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  • Can pets have a DNA test done like humans to determine nationality and possible relatives?

    Best answer: Not nationality, and not specific 'relatives' - though DNA could be used to show if two animals came from the same bloodline. Animal DNA is no different that plant DNA in the ways it can be used. If someone wants to know if their dog has a certain breed in the mix, DNA will confirm or deny it.
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  • I dont want my dog to die?

    Best answer: No one wants their dog to die. You are not alone. The GOOD news is that arthritis is not fatal. The BETTER news is that there are various treatments and medications.

    Bless your mother for taking the dog to the Vet, getting medical advice, purchasing the medication. Not everyone does!

    I would enjoy every day with the dog. I had a dog I loved dearly. One day he got sick and then sicker and then the Vet told me that there really was no hope, I had run out of options. I held him in my arms, looking into his eyes, when he was euthanized. I was heartbroken.

    Two weeks later I ran into a friend, told her about the issue, and she said, "If you had two choices, which would you choose? One is to never have the dog in your life but you wouldn't be suffering now. The other is to have him in your life but you have to suffer." I picked having him in my life.

    All good things end at some point or another. Enjoy being with him, knowing you love him and he loves you. Not all dogs have that comfort. Look forward to good times, good moments, and don't focus on the bad.

    And your mother is a special woman - I see where you got your compassion!
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  • My friend is abuseing/starving her animals!!!?

    Today i went over to my friends house for the first time! I thought it was going to be a nice time to hand out with her but I was so distracted by how many animals she had... I mean it’s fine to have a lot of animals as long as you care for them properly.... but she wasn’t her dogs were so skinny I could see the hip and spine bones:( she had a boxer and lab they looked soooo sad and sick. She also had a cat but she looked normal but she lets her outside and inside so she might be catching mice I dont know but she had a hamster and it’s cage was so filthy I wanted to cry she probably had not cleaned it in months!!! She also had a rabbit in a wired cage and his feet was so dirty and had huge sores on them!! She had so much more animals like turtles, mice, chickens, a goat, and a pig in her house! They were all so under weight EVEN THE PIG I didn’t think a pig could be so skinny I thought there always fat!!!! Even her turtle was in a 10 gallon tank with know filter the water was so dirty and it had know uvb light!!!! Sooo I asked her a few questions about all the animals and why they were not cared for property but she got mad at me for asking... I told her to sell them if she can’t care for them I know it sounds harsh but it’s true but she won’t listen to me! So like what should I do I feel so bad for the animals she has:( any advice would help, should I call the cops?
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  • Why do my Goldfish die?

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  • Can You Give Human Birth Control Pills To Female Cats?

    I have two female cats, one is a feral cat that doesn't like being close to people and the other is the daughter of that feral cat, so I can't exactly get them spayed and the other non-invasive birth control options seem expensive. So I was wondering if they can take human birth control pills?
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  • How do I treat my goldendoodle pup?

    Best answer: nnaybe you should take her to obedience school too
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  • What Should I do about this dog situation?

    My gf sister is never home and stays out late. She owns two dogs and never seems to take care of them like bringing them out to go bathroom or even feeding them. I feel like she doesn’t even care or want to take responsibility for them. When she’s never home the dogs are always In our bedroom running around especially when we’re sre trying to sleep. It’s really bothersome. I’m also really annoyed how if her dogs leaves feces or Urine in front of our bedroom door, she never cleans it up in a timely manner. It’s really inconsiderate of her. My gf has talk to her sister but nothing seems to get through to her. Should I keep telling my gf to talk to her or should I speak my mind to her?
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  • Is it cruelty when they starve dogs so they get aggressive to guard property of no interest to robbers?

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  • Is it illegal for a dog to walk alongside the outside part of a private property fence when the dog doesn t pee/poo on the fence?

    Best answer: He sounds like a grouchy old man. Next time, avoid him by crossing the street. You and your dog did nothing wrong.
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  • What is wrong with my dog?

    I have a 6 month male pitbull who can’t stop pooping and peeing in the house . He poops on his food bowels, on his bed, in his cage, and anytime he is put away for discipline, almost seems spiteful. If i put him on a lease in house to prevent him for pottying everywhere or put in a room he poops everywhere and steps in it and smears all over himself and walls every single time. I literally don’t know what to do with him anymore and think he might be special . We would be outside for hours and come in and its like he never runs out of poop.
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  • For the past 3 days my cat has been badly constipated and when she tries to poo she can only wee and the wee sometimes has blood in it?

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  • What is this dog breed I keep seeing?

    Best answer: I think he is a border collie, based on how you described him! I looked it up based on your description and all I can find are border collies. So, now that that’s confirmed...

    He could be a border collie pointer mix? You can probably look it up and see if that matches your description.

