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  • Should husbands get vasectomies when their wives demand it, or should they get new wives?

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  • If your husband/wife told you that you couldn’t leave the house without asking permission what would you do?

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  • Sexless marriage ?

    My husband and I have been together for 5 years.  For the first 2 years our sex life was great, had it’s occasionally dry spells but nothing more than a week or two. We had fun , we were spontaneous. I didn’t have to beg, I mean it flowed.  Fast forward 3 years. No sex, barely touches and the extremely rare occasion (once every few months) he sees me naked and we have a quickie. He gets off, I’m left in the dust to take care of myself later on.  I’ve tried therapy, he won’t do it. I’ve tried getting his t levels tested. That’s normal. I’ve tried getting him to seek out help for depression. He won’t do it. I’ve tried changing my look, he doesn’t even notice and that doesn’t increase his appetite. I’ve tried lingerie, worked once years ago. I dress cute and sexy he don’t seem to care. I’ve even suggested open relationship to get sexual satisfaction and he can’t do it. He says ; “he can’t live with knowing another man ****** me” I told him he could seek sexual attention elsewhere. I’ve suggested maybe a 3some. He ain’t having that either.  I’ve tried talking with him, asking his preferences, asking what I can do to help. I’ve cried , pleaded, withheld, initiated, not initiated . Tried date nights. No luck.  Every other man in my life fancies me and flirts with me, even his friends. I’m a young, attractive, intelligent and confident women. But my own husband doesn’t notice. Why? What am I doing wrong?
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  • I can't stop cheating on my husband. I love him but I crave the high. Advice?

    He's forgiven me 3 yes for cheating. I believe he probably cheated too and that's why he managed to forgive me a lot. I can't imagine my life without my husband but like every 6 months I have a new interest I have a new guy I'm obsessed with. I don't know if it's because me and my husband fight every day or because he's been my only long term partner. Ive been in lots of short term flings but this is my only long term relationship. I prayed and wished for a stable guy for so long so why do I finally have someoje stable and now I crave excitement. My husband is a good provider but kind of boring and I haven't been able to catch em orgasm the entire 4 years we have been married. I did sleep with another man who I became obsessed with but I also wanted to see if it was my husband I couldn't get an orgasm with or if it's just something wrong with my body. Also in the very beginning of our relationship my husband was emotionally abusive so that might be why my attention is always elsewhere
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  • My wife's feelings took a backseat and she trusts her religious upbringing more than our daily interactions to make decisions, what do I do?

    My wife has declared that she is the matriarch of the family (basically she wears the pants in the family not me) because she feels that my decisions have been too liberal and amoral so she took away my rights as an equal partner over a decade ago. Her puritan beliefs have done an "okay" job with our family (not our marriage, I've been on here complaining for years about it), but now that the kids are teens and having impure thoughts and impure interactions my wife is buckling down on them instead of letting them go to make decisions that aren't in line with her puritan/episcopal/catholic beliefs. For an example, our 18 year old recently adopted daughter wants to have a 22 year old boyfriend (very common in today's culture) and she wants to do sleep overs with them since she is a legal adult now (and on birth control). My wife isn't okay with that and has forbid it but as far as modern society says, a woman is in charge of her body at 18 and she can do whatever she wants. So her puritan beliefs are in the way of today's culture and I don't know what to do. Before you tell me to let the two of them sort it out, her puritan beliefs really hurts our marriage too. I am an agnostic modern man; I believe in frequent fellatio and kinky stuff like anal sex. Since my wife is a puritan, she believes the only "right" way to have sex is vaginal and it should only be done to make babies. If I complain enough she'll do the impure act of oral sex but I shouldn't have to beg.
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  • Is this relationship normal or should I breakup and move on?

    Best answer: its not a normal relationship you to arent compatible there should be more a connection, and sparks like your heart starts racing just looking at him across the room where you think about him all day and cant wait for end of the day to see him theres just no connection there id say keep him as a friend but its not fair to you to not feel those feelings i described, when you find that person you will understand what i mean and you will be glad you didnt just settle without experiencing true love hope this helps
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  • Why do people cheat a lot in marriages?

