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  • Can anybody help me identify this snake that appeared on the street in Philadelphia it doesn't look like anything native my knowledge?

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  • My cats are territorial, is there anything i can do to keep them from fighting?

    i have three cats. two of them, frigga and hazel, are four years old and the third, bones, is ten months. before i got bones, hazel claimed my bed as her space. frigga is very passive and seemed content to just chill elsewhere in the room and we never had problems. when i got bones i kept him in my room for about three months while i slowly introduced them and got frigga and hazel used to the idea of a new cat. theyve settled in now and we very rarely have problems except at night. i was keeping them out of my room while i slept, but its too hot for that right now and i need to keep my door open and let the air conditioning in. hazel and bones both consider my bed their space and get upset when the other is on it. is there anything i can do to convince them the bed is big enough for both of them? or do i need to just keep them out and try to deal with the heat.
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  • Why is my cat so psychotic? Serious question?

    Best answer: I recommend watching a few episodes of My Cat From Hell. This is a show about people who have cats like you who learn more about cat behavior and how to help their cats be less angry like this.

    It sounds like your cat is bored and possibly has separation anxiety. These are things you can easily fix, but it will take time and routine. You need to play with your cat more so they are calmer. It also sounds like you need to learn how to pet a cat so they don't get overstimulated.
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  • My dog doesn’t seem to recognize my sister at all everytime she comes out of her room he charges at her and wants to bite her?

    he doesn’t even stop to smell her, even when he smells her he stills growls and barks, he’s been with us for 7 years since he was a baby, please help
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  • Can i get a plush toy buddy to comfort my cat who lost her friend?

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  • Aggressive cat. What can I do if nothing works?

    I’m a tad panicked. I went to the vet an hour ago with my nervous cat. He’s just aggressive now. He attacks all other animals in the home. He’s always been nervous. He’s living in his own room until I fix this issue. My vet made me buy/try a feliway, but because I don’t believe it’s sudden cats being territorial, I doubt it’ll help. If the feliway doesn’t work I have to try Prozac. If Prozac doesn’t work they said they can’t fix my cat. What if we get there????!!! He can’t live out normally with the rest of us? He will need kept away? He is on a urinary food, nothing else is wrong with him.. other than this. I want him out with the rest of us again but he can’t be if he’s going to try and kill my other cat. I’ve tried rehoming btw he is stuck with me Freaking out
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  • How do I get my adult dog to stop grabbing at people when they are trying to leave?

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  • Who feeds their pit bull purina dog chow is it good dry dog food?

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  • Mom is trying to take away my dog, help!?

    My mom bought me a puppy for a birthday gift. In return she wanted me to watch her animals when she goes out of town, let me mind you that i live an hour away from her with my boyfriend and i will be going to college. At the time i told her yes it should be fine. Forgetting i had school and work on the weekends. Now she is telling me that if i don t help then i will have to pay full price for the dog and she will come and take the dog away from me because she paid for him. Can she legally do that?? Help!
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  • Does my pup not like me?

    I know this sounds petty but I'm a first time owner of a Maltese pup - 4.5 months old. It's just me and my husband and my mom visits occasionally. My pup barks and is very nippy if i touch / hug my mom or husband. She makes it very clear that I should take my hand away, but I don't get the same reaction when they do the same to me. She just stares. I am the one she spends most of her time with, since I work from home. Most days I'm one that feeds her and she sleeps near me, in the same room where her crate is. When I'm working, she sleeps under my chair (when i'm the only one at home). She does play with me but I never get the reaction my husband gets when he comes back from work in the evenings. She is literally dancing with joy when she sees him and I am invisible after that. Am I doing something wrong? And lame as it sounds, what can I do to make her like me more.
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  • Breeding a mixed breed dog?

    my dog is an f1 female puggle. is it safe to breed her with another breed of dog if we follow orders off of her vet on the safest way to breed her? and if so, are there any particular breeds which may be better suited?
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  • Dog is bleeding from anal gland!?

    Best answer: Just do as the vet advises and use the whole course of the antbiotics.
    If no improvement by the Sunday, go back to the vet.
    It CAN take up to 10 days for antibiotics to work 100%, but you should see `some` sign of improvement in the dogs condition after 4 days.
    I`m not a vet and cannot see your dog, so I cant help more.

    Is the blood just oozing out of his anal gland for no reason or is it when he defalcates? Are his stools hard or soft or just normal?
    Are the glands inflamed?
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  • What is the cutest breed of dog in your opinion?

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  • I was wondering if I could treat my 6 month old puppy to raw food once a week.?

    I was thinking maybe chicken necks or something along the lines of that as I can’t afford to go fully raw but I’d still like to treat her with it. I’m a first time dog owner. My dog is a Cane Corso
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  • Is it rare for cats with black coats to have tabby stripes?

    Best answer: The cats that Nature originally created all had tabby stripes to aid in being able to blend in with the tall grass when they were hunting (or being hunted) so the gene for tabby is hidden in each and every cat. It's called "ghost" striping. And even in finely bred pointed cats like the Siamese if you look closely in the sun, that ghost striping can be seen in the "points" especially in the darker seal points. So it's very common to see this.
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  • The guys who run bully farm feed purina dog chow to their bully's?

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  • Whats wrong with my dogs skin?

    The other day i found a lost dog, while i found the owner the dog spent some time with my dog, after the lost dog got home my dog started getting something on its skin,little bumps that turned into scabs , then dry patches, what could it be?
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  • My female dogs who is 6 years old, shes spayed will not stop peeing blood...shes been treated with multiple antibiotics.?

    The blood doesnt go away, she has no other symptoms besides blood in her urine. What is our next step towards finding a cure?! Weve did ultrasounds/xrays/blood tests nothing seems to be wrong... besides blood in her urine. I need help!!!!
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  • What will happen to my ESA(dog)?

    I’m going for college in America, California. I have an emotional support animal who I want to bring with me to college. He’s a dog. German shepherd pedigreed and is about 2 years old. I know I can take him with me on the plane and keep him in dorms for my first year, but when I arrive in America, will he be kept in quarantine or will he be able to skip that because he is and ESA? Also will I have to get him neutered or no?
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  • Why does my dog keep leaving her puppies?

    Best answer: Fact is some bitches find it hard to cope with their maternal duties AND still be a pet. You probably have one of those. As long as she reacts when they shout to be fed, and cleans up after them, it doesn't really matter although if she is leaving them for extended periods, they must have other external heat still because puppies of that age can't regulate their own heat.

    I had one who, after around the first week, would attend to her litter, and then want out. Once out of the whelping box, ten to one she'd stand outside and whine, waking them all up again - nightmare! And she only had one litter (she gave me a couple of excellent puppies to keep, so that was enough). You should really be sleeping in the room with her and her puppies, so at least she's with them by night ..... they still need feeding through the night. And yes, somebody should be around for at least the first weeks. If for nothing else - in case she overlays a puppy. You'll need to get in there fast, or that puppy will die.

    You'll just have to accept this is how she best looks after her puppies! And step in when she wants out.
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