    Some other options are bordernese (border collie and Bernese mountain dog), or border shnollie (border collie and schnauzer).

    If he’s small, like you said, maybe he’s a mix between a border collie and corgi?? Now that I look at it, that seems like the best option! Not 100% sure, though.

    Hope I helped and good luck with the pups situation haha! xoxo (:
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  • How to potty train a dog?

    So my dad came home with two 8 week old puppies because his all his friends have dogs except for him and he felt left out (which is stupid). He's making me and my sibling taking care of the dogs and teaching them tricks and we have to potty train them. So far, I've been trying to indoor potty train them using pee pad but they always pee at random places. Right now they've been peeing and pooping near the bathroom so I've put a bunch of pee pads there but they pee and poop everywhere except the pads. I try taking them there after they eat and about every hour or so. It's kinda hard trying to teach them because I'm at school 24/7 and they're in their playpen the whole day, so no one is at home to take them out and potty train them. My dad is getting mad that they're peeing everywhere and is angry at me and my siblings for not teaching them fast enough and we only have the dogs for 4 weeks. Now he's threatening to throw the dogs away if I don't get them potty train by the end of the month. Any tips or advice?
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  • Do dogs know the difference between men and women?

    My male yellow Lab who is 2 years old tends to favor the women in the family and avoids the men. He is not aggressive but he doesn’t play with men.
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  • Our 12 yr old Lab mix is drinking too much water. He's been tested by Vet, he says his OK.His behavior is erratic, drinking water constantly?

    Best answer: Not sure about the erratic behavior but there is something called water diabetes, high dogs will drink water so much that they are urinating seversl times an hour, which in turns makes them drink more and more, which makes them pee more. Pretty much a vicious cycle.

    I have a dog that’s had everything from an MRI to CT scan, blood work, been to several vet hospitals as well as one of the small animal teaching hospitals at the University. After spending a lot of money, trying a lot of different things changed diet, exerceise, strict feeding schedule, exercise and resting schedules nothing seemed to work.

    As for standard diabetic testing it’s not juvenile diabetes, not adult diabetes. I have a whole list of what it’s not, we’ve also seen several animal behaviorlists to see what the issue is, they said possibly a water obsession of some type, the theory is he was deprived of water when he was younger and is suffers from the need to drink as much water as often as he can for fear of not having water. That’s what 3 of the geniuses told me.

    The facts are he is a 4 year old, 75 pound neutered male. I have had him since he was 3 weeks old. I’ve hisbrother too, their mother was killed on the highway and the pups were bottled fed and hand raised. His brother is fine, is not obsessed by the need to drink in til he vomits then turns around and drinks more. If I ve Doc to his own vice he will down almost a gallon of water (pretty much a full ice cream pail full) and then shine, vomit up the water, cry for more, mov to he next water pail and drink again, vomits thst up and goes outside, pees, drinks more water. This cycle will go all day if let alone unsupervised. The dogs healthy in every other way aside from this water obsession.

    One vet recommended euthanasia as a solution turned his advice down. One of my neighbors is retired vet, he suggested that it might be something called water diabetes, as Docs electrolytes are off due to all his purging and his rinsting all the time.

    What we have to do is limit his water intake, he’s only alowed up to a half liter at a time and pretty much drinks when his brother does. It seems unfair that he is so restricted but if left to his own vice he would eventually kill himself by water overdose, too much water flushed out sll the nutrients his body needs. Without the salts and minerals his liver, kidneys and other organs go out of whack and he may seize and never else from it, have a heart wtteck which the vets d s most likely) or his kidneys might give out.

    Other than Docs water obsessive behavior he loves to chase and retieve he even swims (he doesn’t drink lake water or pond water for whatever reason). He is active with his brother, very fun, very loving and bonded with us. One of the few dogs that never needed recall training... he never tried running away from us and never runs over to strange dogs, he acts more like 10 year old rather than 4 year old, very settled.

    Good luck with yourdog, hope things come out okay. Not sure what behavioral issues your having but see a behaviorlist/trainer and see if they can help with the issues after checking with your vet what they think the problem is,
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  • What’s a good name for a rabbit that looks like this?

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  • How much water and when should i give water to my puppies each about 3 pounds and about 3 months ?

    So i have 2 puppies around 2 weeks apart but both about to be 3 months and they are both around 3 months, i was wondering how much water should I give them and when would be an aproppriate time, i usually give them water when they eat and after i take them out to play but im worried its not enough any suggestions ?
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  • What’s a good way to get a yeast infection out of a dogs ears without going to the vet?

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  • My cat wants more and more attention, more than normal. her meow has changed with a higher pitch,she woke me up in the middle of the night?

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  • 3 year old male cat since yesterday he s been pooping in the house and thrown up twice. Now he s isolated himself in the bathroom, help!?

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