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  • Can you complain about neighbor's dogs?

    It's funny too, cause it's my grandparents dogs. But it's 9 at night and I need to get to sleep cause I have to wake up early, and their dogs are outside and I can hear them barking from inside my house. I'm getting so sick of it! This happens all the time and their dogs are so annoying!
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  • Westie needs help to cure skin disease?

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  • My two cats are missing are they near my house?

    9 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • My cat sleeps a lot in the day and is sometimes active at night and when he poops the small is extremely strong and he hides a lot Help?

    6 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • How do I know if my dog is cold at night?

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  • Why do my dogs openly defy me?

    How do I end this apostasy?
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  • Is it wrong of me to keep my 1yr old Pomeranian in a pen all day because of his marking problem?

    When I’m home, he’s out and free, but when I’m at work he stays in a dog pen soley because of his marking problem. I don’t know what to do. He goes outside when I take him but as soon as he gets the chance and I’m not looking, he’ll mark. Now obviously this isn’t new information. Dogs mark. But I just don’t want to let him roam the house and pee on every corner of anything he finds! So is keeping him in a pen while I’m at work wrong? I work from about 8-6 5 days a week. No one else is home to play with him but my 2 cats. I would LOVE to let him roam free and have a large playground but he just does not know how not to pee on things.
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  • Hi my last cat just died I am really upset does this make me weird?

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  • We dissected a pregnant rat in class and it smelled like peppermint. teacher confirmed that he did not spray peppermint spray?

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  • What gender is my bearded dragon?

    I went to the vet when Pheonix was about 4 months old. The vet said Pheonix looks male but cant fully tell until 7/8 months. Now he/she is and looks more female to me when I compare her/him to the photos online and I put a flashlight under and it looks female but I want second opinions.
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  • How do I convince my mum that German shepherds are really good dogs?

    I have recently convinced my family to finally get a dog, the problem is the only dog I have ever wanted is a German shepherd and my dad loves them too but my mum does not and at the moment will not get one. She is worried that I wouldn’t train it or look after it and that she would have to do all of the work. Does anyone have any ideas or ways I could try and convince her?
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  • What kind of cat is this?

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  • House bunny weeing and pooing outside cage???

    Me and my partner brought a 9 week old, female mini lop. We have decided to keep her in the house. We have her in a indoor rabbit hutch when we are working/sleeping and she has the run of the lounge/kitchen when we are watching her. We arent necessarily litter training her as we are hoping to keep her cage long term and keep her in her cage when we are out. Her cage is full of sawdust and hay as normal. She urinates and poops in her tray during the night. However, when we let her out, she straight away poops and urinates everywhere (it is not designated to one corner) it even ends up on the sofa! It is as if she holds her poop in until she comes out of her hutch! Other than that, shes super playful, always up for cuddles etc. Im not sure What were doing so wrong! Any tips??
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  • How to toilet train a stubborn puppy?

    Shes a cheeky west highland terrier and about 7 months old, we ve tried loads of different ways to train her such as taking her outside as soon as she s eaten or drunk anything, using a clicker and treating her everytime see goes to the toilet outside, "telling her off" and showing her the mess she made and quickly taking her outside when she squats down. She hasn t learnt anything from us doing this and each technique we tried we stuck to it but none of it works. We even left the door open all day and she would pop inside, go for a poo and a wee in our kitchen and then run outside again to play! Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated, tha k you!
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  • Aggression in dog?

