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  • Are dogs, pets or family members?

    Best answer: They are personal property same as a car, microwave or bed.
    It's pretty clear in the bible that God made humans to rule over other animals and not to be our equal.

    Also pets are replaceable, if your dog dies you can get another one and forget about the old one.
    Now if your mother or father dies can you replace them? Of course not.
    We have to remember that dogs run on instinct there is little to no emotion, so they can't compare in any way shape or form to a human being.

    Dog cannot speak, think, feel. They are inferior and useless.

    So what is the purpose of having a pet dog? For entertainment/human pleasure. That's about it.

    Some of these crazy dog owners who think dogs are more important than humans have serious mental health issues and probably have very few real life friends. They need to get out more.

    A dog is not comparable to a human child.
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  • What do Libtards have to say now that it's proven 0bama spied on Trump?

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  • Which user you dislike most?

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  • Is it ok to hit your dog for discipline?

    Best answer: Absolutely fine, and works very well.

    There are a couple of ways of doing it, probably the more liberal approach is to smack to over the head with a newspaper roll and shout 'NO' very loud in the dog's ear.

    Probably the better and much more effective method is to beat it with a stick, could be a branch or even a baseball bat. Chokeholds work too, but the point is you are trying to teach it that you are it's master and it must obey you no matter what.

    A good way to think about it, is if you have children when they are naughty you whip em with the good old leather belt. And that disciplines them to the point where once you do it they don't f*ck with you again. You have to make them remember the pain.....Well same principle with dogs except dogs have much better pain tolerance than human beings, so you have to go a little harder on em, but works like a charm.
    Please remember there is a difference between abuse and discipline, it's only abuse if you hit them for no reason.


    Everyone should watch this video of a master dog trainer at work, unfortunately he went a little too far......
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  • Dog owners, How given the opportunity would you punish a person guilty of dog baiting?

    Eg..A person that steals a dog such as yours and uses it to bait and anger a pit bull prior to dog fighting
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  • Can i urinate into my dogs anus for perverted sexual reasons?

    Best answer: If you want to i suppose.
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  • Will spraying my cat calm her down?

    About a year ago I found a stray abandoned kitten, she was about 2 months old and I took her in she was very playful and rarely aggressive but now a few months later she has started to go on heat and is extremely aggressive. She will bite me attack my legs and never play with her toys. Will spraying her calm her down?
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  • Can dogs masturbate?

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  • Can my landlord take this cat? Is she mine? Can I call the police?

    In November my landlords brought a kitten .They said she was a property cat that we did not have to worry about her or her costs. Time went on and the care for her was lackluster from the landlords and in my caring for her I grew to where she became very attached to me and I to her. She sits on my back almostthe entire time if I am in the house, balancing herself even if I'm cooking.January there was a possibility of me moving, I had a meeting with my landlords with witness they asked me "do you want to keep the cat" Afterthat i didn't move but their care for the cat went to non existent. The landlord even asked me about moving the litter box and the cat door to the outside in my room so she can no longer access public areas. I was served today with and eviction notice(i am behind on rent) and they stole the cat? Can they do this with the verbal agreement that I was keeping her? they in total bought 2 bags of food and 2 box of litter since they brought her they spayed her(at a place I believe was either free it got infected i got 3 pills for, the cat healed but not without a scar) I bought a giant bag of litter tons of cans of food at least one usually two a day since January, vetted and treated her for a tapeworm infection she got from fleas that she got from my landlords house when they took her to spay her and I treated those fleas. This isn't torture to just me but her too. Do I own the cat with that verbal agreement and witness? Can I call the cops and file a report?
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  • Which types of dogs are small, dont shed, and dont need daily walks?

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  • Sister refuses to ethunize 21 yrs old dog?

    my sister refuses to ethunize her old dog that she had for 21 years, the dog can't hear, see, walk, and today has blood in his diarrhea stool... the vet advised her to ethunize him but she refuses to... she lived abroad and the dog was the only company she had all that time so its pretty understandable... and since we havent lived with the dog (me and my family) we aren't even allowed to tell her what she should do with him because we are not as emotionally attached to him as she is so its easy to say do this and do that... but when we tried she got upset and said she'll go back to live abroad if we kept telling her that....what should we do?
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  • Could you please tell me 3 reasons why cats should not be banned in nz. I have already got that they kill pests and are good companies.?

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  • How is owning a dog any different from owning slaves?

