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  • Londonders - do you sometimes get on the tube home from work & wonder if a Yahoo answerer is on there?

    7 answers 3 days ago Polls & Surveys
  • France government decided there was no evidence of arson while church was still burning and no investigation has been launched?

    Best answer: The area still isn't safe, but there is video evidence that points to electrical. It started way high in the building for it to be arson.
    3 answers 1 day ago Politics
  • What can you do for an old dog with heartworms?

    We recently came across a older dog that appears to have had heartworms for awhile now. My mother took the dog to the local vet but they seem to not want to give any kind of heart worm treatment. Idk if its because she getting old or if the heartworms are too bad to treat. The dog has a soft cough that usually leads into a hacking sound. Her breathing sounds extremely weak and fast. She still has wants to eat and can still get up and go outside to use the restroom. We want to try and help our new dog as much as possible as we do not want her suffering. What are our options? We know putting her to sleep may be the only option in the end but if theres anything we can do to try and save her, we want to atleast say we tried.
    10 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • If I make typical dog sounds (like whining) my dog will either make sad sounds as well or will start to grunt. Why is this?

    7 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Dog won’t eat?

    My dog is pretty old (around 9, we adopted him so we have no idea how old he is) and he’s a medium sized dog. Lately he’s been pretty sick. We brought him to two different doctors, one said he just has bad stomach acid (was throwing up multiple times a day) and the other cant find anything wrong even though we had blood work done. They said it looked like something was wrong with his spleen but never actually told us what. Dog hasn’t been eating for the past two days as we’ve been putting him on anti acid, anti nausea and I believe one other pill. Today we got medicine that was supposed to make him hungry but it didn’t work, he still won’t eat. He hasn’t been eating for like 3 days and I’m really worried we’re gonna have to put him down.
    3 answers 9 hours ago Dogs
  • Small dog ate dark chocolate crumbs?

    I have around a 6-7 pound yorkie who licked some dark chocolate crumbs out of a finished container of these nuts drizzled in dark chocolate. there was some crumbs of it left that were small but i just want to make sure. Do i have to be worried?
    15 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • Tips on how to become friendly with kittten? <3?

    Best answer: Buy a cat care book on-line. Knowledge is power. Cats have needs, and are simple minded. They like fresh water, they like to climb. Never yell at or punish a cat. Cats like everyone, and often will rotate affection to each family member. Buy healthy food, not cheapest. Keep cat box clean. Hold kitten gently, don’t imprison it. Hum to it, humming is like purring and makes it feel safe. Cats don’t like to be over-pet, saying hello to cat when you come home is polite, cat will learn to do the same. Never tease a cat, unless it’s playtime, usually after breakfast and dinner. Midday they take a long deep nap, do not disturb. Don’t let guests tease the cat. Give cat a folded soft blanket seat in a window, they like to look outside. Cats like to be near their owners..if your on the computer a lot..make space on your desk to put a folded blanket so kitten can hang out with you. Cats love toy mice, keep a toys in a shoe box so cat can reach in and play, don’t train cat to play with your fingers, ever..cats have sharp claws and teeth. Always use a toy. Talking to cat and occasionally petting cat while you are on computer will comfort you..my cat is my best friend, and is laying next to me right now! :)
    6 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • My dog hasn't been eating very well, he's 10 years old and he's gotten really skinny and drowsy. I don't really know what to do?

    7 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • What do you know about products that eliminate algae in fish tanks?

    Best answer: Algae is a harmless plant - alge killers can kill your fish too. Plus dead algae rots in the tank and creates a worse problem then ugly algae.

    IMHO =
    Algae is your freind. It Is the only thing telling you that you are over feeding, over stocked, / you should check your nitrates/ ammonia/ nitrite.
    4 answers 13 hours ago Fish
  • If I let my male mixed dog run lose and he smashes the neighbor's standard poodle, should I get one of the puppies free?

    Best answer: I've always thought standard poodles are a bit gay. Even the lady ones. Do you really think your dog would want to smash in some poodle's back doors? If my dog did that I'd be concerned that he was a homo. Even if it was hetero male dog penis on female dog vulva action. Poodles are totally gay.

    But to answer your question: yes - I think you would be entitled to one of the pups.
    6 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • My mother cat trusts me with her kittens, is it normal?

    5 answers 13 hours ago Cats
  • Which of the two breeds, Domestic Shorthair and American Shorthair, is smarter?

    5 answers 17 hours ago Cats
  • Yorkshire aggressive towards puppy. Help!?

    I’ve recently got a new female Yorkshire puppy, it’s been with us for a few days now and is my current male yorkie’s offspring. The dog is fine with it being in the house until it runs up and tries to play with him. He starts barking/growling at her but as of yet hasn’t harmed her. We’ve tried holding the puppy so our current dog can get used to it but he’s too scared to approach the puppy and avoids contact at all cost... how do I help him get used to the new puppy?
    6 answers 18 hours ago Dogs
  • Dogs name?

    7 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • How many litter boxes do I need for my cat? How does the cat know which is for number 1 and which is for number 2?

    Best answer: I was always told the rule of thumb is 1 litter box for each cat plus an extra. They also do both in the same litter box. Some will go #1 in one box and go #2 in another like one of my cats.
    6 answers 19 hours ago Cats
  • Is this normal for a puppy incision?

    It has been exactly 14 days since my puppy got spayed and today when I checked her incision it looks like this. It is pink in color and it doesn’t hurt her when I touch it gently.
    11 answers 5 days ago Dogs