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  • My dog won’t eat HolisticLife® vegan dog food?

    Best answer: Your dog will slowly waste away on a vegan diet. Come on, feed your dog the appropriate diet for a carnivorous animal. What did your Vet say when you told them about a vegan diet? I don't think any Vet would suggest that at all.
    39 answers 1 week ago Vegetarian & Vegan
  • What do vets do to an aggressive dog that wont let them near?

    Best answer: It is possible that, if told, they might give the owner something to sedate them first, BUT this isn't always a good idea if they need to see what's going on with the dog when he's alert. Part of getting a diagnosis with an animal who can't speak, is to see how they react which if under sedation, they probably won't do (react). In which case they'd muzzle him, or ask the owner to muzzle him.

    This is what vets and staff are trained to do.
    29 answers 1 week ago Dogs
  • My cat is locked in my roommates room, what do I do?

    I’m so upset. I’ve been listening to my cat crying, locked in the room of someone I rent to. I had a family event, so I had to leave and returned 3hrs later and my cat is still in the room, crying and wanting out. I tried calling and texting her and finally 5 min ago she responded. She called me and told me, it’s ok. I said no, don’t tell me it’s ok. I had to listen to her cry before you left and now I’m going home after 3hrs and I’m going to have to listen to her cry longer. Then I told her she needs to come home and let her out. She said she is on her way, but I could feel the tension. I leave Home at times and I have to leave the cat indoors during the day, but she atleast has access to her food and water and the entire home. I’m walking on thin water with her because I need her and I don’t think I’ve been her favorite person lately. How should I handle this without it causing more tension between us?
    39 answers 1 week ago Cats
  • So... my cat ate some fish that had been stuffed with onions, she only ate the meat is there still food poisoning danger?

    While we were eating my cat went up to me begging for food and I decided to feed her some fish meat, but it turns out it was stuffed with onions, I only gave the meat and there was no onion on the small amount I gave, is that still dangerous?
    17 answers 1 week ago Cats
  • Why is my 2 yer old shih tzu constantly licking his private?

    23 answers 1 week ago Dogs
  • Humane way to put down a dog?

    I would rather use a gun, but access is impossible. I am a foreigner in 3rd world country. These dogs are very feral. Most are fine to ignore we have one that just killed all our Guinea hens, it didnt even eat them just ripped them to shreds. There are no local authoritys to get rid of it and most locals dont care they just take the loss in stride when it happens to them and Killing is against their religion being Buddhist. Are there any humane poisons, Honesty even a seditive could work. anything i can get easily?
    15 answers 1 week ago Dogs
  • How long can a horse stay up when rearing up?

    6 answers 1 week ago Horses
  • Are there home remedies for Ear Mites on pets?

    9 answers 1 week ago Other - Pets
  • Do male dogs calm down after they’re neutered?

    My 6 month old puppy has been acting out of control lately and he’s getting neutered this so will he calm down?
    32 answers 2 weeks ago Dogs
  • Can cats laugh?

    Best answer: Good question. They can have a sense of humor, my cat will jump up on TV stand, sit in front of screen, blocking my view and look at me...she won't move until I get up then she runs away...next, she will hide behind my houseplant, wait for me to look at her then pretend to take a bite out of plant, she knows she is not allowed...I will swipe at her with fly-swatter and DOESNT intimidate, keeps biting plant as im beating her with fly-swatter saying STOP until I get up to remove her then she runs away,..I have a swinging mouse on string by the piano...she will walk up to it and swipe at it, it squeaks, then keep walking. She does it just for fun. She can smile, it's more of a grin. But laugh? No.
    22 answers 1 week ago Cats
  • Is it safe use coconut oil on a cats toes?

    Before you jump down my throat to call a vet and look elsewhere, I have looked and also will talk to my vet, however, it's early Sunday morning, the usual vet is not open, and this isn't a life or death situation so I'm not going to travel out 3 hours with a very nervous cat to an emergency vet. My cat has very dry toe pads at the moment, they're not cracked or anything. Just very, very dry, and I know some brands sell products for their pads to keep them healthy and moisturized but I don't have that right now sadly and so, I've read some different things saying to use cocoa butter, aloe vera, olive oil, all sorts of stuff. The most logical seeming one is coconut oil, because it isn't an outright liquid and will be easier to get on her feet without much fuss. I'm not worried about her licking it off because I plan to stay by her for a while, until whatever ends up being used "settles." But if she does somehow manage to, will it make her sick? Will simply absorbing it into her skin make her sick? Is there anything instead that I should use that you personally know of? Thank you!
    20 answers 1 week ago Cats
  • Can you drown a flea in water?

