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  • How to get over someone? Please help me?

    Best answer: Time. You need to take time to get to know yourself and grow as a person. It will get better in time and you will realize that there are sooooo many people in this world. You keep focusing on what will never be - how could you even imagine what could be? Time has a way of bringing things into focus more clearly and in that time things will naturally fall into place. Be patient, good things come to those who wait.
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  • Did I assault her?

    I was hanging out with a girl and wasn’t sure if it was a date or friend type thing but was fine either way. We mini golfed and went to dinner, then walked around a lake. During the walk I felt her hand slip into mine-it felt like we mutually just grabbed hands. We held hands and walked and she was smiling and talking still. Eventually we sat down on a bench and her arm was touching mine so I put my arm around her. She started playing with my hand/arm and was still smiling. We walked and talked about hanging out again, paddle boarding or smoking, still holding hands. In the car on the way back she started stroking my neck with her fingers so I did the same to her thigh. In her driveway I parked the car, looked over, made eye contact, and leaned in. We kissed for a few seconds then said bye. Later that night I texted her saying I had a good time, and she said she had a good time too. A couple days later I asked if she wanted to hang again but I got ghosted. A few weeks later I asked her if everything was alright and she said she didn’t think it was a date. Did I completely do all that stuff without her consent???
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  • I caught my 18 year old son poisoning our dog, what should I do?

    So I put up hidden cameras in my kitchen since there would be dishes in the sink when I wake up, and when I reviewed the footage I saw my son with pills and he had cut up hotdogs and stuffed it with pills, I haven't confronted my son yet for killing the family pet and I want to know how I should approach this, since I've never encountered a scenario so disturbing.
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  • As a girl, should I be driving an hour for a first date?

    I live in the suburbs. I live an hour away from a major city. This guy I’m talking to (who lives in the city) wants me to come to the city for the first date? What is your take? Should I drive to the city? Should he be coming to see me for the first date? Or should we meet halfway?
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  • Why is my sister so ugly?

    I am the oldest and I am very pretty, everyone tells me that. My youngest sister is also adorable but somehow my 13 years old middle sister didn't inherit those genes. She's so ugly and it's so embarrassing. How do I make her pretty? I don't want my sister to be ugly.
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  • My wife who is dying wants me to remarry for the kids, what do tell her?

    My wife and I have been married for 3 years, she was diagnosed with leukemia and she beat it but it came back and its terminal. My wife wants me to marry her best friend so our son won't grow up without a mother, the best friend is okay with this. I'm an emotional wreck because I feel like I won't be able to properly grieve my wife and this makes me very sad. Her best friend is a kind woman and I have no doubt she'll be a great step mom. Am I being selfish about this?
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  • Should I end things with my boyfriend of 3 years?

    Best answer: Things DO go fine at first. And once you are with someone, the problems start to surface. This is greatest after about 1-3 years of living together.
    Things will get worse before they get better .. and it takes 15-20 years of marriage for them to get better.

    So if you have tried everything and nothing changes and you are not happy with it, then don't waste much more time being unhappy.

    Understand that no matter who we get together with, there will be imperfections and issues, even if we saw no indication of them before we moved in with them.

    Also understand that the "spark" is not love. It is our subconscious reacting to their subconscious signals by releasing neurochemicals that make us "high" over the other. And that sooner or later, our brain returns to normal and the "spark" dies.
    Love is a choice and an action . not our attachment to how WE feel.
    And as for chemistry, the stronger it is at the start, the worse the relationship turns out to be.

    You are worried you won't find someone better?
    Better to live alone and learn how to be happy and whole and complete .. than to resign yourself to an unsatisfying life with someone you are not happy with.
    So what if you never find someone better? Worse things could happen in life.

    He is who he is .. and you either accept him for who he is .. or you should not be with him. No judgement here .. you are the only one who knows what you can and cannot accept, and the only one who knows if you can accept who he is .. or not.
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  • I’m 23 years old and I live with my parents do I have to listen to them and my mom and dad threaten me about turning my phone off?

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  • What are some reasons why people adopt kids instead of having their own?

    Best answer: I can’t speak for everyone, but if I decide to raise kids, I’ll adopt. I’d rather help someone who’s already here and don’t want to pass on my genetics. I also wouldn’t have to destroy my body with pregnancy.

