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  • Is this Anisocoria?

    Last night my 16 week old lab pup’s left eye pupil shrunk very small. He had been with me most of the day and I had been watching him right before it happened - he was playing with my other dog— could have caught him in the eye by accident, I don’t know. I rang the emergency vet out of panic but because he wasn’t showing any other symptoms , there wasn’t anything he could suggest. I went back to normal after half an hour. Someone please tell me what on Earth it was? Thanks.
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  • Should we get a second dog?

    Best answer: He doesn't need another dog to be happy.  If you want a second dog, get one because you want one, not because you think your current dog needs a friend.  So, yes it's right that you don't assume that he's lonely and wants another friend and it's also nice to know that he gets along well with other dogs.  There is one other thing I'd like to point out, if I may.  When you speak of adopting another dog that's maybe 2 or 3 years old, I'm assuming you'd like to get one from a shelter or rescue.  Sometimes those dogs have limited knowledge about their past, so also don't assume that if you get another dog that it will get along with your current dog.  In fact, things could end up the opposite of how you'd like it to turn out if you do end up with another dog.  Another day may not like your dog, and for that matter it might like your cats either.
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  • Should I get a pug?

    Best answer: I owned a pug. He was the most loving, adorable dog I've ever owned. Everyone loved him. He was so funny, and he had this great personality.
    He was super great with kids. He never barked. I literally only ever heard him bark maybe twice in his whole life. You know how there are alpha dogs? Well, he was an omega dog, not dominant at all. He was scared of birds. He'd be out in the back yard and a bird would land next to him, and he'd just freeze and look at it out of this corner of his eye then run away when he thought the coast was clear. He would also have these adorable little spaz attacks where he'd just start running in circles really fast, but because he was spazzing out, his shoulder muscles would scrunch up tight, so he'd have these really short gallops. That was pretty funny to watch. He wasn't a licker, but if you sat down on the couch, he'd come sit right next to you. He also liked sleeping in the bed. He used to sleep between me and my boyfriend, but not like a dog, like a person, so you'd look over and he'd be under the covers with just his head sticking out lying on a pillow.

    I got him as a puppy and he lived to be 13. He died at the vet's office under anesthesia having a tooth pulled. It wasn't a premature death, though. All his black fur around his mouth had turned white, and he'd gone both blind and deaf. I still miss him. Every time I see a pug, my heart breaks a little bit.

    Some things you should know:

    Fawn-colored pugs shed a lot. A lot, lot, lot. They are one of the sheddingest dogs there is. I read somewhere that a pug sheds its weight in hair a year, and I was not surprised. So keep that vacuum hand. If that's a deal-breaker, consider a black pug. They cost more, but they don't shed. That's because what fawn-colored pugs shed is their fawn-colored fur, which is an outercoat to an underlying all black coat made of shorter hairs. Black pugs came about by people breading the fawn hair out of them. The black undercoat doesn't shed.

    Pugs frequently have eye problems and frequently go blind as they get older. Those big, beautiful human-looking eyes come at a price. To keep your pug seeing for as long as possible, you need to take care of his eyes. Lots of times, you'll see hair or lint floating on them and you want to rub his eyes like you'd rub your own to get that off. Also, you'll want to keep Neosporin on hand to immediately treat any eye infections.

    Speaking of eyes, pugs are known to have their eyes pop right out of socket, especially when they get scared or stressed out. This almost happened to Wilbur once. We had come home and he'd knocked over the trashcan to get to some chicken he smelled in it. He knew he'd done wrong because instead of meeting us at the door, he was hiding under the table. Whenever that happened, we'd go looking around to see what he'd done, usually it had something to do with garbage, like he really liked to dig out the kleenex out of the bathroom garbage can and throw it around. Well, my boyfriend called him into the kitchen and pointed at the tipped over garbage can and said, "Wilbur, no." He let out this snort, he snorted like a pig all the time, and his eyes got super, super big, and then we saw one of them start to pop right out, so my boyfriend quickly leaned down and put his hands over his eyes and pushed in to keep it from popping out.

    I'm not sure if all pugs have allergy issues, but mine did. He developed food allergies. That led to him getting yeast infections in his skin and ears. We were constantly having to change his food every few months because if he ate a kind too long, he'd get allergic and then his skin and ears would get yeasty. The frequent yeast infections in his ears, though I stayed on top of them with ointment from the vet (basically Monistat) is why he went deaf. Also, when he'd get yeast infections in his skin, you'd know because when you pet him, his fur felt slightly wet and he'd stink. In fact, his nickname became "Stinky." He was Wilbur for the first several years of his life, then "Stinky" thereafter. I mean, you wouldn't notice it until you pet him and then drew back your hand and your hand would stink.

    STILL, despite the shedding, despite the allergies, despite having to give him a ton of baths to keep him from being stinky when he got allergic to his food, I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO HAVE HIM BACK.

    I know everyone says their dog is the best dog in the world, but Wilbur, my pug, HE REALLY WAS THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!! I've had four dogs in my lifetime. I have one right now, and I love him. But Wilbur, my pug, the absolute best.

    So why didn't I get another pug? Because it felt like replacing Wilbur and because I miss loved him so much and miss him so much that whenever I see a pug I smile because it makes me think of him but also makes me sad because I miss him. It was like God put all the love in the world into a somewhat portly pug and sent him to me because my pug was nothing but a chunk of pure love.
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  • Please help ID this dog breed?

    Best answer: He's not any breed at all.  He's a mongrel of unknown origin that could have many different breeds in his background.  In other words, his Sire and Dam could be mutts.  His Grandsire and Grandam would be mutts, and so on down the line in his "family tree."  That being said, and again, nobody can guess his breed because he isn't any recognized breed.
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  • How do u tell if your dog is pregnant, how long do small dachshunds carry them ?

