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  • Is it safe to give cats milk?

    I wanted to give my cat some milk today, but my sister told me that it wasn't good for her and could end up giving her worms. Is this true?
    40 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • How do yall get your dog to gain weight?

    My dog is underweight. I can feel her spine and hip bones. I just rescued her.
    16 answers 18 hours ago Dogs
  • I want a dog so badly, and my mom will not let me get it?

    I've been begging for a dog my whole life. There are 6 people in my family total. Me and everyone else in my family would be okay with a dog. My mom is the only one against the idea. I'm 24 years old now, I've finished schooling, I have a stable job that would allow me to afford a pet, I am responsible. I feel that everyone in my family would benefit from a dog. Dogs promote happiness and health! Something my whole family could use right now. My mothers excuse for not getting a dog is that is a liability for our family business, an in-home day care. I see her point but I don't plan on getting a big dog nor a rowdy or dangerous one. Also, our house is big enough that we could easily keep the dog out of the business area if she wishes. I'm thinking of just going behind her back and getting one, but I think the betrayal would make his disown me lol and her exact words were "if you bring a dog home I will make it disappear". Is the joy of a dog worth the risk of angering my mother?
    16 answers 10 hours ago Dogs
  • Can I sell a kitten with a broken leg for $2,000?

    Best answer: You obviously care enough to go to the vets so go to an animal expenditure
    21 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • How many pets do you have ?

    Best answer: I have 2 dogs and 1 cat.
    26 answers 4 days ago Other - Pets
  • Is tail docking harmful for dogs?

    I know farmers would dock tails of working dogs because their tails got in the way, and they would often get injuries from their tails being stepped on by cows or horses and could get seriously infected. I get that. But don’t dogs use their tails for balance? I suppose it would be like if a human lost an arm or an ear that would impair their balance. Years later it doesn’t hurt anymore, but it still hinders certain abilities. I know it’s just simply the traditional style of certain breeds, but if the dog isn't being used as a working dog, it seems like a strange and unnecessary thing to dock their tails.
    14 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • Someone gave this puppy to my son any idea on what kind she could possibly be?

    20 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • How can we help stop illegal puppy farms.?

    Best answer: If you suspect anyone involved in puppy farms,you must make a report immediately to the R.S.P.C.A.
    17 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Do you hit cats with cars?

    Best answer: I can't pick up a car, much less hit a cat with it. I will however aim my car straight towards a squirrel. The nasty little rat bastards are overrunning the neighborhood.
    14 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • True or false: you love the smell of chicken coop?

    Best answer: No. I had to clean one to often as a young man.
    94 answers 7 days ago Birds
  • What would your pet buy if you gave them $100?

    Best answer: Miss Goldie would buy up all the tuna in the world. She also would be sure to get her Temptations treats.
    13 answers 2 days ago Other - Pets
  • Family dog not doing well, family not ready to put down?

    I haven’t ever had to put a dog down. I have a almost 14 year old dog. He lost use of his back legs and cannot use a wheelchair because his front legs are weak. He still eats, playful and still himself. Thing is he urinates himself, we have to constantly bath him, change his diapers , bedding and pads. He also keeps getting pressure sores that we heal but then he’ll get new ones. It’s so overwhelming I love my dog but the 24/7 care is a lot. I want to put him down because I believe he’s suffering but my family is against it and I don’t want to be the bad guy. Any advice
    9 answers 7 hours ago Dogs
  • What is the best species of dog?

    Best answer: the maine coon duh
    13 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • So a dog can recognize you years later?

    My younger cousin used to play with the neighbor's Mastiff for 3 years. It was a puppy at first and when it got older, he would sometimes take it for a walk in the park. It's been 5 years later. My cousin is now 16 years old. He visited his neighborhood recently. The dog (now getting closer to old age and larger) still lives there and it recognized him. It seemed happy to see him. Considering my cousin is all grown-up now, is much taller and his voice is different, that's a good memory. Can a dog recognize you from that far back? 5 years is a lot.
    9 answers 9 hours ago Dogs
  • Are you afraid of domestic turkey?

    Best answer: No, if one attacks me I'll kick the $hit out of it.
    68 answers 7 days ago Birds
  • How do i get my dogs to stop barking at everything?

    every noise they hear they just start barking and wont shut the **** up. its so freaking annoying. a car passes by, bark bark, a leaf falls, bark bark. they hear a stomp, bark bark. and its always the girl that starts the barking and the boy just does whatever she does wtf do i do!!!?? and sometimes she'll just start barking at nothing!
    9 answers 14 hours ago Dogs
  • How to care for neutered male kitten?

    I have a five month old male kitten who was just neutered yesterday. His behavior has been completely abnormal. He growls and hisses constantly, and I've never heard him do either since I adopted him. He keeps licking at the glue, and when I tried to put a cone on him, he went ballistic, screaming and running around and crashing into things like he'd completely lost his mind. Woke up today to find he'd licked off most of the glue around the incision and he sounds like he's going to throw up. When I tried to touch him to try the cone again, he started biting and clawing my hand and ran off to hide. The other cats I've had were already neutered when I adopted them, so I'm at a loss as to what I should do. Does anyone have any ideas?
    13 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • Any suggestions for keeping a dog from eating the cat's food?

    Introducing a roommate's dog to my cat and oddly enough the major problem between the two is that the dog will not stay out of the cat's food. The dog has an ample supply of food, and is given treats through out the day, but the second food is given to the cat, the dog rushes in like he's starving to death. My roommate's scolded him and shown him back to his dish, but that hasn't worked. Any suggestions?
    27 answers 4 days ago Dogs