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  • Can dogs get GERD?

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  • Why does my dog poop in her crate? Please help!?

    We crate trained her when she was little but every single night when we put her in the crate she would always poop in it. No matter how many times we let her out. We will set alarms and let her out throughout the night and she would still do it always at different times. We stopped the crate training because I couldn’t wake up every morning and clean up after her before work. But then I started taking her to work with me and she would be in a crate for part of the day at work and she would be just fine with it so I thought we should try again. We got her a large crate and started putting her in that but she continued to Poop in it so I thought that we would just get her smaller one it must be way too big. And for the first couple nights she did really good she would lay down in it and go to sleep. But then after a couple nights she started to just whine all night long. I thought we would just continue to put her in it and she should break out of it it will just take time. But then she started to poop in it again. I know it’s not just because she hast to poop because she pooped in the crate and then I let her out for a good 20 minutes and when I put her back in I turned off the light and walked away and she pooped in it again. I’m not sure what to do because we have to keep her in the crate because she chews things up. I have a 16-month-old and with both me and my husband working full time there’s no way we can clean up every toy every single night because she chews them up.
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  • Who else thinks poodles are the best dogs?

    I love poodles.
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  • I really want presa canario, but it is banned in australia, would i be able to import it from another country?

    Hi, i really want to import the presa canario from another country to australia because i can not find any breeders in australia due to it being banned. Although i'm just worried if i import it from another country, will the customs stop the dog from entering in?
    11 answers 6 days ago Dogs
  • My dog died last night in my arms, can someone give me insight?

    Hi my dog Panda who is 10 years old died suddenly. (Maltese-shihtzu) It wasn’t a nice death at all, she was eating and playing fine just hours before. But she was then restless and breathing was limited, like gasping for air. She was in my lap still gasping for air very badly, then all of a sudden started to calm and make weird unpleasant noises. I was hysterical telling my boyfriend to go go go (this dog lives with my mum as it’s hers but I grew up with it). Anyways so Panda went limp, having restricted gasps here’s and there. I knew this was it as blood and foamy stuff started to come from her mouth and nose. We got to the 24/7 vet and she was gone. They said she had heart disease, and a sudden heart attack. Fluid was built up in her organs, abdomen. This was so painful for me to see I never seen any death before. When she was nearing death on my arms why did blood and foam ooze out of her nose and mouth? It’s like her body completely lost control after she couldn’t breathe. Can anyone give me some insight about this disease and how it could’ve progressed to this point. Closure for me is having the best understanding of a situation. Thank you
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  • Where i can get my pet's toys?

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  • What does white thick or liquidy discharge from my rotweiler's vagina mean?

    9 answers 6 days ago Dogs
  • A German Shepherd ate my Subway Sandwich? Why Mr. German Shepherd, why?

    Best answer: They can be sneaky sometimes lol
    9 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • Green discharge in one of dogs eyes?

    I came home after running errands for a few hours, and noticed a big green blob next to one of her eyes. I noticed she had started digging a hole. I also noticed she had dirt on her nose. Do you think she may have just gotten dirt in her eye? Should I just keep her inside tomorrow, and wait to see if the same thing happens?
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  • My Shiba inu is potty trained, she doesn't pee or poop in anyone's house but my mothers house, whenever I go over she always pee and poops?

    6 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • My dog ate gum! Will she be okay?

    My chihuahua dog ate a piece of Wrigley s Extra Gum with the wrapper about 10 minutes ago and I m trying to figure out whether she will be okay or not, I checked online and it says the gum contains Xylitol but I m not sure what to worry about anymore, and I cannot take her to the vet at the moment since my parents too the car.
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  • Why dog avoids me when I am crying ? But doesnt avoid other family members when they cry?

    I have a shih tzu who always fallows me , he is so attach to me but if I cry he walks away. If another family member who doesnt care for him cries he comforts them but not me.
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  • Can someone help me not lose my bird??

    My parents want to get rid of my bird because it doesn't get attention even though they know I always check on it every hour for food and water and I clean the cage once a week. I also hang out with it every hour. I am the only one doing things for it. I try to convince, but they don't want to listen to me. Can someone help me come up with something to say to them or do something else with the bird? I would appreciate it a lot.
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  • I saved two dogs and now I miss them. What should I do?

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  • Who on current events do you think is on prescribed psychoactive medication?

    Best answer: Does gin and tonic count?
    8 answers 6 days ago Current Events
  • Should I euthanize my cat with leukemia?

    Best answer: Are you talking about the blood disease leukemia, or the one called FeLV? Two totally different things. You are jumping the gun with your diagnosis. This is a thing you should be discussing with the vet, not some diagnosis you got from the internet, and with people who have no idea what is wrong with the cat. What we are seeing her is neglect - with a pet comes the financial responsibility for that pet, and if your cat was ill for a year, that is NEGLECT. A UTI moves up the system, and eventually becomes a bladder or kidney infection. Having the cat tested for FeLV is inexpensive and should have been done in the very beginning. If your cat is FeLV+, and you knew that from the beginning, it could have been managed as you need to be very aggressive in getting them to the vet when ill.

    Don't get any more pets, as you ignored this one's health issues. No person will take her, no rescue will take her, and a shelter will euthanize her the minute you walk out the door. What a pity.
    10 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • Was Notre Dame a terrorist attack did you know it's on fire now?

    6 answers 5 days ago Reptiles
  • Why do cats raise their rear ends when petted?

    3 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • Normal temperature for a dog who is acting very lethargic?

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  • Should I drop this buyer?

    I’m seeking second opinions when I sell my pups I REQUIRE the buyer to sign a spay/neuter contract,I don’t even let them buy their way out of it,recently a interested buyer ask if I could drop the contract..I laughed lol..anywho,should I trust my gut and just forget about this buyer and not sell to him regardless even if he’s willing to sign the contract? Usually when people ask me a stupid question like that I feel they only have bad intentions with my pups such as irresponsible breeding and it angers me knowing people even think about wanting to do that with one of my pups. Do I have a right to feel this way or am I being too judgmental??
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