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  • Prison sentence for killing dog is stupid !?

    I was totally shocked when I first heard that USA and maybe some other western countries has prison sentence for killing or torturing dogs or cats. On google search engine I heard cases were the sentence is long like 8 years or 12 years prison. I think this totally stupid ! Why care that much about mindless animals ? Don't americans kill cockroaches and rats in their home, and don't they slaughter a pig for food and don't people hunt birds for fun. So, what is the big deal about dog ? Dogs might look a little cuter for some people, but they are just another mindless animals. If your dogs dies, you can just buy another dog. It just a mindless animals that doesn't have any kind of personality. Also, I saw many videos on youtube about rescue teams who job is to save dogs than need help. I just don't know why these goverments waste too much money on helping animals, when those money could be used for better things like helping poor people. I just can't understand why americans love dogs as if they are humans ?
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  • Is it ok for cats to eat dog food?

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  • How to make my dog stop tearing stuff up while we are gone?

    Hey! Thanks for reading my question! Okay, so my uncle gave us his dog because the dog had bitten a UPS guy and could no longer live with my uncle. Seeing as how I live in a different state from my uncle- we were the only people who even considered taking him. We took him in, but now he is home alone from about 7-8 AM to 6PM. We come home to our garbage, or whatever we left on the table, torn to shreds. He is a three year old Black Lab. We have had him for about four months. I really love him, but this needs to stop. I am sick of coming home and seeing random crap torn all over the floor. He did not do this at my uncles. Why is he doing this? How can it be stopped? We do NOT want to get a dog crate/kennel because we do not want him locked up for that long. What can we do?
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  • Leaving dog home alone for 2 days?

    My family is going on a short trip and bringing a dog is not possible. Our neighbors are all unavailable for the days. How to leave my dog home alone? Advice? Tips? Thanks~!
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  • Are driverless cats the way of the future?

    Will people actually use them until they are commonly seen?
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  • Am I in the wrong here, just give your honest opinion?

    So I'm walking my 4 year old female GSD and my two year old JRT. Both are really friendly outgoing dogs, great with people but alas not so great with other dogs. I'm well aware of my dogs flaws and character so ALWAYS keep both on leash. I'm hiking through the park and enjoying my day I stop with my dogs to rest and see another couple coming down the narrow trail with 2 dogs off leash roaming free. As I know both of mine are not great with other dogs I reign the leash in and move as far to the side off the trail as I can to allow them room to pass. As they approach I shout over my dog isn't great with other dogs you may wanna put yours on a leash while you pass. They ignore me and sure enough their larger dog comes bounding over and a fight ensues.....I pull my dog off and again ask them to leash their dog who is by now circling looking to come in for round 2....my GSD is now very ready to defend herself and me thus is gunning for blood...the couple call in vain to their dog who ignores them completely. I eventually yell and kick out at the dog and it decided to give up and carry on its way. The owner then has the nerve to say "to be fair it's not my dogs fault" to which I snap "no it's yours put your dog on a leash you have no control" and he responds with "we"ll see what the courts think" Honestly was I in the wrong? My dog is leashed at my side and under control....I even moved off the path to allow them extra space to pass. If I'm in the wrong here tell me pls
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  • Missing dog- people who found dog won't give him back?

    I work at an animal clinic and we have a client who found a dog on saturday. the owner sent a lost dog fax today with the description and photo of the dog that was found saturday. I called the cline tof ours that found the dog and gave her the number, she seemed hesitant because she told me she had decided to adopt the dog but she would give the number a call. shortly after she called back and told us that she called and turns out it was not their dog. however, the rightful owner of this dog just called our clinic asking if we had heard anything and the owner told us she has not heard any leads or received any calls about her dog..leading us to believer our client who found him will not cooperate in giving these people their dog back
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  • Any advice for treatment-resistant diarrhea in cats?

