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  • Spiritually Speaking, should I train a parrot to say "Help! I've been turned into a parrot!"?

    Best answer: It would certainly be entertaining, though I hear they can be a lot of work in general so you ought to be sure that it's a commitment you're willing to undertake.
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  • My dog has became a nuisance?

    I have a one year old dog (no one knows what the breed is) and he was a rescue dog that someone had rescued and gave to my family. First, I want to start off by saying that he has not been trained, nor has my parents even bothered to train him. He always barks at me and my sister when we go to the kitchen, barks at the TV, and barks randomly when everyone is trying to sleep. My dad hardly does anything about it, but when he does he will just snap his fingers, say “sh”, and just say his name like it’s no big deal. This dog is the reason why I never get good sleep. I would like some suggestions and also if someone could tell me why he might be doing these things would be awesome.
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  • How did my fish die?

    Best answer: Did you know fish will eat and eat and eat until they overeat and die? That's why you're only supposed to feed them small bits at a time. So either it was overfed or it wasn't able to survive with the water being clean, also you can't just put new water in the tank, you have to let it sit for a couple of days.
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  • Should I take my dog to the vet or is there any useful ways to remove fleas myself?

    Im 15 right now and I have owned my dog for about 9 years now and I dont know what to do. My dog has fleas and my dad and I have been trying to remove them but nothing has been working. We have been recommended some things that help with fleas but a lot of them are expensive and we have bought a few and nothing seems to keep the fleas away. Its been a few months and things have gotten worse. Not very bad but a few scars around my dog. We are thinking about taking my dog to the vet but my dad is now afraid of being charged with animal cruelty for waiting for so long. I really just want to help my dog. If anyone knows of any useful and great ways to remove fleas, please let me know, I would really appreciate it. Or is my dad just being paranoid and it is okay to take my dog to the vet.
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  • Is it ok to keep cats un fixed? Does it make a huge difference...I'm not concerned about breeding?

    Best answer: Both males and females that are unfixed will display some pretty irritating, unwanted sexual behaviors. Both males and females will howl loudly, and trust me, that gets very old at 3 A.M. when you are trying to sleep. Intact males tend to spray, and the odor of the urine is overbearing and often times difficult, if not impossible, to remove from certain fabrics. Over the years, I have taken in several stray cats. I always get them fixed, but sometimes the week or longer wait for their appointments was challenging to say the least. One male ended up destroying a very expensive leather coat. Of course, it had been hanging up, but he clawed it and pulled it down and peed all over it. I ended up having to toss it. But marking is not only limited to intact males. Many unspayed females will also urinate to mark when they are in heat. Breeding is also ALWAYS a possibility. When a male or female can see, hear, or smell another cat, even a cat outdoors, they are far more likely to escape, as their drive to mate is very powerful, and they can become quite inventive and creative when it comes to finding ways to escape. Even if they find no way to escape, they can certainly cause a great deal of damage to your home trying to find a way. Certainly do not expect to have any blinds, screens, or curtains left untouched! It is always best to spay and neuter.
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  • I use tiny amounts of tea tree oil for acne spot treatment. I recently found out it is toxic to cats — is this only if ingested or diffused?

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  • How many cats do you have?

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  • I’m scared for my dog. Skin problem???

    Best answer: She needs to go to the vet, and she needs to go sooner than Monday.
    Dermatitis is sort of a catch all term for skin irritation. We don't know what is irritating her skin or what is causing her dermatitis. The medication clearly did not work, so she needs to go to the vet again.
    Keep the wounds clean until you can get her to the vet. If she is constantly licking them, bandage them or put a cone on her to keep her from making the situation worse.
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  • How to stop my dogs cat fixation?

    Best answer: Many terriers and pit bulls are bred to be fighting dogs, or in the case of terriers, hunters of small game like rabbits, cats, etc. There are some terrier breeds (Jack Russell) that are NOT good with cats and nothing you can do to stop them from going after a cat.

    Keep your dog on a leash, teach the LEAVE IT commend and be on the alert for any stray cats. Yes if your dog gets one, its dead, so you need to keep him on a short leash and under control.

    I would also suggest you muzzle the dog on walks at night to prevent the dog from attacking the cats.
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  • I have a service dog whose training has been interupted for the six months, any tips for getting back into the saddle so to speak?

    Best answer: Start with the basics, stay, sit, down, no etc, when he does them greatly and they are polished, then start working the long line with the dog at least 10 feet but no more than 20 feet, make sure he can still make eye contact and he remembers the tricks (specialized training) you had started on. He may be stubborn at first but he will gradually remember where you left off. It’s normal for them to try and cut shortcuts in what they had been taught previously, bad habits taught by the people caring for him.

