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  • Is leaving dogs outside in freezing temperatures wrong?

    Best answer: Yes. They should be let back in when they want inside. My 8 year old German Shepherd likes to spend an hour or so outside playing in the snow -- or more if my kids are there. But he certainly would NOT be OK spending the whole night outside.
    31 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Name suggestions for a male german shepard puppy?

    still don’t have him yet but i’d like to see your name suggestions :)!
    24 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • Best age to buy a puppy for kids? Or easiest time to buy?

    What would be the best age to buy a puppy? There's so much time that goes in to them and energy and all the toilet training etc. We are so busy but I am home full-time. I just worry that It will be too much. I have three kids. 4,7 and 9. Or is their not a age for it and you just plug through and get whenever. It's better for kids to grow up with a dog then to not.
    13 answers 7 hours ago Dogs
  • What’s your favorite dog breed?

    19 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Where to go locally to get cheap Beef Bones?

    Best answer: Use Google and find LOCAL butchers and small meat shops, they are always cheaper and there are fewer people touching and handling the meat and you know where it comes from
    24 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • My boyfriend likes his dog more than me?

    Best answer: I don't think he likes the dog more but differently. If you are a person that does not like pets and you find yourself in a relationship with a person that loves pets be prepared to make some sacrifices.
    21 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Where can I find the Texas law about dog damaging property?

    Hello, I currently live in an apartment with my roommates. Long story short, I got a pet which we all agreed that it was okay. After a couple of months, my dog has damage values that belong to them, for example: headphones, their grandma hearing aid. So, now they are trying to get me to pay for all the stuff that my dog has damage. In their room, they usually have stuff laying around on the bed and places where the dog can reach and chew whenever. I know that I should be more responsible into making sure my puppy doesn t do these things but, I think there should be initiative between all my roommates to put up their belongings in a place a little far from dogs reach. My question is: Where can I find the law that says that I have to pay for everything that my dog has damage? Because, they are trying to say there are laws that would make me responsible, I m trying to look it up on the internet and cant find. I need help
    13 answers 20 hours ago Dogs
  • Can house cats become vegetarian and healthy at the same time...?

    Best answer: Your'e an idiot. Humans are omnivores so we can survive just fine as vegans.

    Cats are obligate carnivores and NEED meat. If you don't want to feed a cat meat based cat food THEN DON'T HAVE ONE.

    I'm so sick of you vegans wanting to feed your dogs or cats vegan food just because of what YOU believe. I thought part of being vegan is you love animals too much to eat them? Well then why the hell would you force a CARNIVORE to be a vegan? How is that loving animals????
    16 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • Should I get a dog while I’m college in an apartment?

    I really wanted to get a puppy and I went shopping today and saw a puppy that I connected with. She made me cry! I am however living in an apartment classes only 6-10 Monday’s and Wednesday and the I’m looking for a full time job. I have a house she can stay at and play with other puppies at times and people that will help think about this logistically what do you guys think??
    16 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Do cats eat pork meat even though it is prohibited in Islam...?

    Cats are muslim aren't they??
    12 answers 9 hours ago Cats
  • Can you toilet train a cat later in life?

    My cat has stopped using it's litter box and is now using my hand bag. I keep it's litter box clean and fresh, it's easy for it to access. I don't know what to do.
    10 answers 6 hours ago Cats
  • Can dogs be born aggressive and violent? LIke can it just be in their nature?

    22 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • My pregnant dog has brown gooey stuff coming out a lot and she’s on her 9 week,and she looks sad does that mean her puppies coming soon ?

    10 answers 10 hours ago Dogs

    Best answer: This one needs to be taken care of by your vet. It's likely going to be okay, but you'll need to get her to a vet for medical care. This is important. Please take her into your emergency vet.
    10 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • What is so appealing about dogs?

    Best answer: Dogs are helpful creatures. The only thing rabbits are good for is being thrown in a stew.
    12 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Would it be cruel to leave my dog in a crate for 4 hours?

    9 answers 16 hours ago Dogs
  • Is your dog brown?

    9 answers 6 hours ago Dogs
  • How do I convince my parents to allow me to get an emotional support animal?

    I have relatively severe anxiety and depression, and I know that an ESA (emotional support animal) would benefit me greatly. I have proposed the idea of adopting a male kitten with the assumption that the responsibility of it's care would fall on me. However, my parents have a few issues with it. We already have 2 cats and 2 dogs, sop they don't see why I would want another cat. But the reasoning is because none of our animals really spend time with me, so I want a kitten that can grow up adapted to the idea of spending a majority of it's time around me (I want it to associate me as it's owner). Additionally, I'll be going off to college in about 8 months, and they're extremely against me taking the cat with me (ESA are allowed in dorms, I did some research). Because of this, they do not want to have to take care of the cat when I leave. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. No matter what I say, I can't seem to convince my dad. My mom seems a bit easier to convince, but the whole process has been very draining.
    26 answers 4 days ago Cats
  • Is killing a animal that’s dying justified ?

    I was just randomly thinking about this at 1 am but let’s say someone hit a animal like a dog and it’s gonna die there is no way saving it but it’s slowly painfully dying is it justified to kill it quick so it wouldn’t have to suffer and just die . Would it be justified to kill a animal in that situation ?
    12 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • What would you think of someone who adopts a dog, owns it for 3 years, than re homes it, because they no longer have the time to care for it?

    10 answers 10 hours ago Dogs