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  • My dog has dementia and my mom says that we should put her down sooner rather than later. Are there any sure fire ways to cure dementia?

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  • My dog was killed by another dog, what next?

    My dog got out, so she was technically off my property, but she was attacked by another dog and was killed. Is there anything I can do even though she was not on my property during the attack?
    10 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • I fed my dog about two handfuls of black jelly beans sugary kind will she be okay?

    So I had a bag of jelly beans and I went through and ate all the good flavors maybe through five different jelly beans to my dog thinking it was harmless. So I finished the bag and had nothing but the black licorice ones I don't like them it was like two fist fulls of them and I gave them to my dog then found out online it's not safe for her. She is a medium size maybe 30-40 pounds.
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  • Should I rehome my dog?

    My wife wants to rehome our dog because she poops in her cage sometimes and we have a baby about to be born and she doesnt want the baby to be exposed to dog poop.
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  • Is a 10lb gravity feeder enough for a week of food for a german shepard? He is small and about 45 lbs or less?

    I plan on having a friend check on him every now and then but wanted to try and make it as least troublesome as possible. He is in a secure enclosure with enough an automatic water dispenser and has a place to go to the bathroom. please dont try and lecture me that I should t leave my dog alone I know he will be fine because I know my dog, I just want to know if its enough food for a week?
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  • What can i feed a dog when i have no dog food?

    So im 14 and my sisters dog is here and she keeps saying she'll pick him up then doesn't and i know for a fact he is starving since he only eats twice a day and i wasnt able to give him much to eat this morning and he wont get food till tomorrow because my mom decided to get him food just incase my sister doesnt get him. So i was wondering what food(s) can i give him just for now until his dog food gets here since he wont be able to eat all night either. He is already REALLY skinny from his previous owners and i dont want him to starve. He's a pitbull so he need to eat sonething bigger. Is there anything i can give him?
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  • Is it possible to get a feral kitten to like being held and petted?

    Best answer: You will have to let her come to you. If you force yourself on her and she doesn't like it, you may deter her from being petted for good.

    As fsr as I see and can tell, it's just like people. It's a personal behavioural thing. Some people loved to be fussed and petted, others don't.

    I've had cats before, not rescue, had since kittens s, never harmed or scared or anything, but they just don't want to be petted unless it's on their terms. It's just personality.

    So it may be a combination of neglect at a young age and personality.

    You've done everything right, and they are clearly not in any distress or discomfort. So it at just be case of time. Or it may just be her personality.

    Good luck, lovely you took care of the little thing.
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  • My puggle had seizer yesterday she is 16 Puggle?

    She had a bowl movement all over my floor, and she had vomited. She could not walk straight and has a eye twitch. Vet said all test is normal. 24hrs later won t take anything in hasn t went to bathroom and can t get up without falling. I have been forcing liquid with dropper. What do you suggest?
    9 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Are cats easy to take care of?

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  • When is the right time to wean puppies?

    I’m not going to make a giant sob story on here like most people do just so they don’t get hate,so if your going to be rude you’ll get blocked,call me sensitive but there is a difference between giving an opinion and answering a question. Now that’s out of the way let me explain,My dog gave birth to 8 pups 4 weeks and 3 days ago,She’s been doing amazing so far with everything,I’ve been feeding the puppies soggy high quality kibble mashed up and they’ve been eating it well,I haven’t stopped them from feeding off their mother since I don’t want her milk to build up and cause mastitis, they have all teeth in and are teething and walking on all four legs nice and strong. I always take my dog in for monthly checkups but am currently tight on money due to spending it all on my dogs and bills so I would go to the vet if I could. Will mother completely wean puppies on their own or is my help needed? Is there anything like medicine I can buy to give her to prevent mastitis?*if so when?* Will the milk go down on its own when she is done nursing or does it just build up?
    8 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • My puppy(10 weeks) likes the taste of citrus. What can I use to prevent her from chewing on things she shouldn't?

    She's developing a liking for chewing on cords. Usually we catch her before she gets too far with it, but there have been a few casualties. This was the last straw however, as it is the cord for our modem. It's still relaying, but if we dont find something to deter her from chewing, itll be done for.
    19 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • How do I get my one year old puppy to stop humping my other 7 month old puppy?

    He’s always on guard that he won’t even lie down and sleep. He’s always following her and he won’t leave her alone. Is this normal? I’m worried.
    16 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • How do you get over the guilt that you killed your dogs?

    I had two chihuahuas that recently died. 1. Female chihuahua got cancer around her anus. Since I couldn't afford $10,000 in treatment I just left it alone. She lived another year then I decided to do something stupid and fed her medicine that supposedly reduced cancer. She began having bloody diarrhea which is sign of liver failure so I had to put her down. Had I gotten her treatment, she would still be alive. She was 14. 2. Male chihuahua started peeing over 10 times a night which I had a feeling was due to diabetes but I ignored it. He went blind from diabetes. After treatment saved his life, he wouldn't eat the low fat diet vet prescribed so I fed him hamburger patties and other fatty foods to get him to eat. He ended up getting pancreatitis so had to put him down. He was 16. I feel so awful cause if it weren't for my stupidity, they probably live 20 years. I am so ashamed and depressed!!!!!!!!!
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  • My dog has parvo?

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  • I need names for two Doberman puppies, I want dark strong names, any good names out there?

    Best answer: Zeus and Apollo
    6 answers 24 hours ago Dogs
  • Is there a way to intravenous feed your dog at home?

    8 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • If I’m gone for one week and leave my dog with a 10lb gravity feeder would that be enough food for a week he is a small german shepard 40lbs?

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  • Can i feed my dog raw eggs with hot sauce?

    Best answer: No, do you want to kill it?
    8 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Please tell me why is it the easter bunny exactly?

    bunnies do not lay eggs
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  • I wanna train my cats to open doors?

    Unfortunately I have stupid door handles that are just horizontal lines, so whenever I tie a rope to it and they try to use it, it just slips off. Is there a specific knot I can tie that will prevent this from happening? Instructions would be helpful - thanks!
    16 answers 5 days ago Cats