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  • Should I leave water out for my dog all day?

    22 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Is my dog having nightmares?

    My dog is getting old. He's about 9 now. Sometimes he naps during the day and then he starts breathing really really heavy like he's panicking? And he's almost whining. Then he starts flinching his legs. It happens often. Is he having nightmares? Does he have PTSD? He's only small and he's got attacked twice by dogs triple his size. Is it something else? Anything I can do?
    15 answers 19 hours ago Dogs
  • Have you quit staying in pet-friendly hotels because of possible ticks, fleas, barking, etc, in the rooms? Animals should be left at home.?

    12 answers 8 hours ago Dogs
  • How do I train my dog to stop barking?

    12 answers 9 hours ago Dogs
  • How can we get the cats to stop coming in our room at night?

    When I’m at my boyfriends house, his cats come into the bedroom and jump on the bed or rummage around trying to find food EVERY NIGHT. And it’s very very annoying because I’m pregnant so I struggle to get to sleep anyway because often at night I’m nauseous, so if I wake up I find it hard to get back to sleep. When the cats come in, my boyfriend doesn’t really stir so it’s always me that gets up to get them out of the room. It’s unfair but if I wake him up he moans about it so I just do it. How do we stop the cats from coming into our room?
    22 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • Dog attack gone wrong?

    So if my dog dug a hole and got out of my backyard and went down the street and was attacked by another dog that was outside, not on a leash, but my dog ended up hurting the other dog pretty bad, who is at fault for the dogs injuries
    18 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Is training a dog with a shock collar cruel? I don’t want to do it because I believe is cruel but has anyone used it?

    13 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Did you notice Grumpy Cat was only 7 years old when he died? This means whoever owned him didn't treat him good?

    23 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • What meaty raw bones would be beneficial for a Beagles teeth?

    I know some bones can crack teeth while others can actually help keep them healthy and clean. I just got a 4 month old Beagle pup a week ago and want to get her onto it. My mum gives her lil Chihuahua a whole chicken leg quarter as a dinner meal once a week instead of dog food which seems to be working great. I just wonder if the chicken would be too easy and not much effective on a Beagle when matured.
    13 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • Whats your opinion on silver Labradors? To me they are 100 percent the same as the other three registered colors.?

    13 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Poll: what comes to mind when you hear the word animal?

    19 answers 3 days ago Other - Pets
  • My dog has a seizure and vet put him down?

    He was a pretty old dog. 11 years I think. Pretty healthy all in all. Just very bad arthritis. For the first tiem eevr he had a seizure. I freaked.He was shaking so hard I have huge bruises on my legs. Called my vet and said they do that when they're old and at the end. Said we should put him down. I was freaked out and didn't wanna cause my dog pain so I agreed to bring him in. Afterwards he went outside...played around. Huge appetite. Me thinking it was his last day have him a ton of food. I didn't feel right about this...it was only one right? She insisted...its a sign of it being the end with his old age....did my vet kill my dog? No bloodwork..nothing. She made this decision off what I told he rover the phone. I was grieving and in pain. From losing my dog before my dog even knew it...i feel like I made a mistake...I feel like in my pain my vet should've been the voice of reason (getting blood test or workups)
    9 answers 13 hours ago Dogs
  • What dog breed would you recommend?

    Best answer: The benefit of adopting a dog nowadays is that most come with a good description of what you're getting into. Many dogs are listed as liking cats, kids, other dogs, etc., so you have that going for you. Cats are very territorial animals and you could have real behavioral problems on your hands if you don't plan on "catifying" your home now to make sure the cats are still #1 when this dog moves in. You also want to do a slow introduction all around to make sure everyone gets along and all are friends. I wouldn't be surprised if you went through a selter and they tested a few dogs with your cats, just in case.
    20 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • Is Koda a good name for a girl dog? Also, have you ever heard this name before? I hadn't, but the internet said it was popular lol. Thanks!?

    9 answers 18 hours ago Dogs
  • How can I change the color of my cat's hair?

    Yeah you know I love my little kitty cat Mittens, but I wanted to make him yellow. I tried yellow paint but he got really agitated. Yeah and now he's mad at me. How can I change his hair color so that he won't get upset?
    14 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • Are fish considered aliens?

    Fish look too much like aliens. They don't look like they belong on Earth. I don't like them.
    5 answers 2 days ago Fish
  • Are kangals/Anatolian shepherds effective guardians against human intruders?

    Hello, I’m considering adopting an Anatolian Shepherd/Kangal. I want a dog who will guard against intruders. My question is will this breed protect/guard against human intruders? I know Kangals were bred to protect against wolves, but I’m not sure if they are effective against people. Thank you.
    9 answers 21 hours ago Dogs
  • What is your favorite dog breed?

    Best answer: German Shepard, Belgin Malinoui, and Australian Shepard -- the smartest dogs in the world.
    12 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Should I have my dog neutered?

    He's a 21 m/o, 20 lbs cattle dog mix. I wanted to wait until 2 yrs for neutering, but within the span of 6 months, he got two bacterial infections in his p*enis (which would probably stop if neutered, according to the vet), so I made an appointment. Now I'm having doubts. He's well-behaved. He doesn't mark inside, has never attempted to escape or roam in search of a female, doesn't get into dominance fights with other dogs, & doesn't hump dogs/people/toys. He does bark at strange men & occasionally women, but it's because he was abused & not socialized or trained before I rescued him. It's rapidly improving as well. He's friendly & confident with all dogs, male & female, and has never shown dog-aggression. But he's easily distracted by other dogs to the point where most high value treats can't get his attention. He's fit, muscular, & healthy. Most neutered pets I know of are at least a little pudgy, even if they're energetic (but maybe it's just bad pet parenting?). I worry neutering him would change his physical health and he'll lose his muscles even if I reduce food intake & maintain his exercise regimen. I also read a few articles/studies that suggested neutering changes dogs' behavior for the worse.. I'm worried it'll cause him to revert to his crazy barking at men again, or even worse, become seriously aggressive. I know the best option is to talk to my vet, which I intend to do, but I want to get the opinions of seasoned dog owners as well. What do you think?
    23 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • Is it weird to give your cat/dog kisses on the forehead or cheek?

    20 answers 3 days ago Cats