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  • Advised to neuter a husky/bordercollie mix?

    Hello, I like to hear what is the best thing to do for my dog. he pee'd 2 times in the house and sometimes i cannot get his attention when he smells or sees female dog. What will happen to my dog if i neuter him? will his personality change?
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  • Will getting my dog microchipped , be beneficial in the event she becomes lost or stolen?

    I can see how a dog which is lost , can easily be identified and returned to its owner. However , in the case of theft . If the dog is registered to Jane Doe located on 1234 E . Willow Street. Cant the person who stole the dog , simply claim that Jane Doe sold it to them? therefore allowing them to keep the animal? In the case of a lost or stolen dog , how do authorities verify the rightful owner?
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  • Why does my dog dig in garbage can and eat my food if left any where she can reach?

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  • Ways to get grown cat to stop scratching on couch! (She has several scratching posts and does not use them.)?

    Best answer: What is your couch made of? Perhaps your cat hate your scratching posts because he doesn't like the texture of them. Many are just cheap carpet and rope. Your cat might have sensitive toe beans and hates the way those feel on his paws.

    If you don't mind some DIY, you might need to find the same fabric that your couch is and cover a few posts in that. My cats LOVE denim for some reason, so I have a post made out of it and they love it.

    Whoever says cats are easier than dogs is a liar.
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  • What do you think of these names for a cat?

    Kailey, kaley, kalla, which one is the best?
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  • Is it dangerous to not to marry my dog ?

    Guys I got a Dog German Shepered he's 8 years old and single and never got married so is it dangerous for dogs to not to get married ? or that's ok like humans they can stay single forever ?
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  • Can I legally take my dog from my mom?

    My mom got a dog for me about 3 years ago (she was given the dog, she didn’t pay). Every time she would get upset with me she would threaten to throw my dog and I on the streets. She fed her 3 month expired food and all around the dog just isn’t happy with her. I’m never home but the dog only loves me. She’s only loyal to me. I want to take her to live at my girlfriends house because she has two dogs and more room. I want the best for my baby. I want her to be happy and social. She’s aggressive towards other dogs and people when she’s with my mom but at my girlfriends house, she’s happy. When I brought the idea up to my mom, she freaked out and said I’m not taking “her dog” away. On multiple occasions she has told me that the dog is mine and she doesn’t want her at the house. She’s saying she’ll call the cops if I take her. She isn’t licensed to own her in the first place so is it legal if I take her without her permission?
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  • Why do bigger dogs eg Geat dane live shorter lives than smaller dogs?

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  • How to clean kitty litter without plastic bags?

    I’ve always used plastic shopping bags to clean my cat litter, I want to know how to clean it easily without plastic bags?
    4 answers 22 hours ago Cats
  • How early can you identify a kitten’s gender?

    I’m taking care of a stray cat who is 2 months old and I’m trying to figure out what gender it is. I looked and i couldn’t see any male parts. But do they have them that early? Or is it for sure a female?
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  • Should I rehome my cat?

    Hi, I have a situation I am very stressed about. I currently live with my family cat that I have had for years. I am soon moving in with my boyfriend and his family (to save money on rent) and I have a problem in that I don’t know what to do with my cat. I was originally going to give my cat to a family member to look after, but this has just fallen through. My boyfriends family have reluctantly agreed that I can keep him there if I have no other option, but I know someone from work that is willing to take him. I really don’t know what the best option for the cat is - to stay with me in my boyfriends house or give him to my colleague? I feel very awkward taking him to a house where his parents don’t want him, and I don’t know if my cat would be happier staying with me there or being rehomed to someone else. I am just devastated at having to get rid of my cat or put him through any distress, I just don’t know what to do. Any help would be appreciated!
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  • If ur dog goes up to you when you get angry and puts his head on your lap and leans on you. Is that considered an emotional support animal?

    My German shepherd does that
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  • My dog gets very frustrated on walks when he isn’t allowed to meet other dogs and barks And yelps. How can I help him stop?

    Best answer: This really can be sorted but you'd probably need to join classes or get help if possible as that will be the best way.

    Personally I'd get a head collar for the dog and a double ended lead, one clipped to the harness and the other to the head collar. The head collar is what you need for the control and not the harness. The reason your dog is doing this is because he's been allowed to run up to others while off the lead so he thinks he should be allowed to, and therefore it is yourself that has caused the problem by allowing that in the first place. He has to learn that he NEVER just goes running off to other dogs and that if there is a greeting of dogs it is with your permission and it isn't every time he is off the lead. Tbh..he's going to find himself in trouble by running up to the wrong dog or an onlead dog if you're not careful anyway.

    Go back to the beginning and keep him on a lead at all times. This reminds me so much of an 18 month old Rottweiler I brought in to foster but kept. He did exactly this and I just involved him in more and more activities onlead until he learned. I'm afraid he was 18 months onlead as he'd also run off after deer. .. but he did learn and I could take him absolutely anywhere and into any class / fun dog show / events etc.

    Get him to learn the 'watch' command and try and take him to places where he can be far enough away from other dogs but not close enough to want to get to them. Use the 'watch me' and try and keep his attention off the other dogs. Get closer and closer to other dogs while keeping him calm. ..if he gets up on his back legs take him further away.

