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  • I was sleeping, heard a barking noise outside, I looked and it was my Dog who got out and ran away, I tried grabbing him but he's too fast.?

    Best answer: Poster everywhere. Talk to your postie too - all too often people find a stray and keep it and he will know where there's a new dog. Kids too. Go, IN PERSON to your local Shelter - all too often Shelter staff don't get the 'breed' right and he could be in there under a different description. And keep going in.

    Of course if you have friends, best with a dog(s) he might know, you should get out there calling. Perhaps there's a b itch in season around - he'll be there!

    If you are in the UK?, Doglost is a good website to list him as missing. They have a band of dedicated searchers and manage to have good results.
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  • Why hasn’t my dog gotten his period?

    Best answer: Has you mother ever mentioned dropping you on your head.

    Not even clever trolling. I thought 6th graders were smarter than this.
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  • My grandma was mauled by my neighbor’s dog. What should I do?

    Best answer: i dont believe a word little troll you cant even spell the word Shepherd correctly ya see
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  • Why does my dog like to sleep touching me? Is it some sort of pack animal thing?

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  • What happens to the quality of pups when the sire and dam are old?

    What happens to the quality of pups when the sire and dam are old? Dam & Sire both 5 year old.
    9 answers 7 days ago Dogs
  • Is there a way to accurately assess a cats or dogs age?

    We adopted a cat from a shelter and no one was able to tell us its exact age. I don't mean a date of birth but whether or not it is a year old or three years old or ten for that matter.
    8 answers 7 days ago Cats
  • My dog is 18 years old soon?

    Im pretty impressed with him, considering he was sick a few years ago and no one thought he would live but that was probably 5 years ago now lol he's a Jack Russell Cross Shih-tzu, just wondering is this a good achievement? How olds the oldest dog you have known? Keep in mind he is healthy, I would say he has atleast a few years left in him and seeing 20 is a possibility
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  • Am I a bad vegan ?

    My cat was attacking a fat bee and attempted to eat it, so I put the bee out of its misery to save my cat from being stung
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  • Yorkshire aggressive towards puppy. Help!?

    Best answer: Puppies are excitable, lovable hooligans. They have bursts of unbelievable energy, however in order to grow they need lots of sleep. New puppies need a room where they can rest and sleep and the other dogs in the house need respite. Older dogs don’t want puppies biting their ears and chewing their necks. How would you cope with an unruly toddler twenty four hours a day? Would you be annoyed if you had a toddler thrust upon you who pulled your hair and poked your eyes? I am sure that you would grumble.

    Please don’t expect your dog to cope with an unruly puppy and to baby-sit twenty four hours a day. Supervise them for SHORT play sessions, then put your puppy in a quiet place to rest. (DON’T PUT THE OLDER DOG OUT, YOU MUST MAKE IT FEEL SPECIAL) I am not a big fan of crates, however if you do not have a utility room or a separate place where you can leave the puppy, a crate might be an alternative. Don’t expect your older dog to want to sleep with your puppy or to play with it constantly.

    Your puppy will possibly need about four meals a day. Divide your other dog’s rations into four and feed it at the same time. At the outset you must ensure that your puppy cannot steal the food from your other dogs. Perhaps you can put the puppy on a lead, or create enough space to ensure that the puppy does not steal. However it is important that your other dog, or dogs knows that the puppy is not getting preferential treatment and that they are all being fed when the puppy is fed.

    Give your existing dog or dogs extra attention when the puppy is resting and make them feel special.

    There will be visitors, who want to see your puppy. If the doorbells rings when your puppy is with your other dogs, put your puppy into another room and tell your visitors to fuss your adult dog or dogs and provide treats for your visitors to give them, BEFORE the puppy is allowed out to greet your visitors.

    Older dogs love puppies, with the proviso that YOU stop the puppy from being a pain in the bum. They don’t want a puppy being thrust upon them all of the time. If you do this any dog will object and be confused.

    There are people on this site who will tell you to let them sort themselves out. If you leave them to do this, they will probably have fights when the puppy matures.
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  • How to make our family cat not so timid?

    Our family cat is a Bengal cat and shes super cool. But the problem is shes so scared of everything and everyone. Its near impossible to try and pet her or pick her up, even If if go within 10ft of her she bolts off. But if shes tired and laying down, she will let you rub on her and pet her for the most part. But that's like 1/10 of the time. We got her as a kitten too, so shes very familiar with us (I think shes about 2-3 now) It just sucks because I like cats so much but she just keeps to herself and rarely lets anyone go near
    6 answers 5 days ago Cats
  • How many litter boxes do I need for my cat? How does the cat know which is for number 1 and which is for number 2?

    Best answer: I was always told the rule of thumb is 1 litter box for each cat plus an extra. They also do both in the same litter box. Some will go #1 in one box and go #2 in another like one of my cats.
    7 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • Why are dogs so cute?

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  • 1 year old puppy biting other dog. HELP!!!?

    We just got a 1 year old puppy just over a week ago and when they play he bites at her neck and he is tearing it apart. My older dog is to nice and doesnt bite back to let him no thats not allowed. I am desperate for a solution. My husband loves him but is ready to get rid of him because he doesnt want to keep having vet visits to help her neck. They get along great...its just his biting thats the problem
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  • Is it okay to have inside dogs and outside dogs?

    I have three dogs chihuahua mastiff and hound. The mastiff and hound go outside durning day and come in in the evening. The mastiff usually always comes straight inside the hound always takes off running ( we live in country) and will come to door about 30-40 later. She will come in and eat and drink then about 10 mins later wants to go back outside and stays for about the same amount of time or longer. My question is if I take her food and water and put it inside of her Huge I mean Huge dog house that has area with roof and metal bars and the other area fully closed in will it be ok to leave her outside. She seems to enjoy it more outside anyway and if we dont let her put every 1 hour so even through the night she will.mess in the house or whine and bark. We would bring her in during bad weather or cold weather. I just dont want to leave her and her feel bad cause the other dogs are in. She would have the mastiff to play with during the day she would just be alone at night.
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  • Liberal Nick Clegg is Facebook's head of global affairs, is this why it is banning UK right wing parties and leaders from Facebook?

    Is he the greatest British traitor ever?
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  • Dog hasn't eaten in 12 days been to vet twice 2nd time hospitalized for 4 days with ketoacidosis brought her home tonight still not eating?

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  • Are any grass snakes venomous?

    Best answer: Some mildly so, but not toxic to humans. What they have for fangs are set back in the mouth.
    Even garter snakes are the same, Get a larger one to chew on a finger it may draw a little blood.
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  • My dog got bit by a rattlesnake on the neck, what should I do?

    My 2 year old pit-boxer dog got but on the neck by a rattlesnake that’s about 2 feet long. She was slightly dizzy and the wound is swollen. We took her to he vet but they were asking for over a thousand dollars so we declined. Right now she is perfect except for the swelling. Is she fine, should we take her back to the vet or was it overpriced and we need to get her a different treatment? Does she just need an antiveni?
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  • Can fish fart?

    Best answer: They must. I have a Male Beta fish that kept flouting to the top of the bowl, no matter how hard he dived to the bottom he would flout back up to the top. I thought he was dying but he didn't eventually that would pass, after a couple of times doing this I Googled about it. What I found out was that he had gas. I was feeding him fish flakes, well Beta's eat Beta food pellets, and flakes give them gas. Since I began feeding him pellets it hasn't happened since. The gas left him somehow, a burp or a fart.
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