    23 answers 1 week ago Other - Pets
  • My dog just started bleeding about 4 days aqo when will she be ready to breed,2 yrs old.?

    19 answers 1 week ago Dogs
  • Your opinions on this..?

    My cousins got a dog back in 2011. He was a few days old, looked like a tiny mouse. Yes, DAYS. On the street left to die. They picked him up and brought him home. They never once bought him inside, EVER. As a newborn he slept outside, LIVED OUTSIDE. He’s never had dog food, he eats leftovers. He sleeps in a doghouse, and is chained, and they don’t even have a yard. His water bowl is empty most of the time, it’s 90 degrees most days!. He’s CHAINED ALL DAY! Do you know who feeds him when no ones home? The HOUSEKEEPER!! I’ve just learned about this and want them to give the dog up to a rescue, because they obviously can’t care for him. Help me convince them, write your opinions.
    18 answers 1 week ago Dogs
  • What should I name my female puppy?

    I have a female dog named Roxie. I love this name, and want a similar name for my new sweetie! 🐶🐈💜💕
    28 answers 2 weeks ago Dogs
  • When a big dog is barking insanely crazy inside house at intruder.What percentage would u put on it being a biter if the intruder entered ?

    Best answer: in my house out of the 5 adults. I am POSITIVE that 3 will bite. I know my fawn will, because she almost got my neighbor who went into my house when I wasn't home to borrow the tractor and had to get they key. He said she wasn't bluffing and almost got the gate knocked down when he got the heck out of there.
    15 answers 2 weeks ago Dogs
  • Why is my older female dog peeing everywhere?

    I have an 11 year old female Yorker-Schanuzer mix who I’ve had for 10 years and she recently (a few months) began peeing around the house, on people, in the car, literally anywhere she wants. She’s been potty trained since before I adopted her and I’ve never had this issue with her, she’s always been very good about asking to go outside, she also has a doggy door at home so she is able to go in and out whenever she pleases. Do you think she could be marking her territory? We have a few other dogs but again, she’s never had this issue up until a few months ago and we’ve had the same dogs for over 5 years. Or could this be a UTI, kidney problems, bladder problems, etc...? I plan to take her into the vet but I was curious if anyone thought that she might just be marking her territory- but why would she pick up this new habit? Thanks in advance
    20 answers 2 weeks ago Dogs
  • Do i have to have a breeders licence if my dogs our family pets?

    16 answers 2 weeks ago Dogs
  • I love my cat 🐈 does make me a bad person?

    24 answers 1 week ago Cats
  • Question about signs regarding livestock and dogs on public right of ways?

    So when walking my dog through some public right of way farmer s fields I saw a lot of signs saying to keep dogs on leashes as they can frighten or injure livestock. However, the same signs also said if cattle chase you to UNLEASH your dog? What exactly does that mean - if you kept your dog leashed and were chased by cattle, would you both be likely to be injured? Do they expect the dog to defend you/itself against the cattle, buying you time to jump a fence? Or do they expect the dog to flee and be spared from injury, or would the cattle be more likely to chase the dog, than the human? Having a well-socialised dog who loves livestock and also a completely neutral dog, I cannot imagine how unleashing them would have any benefit? And honestly wouldn t without knowing why beforehand - now, the fields with cattle we passed had calves, mothers and intact bulls - we tread slowly, but came very close to them and they seemed unbothered. However, I can totally imagine a different response. We were chased by a group of (super overly friendly) horses though and my usually livestock-loving dog panicked then; say the horses were cattle and I unleashed him, he would be completely disorientated and helpless - neither fleeing nor attacking, so I am really baffled by what these signs I saw were referring to Thanks
    9 answers 2 weeks ago Dogs