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  • Ringworm?

    I adopted a kitten from my local shelter last week . I noticed she had some bald spots starting to show up so I took her to the vet she was diagnosed with ringworm . Which is HIGHLY contagious. Yay for me and my three other pets. Should I contact the shelter to just let them know?
    9 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • What breed is my dog?

    I was thinking maybe he’s a pit boxer mix but i wasn’t sure. He’s 10 months old and thinking how much bigger he’s gonna get. https://imgur.com/a/1kMk1pq
    5 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • Guys can i give some milk at my puppy mhh 4-6 weeks?

    5 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • How do dog worms die?

    ive seen puppies poop out the worms and some doee not. what happened to the worms from those who did not poop their worms out ? and is it normal for a dog to poop out worms every after deworming ?
    6 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • What type of fish is this?

    Won it at the Fair yesterday and am trying to figure out which food to buy!
    9 answers 6 days ago Fish
  • Fish Food BuildUp?

    So I have a lot of fish food that has built up on my gravel because I used it for cycling my tank. I have done about 4 gravel vacs and there is still a good amount left. I am also developing biofilm because of the protein released from the food. I have a few questions. How often should I gravel vac? ( I have been doing it everday) Is the food going to release any kinds of fungus and disease that will destroy my water?
    5 answers 4 days ago Fish
  • My cat ate a small piece of jelly?? (Jell-o)?

    So I had a pot of jelly (jell-o in America) and I dropped a small piece, jumped out of bed to get a tissue to wipe it and my cat was eating it! It was only a very very small piece, is she gonna be ok?
    6 answers 5 days ago Cats
  • Will veterinarians ever take payment arrangements and is this something I should bring my dog to the vet for?

    Best answer: Aww, I'm sorry that you and your dog are going through this. I agree with verulam about calling your vet. People become vets because they love animals, so even if the vet can't treat your dog for free (because a corporation owns the clinic,) I bet most vets would be willing to give free advise for your situation.
    Maybe your dog will be fine. My dog scared me before more than once, and then was fine when the vet checked him out.
    10 answers 7 days ago Dogs
  • Tips on becoming vegetarian?

    I just got sick from eating chicken so I’m going vegetarian.any tips on how to starts and what foods I should try. I do want any type of meat no veggie meat
    5 answers 4 days ago Rodents
  • Do pomeranians and papillons have similar temperaments to chihuahuas?

    I've heard very bad things about chihuahuas.
    5 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • Why do dogs vomit?

    My dog was eating kibble and stopped eating then she threw up. She’s been eating the same kibble for months. This is how the vomit appeared
    8 answers 6 days ago Dogs
  • Why does my cat have a black blob in his ear after coming back from the vet?

    My make cat just came back from the vet. Desexed and microchipped. He seems to be doing fine. But I found this black tattoo like blob on his left ear. What is it? I don’t really know if it’s an tattoo or a marker. But I did read online that vets like to put a M to say to people that his male.. is that what it is?? But why doesn’t it look like an M then.
    6 answers 5 days ago Cats
  • My dog won't stop peeing everywhere? Help?

    Well my little italian greyhound chihuahua mix has become a little troublemaker again. He's started peeing everywhere, despite being house trained. I don't know what to do, he knows he isn't allowed to just pee anywhere in the house, should I take him to see the vet in case he's sick? Is it just stress, we had my uncle recently move in temporarily while he's moving so could it just be that there's a new person in the house? Any advice would be appreciated!
    5 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • Do you think it would be possible for my 16’2 horse to run barrels its worrying me that hes to tall.?

    5 answers 4 days ago Horses
  • My 2 year old Labrador just ate a Maltesor will she be ok?

    Best answer: There is not enough chocolate to cause any harm. A dog would have to eat a massive amount for it to be harmful. If she ate 50 to 100, you would have reason to be concerned but just one or two is not going to cause any issues.
    9 answers 7 days ago Dogs
  • Does my cat have cancer?

    Out of nowhere my 12 y/o cat started acting lethargic. We’ve taken him to the vet twice since we noticed. His blood tests were normal, no fever, no diabetes. Nothing wrong with his organs. Then he got an ultrasound and the vet said he has a mass in his abdomen but they’re not sure if it’s cancerous, and he possibly has an abscess from this mass. We’re keeping him in our bathroom with a litter box, bed, food, and water so we can monitor him better. He doesn’t hiss at us or act mean to us in any way, and sometimes he moves which way he’s facing or moves from his bed to a blanket on the floor. He won’t eat but he drinks sometimes, and has peed in the litter box a few times- but no poop. Sometimes he meows and purrs, but kind of stumbles when he walks. How much will this amoxicillin actually help him?? Is he even going to survive this? It breaks my heart seeing my brother like this because he’s this cat’s favorite :( He was acting normal just like 4 days ago!
    4 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • Will my dog taken away?

    Best answer: I'd suggest it's up to this neighbour to prove what's going on is the fault of your dog. Neighbour disputes can be very difficult, and although understandably, probably, it's a pity your dad lost his rag at these people.

    As has been suggested, keep a record of what's going on and if you can use your phone, when needed to film any confrontation do. You may have to change your own dog's balcony hogging as they have their own dog who needs (?) to be out there too. Give and take.

    Your dog won't be taken away, as long as he's guilt free - and even then, you'd get a warning first I'd suggest. I hope you can sort this out before it escalates into 'open warfare', with the dogs on the losing end.
    4 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • How do i know when my dogs tapeworm is gone?

    So my dog had tapeworms i immediately went to get her medication i gave her the pill yesterday around 12 noon, today around 7am i took her to go use the restroom and i could see the worms in her poop does that mean that it’s working? if so how long till they’re fully gone?
    9 answers 7 days ago Dogs
  • Hi I really like birds and i would like a budgee for my bday, how to convince my parents to get me one?

    i have two dogs, 1 is aggresive and extremely cocky, but the other will try to play with everything and possibly hurt you in the process. I know instantly they will say no, any good points or things i could do to help convince them e.g keep my room tidy, help around the house etc etc
    8 answers 6 days ago Dogs
  • I know that French Bulldogs can not swim. My adult niece's dog loves to be held in the pool. If she is let go what would happen?

    Best answer: According to the French Bulldog Club of America: " French Bulldogs must never be left unattended around water, as they are poor swimmers and can easily drown due to their front-heavy structure. "
    8 answers 6 days ago Dogs