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  • Kennel Attendants, is this normal for a working interview?

    A week ago, I had a working interview with a clinic's dog boarding section for their Kennel Attendant role, and some thing struck me as odd. Of course, this was my first working interview, so I'm not sure if this would be considered normal. When I got there, everyone was nice and welcoming, I filled in an application, etc., and the hiring manager brought me back to the kennels. So far, so good. She immediately left me with another employee who'm I basically followed around, and asked questions about what needed to be done. However, I was never shown how things worked or where everything needed to be, I had to ask basic questions like 'Where does this go?' or 'How do I work this (in regards to sanitation)?' Which, in regards to the second question, fair enough I did have work experience so they probably assumed I used something like that before, but I at least generally expect to be shown around and where things go, as different clinics may work differently. I was also approached by the hiring manager close to my shifts end, and she asked if I could stay an hour extra, which was fine with me. Close to the hour I was originally supposed to leave, another employee told me it was fine to go and that the manager wouldn't care. Also, I haven't yet been paid for the interview. Is this a normal thing with working interviews at kennels, or should i be suspicious?
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  • When to have parvo shots?

    so what if u have a newborn pup, when will you have it shot with parvo ? based on what i read on the net it should be 6-8th week, what if they got it on 5th week? assuming the shes not playing with unvaccinated dogs OR she is playing with dogs but a vaccinated one. im planning to buy/adopt a dog
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  • When should i change my dog wee wee pad?

    Best answer: You should change to not using them unless you're talking about a handicapped or sick dog that REALLY can't hold it. You're DISGUSTING. I can't imagine what your home smells like.

    To answer your question - when you piss and poop in the toilet do you just leave it there for a day or two?
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  • Why are puppy in barn? It's supposed to be in yard today on Christmas!!!?

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  • My cat is agressive and dangerous, why?

    I have a huge cat. I mean, i ve never seen a bigger cat than him,that means his strong, very strong and you really dont want him to bite you. Whenever I pet him I have to be extremely careful, not pet him in the neck because he will bite me, and of course never pet him in the belly, or he is going to jump on me and cut me with his claws. And oh god does he bite good. One day he ripped apart a part of my brothers skin. I then thought I should get him out of the house but I love him, I cant get rid of him. Im at the point were Im actually afraid to pet him, and be around the house with him. That doesnt make the situation better, but what can I do?! I ve seen street cats that are much, much more friendly than him and have never actually bitten me. Whats wrong with my cat? I have cat toys, those weird cat furniture I dont know how they are called.. Everything a cat needs! Why is he so agressive and dangerous?
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  • Will dog wee effect our decking?

    We just decked and turfed our backyard (dogs definitely not allowed to pee on the turfs, at least for the moment) but can we let him out to go to the toilet on the deck? It’s treated wood but I don’t know the effect of dog urine
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  • New horses?

    How to receive horses and settle them into a new yard?
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  • Are cats directly related to lions?

    Best answer: You bet they are .
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  • What happened to my dog stitches?

    My dog got spayed more than a month ago and her scar healed just fine, everything went very well but yesterday four little bumps appeared on her scar and it’s noticeable that they’re “coming” from the inside. She can only go to the vet tomorrow but until then I’m kinda worried, can this be a serious situation?
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  • What would a 12 week old cat be considered?

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  • My autistic dog is afraid of rain and thunderstorms?

    Best answer: There are many different reasons she could be afraid and you can't necessarily stop her from having this fear but you can try out a weighted dog jacket. They are meant to help dogs with anxiety or when they are afraid and this might help your dog!
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  • Are Panda Dogs real, or just a hoax? Anyone can color up the fur?

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  • Why does my cat keep kicking the litter out of it's litter tray and onto the floor next to it?

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  • Why does my dog not like her paws touched?

    she doesn't bite, she just growls or snarls a bit if you start touching her paws. she also puts her mouth to her paws to prevent people from touching them. she's not usually aggressive at all, which is why i don't really understand why she hates her paws touched. i don't mind that much, i'm just interested.
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  • Why does my Cat get Excited and Scratch her Post and Meow & sit on my lap when I m happy and Dancing?

    I have Asperger s and I m very Flamboyant and Camp (In a Good Way) I enjoy listening to Music and Dancing. When I m really happy listening to music, I start Dancing and my Cat Starts scratching her post and gets excited and likes to be pampered and sit on my lap. What are her emotions when she does this? I m kinda curious.
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  • Do you regret not being there when your pet was put down?

    My childhood dog is 15 and has to be put down soon, he’s in very poor health. It’s very difficult and expensive for me to go home but I feel awful that I won’t be there in his last moments. Was anyone not present with their pet was euthanized? Do you regret it, If so for how long?
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  • Do boxers get along with other dogs?

    I know it depends. But do most of them get along with others dogs. I have been thinking about adopting a boxer. But I am worried about it not getting along with my other dog
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  • How to teach kittens not to scratch me?

    Best answer: Keep their claws trimmed. And get them a sturdy piece of cat furniture with at least three levels and one sisal (rope) wrapped post. They will use it for exercise, and for claw 'sharpening'. Also get a couple of those cardboard scratch boxes. Having a suitable place to scratch and short claws go a long way to eliminating them scratching YOU.
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  • Can I feed my anoles outside bugs?

    I always buy my anoles crickets but I was curious if I can feed them wild bugs as well. I don't spray any weed killer or anything at all out there. And also I'm assuming they would still have to be about the size of their mouth? Thanks :)
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  • There is a cat near my workplace. I want to get it to a shelter but it won t approach me. How do I get it to approach me? What do I do?

    There is a cat near my workplace. I work at Wendy s. It has no collar and seems fine., but I want to get it to a shelter to get it a home. Its very cute. Only problem is that its skittish. It watches me when I drive closer to it in my liberty, and I ve gotten out before and it watches me, but if I get too close it runs. It used to run every time I got out. I want to leave canned food for it but we have raccoons. Today I approached it and it ran but turned to trotting then it sat and watched me a little ways away. Its adorable and I want to help it but I don t know what to do. Can anyone help me out? Its been there for a while.
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