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  • My dog's puppies came out dead?

    My 8 month old Jack Russel Terrier gave birth today around 7:00 AM. If that was all there was to it, I wouldn't be here. But the first puppy out was dead, and had a hole in it where its organs should've been. The other five puppies came out one by one, all of which were also dead but didn't have the same hole in them. Currently, her vagina is bleeding and she is lethargic. I don't know what to do and my vet is closed due to the coronavirus. Please help?
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  • Should I adopt a shelter dog during these trying times of coronavirus?

    Best answer: Perhaps if you find a dog you could bring along with you while you work, that might work. Many dogs love riding in cars, and some employers will allow dogs at the office, or on calls. 

    Other than that, it would need to be an older dog or a quiet one, who doesn't do much, during the day. You could also "share" the dog with someone such as a family member or friend, meaning they could take the dog during the hours you are working. You could also have a neighbor or friend take the dog outside or for a walk at some point during the day. 

    Yes, it would be better for a dog not to be euthanized during this difficult time, but in the long run you will still need to deal with all the same details for the dog, so be sure this will work for you. There are probably a lot of very nice dogs, as there usually are at the shelters. Hopefully, you will find a dog who will be very happy with you.

    Another idea is to adopt a cat or two, who would not have too many needs while you are away at work.
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  • Has the Great Coronavirus Plague killed dogs as well?

    Best answer: With all the information out there, it seems hard to believe that you actually don't know enough to know dogs don't get it.
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  • How often do you beat your dog?

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  • Why do Pit Bulls go after toddlers?

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  • What do you think of owners who don’t let their dogs on the bed or couches?

    Back when I had a dog my mom never let him on the couches or bed because she thought he was dirty. We figured out that he would sleep on my moms bed everytime we left the house lol
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  • Law suit against owner for damages?

    A dear friend of mine has a boarding barn. Last winter, she and her staff were bringing horses in for the night and something spooked them, and they all bolted. (4 of them). She got trampled. 3 were imediatly caught but one ran and ran, and then was on the road. In a blind panic. Some idiot motorist with the cheapest insurance on earth actually attempted to pass the bolting horse at 40 miles an hour and drove over the lead line pulling the horse under the car. I won't get into anymore detail. The horse succumbed to his injuries. Now 14 months later this guy has filed a lawsuit against her. The farm is still part of an estate for the owner (her dad) who passed away a few years ago. She basically leases the farm from the estate. She does not have homeowners insurance. Can she win in this lawsuit? The motorist was partially responsible for the way things turned out.
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  • Do you prefer dogs or cats?

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  • I want I dog but my mum thinks the dog we want cant be left alone!?!?!?

    my mum and dad were thinking to get a Cavachon but all of a sudden they are now saying that she cant be let alone in the house for as long as we need,  me and my brother go to school at 8am and my mum and dad go to work at 8 am too I get home at around 4 and my mum and dad get home at 5 but whilst that's happening me and my brother go to my nans for childcare!  please help I really want this dog to the point where I cried myself to sleep and we've already called her Lottie !!
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  • If the Republican Party was a breed of dog, which one would it be?

    Best answer: Oh, please don't insult dogs by calling them Republicans. They don't deserve that. 
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  • If you work 60 hours a week, do you need a dog walker?

    They have plenty of space to do their business and are very friendly with each other and keep each other company
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  • Can dogs feed on rice and gravy as daily staple meal ?

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  • Why do dogs breath with their mouths open? ?

    Best answer: That's why CATS RULE 😻😺😹😽😻
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  • Which category of dog is this?

    I want to type or category of my dog.
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  • How can I potty train my puppy in my apartment?

    I live in an apartment and I've just got a 9 week-old pup. She's so cute but I hate it when she pees on my carpet or sofa. How can I deal with this?
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  • Why are women more likely to own dogs?

    Best answer: Both genders own dogs equally from my observances. Men usually die before their wife apparently so I suppose the wife has a dog as a companion and for protection. 
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  • How many times a day should I feed a dog?

    Twice a day or three times?
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  • Is it weird that every time I eat out I always get something for my cat?

    Likr if I go to McDonald's I'll get her her own chicken nuggets and bring it home to her.
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  • Pet havers: if u get a dog as a puppy do u love it more than one u adopted as an adult? Different or same feelings for them?

    Best answer: I'm far more attached to our rescue dog than any of the puppies my mum had.
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  • What kind of dog is this. I know it’s mixed ?

    Best answer: A terrier mix.  Reminds me of a Cairn Terrier.  I had one as a teeenager.
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