto the bed where he hit me again and then got up. Then he told me what a horrible person I am and that he’s the only one who really knows me and knows how much of a b’tch I am. I was historical at this point, cradling myself on the bed and crying my eyes out. He just continued to stare down at me in the most degrading way. He then left, came back and told me I should apologise to him. I told him he’s crazy and left the room. We live together, and it’s been incredibly hard to keep my distance so we’re pretty much back to normal now (I know it’s a bad idea but I don’t know what to do or who to ask for advice). Please someone tell me what I should do :|
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  • Since i'm never gonna lose my virginity, what can I do to make myself feel better?

    36 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • I cheated on my wife? Was I wrong?

    My wife and I got into an argument on our anniversary. She wanted to go to the movies, but I told her I didn't feel like it, since her taste in movies is pretty much crap, and that's just what I told her. After I told her that, we got into a heated argument and then she walked out and said "I'll go by myself!" She ticked me off so I called up my friend who I have known since middle school to have sex with me. She came over and we had sex. She was about to get dressed and then my wife came through the door and started swearing at me and crying. I told her "You f'ng asked for it bi*ch!" Now she is threatening to divorce me. I don't feel that I was wrong for cheating since we got into an argument. I think it was justified.
    28 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • At what age do americans generaly marry ?

    18 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • How do you tell your husband that you want to hang out with a male friend alone but Nothing is going to happen?  ?

    29 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Life after lottery win?

    Two years ago I was lucky enough to win a substantial amount playing lottery, just over 55 million dollars. I was 26 at the time, in my last year of law school with a girlfriend of 3 years. It was great obviously, I bought a house, cars, travelled and helped a lot of family and friends. No I didn't spend all the money now, in fact with investments I have more now than 2 years ago. What I don't have is true friends, I broke up with my girlfriend because she became obsessive and only cared about money. So many friends and family did the same. It's so hard to meet new people now because I never knew if it's the material things or me. Don't get me wrong money buys you a lot but happiness it buys is definitely not permanent..so how do you try and live a good life in this situation?
    11 answers 1 day ago Family
  • My mom's boyfriend won't leave me alone?

    He harasses me everyday. He follows me around the house. He stands there and looks at me. He gives off rapey vibes. 
    12 answers 2 days ago Family
  • My wife left me for no reason after 14 years.?

    14 answers 13 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • My girlfriend and I are engaged after 4 months. Did we make the right decision?

    I’ve dated many women from every walk of life and my recent girlfriend and i have been dating for 4 months. She’s the best woman I’ve ever dated and I’m crazy about her. i can see her being a great mother and even better wife. She has stated that she can see a future with me and that I’m everything she’s been looking for as I feel the same about her. Just recently she brought up that she wants to get married next year. I’m 32, she’s gonna be 35 and we both have intentions to start a family. Her concern as is mine is starting a family late as we are both not getting any younger. She wants to book a wedding a year from now so that we have a date. I did intend to propose at the end of the year and she knew my intentions which is why she wanted to get the wedding planned. I know a lot of family and friends are going to criticize me for doing something this early but we both feel good about it. Wanted to hear some advice from some of yall 
    42 answers 4 days ago Singles & Dating
  • How do I get revenge on a girl who rejected me?

    21 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • I blame my parents for the reason I'm struggling financially since they chose to disinherit me. Agree or disagree?

    67 answers 5 days ago Family
  • Why were my parents so tired that they had to crash at a hotel?

    My parents are 34 and 35. Last night they went on a date but told me that they would br back for the night. Well they didn't come back but when they came back the next day they told me that it wss because they were so tired that they just wanted to sleep immediatly so they got a hotel room.
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  • How do I get a boyfriend when all the good men are already married and all that's left is losers?

    I'm 38 years old and all of the men who are single are either divorced already with baggage and kids from another woman, deadbeats and unemployed losers, or drug addicts/alcoholics who don't want to be tied down and still go to the bar and party all the time. All the men who have good jobs, are responsible and good people, and are good looking are all married
    32 answers 4 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • I am so worried about all my summer plans now likely ruined by Coronavirus. How do I not care and move on?

    Best answer: It's OK to care but it'll do no good to worry about it - things are changing on a daily basis, there's no way of knowing what tomorrow or next week or two months from now will bring.
    7 answers 10 hours ago Marriage & Divorce