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  • My friend was selling her dog to?

    My friend was selling her dog and my coworker said that she was interested I told my friend and she said she would hold onto the dog until payday yet now she has sold the dog without telling me first so my coworker and her children are expecting to pick up this dog next week yet it has already gone how do I tell my coworker that they sold without sounding like and asshole
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  • Howdoes my cat know what room I am in?

    whenever I am in a room (door closed) she always seems to find me and she starts meowing to let her in. How does she know where to find me?
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  • Im not gay, but is it ok to feed my fish only 1 time a day or do they need 3 meals a day?

    Best answer: Fish should be fed once a day - 3 times a day is a good way to overfed the fish and create more mess in the tank with uneaten food.
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  • My male rabbit is a sex addict. What can I do?

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  • My dog had turd stuck on his butthole fur?

    Best answer: You can use paper towel when that happens or a baby wipe the remaining scent and stain off the fur, they don’t need a complete bath unless they have diarrhea or sit and rub it in against the skin spreading the turd liberally across the whole butt where you would need at least a roll of paper towel or a whole box or wipes to get it out and off.

    Washing the dog frequently will remove all the oils frrom the skin making it overly dry and irritated in which the hair will either start falling out or your dog may start scratching and find himself unable to stop until there are raw bloody patches, in which he case will only scratch all the harder (vicious cycle)

    Find a dog friendly shampoo or a soft moisturizing baby shampoo to use, remember to single soap and double rinsed to make sure no soap is left behind. Soap itself isn’t harmful but ingesting will cause tummy troubles and can cause diarrhea besides being harsh on the skin if left in large amo7nts.

    A trick our vet taught us is to always dilute the soap. 2/3 water to 1/3 soap, mix either in a pail or in a different soap bottle. This way when applied directly on your dog it isn’t so concent step in one area it strips the good oils off the skin right away before you get a chance to dilute it with ester. Even if the dogs coat is already wet and you put soap concentrate on it, it’s a matter of a few seconds before it eats and strips everything from the skin and fur. That’s why mostpet shampoos day to apply and rub into fur right away, dont let stand and soak until it’s spread all over the dogs body. Most soaps also include dont let stand more than 15 minutes on dog coats for that very reason.

    While dogs do get smelly and dirty, a good thorough brushing usually gets all dust, loose dander and dirt from the coat. That’s what the protective oils help with, that and helping make semi water proof (especially breeds like Labs, Golden’s, any water retrieving dog and all weather dogs like Huskeys, Akita etc. they oils help keep the water out and wait and air pockets for warmth and coolness in. Vacuuming the dead hairs, dirt and dander help greatly if your dog isn’t afraid of the vacuume, but if the dogs been skunk sprayed, covered in poop dirt or other gross things then you have to bathe him as brushing don’t take the smell away.
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  • What would you do if you step on dog poop in public?

    Best answer: I would take my shoes to the city Meyer and tell him the price. It's against the law in our city. The dog owner must pay the price.
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  • Health issues with my cat?

    (1/2) Let’s see, my cat has always had sensitive skin, ever since he was a kitten if you scratched near the base of his tail or on his back, he would get this look on his face and start furiously licking/biting anything in reach (often his paws). (Maybe important idk). We didn't think anything of it, we always thought it was funny. But lately, he was really irritated. A simple poke would send him into a frenzy. I sat him down and upon looking, found fleas. Now my mom doesn't think they were fleas, he is an indoor cat and our dog (short hair) has not shown any signs of fleas. Nevertheless, I washed him with flea stuff and got him a flea collar. There is more but I need more room. Thanks.
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  • Name suggestions for my fish?

    My fish is male and a Betta fish. He has a pink body and blue puffy tail so I imagine he likes to dance and dress up. So I imagine that he would be a fashionable and stylish guy if he was human but also imaginative
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  • Why is my little morkie dog licking the carpet all night?

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  • What brèed of dog should my Husband and I get?

    My Husband and I are going to be living in a trailer. It's a 3 bedroom. It's on land not in a trailer park. We have 3 kids and I'm pregnant with our 4th, but wanna wait til the baby is at least 1 yr. We have 1 cat. I want a breed that'll fit into the family and living situation. Will get plenty of excersize and be outside with me. I'm an outdoor kinda person and enjoy my walks. - No we aren't poor just need to move out of in laws place. Plus my Husband just started working again and a trailer is within our budget as of now. We also prefer a trailer over house.
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  • My gerbil just had babies yesterday. Now she is putting them in the running wheel. Should I be worried?

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  • My cat is acting really weird and hiding?

    My cat is a little under a year old and last night he was acting pretty weird, not wanting to be touched and hissing. I just got home from work and hes hiding in one of the rooms in my house, laying in between a cabinet and a mini fridge. He never goes in that room. He was hissing and growling at me when I found him.
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  • Best ways to tire out my German Shepherd?

    Going on walks doesn’t seem to do much to tire him out, we even play fetch outback when I get home from work for at least 30 min, longer when it’s nice out. I have taken him on runs with me but even that doesn’t do much to tire him out. What else can I do?
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  • My cat is shivering and it s not cold ... what could be the cause ?

    Had him since a kitten this is the 1st sign of this, He was laying on my leg getting ready to drift to sleep with me and as his purr stopped he continued to " shiver " but my house is an even 70° F. Not cold by any standard .doesn t seem to have any other issues.
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  • Can you walk a dog alongside a neighbor's fence as long as the dog doesn't pee/poo on the fence?

    Walking my dog and a neighbor starts complaining that my dog walked alongside his fence? My dog did not pee or poo on his fence literally just walked next to it and the neighbor angrily says I have to curb him. So do I really have to make my dog walk alongside the street when the dog is not using the bathroom???? Like if I continue to let my dog just walk, not use the bathroom, alongside the fence and this neighbor calls the cops can I get in trouble. Can't find the actual "curb your dog" law. Was looking for it to print out and casually, kindly hand it to him next time he wants to call me a b****
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  • What do I do about my fiance hating my best friend s dog?

    My fiance and my friend get along fine. Problem is my friend has a really poorly behaved dog. I put up with it when I was single because it doesn t bother me that much, but I can understand why my fiance doesn t want my friend s barking, obnoxious, poorly behaved beagle in our house terrorizing our cats. It makes it hard to hang out together since my friend can t leave the dog alone, and she likes to visit me (lives an hour away). What can I do?
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  • Is it ok to use a cat box?

    Best answer: Youve taken things to a whole new level. You are a genius. Im getting a cat just so i can do this.
    11 answers 7 days ago Cats
  • What brand of food do you feed your cat?

    I’m looking to adopt a cat hopefully soon. I’ve had a cat before but can’t remember what I fed him. I would really like to feed it a decent brand that isn’t terrible for the cat. He will be indoors
    13 answers 1 week ago Cats
  • Why are most people so against slapping dogs?

    My dad has owned about 5 dogs when I was growing up. Large, strong dogs. They were mostly my dads dogs. He would hit them when they misbehaved, but reward them when the did good. He never full out beat them, but sometimes gave them a firm slap. My dad adopted a pitbull from the pound, and was trying to train him. He was a very stubborn dog, and obviously had no prior training. He was training it to stay. The dog was doing pretty good most of the time, but one day it started acting out, and started to try in claw my dad. My dad slapped it across the mouth. After that I never saw the dog disobey again, but still showed a lot of love torwards my dad. That's how hes trained all his dogs, and they have always turned out to be incredibly obedient dogs, so it obviously worked.
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  • Service dogs and leashes?

    Do service animals have to wear leashes in public locations like the grocery store and are epilepsy service dogs not supposed to wear leashes for some reason?
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