    Just to give you a bit of confidence...that's me with the yellow top and the larger of the two dogs with me is the one that used to do what your dog is doing.... Here I am giving the 'watch' command and I think half the other dogs heard it too... but as you can see my Dennis is not even trying to interfere with the other dogs.

    Best of luck...you can do this.
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  • I want actual pekingese dog owners to answer this is a pekingese easy to train? And how long did it take you to house break yours? Thanks?

    Best answer: No. They are not easy to train. Generally speaking, little drop-kicks like that are very difficult to train, even with the most basic stuff like house-training.

    Toy and miniature poodles are a huge exception. They are smart and they aim to please.

    Dogs do not use litterboxes and should not be trained to pee/poop in the house. If you cannot meet the basic requirements of a dog, don't get one.
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  • My dog was stung by a wasp?

    A couple days ago I noticed a big bump on my chihuahuas cheek, we have a lot of wasps outside so I figured he got stung and the swelling would go down. The next day the top of the bump was raw, as if he had scratched it so much that it bled a little. Today there is like bubbling pus coming out of it. He is still acting completely normal and eating his food. What should I do?
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  • Yorkshire Breeder?

    Is it normal for a breeder to go up in price based on size? This lady said pet-only starts at $500 and goes up the smaller the puppy. Registered females start at $700 and registered males $600. I’m spaying/neutering regardless so I would be getting it as a pet. I would think the smaller the puppy the more health issues. But is this considered a backyard breeder?
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  • My duck has a bump on his beak and I'm concerned it might be serious. RE-POST WITH PICTURE?

    Best answer: Little ducky might have a tiny parasite or fungal infection.
    I found this question because of one you posted 5 months ago. Thanks for your friendship. I am 74 and suspect you are close to 15. At your age, i was a farm kid. What people most often have done in your situation is to experiment. Please write down the following and tape it where you will find it from time to time. It is one of my favorite sayings and was given to me by a vetinarian.: "You can not argue with sucess!" "You can not argue with sucess!"
    Docktors, all of them, have what is called, "a Practice". Now it is your turn. Just because you pay out money, does not gurantee sucess. I believe you are taking the most intelligent path. I am about to give you some advice from my experiences, which is all a doctor can do, as well.
    Try to see what its bill looks like inside the mouth, underneath the bump. If it looks infected, take some paste or salve used to treat athletes foot. One i know is called, Lotrimin AF. Brush Ducky's sore bill with some of your tooth paste and an old discarded tooth brush. Blot it dry with a paper towel and pack the infection with Lotrimin or what ever might be available to you of similar value. As i know, you do not have a lot of choices.
    Take a spoon and heat it on your stove top, being careful not to burn yourself or get it too hot. Only 130 degrees Fahrenheit is enough. Hold the spoon with plyers, to protect your self. Rub the top of that bump with the hot spoon to kill the surface infection. Put an antibiotic salve onto the top the treated area. Silvadine is the best for this and could be used in the place of anti-fungal salve as well.
    Keep it in a cage, away from mud, with fresh water to drink. Don't feed it for a day. Next day let it eat from your hands, only. We don't want it picking up more germs till it gets well. Keep it in the shade. Set a timer and let it bake in the sun for only an hour a day. The sun has some ultra violet rays that are very effective at clearing up infections. But we don't want it to get too hot, either. If you are able to save its life, or not, you have at least done all you could, within reason.
    If you have a dog, consider getting a rooster. They have a way of teaching a dog to behave itself. But you will have to protect it for the first nine months of its life, till it gets big.. My favorite is a Rhode Island Red. But a Game Rooster is very colorful, can fly a little bit and is more agressive.
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  • MTN dew energy dangerous for dogs?

    I was taking out the trash and there was a hole in the bottom which dripped raindrops of MTN dew energy around the floor every 2 steps I walked without me realizing. It was a tiny amount but she licked it off the wall and I just want to make sure she ll be okay. How dangerous is a little bit of MTN dew energy to a dog?
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  • Cat kneading and biting blanket?

    Best answer: Kittens kead their mothers nipples to produce milk. This habit stays with them. My 6 year old cat still needs my duvet or blanket. It's a comfort thing to them.
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  • Kennel Attendants, is this normal for a working interview?

    A week ago, I had a working interview with a clinic's dog boarding section for their Kennel Attendant role, and some thing struck me as odd. Of course, this was my first working interview, so I'm not sure if this would be considered normal. When I got there, everyone was nice and welcoming, I filled in an application, etc., and the hiring manager brought me back to the kennels. So far, so good. She immediately left me with another employee who'm I basically followed around, and asked questions about what needed to be done. However, I was never shown how things worked or where everything needed to be, I had to ask basic questions like 'Where does this go?' or 'How do I work this (in regards to sanitation)?' Which, in regards to the second question, fair enough I did have work experience so they probably assumed I used something like that before, but I at least generally expect to be shown around and where things go, as different clinics may work differently. I was also approached by the hiring manager close to my shifts end, and she asked if I could stay an hour extra, which was fine with me. Close to the hour I was originally supposed to leave, another employee told me it was fine to go and that the manager wouldn't care. Also, I haven't yet been paid for the interview. Is this a normal thing with working interviews at kennels, or should i be suspicious?
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