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  • How did somebody find out my first name on here?

    6 answers 1 day ago Rodents
  • Separation anxiety dilemma, take dog back to the shelter or can this be cured?

    First, I would not abandoned a dog ever. But the shelter (they do not kill the animals, they treat them great) that we are evaluating the adoption has a two week testing to see if the dog is compatible with us and our lifestyle, and we are in that two week period. My partner wakes up very early, 5:00 am, and I'm on a business travel. Our neighbor wrote us a letter telling us that the dog stars to howl and can be really loud when we are not at home, not letting our neighbor sleep. The previous owner surrender the dog because cannot afford him, and I think that, and living in a cruel shelter before being rescued by the great shelter that doesn't kill animals, created this separation anxiety in the dog. I love the dog, so much, and I don't care to spend money and time to fix this, but what happens if we train him and it does not work? What happen if the separation anxiety does not get cured? Should I take the dog back to the shelter (it's a shelter that they do not kill them, they treat them greatly, not in cage or anything), and wait to another person (like a retired person that can spend the whole day with him) to adopt him? Should I give it a try? Please, help me. I do not want to be selfish, I want the best for the dog, and I'm between a decision that my heart tells me to keep him, but my mind tells me to let the dog be adopted by a retired person or a person that can expend 24/7 with him... :(
    14 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Why is catnip not illegal?

    It's a drug that makes cats high.
    11 answers 17 hours ago Cats
  • What dog breeds are non-shedding, don't bark a lot and don't need to go out for walks too often?

    17 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Does anyone know what kind of dog this is on the left?

    30 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • My dog got neutered three weeks ago and was scabbing over. Took ecollar off and he licked the area causing it to bleed.?

    11 answers 20 hours ago Dogs
  • Dog won't go outside?

    My family has had this dog for the better part of 4 years. She was raised by old folks, and when they passed away we got stuck with her. She was never taught proper dog manners, but she was trained to go outside, and for as long as we ve had her we ve had no problems. Recently, though, she just refuses to go outside. We will tell her, "Go outside!" And she either just stands there, or even goes into her bed like we told her to go lay down, or goes upstairs. She isn t afraid of anything outside, she just simply doesn t want to go. When we do make her go, she actually goes out and pees and poops. So why doesn t she want to go outside??? She has to relieve herself, but simply just is reluctant to go. The grass isn t too long, there aren t any scary animals or sounds, so what is the problem?
    10 answers 13 hours ago Dogs
  • What animal is easier to take care of? A cat or a fish?

    (Please provide a detailed explanation why. Thank you!)
    10 answers 16 hours ago Cats
  • Best dog breeds?

    what are the best dog breeds in your opinion? and why do you think they are the best?
    25 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • I found a stray cat, very thin and malnourish...will the humane society take him in?

    11 answers 1 day ago Cats
  • Dogs little bump became bigger what can it be?

    My dog has had a little pink growth for a long time (like a year) and we thought that is was nothing as we have a another dog and they fight sometimes, until recently it grew and bleeds. It's came down a bit as we rub dissinvactive cream but still worried about what it can be.
    8 answers 7 hours ago Dogs
  • Any ideas for getting my dog to pee when he has his cone on?

    To give reference, I can't just take the cone off. I wish I could. It took 2 people and a LOT of failed efforts to get that thing on him. I live alone and don't have anyone to help me, without calling people to my house for help multiple times a day whenever he goes to the restroom. The usual commands aren't working, and I think it's because he can't smell to pee on things.
    10 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • A dove walked in through my open back door. Is this a sign of bad luck?

    10 answers 1 day ago Birds
  • Is it too late to get my cat neutered?

    my cat is 2. he doesn’t spray but i’m concerned about illnesses that might come in the future.
    11 answers 1 day ago Cats
  • Is something wrong with Yahoo Answers again ? I can't answer quastions?

    Best answer: There is a glitch with the Submit button. Refresh the page and try again. You also will not be able to post if you have reached your daily limit or you try to put a percentage sign in your posts, and you will not be able to answer questions if an asker has you blocked.
    12 answers 2 days ago Rodents
  • How long have you and your cat known each other?

    Best answer: About 17 years.
    8 answers 13 hours ago Cats
  • Is she full blooded pit she is 4 or 5 months old I was told she was when I bought her long nose and short?

    8 answers 18 hours ago Dogs
  • What should I name my new great dane?

    22 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • New pup and worried about Parvo?

    Best answer: Your brother is a FOOL! Nobody (in their right mind) allows a vet to put them off for 2 weeks.... to see and exam a newly bought puppy. If the vet were to find the puppy had any congenital DEFECT any puppy lemon laws to allow him to return it or to get any REFUND would be OVER.

    In addition, every single day this puppy goes UNPROTECTED by starting its vaccinations (not to mention flea & heart worm prevention) mean yes, it can become exposed to Parvo & come down with it. Parvovirus is HIGHLY FATAL with 80% death rates in those who are NOT vaccinated or incompletely vaccinated. (Puppies REQUIRE at least 3 spaced out -boosters against parvo & distemper before 16 weeks).

    It takes TWO WEEKS from the time of the 1st shot to build immunity & the mother's antibodies "RUN OUT" as to protection at 7 weeks (which is WHY most *reputable* BREEDERS make sure the the puppies GET THEIR FIRST VACCINATION THEN, when they go in for a physical health exam & signed letter to that FACT - from the vet before the sale).

    Yes, your dog, and you (or your brother) or anybody in the home CAN TRACK.... PARVOVIRUS or DISTEMPER VIRUS home on their feet or shoes. Putting OFF a vet visit, is NOT ADVISABLE!
    8 answers 21 hours ago Dogs
  • Should I spay my kitten?

    We have 3 male cats ranging 1-2years old and we just got a female kitten aged 16 weeks. The boys have been really good with her and are treating her like a little sibling or like their kid. They’re doing a lot better than we thought they would! All our boys are neutered. My mom, who I live with, does not want to spay the kitten because she’s nervous about the surgery in general and the effects it leaves (scars and lopsided belly). I’m trying to convince her to spay the kitten due to health benefits but also because I’m worried that when she goes into heat she can still have sex with the other cats even if they’re fixed, so I want to prevent her going into heat. I have evidence I’m going to show my mom concerning the health benefits but is there something out there that attests to the likelihood that a female kitten raised like a sibling or kid to a male cat will grow up and become sexually involved together? She would need that to be convinced.
    10 answers 2 days ago Cats