    (not my cat. asking for a friend) She has been to the vet. They said she had IBS. They kept her for 4 days, gave her meds, and charged $1200.00... and the diarrhea is back. It's really bad. Her butt is constantly dripping. There is a poop spot wherever she lays. She is being quarantined in the laundry room to keep her off the carpet, but that's no life. Please! Any advice? Right now, they are trying boiled chicken, shredded and mixed with a little of the cooking water and a little canned pumpkin. It seems to be helping SLIGHTLY, but they are not sure it's going to do the trick. Thanks!
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  • Is it safe to let my cat sleep in bed with me?

    I have germaphobic tendencies, but only sometimes. I got a cat recently and she's super affectionate. I love letting her sleep in bed with me since she's so cuddly. But when I start to think about her standing in her litter box and then hopping on my bed and walking around it, even inevitably on my pillows, I get really grossed out. But I feel like everyone lets their cats sleep in their beds with them. Is it disgusting or are cats clean enough to let them sleep in bed with you?
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  • I just bought two husky pups and want to get them AKC registered/papered but the dad is papered and registered the mom isn't. what do I do?

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  • Do you think my BF is right or am I being a horrible pet owner?! PLEASE PLEASE help.?

    My boyfriend and I have been together fro two years and we have always seen eye to eye on almost everything. He got me a puppy for Christmas and I love her but we are SEVERLY disagreeing on care for her. He use to work night shift and I worked days shift so we never had a problem but he just recently got a new job as a day shift. He is freaking out now that we will have to leave the puppy (8 months/potty trained) in a kennel for the day. My mom has a lot on her plate right now she is taking care of my sister who is ill. He seems to think my mom needs to watch the puppy dur ing the day and I really don't want to put that on her. I think the puppy would be FINE in her kennel during the day but he thinks this is cruel. This is causes a big fight between us and I have even brought up getting rid of the dog to a better home since we are so busy but he doesn't want to. What should I do and am I wrong for thinking the dog will be fine in her kennel?
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  • 6-7 week old puppy cries A LOT?

    What can i do to stop his crying?.. I got him yesterday and he kept me awake all night! I cuddle him/let him sleep with me/talk softly to him/pet him/have a nice doggy bed with blanket and toys in it.. yet he still wants to cry. help!
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  • New neighbor has a large Pit Bull. I have children. Is that reason enough for me to think about moving?

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  • Should I shave my chihuahua?

    I recently got a rescue chi from the shelter I didn't realize he was infested with ticks and fleas we have tried every option to rid him of them and they keep coming back should I have him shaved bald or close to bald so I can watch for eggs and ticks this would be a one time thing I have another chi so I'm scared of him infecting the other one I have never dealt with ticks or fleas before as my dogs have always been indoor dogs what should I do we have tried tick and flea shampoo sprays combs picking the ticks off frontline and everything else I don't want to have to give him away because of this problem I love him
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  • How big would a dog have to be to ride (like a horse)?

    i was thinking of trying to breed some dogs to get bigger. how big would they have to be to actually function like a horse. what breed would you say would be best. i was thinking Wolfdog or Husky
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  • Who pays for the vet bill?

    My dog hopped the fence and my neighbor saw this and grabbed my dog and put my dog in her yard to prevent my dog from running away which started a fight between her dog and my dog (my dog mainly did the damage and sent her older dog to the vet). Who pays the vet bill since she decided to put my dog in her yard without asking me?
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  • Should i Name My pit-bull puppy Inferno or Lorenzo?

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  • What breed is my dog?

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  • Is it better to stick with one cat food brand or to cycle through multiple brands?

    Best answer: If you feed canned, it's good to rotate among 'equivalent' brands. It avoids creating a picky eater, and protects you in case the petstore is out of the chosen brand/flavor. I rotate among many canned brands, mostly chicken based. We use Wellness, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Weruva, Merrick, and one calle Holistic Select. Others are added in occasionally.
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  • My male dog got another dog pregnant right before I bought him???

    I bought a male dog from some lady and she never told us he had gotten another dog pregnant. Now they're selling the puppies, who were just born. I got the dad. Do I have any rights to say what happens to these puppies??
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