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  • Dog depression help?

    Okay so I suffer with severe depression my dog has always felt things easily She stares and sits with you if you're upset, my father was abusive so when he used to come into the house she would go behind my legs and get angry when he came near. She hasn't been herself recently so I took her to the vet Because of the upset which has gone on in my house recently and with me it's effected her too so I feel guilty enough now! Is there anyway I can fix this in a way? I know for one that depression isn't a quick fix But I seriously hate the fact that my dog is feeling my mental illness What can I do!?
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  • How much litter should you put in the cat box?

    Best answer: My cats just use the sofa it's funny to see my father in law sit in pee and my wife complain about the smell and mold
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  • Do you think dogs should be allowed to visit their owners in hospitals and why?

    Best answer: Foe the most part I do agree that the majority of pets, dogs, cats, Avery and reptiles should be left at home since there are a variety of obstacles that could compound problems such as;

    People allergic to the pets.

    Pets not clean, some shed, dander, and disturb etc.

    Some people could simply not like animals and could be terrified from them or phobias from animals of any type.

    Not all pets behave or ar trained well, poor socialization or have accidents which can be smelled across the whole ward.

    Poorly socialized animals could propose a threat towards other patients and staff.

    Some pet owners think if their pet "tinkles" in the room it's okay, staff will clean it up for them.

    Crowded schedules, not all pets could visit at he same time so it would have to be staggered time wise to prevent problems.

    If you allow dogs and cats other pet owners would whine and spoil it for them because their gator or boa or parrot etc wasnt allowed the same visitation rights therefore causing problems for everyone.

    What would be the appropriate visit time... Some owners would want their pet from am till pm... pets need to relieve themselves and staff cannot take the animals out.

    Limitation of pets, if a patient has 8 dogs and wants the, all to visit it's unfair to other patients that a whole day would be spent on the visit.

    A special visitation room wouldn't work as it competes for space and resources that most hospitals or care facilities cannot accommodate, plus they would need to be staffed according to the law about not leaving an ill patient alone and unsupervised, taking a nurse or aide away during the visit.

    These are just some of the problems that have cone up over the years that facilities have tried different programs without success.

    While I do agree that a visit from a pet perks many patients up, most pets are not up to the stress of travel, strange people, noises and surroundings which can make shedding worse, diahrrhea, vomiting. Crying and whining which does disturb other patients.

    Most facilities have therapy dogs that come in and visit to give people their hunk of missing their pet fix and people can sign up for visitation from then. Until a good alternate comes up where everyone is safe from the pets dander etc it's the best they have worked up till this point.

    Even with therapy dogs there are a lot of limitations where they can visit also due to chronic wounds, burn units, people with severe allergies and fears, many sterile environments cannot be crossed even with service dogs.

    Good question/post.
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  • Why do non-vegans people get mad about this (picture) and not mad about killing animals to eat them?

    I hate my dog so I can do whatever I want.
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    My cat all of a sudden is very lethargic and won t get up. Yesterday she was her normal self, I m not too sure if she ate tho. Typically she eats a lot!! She was under my parents bed and softly meowed so we set her in a box and have been giving her about 2 ounces of water every hour. She seems a little better but its still bad. She peed herself not too long ago so we know she has fluids in her. Her eye sometimes seems as if it was cut open and leaks and her eye is like that right now. We can t take her to the vet and I m really worried about her. She also is an outside cat and we found her as a stray. Lately a cat has been going in our yard and my other cat has bite marks. She s a little over a year old and I am really really worried about her. PLEASE ANYONE ANSWER
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  • My dogs hind leg is oozing a very light yellow liquid with small amounts of blood and he is constantly licking and biting at it?

    what started as a 2"x2" spot has now grown to his whole hind quarter. it has a foul odor and the back leg will quiver once in a while for a short period of time. he has difficultly going up steps and cannot jump. it is sensitive when touched. anybody have suggestions on what this may be. he is an 11 year old american bulldog. he has had the T.P.L.O. surgery on both legs about 6 years ago.
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  • I need help choosing between a husky or an iPad Pro?

    My birthday is coming up this Monday and my parents are giving me an option of wether to get a husky or an iPad Pro . They are both expensive and I would love to have both things. We have already called a husky breeder and we are set to pick up the puppy tomorrow but my dad wants me to get an iPad Pro instead. I don't know which one to choose . could you help me choose ?
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