    We recently adopted a dog from a shelter 4 days ago. She's one years old and is an australian cattle dog mix. Just early tonight, she was eating a dental chew and one of my family members went close to her and she just snapped. (She is not that familiar with this family member) Yes, i know she was defending and guarding her food. But after that, she just hates this one particular family member. My dog is super friendly towards other people in the family but it was this instance that triggered her. We leashed her just in case she does try to bite. She lunged and tried to bite my family member and it really scared me to see that because she was just fine with that particular person a few minutes ago. I think because she got triggered when my family member came too close. We put the dog in a separate room for the safety of the family member and when the family member came to close to the door she started growling.(family member had to grab something near the door). It was definitely not right for my family member to go near her while she was eating. Family member for sure learned it the scary way. We are currently looking into behavior specialist and dog training to see if we can correct this behavior. If this behavior is not correctable, we will have to put her down? I hate to see this because she is very young and a very sweet dog. In the meantime do any of you have suggestions on what should we do?
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  • Outdoor cat keeps getting in fights....afraid to keep him inside full time with my 10month old baby ?!? Help !!!!?

    Hi! My family just moved into a house where the previous owner assumably abandoned his cat. We fed him as we came and went for a month after closing on the house while we were working on it and moving in. During this time he got in a fight and had a huge wound. We called the shelter cause we couldn’t trap him and they came and treated him with antibiotics etc. the bill for him was over 3000 and they kindly waived it if we adopted him and promised to keep him inside for safety. We wanted to take care of him and do the right thing so we agreed. He hates being inside ! He meows at the door all day and night. He is very loving but sometimes swats and I am fearful with my ten month old always crawling around after him. He has huge claws which I imagine he needs for the outdoors. We force him to stay inside overnight when it’s really cold but he continues to roam outside. About once a month he comes back so wounded. This time is awful. It looks like muscle is exposed on his tail. Last time he got blood all over the walls! My husband really loves him and snuggles with him if he comes around when my husband is home but he works 6 days a week sometimes 12 hour days so it just feels like me and the cat all day and I don’t know what to do anymore ! Help !!!
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  • Cat bringing in live bugs! Help!!!?

    My flatmates cat keeps bringing in live bugs like cockroachs, crickets etc. I m absolutely terrified of any kind of bug. I realise its a gift but she just plays with them. I wish she killed them! Is there anything I can do?
    6 answers 5 days ago Cats
  • Dog hugging and won't go outside unless I do?

    My dog was crying at door so I tried putting him in his cage inside but he just wanted a "hug" and so I tried leading him outside but he curved his body so he wouldn't go back out than I decided to go outside and call him and he came running towards me and gave me a hug outside is he lonely? Should I blow him bubbles he love chasing bubbles?
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  • Cat food, wet/dry?

    Best answer: how much depends on the calorie content. different brands and flavors have different calories counts. typically you should count about 20 calories per pound. It also depends on the cat. some cats you can leave dry food out and they will graze on it all day eating only as much as they need. Others will eat whatever and however much you give them so you have to control how much you offer. Blue Buffalo is good/ science diet and royal cannin are also decent mid-priced brands. Stay away from friskies, fancy feast, meow mix and the likes. they are cheap, but for a reason, they are basically McDonalds for cats.
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  • Can anyone give me some good links in making homemade dog food?

    Best answer: I would RATHER you do some reading first. You probably will not. There are any number of good books and more than one type of diet model depending, on whether you want to do a raw diet or home cooked diet. IMO, raw if the way to go. Within raw again, there are a number of DIFFERENT diet models with pros and cons. If you do not get a balanced diet and rotate the meal plans, you will not do a good job.

    While at least one poster on this board is ADAMANTLY OPPOSED to any veggies, my holistic vet (who was head of her holistic assoc. of our state's veterinary board) is very SURE her patients (cat and dog) on raw, do better WITH green leafy veggies added. She owns BOTH cats and dogs, and saw improvements in her own pets and began trying to encourage veggie use in her patients. Green leafy veggies (especially) are anti-inflammatory, full of anti-oxidents, full of cancer-fighting properties, trace minerals and vitamins, not to mention FIBER.

    Please note that the stomach (or craw) is often the FIRST thing eaten by the ALPHA animal in pack (it CONTAINS partially digested GREENS). Veggies (for dogs) have to be one of the following since dogs cannot digest plant cellulose: previously frozen or pureed, lightly steamed, or fermented. (I suspect cats are the same.) I feed greens!~!!
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