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  • Why do people allow their dogs to sit on the couch when they have their own basket?

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  • Is they're any non trolls left on yahoo answers?

    Where did everyone go? I feel like yahoo answers are now filled with trolls and really offensive angry people who come here to release their anger out of nowhere for random questions. Such as "what is my dogs breed?" And theyll answer like "If you dont know you're dogs breed you should go f'n die in a whole you ignorant bastard. You dont deserve a dog nor do we need more people like you in this world so I hope you and your children get cancer" like is they're anyone on this site just looking to help others?
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  • Should I call animal control on these people, and possible cause my mom to get fired?

    My mom takes care of a 26 year old autistic man a couple times a week  and gets paid 900 a month by the state. Him, and his family got 3 bull dog pit bull mix puppies, each about 4 months. I dont know the full story, but I know the man she takes care of works around 4 hours, but I'm not sure the how much the parents work. I assume they keep the puppies in crates while they are gone. He brought his puppy over, and also its crate. He says the puppy doesn't sleep with him at night, but in its crate. When he brought it over, he let it play for a couple hours with my moms dog, and put it in the crate. That was around 7, so it's been in there for about 4 hours, and I think its gonna sleep in there, so it will be there for a while. I walked into his room acting like I was grabbing something. And it was locked in its crate while he was sitting there playing his gameboy. Why cant he just leave it out, while hes awake? I'm pretty sure this is animal cruelty. I'm just afraid it report it. Because I dont know if hell get mad, and not want to come over anymore, which will mean my mom losing her job. 
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  • I hit my dog and I feel absolutely awful...?

    My baby Bahloue (Ba-loo) just lost his best friend. Our other dog jackjack. He was really depressed and alone. It happened that my cousin had a dog that needed a home about 3 weeks later and she just kinda fell into our lap. We named her Ducky and she's the sweetest little ball of sunshine. Bahloue and Ducky don't get along. She wants to play and love him but I think he's angry we replaced jackjack. I know it was soon but we had no choice. I've fallen In love with her and I just can't stand to lose another fur baby... Anyway... Bahloue has snapped at her a few times and it's really scary. He usually just gets yelled at. But last time he was sitting right next to me on my bed and he snapped at her. And my hand went flying. I wasn't thinking and I sent myself into a crying fit after it happened. I didn't hit him in the face but I DID hit him. Its not something I'd ever do and I never want to do it again. He hid behind me and tried to hide himself but I felt so bad I just kept crying and apologizing to him. Kissing and hugging him. I feel absolutely AWFUL. I just don't know what to do. I feel like he hates me now and I'm just out of my mind feeling horrible. I never wanted to hit him... I just wish he and Ducky would get along so she could stay... But i can't have this keep happening. Its dangerous. I've never hit my dog as an act of discipline and I never will again but... At this point I'm lost.
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  • Realistically, what percentage of users that answer questions in the pet section do you think actually own pets?

    Favorite answer: I think it's about the same percentage as people who post about their marital problems.  Most of them children.  I would guess higher.  I'll guess 25% of the people in the dog section (don't frequent the other pet sections) have owned a dog OR their parents have owned a dog.

    In the marital section the "problem" is an excuse to post porn.My very favorites are the people in the dog section who claim to be Vet Techs.  The day Yahoo stopped policing the site and the "Basset Hound Troll" (among others) was allowed to post the accuracy of the answers dropped by 90%.(Not calling out other users, and I may not always agree, but your answers are always well thought out, and I enjoy them.)As far as anonymous - I had a terrible experience with a stalker who sent me photographs of his knife collection.  That taught me to post anonymously.
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  • Is it true that it’s kind of hard to bond with a cat? ?

    Favorite answer: Cats just have a different language, one that many people don't have the patience to understand. Just because they aren't jumping all over you and wagging their tails doesn't mean they don't have a bond with you. We KNOW when dogs love us, want something, trust us, as they are incredibly expressive with their whole body. Cats are more subtle with their love/trust language.

    You need to be patient and work for their affection and it will pay off in the end. I have two cats, both bonded to me and my husband. How do I know? Both are very loving and affectionate with us, of course, but they expose their bellies to us and sleep like that sometimes without a care or fear in the world, they slow blink us, head bonk us, have to be where we are at all times, vocalize/meow at us, bring us toys they have "killed," among other things. THIS is the language of cats and their trust.

    Basically, you want them to view you as a big stupid hairless cat. It has been said that this is how cats view us when they are bonded. We are one of them, just bigger and uglier, LOL. It's not hard at all, you just have to treat them like a cat. This can be hard for many, as the vast majority of people are dog-minded and expect every animal to act like a dog, therefore cats are OUT. I hate this mentality. You get a cat and expect a cat, end of story. I would read up on cats and their body language if I were you. I hate it when people call them indifferent, cold, aloof, unloving, because they are NONE of these things. Spend two days with my cats and see for yourself; bonded cats never leave you alone and are some of the most loving animals in the world.
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  • Do intact male dog owners have to deal with pissing all in the house?

