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  • Women are you jealous of pornstars?

    Best answer: They all wish they could look like them
    228 answers 4 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Rate me 1-10?

    Best answer: 19 out of 10... your drop dead gorgeous
    225 answers 6 days ago Singles & Dating
  • FAMILY MEMBER DEATHS- have you gotten over all of them?

    116 answers 3 days ago Family
  • My baby is not my husbands, it is his best friends and he wants a paternity test. What should I do?

    Best answer: Go have an abortion and tell him you miscarried.
    98 answers 5 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • I am 13 and I have a gf and I wanna spend the rest of my life with her is that crazy she wants to as well and we really love each other?

    179 answers 5 days ago Singles & Dating
  • My boyfriend slept with a prostitue whilst we were on a break.?

    We only had a two week break, and he slept with a prostitute on day ten. I m absolutely mortified... he says it has never happened before and would never happen again. Would you take him back or not? I don t know whether it s cheating or not. I m so upset.
    154 answers 5 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Is 35 old? Be honest?

    Best answer: It's all a matter of perspective.
    35 seems ancient to a 10 year old.
    35 seems old to an 18 year old
    35 seems young to a 60 year old.
    226 answers 7 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Can you get married without rings and have second wedding later on?

    So me and my partner haven't got the mony at the moment but want to get married so could we get married without rings then couple years later get like re married and have proper ceremony with rings?
    56 answers 5 days ago Birds
  • Does she look ugly or like a chipmunk?

    197 answers 7 days ago Singles & Dating
  • A world without white people would be______?

    159 answers 7 days ago Singles & Dating
  • I'm having an affair I want to end it but I am scared of him. What should I do?

    I am 25 I've been dating a married man for 4 years now. I have never been married, I have a son with him already who is 2 years old. I'm 11 weeks pregnant, I am too scared to tell him because when I told him I was pregnant with my son he got mad. After our son was born he took me to the doctor's to go on birth control that wasn't the pill, I got the injection every 6 months but I must have left it a few weeks too long he last time I got the injection. I rely heavily on him he is a surgeon and very wealthy I am a nurse but I am only working 3 days a week. He provides our son and me with a house he pays the rent and visits us a couple of nights a week and sometimes if his wife is away he will stay with us. Before I discovered I was pregnant I wanted to leave him because he is very controlling, if he found out that I had gone out and left our son with a sitter he gets mad and says mean things to me. Also, he will never leave his wife and I want to be married some day. What should I do? I've thought about moving away and just sending him a message that I'm expecting but I feel it's disrespectful and I cant afford to move away. I also worry that if I leave him he will never see our kids and I dont want that. I'm very worried and scared please give me advice
    51 answers 4 days ago Other - Family & Relationships
  • How does my mom know things I've said on messages?

    My mom always knows What I've said on messages when I haven't even told her and it's really annoying me. Like for Instance, me and my friends will have an argument and my mom will know about it when I have said NOTHING about it and I've deleted all conversations with my friends. She also knows when me and my friends are planning to do things and she knows where I'm going. I delete all my messages and everything and don't speak to my mom about it. I know this sounds like a stupid question, but HOW does my mom know all this???
    50 answers 5 days ago Friends
  • I have a husband but i want to have sex with this other guy really bad do I do it and not tell him?

    95 answers 5 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Poll: Do you have friends?

    118 answers 6 days ago Friends
  • Is kindness real?

    Best answer: If ever you received a kindness when you were low, then the heart knows this as the realness of it touches you in such a way, it changes the way you feel concerning many things ~ new realms are opened in some lovely ways. Not only does kindness meet needs, it renews hope!
    50 answers 5 days ago Philosophy
  • Sex while having morning sickness? I don't want to deny my husband. Help!?

    Best answer: No sex for a week? The poor baby (meaning your husband) should live… After all, you can't have sex for about a month after the birth. Let's face it, if you're throwing up, you're throwing up. You won't be in the mood and neither of you will enjoy intimacy that way.

    My BTDT tip for morning sickness? Ginger. Ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger hard candies, water with ginger, etc. Then eat light/bland. Crackers, pasta with olive oil, soups (veggie or chicken broth), oatmeal, rice, etc.

    If you are feeling sick around the clock, talk to your doctor about medication to curb the nausea. Morning sickness is normal. Severe nausea is dangerous as it can lead to dehydration.
    25 answers 4 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Is my sister being fair? (Read details)?

    Hi I'm 16 and my older sister who is 21 is getting married soon. She has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and of course I said yes, but she won't let me choose the dress that I will be wearing on the day? I've found what I think is my dream bridesmaids dress but she said "no it doesn't go" what does that even mean!? I'd obviously pair it with shoes, hair and makeup that "Go" with the dress!! 😡
    47 answers 4 days ago Weddings
  • Is it bad that I had 7 abortions in my life?

    I'm 24 and I do not want to have a kid. I know that most people have that at my age but I rather get a career now than lay on the couch for the next 8 years forced to do nothing. I decided that I don't want kids until I'm in my 30.I finished college now going to beauty school, I live with my parents still with no real job and having a kid now wouldn't be cute to me it would be suicide..I been having abortions since I was 16 and if I get pregnant to now to 5 years I definitely will have abortions again..is this bad?
    90 answers 6 days ago Singles & Dating
  • How do you get married when you cannot afford a wedding?

    Hello! I'm in need of some Christian advice.. My boyfriend and I are moving to a new area for jobs, family, school, and other opportunities. We are moving into an apartment together and I'm worried because we are not married. We both want to be married and are serious about marriage, but we've ran into some obstacles. First of all, we have no money for the wedding my boyfriend and his family wants. So we thought, "Let's go to the courthouse and get married" because neither of us want to live in sin. But my boyfriend is very traditional, wants a traditional wedding in a church with our friends and family, and wants to give me everything he thinks a wedding should be. So we are stuck.. I do not want him to marry me in a way he is not comfortable with, but the most important thing is that we do not live in sin and that we get married. So we thought about going somewhere to get married now and have our wedding at a later date, but my boyfriend says it may not feel as real for him if we do that. What are our options? Is there a way to dedicate our lives and our marriage to God but then have a ceremony later like my boyfriend and his family want? We aren't sure if we just want to get married under God that we have to still get a marriage license or if there is a way to do all of this without one. We basically want to get married under God right now and then get married legally and traditionally at a later time. I'm lost. What are our options?
    84 answers 7 days ago Weddings
  • My 15y/o cousin just told me that she's pregnant?

    My younger cousin has only just turned 15 and had been acting really strange the last few weeks, I asked her multiple times what was wrong and she just wouldn't tell me. Eventually she broke down in tears and told me everything... She's 9 weeks pregnant, doesn't want an abortion, doesn't want to tell her parents and her mum hates her boyfriend. She's so scared and stressed out and my heart literally broke for her. She's so young, too young to be dealing with something like this. She's tiny too, she has like AA sized boobs and hasn't even finished going through puberty. Will her body even be able to handle having a baby?? I tried to discus the abortion idea with her a little more but she said she definitely doesn't want to do that and doesn't want her parents to know about her pregnancy because she feels like they will force her into it. I really don't know what to do... She wants me to come with her to all her appointments but I feel bad doing this behind her parents backs but I definitely can't tell them either because it's up to her to tell them. Please help, I need advice!!
    43 answers 4 days ago Family