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  • Do white girls like asian penises?

    Best answer: White girls luvs asian men's nutsack thats 4 sure.

    everyone see its here:

    18 answers 6 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • Have you ever purchased any sex toys?

    105 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ASSAULTED in dating or relationship. reaction?

    46 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • I cheated on my girlfriend should i tell her?

    I get plenty of girls who smile at me and flirt with me and i just cant help myself... i accidentally just get between their legs somehow. Im a man...
    23 answers 15 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • Why are you single?

    191 answers 4 days ago Other - Family & Relationships
  • How to turn down an ugly girl that likes me?

    Best answer: Grow a set of balls and tell her to "**** off."
    136 answers 4 days ago Singles & Dating
  • My boyfriend is spending less and less time with me?

    I have been in this relationship for 1 year. For that year, it was incredibly full on. He was the most devoted boyfriend one could imagine. We spent almost all of our time together and both loved it. He told his parents about me, that he thinks he's met the girl he wants to marry and have a family with. He let some friendships slip, but was gradually getting them back and seeing people a bit more, often asking me to come along and join in. It felt like he wanted me as a part of his world, whoever he was with. Recently, we started fighting over small things. After the second big fight he became so distant that I asked him whether he wanted to break up. He again became angry at the suggestion that we should break up, saying that would never be what he wanted. Eventually he said that perhaps he needed a break for a few days, to sort out his thoughts and work out why he was being so distant. We met a few days later and established that we wanted the relationship to work, and we should now move forward. He told me that he loves me, and his dreams for the future are still there. But we talked about how we had gone so quickly so soon and were living on top of each other, so perhaps we needed to carve out some more time to spend with others. Continued below
    76 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • My fiancée isn’t sure if she wants to take my last name. Is it wrong that this matters to me?

    She doesn't want to hyphenate it either . She says her identity is important to her . Okay , I get the identity part . But I am not taking away anything from her if she takes my last name . She will still be the same person , it will just validate the fact that she has accepted me totally . I am traditional when it comes to this . My mom did it , so many of my friends' wives have done it , so why is she making a big deal out of it . I have made it clear to her that it matters to me but she is unwilling. Am I wrong
    58 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • I caught my wife sleeping with another guy?

    I was so angry and felt betrayed. I just couldn't help it and slapped her. I thought she is so innocent and loving but she proved herself to be a b grade prostitute. I hate her so much after what happened. It makes me feel that all women are cheaters and bad by nature.
    29 answers 21 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Why does my wife never wear the lingerie that I bought for her?

    21 answers 3 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Why does my bf constantly put me down?

    He calls me names and makes me feel like an idiot. Idk what to do anymore. plz help
    185 answers 4 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Can an abusive man change on their own without intervention?

    The last time he beat me, he was drunk it was over a year ago, &always blames stress. It makes me feel like he wants to kill me. He never apologizes & says he doesn't blame me if I want to leave. I told him how it made me feel &I felt he was going to kill me the last time, he responded, "I'm glad I didn't" & kind of said it with a smile on his face. I feel really stupid staying in this relationship, but I also feel trapped because we have 6 children together. I could get a job making good money but it's 12 hours every evening & almost 2hours driving time &would be away from my children a lot &it really hurts me. I feel like I've sacrificed so much just to be with him & I don't know why when he flips out occasionally & hurts me. He's also been emotionally &verbally abusive to the extreme. I don't have enough room to type it all. I daydream I could come across a couple hundred thousand dollars &buy a house & pay off car & leave him &could just get a day time job & still be with my kids a lot. I'm so torn &don't know what to do. He's been nice here lately &it gives me hope, but this has happened time & time again. I don't know why I keep putting up with it & every time I wonder if this is the time he's going to change. I really need help. I love him but I know what I need to do &just can't because of the sacrifices with my kids. I'm so sad deep down and trying to put on a happy face to pretend it's all ok & it isn't. There's just so much I could say.
    42 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Can i ask a hot guy i know why his girlfriend is so fat?

    like she's pretty but she's super fat. she might weigh 300 pounds. is he a chubby chaser or sexually attracted to fat women or something? he seems NORMAL. HELP!
    14 answers 14 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • When counting people to plan a wedding would kids count?

    Im planning my lake wedding at Lake lanier and I am making the guest list but my question is when counting adults, would their children count as people? for the number of tables and chairs and paying for the open bar...
    39 answers 2 days ago Weddings