    Favorite answer: I have owned male GSD`s for many years and NEVER had problem with them marking or peeing indoors. (God forbid). I had most from pups, so TRAINED them to relieve themselves OUTSIDE. An adult dog, male OR female, `may` pee indoors initially if it`s moved into new environment, but that is quite rare anyway.
    In those cases its essential remove any trace of the dogs pee by using a urine neutralising solution or if any trace is left it will induce the dog to pee in that place again. Good heavens, never put a nappy on a male dog unless in urgent circumstances when the dog is very old and incontinent, as that will not help at all and will cause sores, caused by urine and poop, on the dog, and besides, and its almost certain the dog will just rip it off anyway. 
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  • I was justed attacked by a rabbit. What should I do?

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  • Is my friends dog a mut?

    Favorite answer: Yes, this dog is a mutt or mix.  The various dog DNA tests are not always accurate; some are better than others, but having a mix (to START WITH) means you will only get a list of breeds possibly behind the dog.  

    If the dog has a long back & short legs it could be part corgi (or IMO, more likely part dachshund) but it does not LOOK LIKE EITHER one in the head type or coloring.  It does not have the ERECT ears of the corgi or its coat type, so i am very doubtful on that.  Looks more like Chihuahua and Dachshund mix, although I could buy into a Basenji mix.  It is the right 'red' color but has too much white on it, to be close to purebred on that.

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  • Has my dog been sexually abused?? What should I do?

    I asked a family friend to watch after my dog until I move from my not so pet friendly appt. this week I have to watch after her because the person who was watching her will be very busy the next few days.  When I went to pick her up, I noticed her behavior is very different, and inappropriate. As I was getting her things together I put food in her bowl unsure of how long it’s been since she ate. When I was done I sat in a chair waiting for her to eat more. Instead she jumps on my lap and repeatedly backs her butt into my face. I shoved her out the way thinking maybe she’s just crossing boundaries and is unaware of it (she’s a older puppy). But I had to have moved her out the way at least 6-8 more times. The way that she did it was jump up, walk to the side, turn around, lift her but/tail & point it straight at my face. She also licked my hand excessively but I figured that was normal because she is a very loving dog but it was to the point where she was starting to piss me off. When I rested my hand in the arm of the chair she scooted her body closer to the arm, motioning her bottom more towards my hand, and eventually readjusted herself to attempt to throw her leg over my arm/ hand. Idk what else to think other than she’s been taught these things because she has never acted this way before, she usually is hyper and loves to be in peoples face, not pointing her tail at you looking in the distance like she’s expecting something else to happen.
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  • Can i get rabies from this?

    My 5 month old puppy out of the blue started twitching, seizure like and got some of his saliva in my mouth. He was foaming. I am worried he might of passed rabies onto me. The thing is, he has been an inside dog his whole life. Our last walk outside has been at least a month. Even then, he smelled around but never got bit or scratched where he could of contracted the rabies virus. Having said that, I’m still worried. 
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  • What should I call my dog? ?

    I have a brown cockapoo called Bella and I’m planning on adopting another brown cockapoo that will be a male.  What male name will go well with Bella? It’s quite a tough decision.  Cheers 
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  • What is the best and cheapest cat food?

    I'm currently giving to my cat the special cat, but I'm not sure if it's the best option Obviously, I wanted to buy whiskas, but unfortunately I have no money in my pocket
    12 answers 1 day ago Cats
  • Why do my dog like sleeping on his back?

    Me Basset Hound puppy likes to sleep on his back. How can I stop this undesirable behavior?
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  • Is it ok to punish a dog for biting someone by not feeding them dinner one night?

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  • Is a boston terrier a good pet for older people, no kids at h ome?

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  • My cat keeps peeing in her cage?

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  • What's age do kittens go to their forever homes? I've heard 8 weeks one place and 12 weeks another because the need to learn off mum?

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  • Why do people remain ignorant about puppy mills and backyard breeders?

    Favorite answer: We live in a 'get it now' society and I believe it's as simple as that.  Good breeders don't normally always have a litter on tap so somebody waking up one morning and wanting a puppy, will usually find one c/o a BYB or Pet shop (Puppy farmers).  We can just keep up the education, and hope it eventually dawns on people that these sources are not a good idea.

    It's a shame so many of these 'doodles or poohs are so darned appealing as puppies!
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  • What's the proper way to wash a cat?

    People say that grabbing your cat by the back of the neck is bad but that's how my cousin does it. Is there a nicer way?
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