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  • My french bulldogs fought each other? What do I do?

    My dogs fought each other, one of them ended up with a swollen and slightly torn eyelid about 0.2cm length. I am very worried, what do I do right now.
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  • What breed(s) of dog(s) would you recommend for me?  I lost my 2 Shetland Sheepdogs this past summer due to old age.?

    I love Shelties but they have 2 issues that I need to avoid #1 they tend to bark too much bothering my elderly father who lives with me and #2 they need extreme grooming.  I LOVE agility and did it quite well with my female and I'd really love to get back into so finding a easy to train breed would be best.  I do love border collies but do they bark a lot and need daily grooming?  I'm not against getting two puppies perhaps even different breeds.  I would really like medium-large breeds.  I love Standard Poodles and I know that the grooming is expensive but I'm okay with that. I'm not going to lie but I do want an attractive breed.  What about the Sherperds like German, Malnois, etc...? I love Samoyeds but they appear to need a lot of grooming.  I do live on Lake Michigan so a breed that loves the water would be nice.  Thanks for suggestions. 
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  • My dog spits up fluids?

    She’s a 3 year old chihuahua and has a healthy appetite and drinks through the day. But she’s started spitting up the fluids like a baby. She’s not exactly throwing up with gagging. The fluid just comes back out within 10 minutes after drinking. Though she does apoear to have stomach acid and small bits of food in her spit up at times. What could be the cause?
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  • What does this dog see me as?

    Best answer: youre his friend to him
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  • My MIL’s dog has constant health problems and is very old. Why doesn’t she just have him put to sleep?

    My mother-in-law has an old chihuahua that has constant health problems like a pinched nerve in his back, seizures, constant pain, and has recently become lethargic and won’t eat. He is about 16 or 17 years old. Wouldn’t it be more humane to have him put down as opposed to rushing him to the vet several times a month?
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  • Boyfriends dog has fleas and he wants to bring him over I'm afraid my cats will get fleas?

    His dad takes care of my bfs dog and hes going on vacation so my boyfriend is going to be taking care of the dog.  The dog has had fleas since forever cause they don't know how to get rid of them.  My cat had fleas a long time ago and it was a nightmare to get rid of them and I never want to go though it again.  My bf keeps arguing that he will bring the dog over here regardless and that my cats will be fine and hes not listening.  What do I do? Im afraid if I go to work or something he'll just bring the dog over then even though ive strictly told him no and explained to him. 
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  • Why do my cats back paw claws stick out always?

    Best answer: That's normal. They can't retract the rear claws.
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  • Does your cat follow you everywhere you go?

    Best answer: Depends on the breed. My cat usually follows me around, unless he's passed out on his favorite chair.
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  • How to make them stop?

    I have a niece and a nephew that thinks they’re a dog .. they have a dog and it’s been in their family since my niece was a baby she’s 4 now and my nephew is 3 but everything the dog do they do they put their plates on the floor and eat like a dog whenever we would put it back on the table they would cry and then it was one day I caught my nephew trying to sleep On the dog bed with the dog . My niece said she wanted to be a dog when she grows up I’m not sure if we should be concerned or if they’re just being kids 
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  • My 8 month old kitty chews or destroys any paper he can search for.?

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  • ESA rights... Please help. ?

    So this is kind of long... My family and I recently moved, I ha e a legitimate ESA after failed medication attempts for severe anxiety after a horrible marriage and divorce...  We have been here two weeks... In the 2 weeks we have been here my neighbors dog has tried attacking my family 4 or 5 times, one of those times coming inches from biting my daughter in the face (which was reported verbally in the office immediately)... Plus ive put prior complaints in, one being on facebook messenger... So proof..  Anyway I was outside and my 3 year old son decided to come out accidentally letting my ESA out... My ESA spotted the dog thinking they could become friends so he goes to sniff.... The dog attacks him... Every time i get my dog loose that dog keeps coming (while the owner isnt doing **** to help stop it, just stairing).  I reported it to the office immediately after i got him in and got passed my panic attack...  Next thing i know, we got a letter stating my esa needs to leave immediately.  Ive wrote in begging for a second chance... With evidence, with complaints, with written statements on my dogs temporment... Anything to get a second chance... Still nothing back... What can i do?!?!?!
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  • Why does my male dog pee like a female dog?

    Best answer: Lifting the leg is a "learned" behavior.  Unless the dog is around other males, he may never really lift his leg and mark things like trees, etc.

    They say if he had more females siblings then males, he will copy cat a female in peeing and vise versa.  If a female is around more male siblings, she may slightly lift her leg.  Our female does it.  She will lift her leg to pee (about 1-2 inches off the ground).
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  • What carbs are best in dry cat food?

    Best answer: There really isn't any best. The goal is to limit carbs as much as possible because they can lead to diabetes and obesity. All kibble is high in carbs. 

    Another problem with kibble is the lack of water. Kibble fed cats get about half the water they need. This causes all sorts of other problems like kidney disease, crystals, UTIs etc. Canned food or raw is much healthier for a cat. 

    By-products are not as bad as some people make them out to be. By-products are leftovers from human food production which can sound bad but really its things like kidney, lungs, stomach, blood, bone, fat etc. All things that are perfectly fine and healthy for cats. I just wouldn't pick a food that has by-products as the first ingredient because muscle meat should be first. 
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  • I just ate 36 pizza rolls will I die in my sleep?

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  • Legal Sedative?

    My dad and I want to travel, however unless he is knocked completely out he can not cross the sea by air or by land, he will panic. Is there a legal way to get him sedated for the duration of a trip?
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