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  • Og is afraid to eat out of stainless bowl but when I take her outside she eats everything on the ground any suggestions?

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  • Bedding for pet rats?

    I need to know what kind to get Ive never had a pet rat and I m getting 2 tomorrow if anyone has any extra tips that would be cool too.
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  • Unruly dog, but the dog trainers near me are too expensive, any advice on how to train the dog my self?

    Problems include, barking, aggression towards other dogs, and leash pulling. Perfectly affectionate towards people, so I don't think she is just naturally hostile. I got her only a week ago and she is 9 lbs so may have small dog syndrome
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  • What should I name my female 2 month old husky X malamute puppy?

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  • Raising a 4 week old Boxer Pup, how are we doing?

    Best answer: That’s a bad breeder

    Can you take the pup back? The puppy needs to be with the litter until at least 8 weeks

    ALL mother dogs have the litter weaned at 4 weeks old, that’s when the breeder needs to start giving puppy food.

    This dog isn’t going to develop canine behaviour properly without his siblings and mother
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  • What species of frog is this?

    This frog entered my house for the second time today, and after letting it out the second time I got super curious about what type of frog it is. It’s really tiny (I believe one inch or less), also I’m in northern Virginia if that helps.
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  • Do frogs like toads?

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  • Is it normal for my dog to be lethargic after being treated at the vet????

    Took my 4yo Pitt bull to the pet ER last night because she vomited 15 times in 3 hours. They gave her fluids, meds to stop vomiting and diarrhea, and pain meds. (Tramadol). Today she is lethargic compared to her normal self. She dosent want to play and just kinda follows me around looking sad. Is it normal for them to feel tired the day after being sick? Or should I take her back to the vet? Last night cost me $500 and I can’t afford another trip there unless it’s really necessary! Thanks for any input!
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  • Need help with Aquarium Cycling Problem !!!!!!!!!?

    Best answer: Save your water, put a new unscented and not an antibacterial bag in a bucket and dump all the conditioned water in it without disturbing the gravel no making a food dust storm. You won't need a hundred percent of the water but at least 2/3 of the conditioned water.

    Dump the gravel in a pail or container, pull the the filter and do the same, break down the whole tank. Rewash the tanks inside glass, remove any film build up, only water no soap, no salt no viniger or beach.

    Next scrub the gravel between your hands, get all the gunk and food rinsed out. If you have an undergraveo filter, rinse and scrub it clean, any other filters leave alone as they have the established bacteria build already to go.

    Set up the tank, start running it. Add the saved water you should not see the floaterw going. The undergravel filters do not establish bacteria builds but most other do so your advantaged by having aged water and a filter that's been seasoned. For what water you couldn't save new water can be drawn, treated and saved until the tank is ready. The water you saved in the pail (if the pail or bucket is new and never had Bleach, soap or chemicals then you shouldnt need to line it.). You can start putting the saved water back into the tank. Better than 3/4 was saved and now has the established bacteria you need.

    When your adding the water back use a big glass or jar and do it a scoop at a time. Any gunk or food that transferred over in the water doing a scoop at a time no not disturbing the whole pack it should have settled enough not to be scooped back in the regenerated tank no floaters, If you start getting cloudy water stop and wait about an hour. If still coming up dirty stained looking then dump it and add new, fill the tank back up to the top, if ony missing a gallon fill it all, if two or more put in half what's missing, wait couple hours and have the last of thr water that was drawn hours before and add water. The tank should be ready to go with fish in 24 hours.

    I found when I start a tank I use a feeder goldfish or two and let them add the good bacteria. The new tank does not seem to bother them and eirse case if you decide you don't want to keep them you can bring them back to the store. If it's within a week you can usually get a refund.

    Good luck
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  • Can I keep some other fish in my tank with my Betta?

    I currently have a 2.5 gallon tank (9 and a bit litres), with one small regular male Betta fish in it. Could I keep 3-4 neon tetras in there with him as well? If yes, what plants should I get to accommodate the neon tetras?
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  • Will a dogs act normal if they have bloat? My dogs stomach is looking hard and bigger. But he is running and playing and pooped?

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  • Can I raise chickens in my backyard?

    Best answer: Check with animal control to see if your zoned in a area that can have chickens. Laws are changing, many cities, counties no townships are banning chickens especially the ones that are over run with feral flocks that owners have escapees and never go after their hens or roosters that escape the yard somehow.

    Many cities require aa permit and coop inspection to make sure things are secure enough so they do not escape etc. also if you have a lot of neighbors and the chickens make too much noise, smell bad or you get a rooster that's nuts and crows all the time the city may ask you to get rid of them all because of the ompaints.
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  • Why does my cat attack me but not my partner?