    But some people do it because they’re infertile, think the world is overpopulated, etc.
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  • Should I ask him for help or should I just practice?

    Best answer: Firat of all he's an assho1e. You need to get some self respect and say NO when you dont want to do something. Your body is not meant for another mans pleasure. I'm a guy too and some of us are repulsed by how submissive some girls are even though its in their nature. Oral is okay only if the favor ia returned, in my opinion. Other wise if he has you go down on him but he won't do it for you, then thats just degrading.

    Avoid the boy from now on.
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  • Do you think this is normal?

    Best answer: its not normal, you need to tell the cps about it or find another place to live
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  • Will a size 9 penis hurt me if i had sex one time by a dude way smaller? I was a virgin and I now have a boyfriend who's alot bigger!?

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  • Does my fiance not respect me?

    We have been together for 4 years. We're about to be married next month. We love each other and have worked hard through and for our relationship. He's always been pretty hot headed naturally and he has calmed down a lot over the years. I feel like recently he's been taking his anger out on me. Today on text, he told me to shut up. I asked him not to say that bc I find it disrespectful. He said "I will. You don't allow me to say anything." I said that was immature. He said: "Fking be quiet. I'm not in the mood. Don't speak to me, I have enough going on & don't need you complaining over little things." I told him he can't take it out on me & I will point out if he's being rude. He replied: "Fking bequiet you're doing my head in. Just fking shut up." He said hes had his own sht goin on&all i care about is him telling me shut up. I said I'm here for you but i wont tolerate disrespect. He said he needs a break from me for a couple days cos ive been selfish,keep complaining. All of this hurt me madly cos were a month from our wedding. I get he was mad. I was wrong to keep going on knowing hes mad but i didn't want to tolerate being sworn at.
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  • How should I ask her out?

    I’m a 21 year old guy. Recently, I got a cute girl on suggested on Instagram. She lives in my city. I followed her and she followed me back. She’s 18. We have similar interests. We have liked and sent messages back and fourth. I want a date with her. I need s romantic angle here. Maybe I should ask her to meet for coffee or something? Or dinner? Or a walk in this park I like to go to? Ice cream? I need advice here.
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  • I dont want to make a decision without my husband but he’s making no effort?

    I received a job offer to teach at a university in Tulsa OK. We currently live in Michigan. My husband does plumbing and his company has branches in Tulsa he could apply to plus, there are plumbing jobs everywhere. The problem is my husband has never actually been to Tulsa. He only gets 2 weeks vacation per year which he unfortunately used to visit his father back in May who was very ill. Financially this would be a great opportunity for our family. Im currently unemployed and we are struggling a bit financially. I told my husband that I am not comfortable accepting the job without getting his input on the area and whether he feels it would be a good fit for him. He’s refusing to take any sick days to fly out there with me to look at the area and told me he can’t go look until January when he has vacation time built up again. He told me just go out there by myself with the kids, find a town with a good school district for the kids and to just accept the job. He said he will then see if he can eventually get something out there or not. I’m concerned about doing this all on my own. I’m also concerned about resentment on his end. What if he hates the area? It’s very far from family.
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  • If your kids felt really uncomfortable with your new partner living at the house what would you do?

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  • Whats the difference between taking a break and breaking up?

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  • I'm an atheist, leftist, vegetarian, and I have many tattoos, would I fit in well in Los Angeles or San Francisco?

    Best answer: Do you like your food from a farm or a factory?
    Veggie food in LA is only from a factory....
    - Impossible Burger
    - Beyond Beef
    - Plant Power Fast Food...

    LA isn't really much of a leftist place. I don't know any Bernie or AOC supporters.
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  • Would it be cruel to kick my son out?

    My son just graduated high school a few months ago and isn't going to college. He also refuses to get a job. He stays home and plays video games all day and all night.It's been like that for the past 3 months. Should I tell him that unless he gets a job, he will have to leave my house?
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  • 22-Year-Old Hanging Out With A 5 Year old?

    I'm 22 years old and i like to hangout with my 5 year old best friend! we play fortnite on the ps4! Is it okay or it is strange to hang out with him?
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