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  • Is there actually a thing as guys who don't want to have sex with their wife?

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  • Coronavirus?

    have you prepared your self encase the coronavirus hits US in worse case scenario? and how.
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  • Gf has horrible stretchmarks. Should I dump her?

    My gf has stretchmarks everywhere on her body!! They're on her arms, hips,behind her knees,sides of legs, calves,thighs, and even near her vajay! I feel so bad for her. 
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  • What are some ways I can make 500 a week part time? ?

    I am just looking to “get by”.  No wife kids etc.  
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  • If husband refuse to have sex with wife?

    Best answer: I would check his pulse.  And his colour.  If he is bright blue and has no pulse it would explain the problem.  He is dead.
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  • Wife generally become sex manic after marriage.?

    She doesn't want to stop it....
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  • My boyfriend always brings up my weight in every topic.?

    First of all, we are both fat. I'm 210lbs and I'm 5'5. He's 5'9 and 255lbs. We met a year ago and he knew I was fat when he met me. He's the one that approached me in the very beginning and I weighed the same as I do now so he knew I was fat. Whenever I say something, he starts talking about my weight. At first, I ignored his comments and jokes about my weight and he has not stopped talking about it and bringing it up. He knew I was fat so why want a relationship with me? It gets very annoying. We had a normal talk about getting a kitten. He than made a comment and said I would crush the tiny kitten with my weight. He throws dumb jokes like that in every conversation and it's getting on my nerve. He's always pointing at my stomach and pinching it. It gets annoying. I feel like he's trying to make me insecure since he's insecure about his weight. Or am I taking it too serious? 
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  • Have you memorized your partner/spouse's SSN?

    Are we required to?
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  • Should I file for child support?

    My daughters father lived an hour away and saw his daughter twice a week. He then moved three hours away to “live the way he wants to live”. He pays $100 a week...sometimes. He gets behind because he spends his money in Nike clothes or for example, to go to Mardi Gras. He is constantly shorting me. I would like to file for support but I’m afraid I may get less than what I get now. I work full time and pay for daycare and everything she needs. He works and barely makes it. He has another child and he only pays 150 a month for him. This is in the state of Iowa. I’m also afraid that if I file, he could be able to take her with him for visitation and I’d have to meet him halfway. I don’t want to disrupt her life like that. 
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  • Are single women happier than married women? ?

    I mean marriage is all responsiblity and sacrifice. Isnt being single better? 
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  • I have sole custody of my 8 year old. The other parent has no custody other...?

    than parental rights and has been ordered supervised visitation but has only done about 10 hours in 2 years. I know the other parent will object me to move and moving from CA but i will be able to buy a much bigger home with my husband and 2 younger children from my current marriage. My husband will have a better paying job and i will be able to transfer my current position to OH as my corporate office is located there. Has anyone had an experience on this or have any advise? Thank You
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  • My wife won't give me anymore children ?

    We have 3 kids, 2 boys and one girl. She takes birth control and won't allow herself to become pregnant. I want at least 2 more kids and she won't give me that. We have good income and I make a lot of money. I've been treating her like crap lately since she doesn't want anymore children. She literally has an easy job as a stay at home mom and I work all day and we make good money and we can afford another kid. I told her I'm gonna cheat on her as a joke and she broke down crying but she still wasn't convinced to stop taking birth control and get pregnant. Do I have the right to divorce her and find a woman who can give me more kids?
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  • Is my brother losing his mind?

    My 50 year old brother is currently going through his 2nd divorce because he has a major problem with paying escorts for sex. Well, this morning he starts sending pictures in our family group chat of him and some VERY young looking girl all hugged up. He says she's a 21 year old college student studying to be a teacher. My siblings are like WTF!!!!! He's a deacon in his church but this is who he chooses to date and be seen with. I can't wait till he brings her around our parents and just wait for that warm reception from our mom. I really think he's going through some mid life crisis. What is he thinking? At 50 years old and a deacon in your church how do you have the balls to walk in with a 21 year old college student on your arm passing her off as your girlfriend? He must want people to talk about him. Is he losing his mind?
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