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  • Why wont anyone buy our puppies?

    my family and i have one male newfoundland and one female. they just had puppies about a month ago. although we've promoted on social media and stuff, no one will buy them. they're only 2000 dollars which is pretty good considering theyre 100 percent purebred. the parents are very pretty. why wont anyone buy them? any tips or adivce?
    22 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • What’s the worst breed of dog in your opinion?

    In your opinion, what is the worst breed of dog and why? Please don’t be unkind and share your honest opinion.
    53 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • Why do cats not seem to care about their owners?

    Best answer: I've always wondered the same thing. Cats seem to be very boring pets, not in a bad way of course. It's just their personality because of their species. Just like humans are stupid, cats are boring pets and dogs just love to play.
    24 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • What was the last video game you played?

    14 answers 13 hours ago Video & Online Games
  • Does my dog know how much I love him?

    17 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Can I smuggle a newborn puppy on a plane to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Heathrow airport?

    Best answer: I really don't think so. Heathrow is VERY strict. They won't let you take even water or perfume on your carry-on bag. You're talking about sneaking the puppy in your pocket but it can suffocate like that. If you get caught with the puppy or the puppy milk, then you could lose the puppy and get arrested. It's just not worth it. Heathrow employees are bastards - I've lost many makeup items to them. Trust me they'll find it.

    It's very important that the puppy at this stage stays with other puppies her own age. You need to find some kind of vet in your area that can take her (they will put her with another dog that has had puppies recently). I'm sure some kind of vet or shelter will have this, and then once the puppy is 8 weeks you can adopt her again. You need to think what's in the best interest for the puppy, not for you because you are attached to it. A 2 week old puppy could die because it is too young to be vaccinated or have any immunities to most diseases, and airplanes are full of toxic air, plus her eardrums are very delicate and the change in air pressure could cause her a lot of pain. It's just a very bad idea.

    I agree with Verulam 1.
    18 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • So my cat pee's on me whenever I'm on my period, I don't know why!! He's neutered and I've raised him he was a orphaned kitten.?

    Best answer: Was he neutered properly? are you 100% sure it only occurs when you're on your period? non-human mammals have menstrual cycles a little differently. It's a larger concept. When a female cat reaches sexual maturity, a natural process called estrus occurs. If a male notices, its a telltale sign she is ready to mate. males often "spray"(it's urine) to mark territory, or indicate that they're also ready to mate. Estrus isn't a typical human female menstruation. It's also called heat. Unless you're showing signs of going into heat, (like excessive meowing or aggressive behavior and being floor bound) I'd see your local vet.
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  • My dog is gone. could it have been eaten?

    12 answers 14 hours ago Dogs
  • Advice please, should I wait to have my tiny chihuahua spayed?

    16 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Hello, any cat owners on here? Do you currently own a cat?

    If yes, what breed is it and in your opinion is it better (or maybe worse?) than owning a dog? Just curious 🙂
    12 answers 20 hours ago Cats
  • My cat gets annoyed very easily?

    I like pinching her nose very gently and she doesn't like it. I'm just playing with her, I don't think I am hurting her at all but she gets annoyed very easily. She is kind of an affectionate kind and she likes getting petted but whenever my fingers get near to her nose she cries and throws a fit. How do I make her get used to me touching her nose? I really like playing with her nose. 😐
    11 answers 7 hours ago Cats
  • Is the EU satanic ?

    9 answers 8 hours ago Reptiles
  • Why are the people on here so STUPID about dog breeds?

    14 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Why cant you Walk Up to a drive in window, and order?

    I have tried this twice, walking the dog; they insist I come inside. Then, I have to tie up dog (illegal in my state) and order While he yelps, constantly.
    10 answers 10 hours ago Polls & Surveys
  • Do you enjoy bird watching?

    15 answers 2 days ago Birds
  • Do dogs attack guide dogs?

    17 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • The best medication or method to rid of dog fleas for good?

    I live in FL which is terrible for fleas. I need an effective medicine I've been using front line which has not helped and my dog hates flea baths which only have a temporary result. I also don't know what concerns me more getting rid of the pests or finding a natural alternative to putting chemicals on my dog. Help thank you! :)
    14 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Does your pet ever stress you out?

    15 answers 2 days ago Other - Pets
  • What should i name my pit bull puppy?

    it is a girl and she is a full blooded blue pit bull with blue eyes!!!
    9 answers 5 hours ago Dogs
  • My newfoundland is so annoying what do i do?

    so i have a newf and he's a puppy. he was rlly sweet when i got him. now he bites me and he always wants to go outside but i dont have time for that. hes so annoying. how do i make him stop? i already tried kicking him but he just got mad. im thinking about giving him to my grandma but my grandma has a violent pit bull thing so i dont want him to attack my newf. should i just keep trying the kicking thing? or should i do something else?
    10 answers 24 hours ago Dogs