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  • What to do about my cat?

    Best answer: I'm sorry you can't afford a vet but he needs one right away. Perhaps if you contact the Humane Society they might be able to help with the cost. It doesn't hurt to ask.
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  • What should I do with a puppy litter infected with parvo?

    My dog had a litter. It's her 2nd. The first litter was healthy and strong and were big puppies. This 2nd litter wasn't planned, and some how one of the puppies got parvo at 7 weeks. I took him to the vet immediately and they gave me fluids and and medications for it. The pup didnt make it unfortunatly.l kept it away from the others but it still spread and now half the litter is showing symptoms the first one had b4 it died. 4 are showing symptoms. I separated them from the ones not showing symptoms. Idk what to do. Even with the vet help the puppy didn't make it and the 4 others are sick now. Is there a place I can surrender them too that would give them a better chance or should I take them to get put down before they infect mom and dad? I can't afford the treatment for all 10 pups. But I wanna do whatever possible to save them or do what's best for them. Need advice. This is something terrible to go through
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  • Am i abusive to my pets?

    Just last night i toom both my dogs to the front yard so they can do their business. They kept stopping and staring intot he distance and basically doing nothing. So every time they did that, i yanked on their leashes to snap then out of it and then tell them "go potty". I was annoyed almost every single time they did that. There was barely any progress because all they did was stare at nothing. And sometimes during that same night, they wouldn't move either, so i had to pull on their leash as i walked, dragging them with me to get them moving. When i stopped at a different spot of the front yard, i said "go potty" again. I did this every time i tried to snap them out of it. I also tried to pet them and tell them to go potty or something else i must have told them. Just today, i took them to the backyard to do their business again. Again, they stopped and stared. Granted it was probably because i had a pizza in the plate that was in my hand (and the wind blowing), but i tried telling them "go potty" again. When they didn't answer (several times) i shouted or yelled their names to snap them out of it. Is this decent or "ok" behavior for a pet owner? For those that have pets that responsd more effectively, what do you do that works?
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  • Now that there was a guy that suffocated a mountain lions with his barehands, is it possible or no?

    Throughout the attack, Kauffman said he was doing his "barbarian yell as best I could," and tried throwing the cat off him — which led to them both tumbling down a slope. "From there it was just like a wrestling match — it was thrashing and it still had my wrist locked in its jaws," Kauffman said. He added that he pinned down the cat's back legs using his left knee. He tried to throw sticks at the lion, but they were rotten and breaking. He eventually picked up a large rock and tried to hit the cat in the head with it. Kauffman said he was able to transition his body weight, moving his right leg up toward his wrist, and eventually was able to step on the cat's neck — suffocating it
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  • Need advice my cat is sick?

    I think my cat has cat flu in just 2 days hes lost weight and his eyes and nose are runny hes also heaving and when he swollows its like his throat is sore. I dont have enough money for vets right now and his carrier is broken I dont know what to do he ate a little before but ive not see him drink today Ive tried him with milk and water but he hasnt touched them. Any advice please I dont know what to do.
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  • I have a 9 month old pit bull and she is in heat for the first time can I breed her now or what?

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  • How do I politely decline a dog walking client?

    Best answer: Just simply say "I cannot take you on as a client." You don't have to justify yourself.
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  • My neighbor has complained to the landlord about my dog and I received a written warning !?

    Best answer: If anybody said 'whatever ' to me when I had a problem, rightly or wrongly, that would be a red rag to me. Fact is it's up to the person to PROVE the pooh comes from your dog so if you KNOW this hasn't come from your dog, call their bluff. Photographic evidence of your dog doing this? Saying 'whatever' was bound to inflame this situation.

    All you can do is walk your dog, away from the communal areas if possible, and PICK UP IMMEDIATELY.

    I don't know where 'the close' is (peeing) - if it should have been 'closet' then how would that affect a neighbour. Sounds like somebody has too much time on their hands, or has had experience of something like this with a previous tenant. Treat this with sugar, not vinegar otherwise you could well face eviction. If you don't decide to move out in any case!!!
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  • How do I introduce my 6 year old cat to a 3 month old pitbull?

    I have a 6 year old female cat that I ve had since she was a kitten. She is (I wouldn t necessarily say spoiled) used to being the only pet in my room. My mom has a small dog in the living room, they get along cause she doesn t have to coexist with her as much. I tried rescuing a kitten and young cat that I found on the street once and she disliked both of them very much and even tried to attack them. She would go into different areas so we couldn t see her (not really hiding, just to get away from us) and she was very stressed about it. So I instead took the cat and kitten to the shelter. I m planning on getting a 3 month old pitbull puppy soon and I want them to get along. How can I introduce them and ensure they ll get along so I don t have to worry about my cat when the pitbull grows up?
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  • Horse people- when folks lay their hand flat to feed horses stuff, does this guarantee you wont get any kind of a "bite" from the horse?

    Best answer: Anything you do with a horse is training. If you are trying to hand-feed MY horses, I will tell you to stop. If you persist I will become angry. My horses are expected to be nice around children, and I do not want them to have the idea that a hand is supposed to have food in it, lest a child get bitten for the "sin" of not having food in his hand.

    The same kind of rule applies to just about all horses. Do not touch (or feed) the horse without the owner's explicit permission. If someone has hired you to take care of his horses, then you have been given (or should have been given) the rules for your proper behaviour. Even then, be aware (with all your good understanding that you have acquired from reading and from experience) of the many ways you can get hurt when working with horses.

    Work with horses, get hurt. Them's the rules.
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  • Are Pugs fat?

    7 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • Why do cats sell cheaper than dogs?

    I’ve seen mixed breed puppies for sell for like £300 but a mixed breed kitten you can get for as cheap as £20 why is this? Just are just as important as dogs
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  • Need help naming my fish!?

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  • Can you pray for me, I'm going through a really difficult time?

    I'm in love with a woman that I'm not with, I have damaged my foot, the house burnt down a couple of years ago I'm back now but neighbors are giving me grief, I just need someone to care please.
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  • WHAT might cause an intact male cat to meow CONSTANTLY? He started doing so well over a year ago, and I'm about to kill either myself or him?

    Best answer: Being intact. Get him neutered.
    Regarding your update, you have to either find a way to get him neutered or live with the yowling. Contact your local humane society and see if they have low/no cost neuter program.
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  • How much to charge for Lynx Point Siamese kittens?

    Best answer: Cats only "go for a lot" when you have pedigree papers to proove that they are purebred.

    "Big fluffy tail" suggeats to me that your cat may not be a purebred Siamese...

    You dont even know what color kittens you have yet.
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  • How do you punish a dog for licking will a cattle prod work?

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  • What is your favorite reptile?

    Best answer: Squirrel.
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  • Is my kitten part Maine Coon? He's just turned 6 months old and is a pretty big boy - already almost 4kg and looks almost fully grown!?

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  • How strong are dogs paternal instincts? Does a father dog recognize pups as his?

    Best answer: They have little to NONE. Our domesticated pet dogs do not normally live in packs, unlike wolves. Most stud dogs do not live in the home with the litter OR the mother, and it is NOT safe to have a male dog in the IMMEDIATE AREA of the litter after birth, PERIOD, for their sake, or for his HEALTH - as many mother dogs will go into protective mode and will become "KUJO" or a demonic beast - if a male even tries to enter the room with her puppies.

    NO, a dogs does not recognize his pups as his; he might "recognize" it as an animal raised or familiar to being in his home (via its scent) at some point, if he lived with the litter or a specific puppy remained unsold and in the home longer.
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