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  • My name Fabio. What name you suggest I call my new pet snake.?

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  • How far can a dog walk into the woods?

    12 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • Please help me I can’t stop getting upset over this and overthinking. Someone help me please? What do I do? 😭?

    Best answer: Technically, you do not OWN the oldest dog. It is your mother's dog. LEGALLY you have NO CHOICE.

    It is her wish you leave the dog, and probably best that you do. The older the senior dog gets, the harder the young dog will be on the older dog and the more OFTEN it may need to see the vet and the more expensive it will be, in REQUIRED good vet care and upkeep. Senior dogs should see the vet (even without known health problems - every 6 months.)

    It will be hard enough to find any place that will rent to you with ONE DOG, do not make it harder, by trying to get accommodations for TWO or having to pay a DOUBLE PET DEPOSIT (which could run $250 to $500 dollars per dog).

    The older dog will be some company for Mom, since you will be GONE. (Did you consider HER feelings AT ALL in any of this?) No, of course not - it all about YOU! Grow-up! Be realistic!

    You can leave a sweater or shirt with your scent on it BUT, I would not or only do so sealed in a baggie in a closet (in case of an emergency).

    I do rescue, we find dogs who have to be re-homed do best with clean breaks so that is my advice to you. The older dog can better re-bond to MOM, if it is a clean BREAK. No visits, no camera or video time (for the dog to SEE YOU or HEAR you) for TWO weeks; but Mom can send pictures or daily updates.
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  • Should I get a Saint Bernard?

    13 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • How to stop budgies from flying into wall?

    7 answers 2 days ago Birds
  • Do cats have strong paternal instincts? Will a father cat recognize kittens as his?

    Best answer: Cats rarely have any paternal instincts at all. An adult male cat will treat its own offspring about the same way it treats any cat. They have been known to kill their kittens.
    9 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • My dog eats lots of green beans. What can I give her for flatulance?

    6 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • It s 2019 do I need to be licensed to rear puppies & sale them?

    11 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • Why did my dog randomly bark at me?

    I was in the kitchen while my brother was sitting on the couch, after I was done in the kitchen I went to say goodnight to my dog and she did a mean aggressive bark towards me.
    17 answers 7 days ago Dogs
  • If I live by myself and always at work should I get a cat or kitten?

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  • I got a dog from a shelter he was mistreated by children in his last home and he hasnt moved sincw we brought him home what can i do? :(?

    8 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • What are some natural remedies to treat my dog's fever?

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  • What is your favorite rodent?

    Mine (and my all-time fave animal) is a guinea pig! I own two American shorthair sows. Note: hedgehogs, raccoons, skunks, shrews, rabbits, hares, pikas, hyraxes, meerkats, mongooses, ferrets, weasels, tenrecs, opossums, and noles DO NOT COUNT as rodents.
    19 answers 6 days ago Rodents
  • Hey just a question about dog meet ups?

    I’m have my Service Dog (She is not registered it’s fake pls don’t take ESA or pets to public) she is tasked train blah blah blah. (If you want to know he tasks just ask me) I have never been to a service dog meet up before but I am wondering how to find one. I have search on face book, Instagram ETC. I want my SD to work better with other service dogs because last week we saw a fake (it was barking) and she forgot to focus on me! UGH! So yea, if you know how to find one that would be great!
    5 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • I bought a dog training collar that does not work. I get no reply. Anyone know how to find out if they are still in business?

    6 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • How often should I clean my 29 gallon tank?

    Best answer: Does it have algae? get a hand held scraper. Buy a gravel washer with siphoning. If you have algae against the glass you scrape it, and the floating algae you take a fish net and move it back and forth thru the aquarium picking up the floating algae, you then siphon the gravel with the washer, and do a 15% water change, you replace with declorinated water. You do that once every two weeks, in the meanwhile you replace evaporated water every day or every other day. IT'S NOT HARD. DON'T MESS WITH THE FILTER UNTIL LATER ON AND THAT DEPENDS ON WHAT BRAND YOU BUY.
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  • Can I leave my cockatiel/parrot alone when i am on vacation?

    I do not have a cockatiel yet, though i want to buy one. but before i buy one, i want to make sure he or she has a place to stay when im gone. I only work a few hours in the morning, from 9:00 to 12:00, monday till tuesday. so im almost always at home. I only go on vacation once a year at most, never longer than 10 days. Though if i would go to Austria, it will probably be around 12/14 days, because of such a long journey. A year back i had a budgie, that stayed at home when i was away. for 8 days. Once a day the neighbours manually refreshed water and replaces all the seeds /food. And we had a timer running connected to a radio, so that once a few hours a day, the radio turned on and she still heard some music and voices talking. But what if i would do everyting described above, but then with a cockatiel? Will it be okay to leave a cockatiel at home like that? Or perhaps not? And what about a parrot? A caigue parrot to be exact. will that work as well? I cant find any places to keep the bird for 8 to 10 days. And i do not like the idea of having a stranger walking in the house at all. If anyone reading this is from the netherlands: I live in the netherlands, in Zwolle. Mabey someone who is dutch knows a place in Zwolle, or near Zwolle where i can keep my bird? (i dont have a bird yet, but as soon as i know a reliable bird shelter/other alternative i will buy one)
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  • Do cats even feel comfortable walking on four legs instead of two?

    6 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • Is there something wrong with my dogs leg?

    he is limping after i walk him. sometime he scrape hes hind leg to the ground? please tell me what you guys think is it going to heal or what? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdruM2_R... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_KIn6dz... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJr_IB1s...
    5 answers 11 hours ago Dogs
  • What s the naughtiest funny thing your pet/ pets have done?

    Best answer: My horse nailed my ex in the face with her tail when he forgot and lit up a cigarette in the barn. I rewarded her big time, told her how good she was to remind him no smoking near hay bales,

    My brother gave me his dog when he moved to Europe, as she couldn’t go with him. He neglrct d to tell me she was a kleptomaniac and would go from neighbor to neighbors door and steak things like mail, package, things left out on or near the front steps. Imagine my sueptixe when I went to put new hay in her dog house and found some fifty plus packaged and a ton of advertising mail (not the us mail but the ads thet sre plwced and the fliers thst are placed on the doorknob ... above or under the mailboxes). This same dog made her way to the small convienance store and helped herself to some snack treat or a jerkey strip then sneak out quickly. They caught her on camera .

    Now your thinking bad owner! You shouldn’t have a dog. So tell me what would you do? Choice 1. Keep the dog inside the house at all times, never ever let her outside for any reason, build her a toilet area in the bwdement to use so she never escapes. Choice 2. Electrify our 8 foot privacy fence that’s around the dog yard. It already has a coyote roller system above the fence, metal or concrete 12” below the fence line in the dirt. Choice 3. Rehome the dog again.

    The dog gets out about 5 times a year. She now wears a where am I type gps that alerts us when she leaves the property. We know she gets out from the fence but in the past 2 years we have not figured out how other than she goes up and over. No broken or weak areas, all the trainers assure us no dog could jump an 8 foot 9 inch roller fence but she does. The store (gas station) and our neighbors all know about Pepper and they are okay with her occasional raids.
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