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  • How can you legally keep a dog that you found?

    Best answer: with that said let me tell you first that you are already the legal owner of the dog. A person can't throw away trash and then cry it was stolen. The dog was abandoned and showed signs of abused, and you are a hero because you nursed that dog back to full strength. now the abuser wants the dog back so they can abuse he/she all over again
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  • Why my puppy eats other dog poop while doesnt eat much of his food ?

    Every time i take him for a walk to the park or near river side he eats other dog crap while at home he doesnt eat his proper grain free dog food ( dry and wet mix with home made ) much . What could be wrong ?
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  • Complain to Petco?

    Best answer: Yes. This is irresponsible. In fact, these could even be considered to be illegal animal welfare violations, depending on where you live. For the sake of the chameleons, the other animals and, perhaps, even for your sake, please report this to your local SPCA or equivalent.
    If you are concerned about the animals being killed unnecessarily, providing you have the correct knowledge, environment, location, equipment and supplies, and providing that everyone else who lives with you or visits regularly are all okay with this, you could consider adopting one or two. You could also help promote the animals whilst they are up for adoption. You could also offer to donate or sponsor one or more of the animals, make sure that the money will benefit them and will not go towards the killing or mistreatment of them or any of the other animals.
    Best of luck.
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  • Is this bad for my kittens?

    So I helped give birth to these 5 kittens and their mother trusts me a lot since I've been with her since she was 2 months and right now the kittens are going on their third week and I see there are vets on the internet saying that cats start to help kittens socialize after a month or 2 but these kittens have been near me everyday and they come to me running everytime i call for them. Will this affect their development is what i'm trying to ask it's my first time raising newborns, thanks!!
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  • Is it time to put down my dog?

    My 15 year old Pomeranian has been looking week and tired than usual. He's recently had trouble walking on his own, meaning I have to pick him up and place him somewhere comfortable. He's also been crying just of this morning. Not whining, crying. Is it time to put down my dog?
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  • Can a dog walk on a fractured wrist?

    Best answer: If your dog is running and jumping at times, then the the dog in all probability has no broken bones anywhere.
    If any bones are broken the dog will hang the affected leg up and will not want to put it on the ground.
    If the lameness appears after exercise, then it may just be a sprained ligament. You don`t say if the dog is lame on front or back leg though.
    I assume by "wrist" you mean the front leg.
    Dogs are very stoic though and also with mind over matter may not show lameness on walks, but will show it when at ease at home.
    As the dog has been like this for a week, you definitely need to have her looked at by a vet if you have no idea what is wrong.
    I would not over exert her with any play or walks or running and jumping until you have seen the vet. Just let her potter around at her own pace.
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  • My family wants to get a dog, but it's too soon for me since we put down our last one?

    Best answer: Pets love us unconditionally. They would not feel 'replaced' when another pet is brought in. Your dog would not want your family to be sad - indeed, the best tribute to the love of a pet is to bring in another to love. My only advice is to get a dog of a different color from the old one, and to understand that the dog will never, ever be a replacement. Why deprive the rest of the family from loving a new dog? You can choose to ignore he new dog, and not be involved, but maybe in time you'll change your mind about the new one.
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  • My dog had puppies , I let the father smell them and he started chattering and foaming from his mouth.is that normal? Should I be concerned?

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  • My puppy almost killed a bird, should I be worried?

    My dad found an injured bird and brought inside the house and my puppy approached it, sniffed it, and then he got one of its wings and started shaking it. My pup is a two month old pit bull. Will he exhibit violent behavior to other animals in the future because of this?
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  • Am I being selfish?

    I have always had a fear of cats and my boyfriend recently got a cat a couple months. He loves his cat and I am happy to see him happy. I have nothing against the cat, but I get anxious when it is jumping or running near me. I ve tried to speak to my boyfriend about my fear and he just saids I m scared of everything and asks how I cannot love his cat. I tried to stay calm when I am near the cat but sometimes it is out of my control. Something that I ve brought up recently was that the cat shouldn t be going on the dining table we eat at. His cat spends the day outside under cars and in the streets until it decides to come home and rest. I think it is disgusting being we eat on the table and we do not know where the cats been. My boyfriend saids the cat can do whatever he s wants because it s his house. Another thing that gets to me is that the cat always comes near my feet or puts his face near my food yet my boyfriends lets the cat be there and saids it s ok. He prefers me to move. His mom has told him to remove my plate or put the cat next to her, but he saids no it s fine it s not his fault he s not doing anything. This has happened multiple times and I need someone to understand me. How can I help my boyfriend understand my fear? I am not telling him to get rid of the cat.
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  • How much is that puppy in the window?

    Best answer: "doggy".......... Doggy in the Window......... arf, arf.

    This was like the #1 hit song back in the 1950's!!!
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  • At what age is the earliest for a dog to breed?

    Best answer: Your dog does not want or need to have a litter - it's unhealthy for her, and what on earth would you do with the puppies? Sell them? What if you can't? What if they're born with genetic deformities or diseases? It's more common than you think. There is also huge risk to the b*tch. Who will NOT be healthier for having a litter, and who is NOT "craving" the opportunity to "be a mother". She couldn't care less if she had a litter or not and certainly isn't longing for puppies.

    To answer your question: A b*tch should only be bred once she is physically mature (minimum two years of age) AND after she has passed her genetic screening for both common/general and breed specific diseases (which cannot be done until she is physically mature). Ideally she should also be titled in something, or be a working dog, otherwise she is contributing NOTHING of quality to the gene pool.

    The stud dog should have the same requirements. Both dogs should also be tested for STDs prior to breeding. There is NO reason to breed an untested pet-quality pet. Period. End of. There are hundreds of thousands of these kind of dogs ROTTING in shelters. Breeding for purely selfish reasons is not responsible.....
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  • What happens if you brush your dogs teeth with mint toothpaste?

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  • Can dolphins survive on land if you spray them with saltwater and feed them fish?

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  • Where can i buy a wolf puppy in oklahoma?

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  • Kitten Help 101 !!!! Please Help !!!!?

    I got my kitten yesterday from a friend and he keeps throwing up. He was fine yesterday. My friend told me to feed him wet food for a few weeks but my dad refuses to buy him that and will only tell me that the milk is good enough for him but I noticed that he s been throwing up white liquid a lot. First it was chunky, then it went white, now its clear. I m trying to soften up the other cat food with water. It s adult cat food but I don t know if it ll work out well. Please help !!!
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  • Why is my Samoyed so destructive when left home alone?

    Best answer: Why can't the dog be in a crate or left in an empty room? Give her non-destructible toys and keep her crated or in a totally empty room so she can't destroy your house. Samoyed's are arctic breeds and are working dogs- they are high energy and need a job to do. A 45 minute walk is usually not enough stimulating activity for these dogs. Try taking her to agility classes or teaching her a new skill in your backyard to mentally stimulate her. She's bored - what else is she going to do?
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  • I can t afford surgery for my dog! is there any place in New Jersey where I can get help? Recently my 10year old Pomeranian pee blood?

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