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  • My dog won't stop peeing/marking in the house?

    Best answer: I have a dog who either refuses to be potty trained or truly doesn't get the concept...smaller breeds esp hounds and lap dogs tend to be much harder to potty train. My mini dachshund still uses pee pads in the house 90% of the time but will occasionally pee somewhere random. She does sneak off too...I think at some point you just have to accept certain dogs are a bit slow and may never be completely potty trained. Keep him confined if you're not home with access to pee pads and invest in a spot carpet cleaner. I wish I had advice but I've given up with my dog( we got her at a year and a half nokd, her owners gave her up because of this issue).
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  • My dog went missing 6 months ago, and someone is trying to sell her on craigslist?

    I told the seller I would like her, so we met up and he showed me her (Dakoda) who he called Sadie. I had brought my adoption papers with me and a photo of Dakoda, and told him that she was actually my dog who got stolen and I asked for her back. It is obviously her because I saw a scar she had on her right ankle (from an op that removed a cyst) and I even showed the seller the op receipt. He threatened to hurt me and call the police, so I left... What do I do? He said he'd hurt Dakoda if I sent police to his house, which is petty and stupid. Im really scared for her and I need help before she is sold!!
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  • What's your favorite breed of dog?

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  • Best way to eliminate litter box smell?

    Im moving in wirh a friend and unfortunately there will be no place i can keep my cats litter box except in my room. Now I m a responsible owner and clean his box regularly but im cuious if anyone knows of a product or item that can help eliminate the scent of the litter box? Any help will be greatly appreciated
    30 answers 5 days ago Cats
  • I keep trying to dry off my dog's nose but it's not working!?

    I've tried toilet paper, paper towels, and rags, but my dog's nose keeps getting wet somehow. What the ****
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  • What is the worst thing you done to your cat?

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  • Would naming a pet after one that passed be weird?

    In August of 2016, our family cat (his name was Tonto) passed away, because someone shot him with a BB gun repeatedly and he was missing for a few days but he came back and seemed like nothing happened. But by the time we noticed something was wrong, it was too late. He was only 5 years old and it was really hard on all of us. My parents have been talking about getting a new cat but I really don't feel comfortable with it, and the one they want to adopt looks different from our old cat, but they want to name him Tonto as well, and I kinda don't really feel comfortable with getting a new one. I know my parents are probably going to feel lonely when I leave high school and they want to have a cat to go along with our family dog, and I kind of agree with getting one, but there's still a part in me that holds me back. I had a lot of memories with my old cat, and by getting a new one I feel like everything I had with my old cat would be for nothing. How do I get through this?
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  • What do veterinarians think when owners cry when their pet has to get put down?

    Do vets judge the clients, are they used to it, or are they empathetic about it?
    40 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • My dog hates getting her nails clipped?

    This is my second time clipping my dog's nails and it's an absolute nightmare. She just keeps fidgeting and moving her paw and when I position the clipper over her nail it seems like she's going to bite my nails or the clippers. When I asked someone to help hold the dog while I clipped her nails, they were way too rough on her so I told them to stop. I really don't know what to do and I'm trying to be slow and patient with her. Her nails really need to be clipped because we have a kitten in our household as well. If this helps, my dog is a pit bull mixed with English bulldog and I've had her for around 4 months, she's a little over a year old.
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    What should I name my new girl husky. No names that could be used as a name for a person btw. Also, a good Greek goddess name would be great!
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  • How terribly are these poor fish gonna die?

    I work at walmart in the pet department and I love helping people pick out their fish, the smart way. I know walmart isn't great for fish but I still take pride in knowing my stuff. I am used to costumers not taking my advice but I can't say anything in the end, I have to give them what they want. Today, this lady with half a dozen kids comes up and asks for fish. She has a standard 1 gallon "goldfish" bowl in her cart. She then tells each kid to pick out a fish. When I try to explain her bowls limitation she tells me to just get the fish they want and the unspoken to command to shut up. So in this tiny fish bowl is gonna be six fish. They selected a betta, 2 fancy goldfish, a dragon fish and a cichlid. It makes me physically nauseous. Do you think they will die of temperature shock before they die of fighting or disease?
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  • My dog keeps barking at the food. She won't eat it. I even tried to warm it up since she didn't eat it cold but no result What do i do?

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  • My puppy died how could I get a refund?

    6 days ago I bought a puppy for $1500 and was told it was healthy and that it was 6 weeks old, the puppy was very small compared to it's brothers, I wanted a female puppy and the breeder only had one female, I asked why it was so small because the other puppies were almost double her size. He said that's fine and that shes healthy so I took his word. The day after i noticed that the dog had diarrhea so i took her to the vet. The vet told me that she was barely 4 weeks old and was full of worms, so we wormed her and after that the only actual size she had that was from the worms in her stomach was gone and she was just skin and bones. I called the breeder to notify him and asked if she died could i get a refund and he said that she should be fine and if she does die we could make some sort of an arrangement. The dog started looking worse and getting sicker to the point where she had blood in her diarrhea, so I took her to the vet and they examined her again and told me that she has many birth defects and suggested that I have her put down. Is their any way I can get my money back? as I have spent almost $2000 on a dog that has now past away.
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  • Can a husky be raised by wolves?

    Best answer: I don't see that this would be impossible. After all, a husky puppy looks like a wolf pup and, presumably, smells a bit like a wolf pup. Dogs also act like wolves in some ways.
    It would be more likely to happen if the wolf, or one of the wolves, was a female with a maternal nature and/or maternal instincts. The female wolf/wolves would probably be inclined towards raising the husky puppy and mothering him/her as if he/she were one of their own...
    However, as Lisa said, wolf packs are generally family-only units. However, this could also depend on the individual characters, temperaments and/or natures of the wolf/wolves...
    Best of luck.
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  • Neutured dog got female dog pregnant ?

    my dog got neutured when he was 6 months. He is currently a year and 4 months and he had sex with my female dog and he got her pregnant. he had sex with her 3 times and got stuck. why did she get pregnant?
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  • What male german shepherd name do you like best?

    Best answer: Male german shepherd names that I like are:
    Sarge [short for sargent]
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  • My dog has a huge lump on her gums and is growing?!?

    My dog is a 11-12 year old dachshund and 15pounds she got this type of lump on her gums for about a year ago and it has got a lot more bigger. It doesn t seem to bother her and it is only one lump in her gum and it so big it s goes all the way to the end of her mouth.i feel like I should be worried about this. She s has many lumps on her stomach as well and couple like 2-3 bumps other places but I think those are just from old age. But she doesn t seem like she s in pain or anything but if anyone can tell me what this lump is it would mean the world to me. Please and thank you!
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  • Why aren't cats widely respected and loved like dogs are?

    34 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • I want to buy a dog I have enough money from work my mum says its her house and the dogs is too messy but she wants a parrot I want a dog?

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  • My kitten always licks my face ? Wierd ?

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