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  • My Dogue De Bordeaux ***** goes on hunger strike every few months then refuses to eat anything for up to 10 days and ends up skinny Help?

    daisy mae
    5 answers 6 days ago Dogs
  • My 12 yr old schnauzer mix only likes one person now and that is me. Advice?

    Best answer: Start others giving him treats, and even his food bowls at meal time. You don't want him dependant on you alone
    4 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • Why are my cats kittens scared of me?

    They’re about 5 weeks old and scared of any human . Should I just give them time ??? I’m sure they’ll like me once they get older since I give them food and pet them but do you guys know how long I’ll have to wait ?
    5 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • Feeding my 5.5 month old KITTEN, Help!?

    So, this last week I've swapped my kitten's nighttime meal from Whiskas wet sachets to boiled chicken, and tonight I've added boiled rice. I found with the wet food, apart from the fact that I've heard its really bad for her, it was making her poops soooooo stanky, i couldn't deal (i live in a 1BR flat and she's strictly indoor). My question is, how much should she be getting weight/gram wise? Is the dry food in a morning and Chicken and Rice of an evening okay? Should i add anything into the chicken and rice mix? She didn't seem too keen on the rice tonight and left majority of it in her bowl but i read boiling the rice with chicken stock might make it nicer for her? I only feed her 2 times a day. When i first adopted her i was feeding 3 times a day at pretty decent portions, but she was starting to get a big belly and as she only has my small flat to run around in, i didn't want her getting too chunky, so i cut her down to two meals a day, but I'm unsure if I'm still feeding her too much or too little (approx. 1 handful each meal), and i cant find anywhere online with actual food measurements... I've attached a photo a photo of her from 3 weeks ago, its the most recent picture where you can see her whole body, and she's a Medium Haired domestic. (Please note, at the moment I can't afford to buy her the really good kitten food hence why I'm feeling her this way)
    4 answers 5 days ago Cats
  • Why is my dog losing his hair?

    My 9 year old pitbull has been losing his hair recently. He doesn’t have fleas (I treat him with frontline) and he’s an inside dog. He’s missing it mostly on his legs and his chest. He’s not itchy either. Should I take him to the vet?
    4 answers 6 days ago Dogs
  • What is the time limit on finding a stray kitten and nobody claims it until a month later?

    5 answers 7 days ago Cats
  • My dog is acting a bit weird, or maybe im paranoid?

    My dog is a pug, 9 years old. For some reason I have been noticing recently that he never actually closes his eyes, he is fully alert, even at night. Tonight I was on the laptop in bed, and my dog was just laying there not licking me, not trying to get my attention, but he would never actually sleep. He makes the snoring noises the pugs do (like he is sleeping) but if I put my hand in front of his face, and move it around he follows it like he is alert. One thing I notice which I am not to worried about is the fact that he will never sleep until I go to sleep. I believe that is normal but just wondering. Anyways I could be overreacting, but thought why not ask here.
    5 answers 7 days ago Dogs
  • My cat bites my toes?

    Why does he do this all the time? is he evil?
    5 answers 7 days ago Cats
  • Why does my dog get a lump on his head when he has to poo?

    My dog is a weimereiner pit bull mix. Hes kind of a lumpy boy but when he has to poop a lump appear on the top of his head. Its not there any other time. His head also gets really hot when he has to poop. This is a little gross but i just really wanna know..
    5 answers 1 week ago Dogs
  • My dog had a tooth pulled and is still in pain?

    Best answer: I would be more suspicious of the pain medication than the extraction. Look up the side effects of the medication. If it is an opiod medication, this may be making the dog whine and lose his appetite. Consider stopping the pain med and see if the dog is doing better. If not, then call the vet. If the dog is doing better, then don't give the pain meds, anymore. Some dogs are sensitive to these meds.

    Call the vet for any questions or problems.

    Give the dog canned food.
    5 answers 1 week ago Dogs
  • I would like to take my dog to my soccer game but she gets bored. What could I make(like toys) to keep her from getting bored?

    I don't want to bring peanut butter incase someone is allergic So no peanut butter in toys please Thanks❤
    5 answers 1 week ago Dogs
  • What could this be? There's 3 more patches like this.?

    5 answers 1 week ago Dogs
  • Is a Scarlett macaw a good parrot for someone that’s never owned a bird before?

    Best answer: Absolutely NOT. We've had an African Grey parrot, relatively small compared to a macaw, going on 20 something years now and she's still a real handful. Unless you are used to getting bit, pooped on, screamed at and like sweeping and vacuuming every day, I advise starting with something small like a conure. Macaws have huge beaks that can do some real damage. Not only are they destructive, those beaks can break adult fingers and completely cut a kid's finger right off.

    A friend of ours got rid of her blue and gold macaw because it was such high maintenance. They're huge, expensive to feed (they need fresh fruit, nuts, veg. every day), messy and loud. Her bird had to have it's own bedroom. They also live forever with proper care, like 75 years.
    4 answers 6 days ago Birds
  • Any pregnant cat experts out there!!!?

    4 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • Do you agreed that dogs has a lot more patience then us humans?

    Best answer: Yes. Dogs are superior to many humans in many ways.
    4 answers 6 days ago Dogs
  • What should I do with this cat?

    There’s a bad hurricane coming and I’m scared about this cat that I feed . She’s pregnant and she’s a stray not feral at all she’s not scared of me & seems as if someone just threw her out . I really don’t want her to give birth in a hurricane should I take her to a shelter ?? What should I do
    4 answers 6 days ago Cats
  • How to get kitten to stop sleeping in my bed and sleep in her own?

    Best answer: sleeping with is a show of acceptance.
    However, since you don't like it.
    1. Keep the door closed all the time.
    2. Put a well worn garment of yours (unwashed) in the bed you want the kitten to sleep. Maybe put a pinch of Kat Nip in an old sock, tie it with a good knot. leave it in the kitten's bed too.
    4 answers 7 days ago Cats
  • Where can I get keyboard lessons for my cat?

    Best answer: Cats are naturally musically inclined. But most play the Xylophone.
    4 answers 7 days ago Cats
  • My gsd has not bark for one nine mouyh?

    4 answers 7 days ago Dogs
  • Should I bring outside cat inside?

    A year and a half ago I found a cute orange kitten. I ve had him ever since. However, my parents don t like cats and so I had to keep him outside. He s been fine outside, but recently a male cat has been attacking him and has made him bleed a few times now. Luckily, I m usually able to scare away the black cat before it can get worse. I m going on a trip for 5 days and I don t know what to do with him. A friend agreed to take care of him, but he would be inside. He has never been inside and I don t want him to hate me when I come back since he is a stray. But I m also afraid to leave him outside while I m gone. I don t have enough time to slowly transition him to inside. I don t want to emtionally scar him and have him hate me, but I also don t want to risk him getting physically scarred while I m gone. What should I do?
    4 answers 7 days ago Cats