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  • Is the vet double-charging me?

    On December 2nd, 2017, I took my pup to the vet for her very first check-up. She got her rabies shot, a pill for fleas, and we were told that we had to come back on the 28th so she could get the 3 other shots she needed. We were told we paid for everything up in the first billing, which I paid in full. The bill looked like this: 12/2/2017 PUPPY/KITTEN EXAM - $53.00 DHPP VACC - $29.50 LEPTO 4WAY VACC FIRST - $30.00 LYME DISEASE VACC FIRST - $44.50 RABIES VACC - 1 YR - $25.50 BIOHAZARD MEDICAL WASTE FEE - $4.00 DRONTAL PLUS 45 LBS AND GREATER - $48.75 Total: $235.25 I have the 'receipt' that shows I paid the $235.25 in full, and my bank statement shows the transaction was processed on 12/04/2017. Now like I said, on the first day she ONLY got the one rabies vaccination. They had us come back on the 28th so she could be given the DHPP, the Lepto and the Lyme shot. Since everything was paid in full, we were allowed to just leave on that day. However, a bit ago we received a letter saying that we still owed them for the 3 shots she got on the 28th. On the most recent letter, it was hand-written that if they don't get a payment and turn it over to a debt collector, we won't be able to pay it unless we pay it in full. Now, they're charging us for the DHPP ($29.50), the Lepto ($30.00) and the Lyme ($44.50). The first letter about this 'remaining payment' said $104 was due (which would be the total of the 3 amounts added up). Am I missing something here about how vets do payments?
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  • Are German Shepards too aggressive or do they make good pets?

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  • What's your opinion on pit bulls?

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  • What's your favorite dog breed?

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  • Help. My dog's vet can't fit her in for two weeks. Is there something seriously wrong with my dog?

    She's 16. She's a terrier mutt, maybe a foot or so tall from the floor to the top of her head. She used to be a little chunky, but over the past couple years she's gotten bone skinny. She's also become diabetic, so she drinks, drinks, drinks, drinks, drinks--like seriously crazy amounts of water. Anyway, over the last two days, she's stopped eating and drinking. She doesn't show any signs of distress, though. She's energetic and still runs around and does her thing. The only thing that's different is she's not eating or drinking. She goes to her food bowl, looks into it like she's going to, but then it's like she decides not to. The weirder thing is the drinking. She never not drinks. I know she's super old, but do you think she maybe just has a stomach bug or something like that. Or is this a sign that she's about to die?!?!
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  • Is leaving a cat outside most of the day considered neglect?

    I think they take it in when they get home after a 9-5, and it looks fat enough. But it just sits by the door all day.
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  • My husky destroys everyting?

    So I’ve had a husky for 7 months and since we’ve gotten him he’s always destroyed everything. And he recently he had surgery because he ate something that caused bloackage which was something he destroyed. Before everyone would always say it was because he was pup but now he’s almost 8 months old he’s I. Training class but he’s still destroying everything!! His vet said to take him out because he’s probably bored so we started walking him 3 times a day and 1 and a half hour at the dog park. But guess what he’s still destroying things even if we leave it out of his reach he always finds something. We’re just scared he’s going to eat something agai. And need surgery again cause it moa something we can afford on a monthly basis he just had one last motn. Any tips?
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  • What's your favorite dog breed?

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  • What supplements should I give my dog who only eats chicken and rice?

    Our border collie has super sensitive stomach. We can only feed her rice and chicken breast. Otherwise, she gets major diarrhea. Our doctor said we need to reintroduce her to dog food or she won’t get enough nutrients. We tried but it’s always horrible. Our dog is in great shape and passed her physical exam like she catches frisbee. However, we’re not sure if vitamins and probiotics are enough to give her proper nutrition. Any recommendation?
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  • If a cat catches 18 mice during one night hunting then how many cats will be needed to catch 20 mice.?

    Solution of this sum
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  • My dog is around 11 years old. Over the last 4 days she has urinated in the house multiple times a day. She's overweight and also arthritic.?

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  • Should I pay for dog surgery?

    The vet said my dog needs surgery but it’s going to be over $200... Should I just have her put down? It seems like a waste of money to pay for dog surgery when I’ve got all of these bills to pay.
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  • Is it okay to feed my dog raw meat and bones?

    i have a chihuahua... shes turning 8 years old in a month.. sometimes we give her meat but we cook it and make sure all the oil is out so that she doesnt get a stomach ache.. and we never give her bones anymore bc she will chew them and her teeth will bleed and im afraid they will fall off.. she sometimes also swallows them which is a little dangerous? but i see videos on youtube of owners giving their dog or cat raw meat and im surprised by that..
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  • What can I do?

    I have a female cat , whom stays in sometime but mostly stays outside everyday. I got her as a kitten now shes a young lady..(I guess) she keeps attracting all male cats , every second of the day theyre trying to mate with her. She runs and runs, and finally gives in. Every day theres a different Tom cat sticking around to mate with her. I feel sorry for my baby Lol. Also, she's already pregnant. And no she cannot stay in my house 24/7.
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  • Feral cats are peeing inside my car. What can I do to stop them?

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  • Why are small dogs too yappy and annoying?

    Pomeranians, Maltese, Yorkies, Bichons, etc. They seem too excited to see people! They’re like cotton balls that follow you around and never leave you alone. Not all are, but MOST so far. I stay far away from them, but occasionally you get little dogs come right up and sniff.
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  • I am a feminist and looking to get my first Cat. What is a good starter Cat? I hope to someday become a crazy cat lady but for now just?

    Looking to get started in the world of Cats
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  • Can I leave my cats alone?

    I have 2 grown up cats and I need to travel out of my home town for a5-7 days at a time. If I use an automatic food dispenser and a water filter and cat proof the house, can I leave them alone for that amount of time or will I still need someone to check on them. They are great friends and they have plenty of toys and safe places to play in the house so they won't be bored. I'm gonna let someone know I will be away incase of emergencies
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  • What breed of dog do you have? And are you happy with the choice you made to get that breed?

    Best answer: A Vlcak (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog) and yes im happy with my choice as he herds my Ewes very very well indeed in temps where a Border Collie would collapse from heat exhaustion.... Which is also exactly why i chose the breed
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