    I ran into the same problem with my boy, he had an 18 month in break in his training when I had been in my car accident, he was glad to see me and very gentle and also had a severe case of what seemed like ADHD (no such things in dogs). The facility that was training him sent him back home with my family until I got better then they were supposed to resume. Meanwhile he had kids, other dogs acted like he was 6 month old pup and I needed to repeat commands several times before he responded. After I was home for about 4 months the was back to the point where his training had stopped and resumed the training and worked ahead until there was another class that we would be able be able to fit in.

    Keep working with your boy, if he has a good solid foundation he should get back into the groove again, then once he’s where you we’re when you left off you can start building the tricks you need to have him help you.
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  • Why can't my cat meow anymore?

    My cat Molly she ALWAYS been a meowing cat. She's full breed Siamese. I have noticed that for the last 3 days or more. She can't meow, she tries but nothing is coming out. Could it be from hissing at the new kitten? I found a baby kitten about 2 weeks ago outside. And I do know when Molly gets scares or hisses. She will make those sounds that cats do. When they're about to throw up a hairball. So maybe from doing that a lot. It bother her voice box or something? Should I worry or just give it a few more days? I am thinking of keeping her in over the weekend. And watch her closely and give her a lot of love. I read online it has happen to some cats. When the owners bring home a new kitten.
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  • 8 week kitten likes to snuggle/ cuddle what does this mean in terms of cat behavior?

    Best answer: Of course it does. It (hopefully) just left its mother and siblings and is looking for warmth.

    This DOESN'T mean, though, that this kitten will grow up to be an affection cat. Kittens are really a mystery what they'll be like as adults. That's why it's FAR better to adopt adult cats with their fully formed personality right before you.

    Do be sure to get this kitten altered well before FOUR MONTHS which is when it can reach sexual maturity. If it's at least 2 pounds and healthy it can be altered NOW. Keep it indoors unless killing it is your goal.
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  • My basset hound puppy was in a terrible accident and lost all of its teeth. Where can I purchase dentures for dogs?

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  • I rescued a dog from a family. Now I don’t want the dog. What do I do?

    Best answer: Very cruel to get rid of canine instead of training it. Family will likely harm canine once you leave as "punishment".

    Keep and train animal; do not place in worse situation.
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  • Is a King Shepherd less likely to develop hip dysplasia than an AKC registered German Shepherd?

    Best answer: Yes, it probably is. Since 'King Shephed' is an imaginary breed it follows that the bloodline is likely to be more diverse (less pure) than an AKC registered dog. Pedigree or pure-bred equates to inbred and restricted gene pool. The dopes who spend their evenings answering questions here don't understand this. They think 'registered' and 'papers' means a dog has a healthy genotype. However the opposite is generally the case. You're getting responses here from uneducated individuals like shepherds who spend their days lubing up their fists with dish-soap and pushing their arm up the vagina of some innocent, unsuspecting ewe in order to rip its offspring from its uterus in order to fatten it up for slaughter. That's the level of "expertise" you're getting here.
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  • Can you give a dog calpol?

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  • What kind of dog do I have? Can anyone guess her breed?

    Best answer: A mutt of probably at least 3 breeds. If you want to know what get a DNA test done.
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  • What are your favorite breeds of dogs?

    I like so many breeds of dogs! But my absolute favorite is the Bernese Mountain Dog.
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  • What should I feed my puppy through force feeding utilising syringe? Puppy born on late June 2019.?

    I bought a Shitzu puppy and just got him on August 8. When we arrived he pooped, it was loose in green color. I gave him dog food mixed in water.I was so stupid for giving him a bath that morning because I can t take off the poop on his body. But while I was feeding him he was excited eating his meal. And later pooped in the same color and state. The next day was a nightmare. He puked what he ate that night. Dog food still in the same shape. After that he didn t eat but was still drinkig (sugar+water). I got cautious when his stool changed. It was too liquidy and the color s change. He can still stand. After this incident he no longers drink, was just sleeping the entire noon. Later that night I force fed him with cerelac and gave him an oral medication for anti-diarrhea. He didn t poop after that. And I did gave him water+dextrose powder from time to time. He was starting to lick while I m giving him water. Today he haven t yet pooped but still couldn t eat on his own. Though he was playful for minutes this morning. I know milk/cerelac can cause diarrhea but it s all I have right now cause I m force feeding him. What other simple remedies at home can i gave him to treat his diarrhea and prevent dehydration. PS. Do you believe he has parvo? I wish not. I pray not. Oh please no. Or could this be stress? Food intolerance? Please make me feel better. I don t want my new baby this sick and I would never want him to die this young. Please wish him his fast recovery.
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  • How to train my parrot?

    I have a cute little parrot, his age was told 5 months but i doubt it actually is that. He looks older. Anyways, I've tried everything to tame him. From sitting at a distance to being all up on him and NOTHING.. i mean N O T H I N G HAS WORKED! He's still just as scared of me. He does stare at me when i sit in front of him, without freaking out but thats about it. He's scared because his previous owner was clearly rough with him as a baby. I've had him for one and a half month now and its heart breaking to see how scared of me he is. I really desperately need help :(
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