    Best answer: It may be the scent of your shampoo or body lotion etc. There are a lot of scents (musk is one) that triggers that type of aggression in cats. It's not dominance. Try tiring him out daily - get a wand toy or a fishing pole toy. Two fabulous ones are Da Bird and Feline Flyer - you can get them in any chain pet store or on Amazon. YOU play with him once or twice a day, get him jumping and leaping for a solid 15 minutes. It will be fun for him and also for you. Put it away when you aren't using it, as you want it to be special time with you, and the strings on the toys can be dangerous as they could be chewed and swallowed.
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  • Are Raccoons considered dogs?

    Best answer: Nope. Procyonidae is a New World family of the order Carnivora. It comprises the raccoons, coatis, kinkajous, olingos, olinguitos, ringtails, and cacomistles. Procyonids inhabit a wide range of environments and are generally omnivorous.

    Dogs are of the order of Canidae
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  • I need help with choosing a doggo...?

    Ok, so lately i’ve been getting puppy fever. but i live in an apartment in New York is not big but is not small either so i feel that it would be better if i adopt a small puppy... which i also don’t know where to adopt it **cries anxiously**... also, i would want a puppy that is easy to take care of, and by that i mean that it dont get sick easy (bc im not rich and i cant afford being in the vet 24/7 with the doggo)... so i need help by: knowing what doggo is small and gucci for an apartment in New York, that doesn’t gets sick often or not being a big deal (like surgery for example) and, that is not that expensive... which idk if you have to pay for adoption, i think u do but im not sure... ok this is A LOT- im sorry, but idk where else to ask :(
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  • Are my pets likely to destroy this bedroom furniture?

    I have a dog and a cat . The cat especially likes to scratch at the couch and other upholstered/fabric items in my home. I want to say this furniture is cheaply constructed . It is covered with fabric . How easy would it be for my animals to tear this apart?
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  • Why does my dog never bring back the ball?

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind THAT much. I’d be fine if he never learned but I would like to know if I can do something to teach him. He is a Border Collie and Australian Shepard cross. When I throw a ball he goes after it, and catches it. But unless I have another ball that he is interested in me throwing, he will not drop the other one. One time he dropped it next to a bush, he hid in it and pretended he was looking in the other direction. When I went to pick it up he jumped out and grabbed it and ran away with his tail wagging. I must have almost collapsed a lung laughing. I know it’s a game to him and he probably doesn’t want to give me the ball back because he doesn’t like? Trust me enough? But in every other aspect of himself he is the most trusting of me. He falls asleep with his belly up and my hand on it, his throat resting on my head. He leans on my leg whenever he feels insecure around other people, or just when he’s next to me. He has zero food aggression with humans, let alone me. He lets me hug him and kiss him while he’s eating and even take his food away if something comes up. I know that’s an issue with a lot of dogs. He trusts me completely except with the ball. Which is why I think it’s a game to him. Is there any way I can teach him to bring it back or am I just forever going to have to use two balls when playing fetch?
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  • Does a Newfoundland seem like a good breed for me?

    I've wanted a Newfie for over 2 years now but it just hasn't been a good time (moving and stuff) but I can now have one and I'm just wondering if you think it would be a good breed for me. I'm 17 so I still live with my mom so she can help me with him if needed. I am homeschooled and I don't party or really do much away from home so I would almost always be able to watch him and care for him. I am going to college but not for a couple years and my mom is perfectly fine with watching him while im at school. im pretty active and I love swimming. I love grooming dogs and I know newfoundlands shed a lot and need a lot of grooming and I enjoy that a lot. I am totally fine with the slobber and shedding!! I know they are a giant breed and I love that! im ready to spend a pretty penny on one from a reputable breeder and I have already found a breeder that is great and they are going to have puppies in fall/winter and they have asked me if I want to be put on the list for the litter. I know they eat a lot and I can afford everything for the dog grooming, food,treats,toys,etc. so do you think the Newfoundland dog is a good breed for me? if you have any questions comment them and I will respond. ive done tons of research but if you have any info and you are/were a Newfie owner please comment that too!
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  • What's wrong with my puppy?

    I bought a puppy a few days ago and he was 10 weeks old, he's a miniature breed and very cute. he is extremely calm and for the first day did not bark one bit. today he wouldn't leave me alone and as soon as I left he barked like crazy. when I came to comfort him he just sits still and I give him food but he's not hungry and doesn't need the toilet, is this separation anxiety?
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  • My budgie died?

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