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  • Is egg first or hen first?

    8 answers 6 days ago Birds
  • How can I stop my dog play biting some people?

    My dog is around 1 and half, she tries to play bite on some people but not on me or my husband, I don t why she does it to some people and not others and I m not sure how to get her to stop because she doesn t do it to me.
    8 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • How bad is it to have fleas?

    Apparently I’ve had fleas for a while now and didn’t really notice. My husband finally got fed up with them and made me go to the doctor for it and he wants me to take all this medication for it. I honestly don’t care about fleas, so I want to just let it go. I think they came from my cat but who knows. Is that a real problem?
    3 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • Should this DLR driver.have been allowed to.drive off with the climate pratts ontop?

    Best answer: Yes he should have and the van should have been allowed to take a dip in the Thames
    4 answers 3 days ago Reptiles
  • Good dog toys for unsupervised schnauzer?

    Best answer: I suggest toys that release food. There are lots of different ones out there and if it were me I’d start with three and leave them in different areas for him to find when he gets bored and starts looking around. As he gets used to having these toys you can start to “hide” them so he has to search for them.

    A Kong with a large dog biscuit stuffed inside will keep my dogs occupied for hours as they try to lick and suck it out. Other toys roll around or have to be squeezed a certain way to release toys with varying levels of difficulty.

    If part of the problem is noise, citronella spray collars work well for many dogs, be sure you have some test sessions where you are around while he has it on at first.

    I don’t know your dogs chew factor, you’ll want to be sure any toys you leave him with are safe.

    There is also the option of a “friend” for your dog. I had always known I’d get my dog a friend after we had some time together, and after almost two years it was clear she was ready for her friend. I wasn’t sure I was ready for another dog but started looking around. After an absolutely agonizing couple of months and looking at hundreds of potential options for her pal, we found the perfect little gal who makes our lives complete.
    7 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • Who funds the Legal Aid Agency who has decided to pay the ISIS girl?

    6 answers 5 days ago Current Events
  • What age of cat would be the best to get my current cat as a friend?

    To give some backstory, we have 3 cats. We have 7 year old boys and a girl who will be around 2 years old in August. We were not planning on getting the girl. Long story short the place I thought would take her wouldn't so she came home with us for the night. She never left. We know its best to have multiple cats and we thought since we already had cats it would be fine so we never got her a kitten companion. Turns out she is exceedingly rambunctious, likes to rough house, wants to run and play. My boys are just too old for that. Not physically but they don't want to. They don't like to play like that. We play with her, she has room, cat towers, and otherwise a healthy cat. The last few months we have noticed her getting distance. She always used to get up with me at night be she doesnt anymore. She is not at peace. She seems scared. She wont just come sit out and relax with us in the living room. She seems.. I dont know lonely. Or like she cant come out of her shell. I could down and talk about her for hours but my main question is about getting her a companion. I truly think she needs a sibling. My boys are just not who she needs to play with and they dont want to. They just get mad at her. We were thinking a cat around her age would be best. A cat who has been in a litter and can teach her proper bite inhibition, how to play, how to be a normal cat. Thoughts? Have any of you had an experience with this? How did you handle it and what helped the best?
    6 answers 4 days ago Cats
  • Are there photos/videos of the bodies destroyed by the plane crash in Ethiopia?

    5 answers 4 days ago Reptiles
  • How do you hold a kitten correctly.?

    9 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • Will this work for my dog?

    I have a dog that gets bored and destroys her bed. I only crate fro max 4 hours, unless I have to go to the city, which is uncommon and typically 6 hours. I am working on making a dog room and making it proof, but for now I use the crate, as I have cats and would like to monitor when shes out. She has nothing in there for right now. I have a Kong, and many things to stuff it with. Her hip (I am making a vet appointment for a physical) on the side she lays on, looks like it might be a tad stiff and I am really wanting to put the bed in there, for the cushion. What is the likely hood of the frozen kong, and raw meaty rib bones, being enough to stimulate her, and allow her to have a bed? If unlikely (I have a sewing machine and would likely make it), is there a brand that could withstand a chewer?
    4 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • Can my cat and dog live together or do I have to put them down?

    Best answer: Obvious troll is obvious.
    5 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • How long will my dog might live?

    My dog is a Black Lab mixed with chow and she is about 12 years old she has never been injured or have had diseases beside a neck problem that went away in days with meds and since then she has been fine like always I just started thinking about how it would be if I loss her bc she’s an amazing dog and I honestly feel like I wouldn’t be able to hand the loss but will it be different? Will I be able to handle it I’ve never been through a hard loss so I don’t know how it feels but I feel like I wouldn’t be able to live without her it sound weird but that’s how I feel. Please answer both questions
    6 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • My dog usually gets seizures and I have another dog that starts to bark at her I’m not sure why.?

    Best answer: The other dog is alarmed or puzzled by the seizure. Either it is trying to get the seizing dog to stop, or it is alerting you that there is a problem. Maybe both.
    5 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • I have a cute Budgie named mango I'm not sure about the gender please help!?

    4 answers 4 days ago Birds
  • My cat goes out for about 10 hours overnight (comes in a few times for food), i was wondering do you think she sleeps outside?

    would she sleep while outside overnight or do they just do cat stuff like hunting and whatever for hours at a time?
    8 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • My cat has a runny nose and wont eat or drink anything and he sounds like he has a sore throat when he meows. What wrong with him?

    9 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • Do u need a pemit to have a hedgehog as a pet?

    7 answers 5 days ago Other - Pets
  • If people in China eat dogs, why can't people in the us of a eat cats?

    Best answer: Because eating cats is illegal in the us of a.
    5 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • My horse has been biting her flank and kicking alot, does anyone know what might cause this?

    My 24 year old horse has typically been in very good health but for a while (around 4 months ago) I ve noticed her biting at her flank and when I circle her on the ground she kicks with her inside back leg every time. The vet has come to check her out but didn t seem overly concerned all he said was it may be an ulcer and that the only way to be certain was to have a procedure done (which he proceeded to tell me was expensive and not very necessary)Has anyone experienced similar issues with their horse or know what it could be?
    9 answers 6 days ago Horses