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  • Poll: would you eat dog food?

    39 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Returning an adopted dog (within 24hrs)?

    My mom and I have been occasionally pet sitting my friend's dog & our dog has been really enjoying the extra company. Also, I follow this shelter's Instagram when saw this older dog & was immediately interested because it had been fostered for over 1 yr. After I set a meeting, I get an email informing the dog has heartworms (not being treated per vet), deaf, at least 10 yrs old, in a hospice foster & has vestibular syndrome but he enjoys life & being outside. I start to want to back out of the meeting but I felt bad about it. So, I go through with the meeting. He has a thick coat so I didn't get a good look at his body. While I'm talking with the foster, she says he doesn't really look for affection & he doesn't really interact with dogs. All I kept thinking was, if I don't adopt him who will & that he seems ok. I was just so excited about adopting him I didn't think about ALL of it fully. I go ahead with the adoption paperwork & I ask about vaccinations & they casually say, "oh, he has been with us so long that he isn't up to date on vaccinations." When I take him home, I see that he is very skinny. In the description, they said he was a medium dog & I thought that too but when I got home I started to see that he is actually meant to be a large dog but he is not fully extending his legs. Now, I'm overwhelmed & feel terrible because I've made a mistake.My mom says to take him back because she already has Bipolar depression & doesn't want to watch a dog die & look in pain.
    9 answers 12 hours ago Dogs
  • Do you feel that blacks have enriched the UK?

    Best answer: No. Only an eradicationist or a very severely cognitively scrambled type would agree with such a stance.

    Effects of the presence of the African demographic in British society:

    1) Higher crime rates (particularly violent ones)
    2) Facilitation of Islamification and Islamic activity (15% of the UK African population identify as Muslim, according to the last census)
    3) Grievance-mongers inciting hostile behaviours and attitudes (see 2011 Tottenham riots)
    4) Vulnerability to miscegenation danger which threatens racial Briton and Northern / Northwestern European existence which threatens high general physical attractiveness (unless adequate preservation measures are in place to negate the danger, which there are not at this time)
    5) Degenerate and belligerent culture spread (e.g ghetto, rap)
    6) Higher anti-crime expenditure to counter the negative impacts
    7) Increased vulnerability to hostile espionage from African entities
    8) A greater proportion of anti-survival people (you will be hard-pressed to find an African who does not have a hostile disposition to continuity of racial Britons and Europeans in general, validating the case for distancing from them)
    9) Ghettoisation
    10) The presence of more cultures (very inferior ones too), causing societal fragmentation

    Politicians and heterogeneity apologists refuse to provide logical justification for the presence of this racial type in society, which instantly registers in my mind as malicious intent, a hostile agenda.

    I have immunity to all mentalities that are weak, masochistic and/or submissive.
    22 answers 23 hours ago Reptiles
  • Can I leave my cat outside overnight?

    My parents say I have to keep her in my room at night as she jumps and scratches at doors waking them up early in the morning, but now she does the same to me by trying to get out of my room. We don’t have a cat flap so we let her in and out through windows, unfortunately my room is at the front of my house ground floor, and my parents don’t like the windows being left open overnight, so is it ok to leave her outside overnight?
    10 answers 16 hours ago Cats
  • Are white men losing influence in this country?

    13 answers 8 hours ago Horses
  • My cat is 1 and we have had her since she was a kitten. For the past 3 days she has been distancing herself from family. Any ideas?

    Normally she loves to be around family and be in the same room. Now at random times you could be petting her and she will run into the bedroom closet and just lay down. No signs of pain or discomfort. Her diet has slowed.
    11 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • Can I get my cat an abortion?

    to make a long story short, my cat ran away, and came home preggers. I can’t afford to feed all these cats, i’m just trying to do the best I can. can I get my cat an abortion?
    18 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • What would be the outcome if Philip had crashed into black people and killed one of them?

    12 answers 18 hours ago Current Events
  • Why do white people Treat Dogs Better than humans?

    14 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • How can I quickly get my dog to stop chewing up my stuff?

    My dog chews up and destroyed my stuff every day while my girlfriend and I are at work. He has destroyed some pretty valuable things. Yesterday, he destroyed my girlfriend s new Alexa Echo that she got for Christmas. We ve tried bitter apple but he seems to have developed a taste for it. My girlfriend has had enough. She wants to muzzle him while we re gone, but that seems excessive to me. He s not dangerous, he s just destructive. What else can I do to get him to stop chewing? Keep in mind, my girlfriend and I are both poor working people who don t have a lot of time or money to spend, so expensive solutions are out of the question.
    36 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • What is the best reptile to care for, for beginners?

    I want a reptile, I don’t know really what kind to get. I just want really friendly one that I can carry around.
    16 answers 1 day ago Reptiles
  • If you had money, what kind of parrot would you buy and why?

    Best answer: African Grey. They are THE best talkers and mimickers, they do NOT scream, and when hand raised, they typically have sweet personalities and don't throw tantrums or bite.
    11 answers 14 hours ago Birds
  • Do you have a favourite breed of dog?

    Best answer: Chinese Crested.

    I have fibromyalgia and the breed is just the right size... Not overly energetic.. The hairless is like snuggling with a living heating pad and its very comforting.
    26 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • Should the government invest in finding a cure for homosexuals and bisexuals?

    Best answer: Yes, hard labour would cure them.
    16 answers 2 days ago Reptiles
  • How would you feel if the UK had a temporary military coup?

    How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and the army had taken over, with a general announcing that Jacob Rees Mogg had executive authority until mid 2020, in order to sort out the current mess? The plan would be to hold an election in June 2020, then go back to normal with a new parliament. Good or bad? I can see an up-side to that.
    18 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • Tips on raising a puppy?

    i get my aussie mixed with german shepherd puppy in 2 weeks (he will be 6 weeks) and i’m kinda freaking out! what all do i need? what are some tips on potty training? what are some tips on crate training? what kind of toys? this is my first dog btw. i’m naming him charlie. i’m kinda nervous. help!!
    13 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • What can I feed my dog with pancreatitis?

    My chihuahua was vomiting and having bloody diarrhea so took her to the vet. She was diagnosed with pancreatitis and spent a few days being treated. She was given several medications and several cans of special dog food but no advice on what can be fed to her. I guess they were closing soon cause they pretty much kicked me out before I can ask questions. Just wondering if I can feed her treats like Duck jerky, Chicken jerky which are her favorites. How about dry kibbles? Can I feed her boiled chicken or beef? Can I feed her any canned food or just special ones from the vet?
    19 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • Why is the African version of the Birds Eye Chicken Dippers TV advert being screened in the UK?

    8 answers 6 hours ago Other - Advertising & Marketing
  • Why do cats usually hate being petted on their belly?

    14 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • Why is my kitten pooping diarrhoea with bright red blood?

    So.. my cat is 14 weeks old and we just brought him home from his breeder. He had all his microchipping and desexing documents. We had to drive 10ish hours on the way back home from picking him up. He stayed in his carrier the whole time. When we got home he had wet himself so we gave him a wash. Then, we noticed that when he went to the toilet, he had tan coloured diarrhoea with BRIGHT RED blood in it, which was a water-like drop of blood. What is wrong?
    11 answers 1 day ago Cats