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  • Is yahoo answers closing in october the 1st?

    i just saw someone mention this in a question before, i hope it is not true, ive been here since 2006 and used to love the place and the helpful contributors, i know a lot has changed since the mid 2000's on this site, but i still think it has some helpful users and is a place for advice and support for many genuine people...i would be really sad to see yahoo answers close down as i know of nowhere else like this on the internet and i would be quite isolated if it were to close....as i use it a lot for communication and to get advice with important questions......i live alone and are fairly isolated. so does anyone know what is happening?
    16 answers 5 days ago Rodents
  • What's a really cute thing your dog does?

    13 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • What dog breeds are non-shedding, don't bark a lot, don't need to go out for walks too often and are large/medium sized?

    10 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Why do I keep getting this message ?

    Best answer: I am getting it also. it has been happening several times today, most likely a glich
    11 answers 3 days ago Rodents
  • Since yahoo doesn't respond or listen to appeals anymore shouldn't they stop suspending accounts?

    Best answer: They're also still deducting points for alleged violations, but they no longer tell you, or which answer they're doing it about, and thus there's no way to appeal any such things.

    YA sux.
    8 answers 2 days ago Rodents
  • Where can i buy a cat-dog hybrid?

    I love both cats and dogs but i can't keep 2 pets so where can i buy a cat-dog hybrid?
    8 answers 2 days ago Other - Pets
  • Do you like cats?

    Best answer: Your cat has a sweet face and beautiful green eyes. I love cats - I have three wonderful cats, all former strays.
    26 answers 5 days ago Cats
  • Can you report to Yahoo about your question being moved by a troll to a wrong category?

    Best answer: You could but I would not Bother They dont take Action anymore Against people that do that in the Past they did but they dont anymore

    If you want to Try

    here is there email address

    9 answers 2 days ago Rodents
  • Why aren't questions showing up on the screen when I hit submit and have to go the question list to see it?

    7 answers 1 day ago Rodents
  • Why are some dog walkers so afraid of horses?

    Best answer: I am more bothered when a dog approaches the horse's hooves with the intent of biting. Do I fear for the horse? No, I fear the horse will kick the dog, or stomp on it.

    Me: "Get that dog! Get that dog! Get that dog!"
    Dog people: (Looking at sky, what, we don't own no dog.)
    Me: "Get that dog! Get that dog! Get that dog!"
    Horse: (Kicks dog over backwards.)
    Dog people: "Poor little Poopsie. The mean, horrible horse kicked poor little Poopsie!"
    Me, to myself: "Horse, that was superb. Dog got just the right lesson, and not hurt badly."
    6 answers 21 hours ago Horses
  • Please PLEASE HELP ME!! Im 18 AND my kitten was injured?

    7 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • Can you eat seagul and could you survive off it for a while if you had to?

    6 answers 23 hours ago Birds
  • Biology/veterinary question here?

    My dog sheds a LOT, he’s a white German Shepherd which makes his fur very visible around the house. It’s impossible to clean up all the time because he ends up shedding more. Will his fur decompose naturally over time indoors or will it linger until it’s ALL cleaned?
    9 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • I gave my dog a tiny bit of whiskey and he sneezed like a lot of times. Why did he sneeze so much?

    9 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • Can I call the police on a kitten mistakenly taken away?

    So I was rehoming my kittens on Craigslist and on my Craigslist it literally says “Tabby Kittens - $150” These two teenage looking guys text me and come to pick one up. Me being nervous and shy didn’t mention the price because I thought they knew but they just ended up taking the kitten and leaving. I stood there in shock because I thought they were gonna pay me. Now I’ve texted them and told them why didn’t they pay me and they said their coworker gave them the number and said they were free kittens. In our text messages before the pickup I didn’t mention the price because I thought they knew. Now they aren’t responding after I told them they can pay me through an app or I can go pick up the kitten. Do you think I can call the police?
    9 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • So how much would you pay for a purebred dog?

    9 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • My dog is very aggressive?

    My dog is extremely dog aggressive. i don t know what to do anymore. i adopted her last year in October and I ve contemplated taking her back, but i just cant bring myself to do so because i can see in her eyes how much she loves me. She is a few months over a year old and shes an American staffordshire terrier. personal training is not an option because i can not afford it. I need training tips and guidance. Thank you all for your responses in advance.
    26 answers 6 days ago Dogs
  • Can dogs have pizza?

    My dog ate 2 slices of stuffed crust pepperoni pizza because I have a literal moron for a brother who thought his pizza would be safe from our dog on the couch where she can EASILY jump on to. She is 12 pounds and they weren’t small slices. Will she be okay? Did my IMBECILE brother just kill our dog? If he did he is so dead and I will literally never speak to him again.
    8 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Legality on finding abandoned dog?

    Long story short. Found the sweetest dog and she was abandoned by someone who was suppose to care for them while these people were away for rehab and the way I have been in contact with the owner(s) has literally been a runaround and no commitment to reuniting these dog in anyway. So I had offered that I can find a good home for this dog or turn her in into an animal rescue group. I don’t want any legal issues as I know dogs are property but I consider them abandonded when they were left on a field left to die by a negligent care taker. Have been in contact with one of their family friend, grandpa and the owner(s) som themselves and they have no initiative or urgency when it comes to getting this dog into a good situation. I did consider taking her into a shelter but the jurisdiction that I found her in leads her to a kill shelter and from the comments I’ve read, they tend to put down older dogs faster and she is a bit aged. I need some advice. What should I do? In California.
    6 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • How do u potty train a dog?

    11 answers 4 days ago Dogs