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  • My 13 year old ****-zhu was diagnosed with a mass on her heart by our vet. I realize there is no way of knowing how long she has, any help?

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  • I have 2 cats. Sprite is overweight, Cammie is normal weight. When I had them spayed at 7months, the vet said Sprite is overweight.....?

    At the time I had a constant feeder. After the vet visit, I started putting out dry food in the morning, in separate bowls, I feed them moist food in the evening, then some dry later at night. Cammie eats normal, but Sprite gobbles up most of both bowls of dry food, and sits behind Cammie waiting to see if she leaves anything behind. Even if Cammie eats all her moist food, which she scarfs down, Sprite will lick Cammie s bowl clean. Then eat most of the dry food for the night. When it s supper time for moist food, Sprite sits and stares at me or runs and trips me when I enter or walk through the kitchen. she has hurt me twice. I can t feed them in different rooms because one is a grazer and one is an all day gobbler. Cammie is very active while Sprite is lazy. I feed them good recommended expensive food. And per vet recommendations the feeding schedule and amounts are spot on. What is Sprite s issue?
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  • How many Corgis is too many?

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  • Hi ya ll so my male dog is humping my girl dog and when we separated them he just crys. What shall I do?! Would bathing her work?! Thx.?

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  • Neighbor lied to cops about my dogs?

    My dogs have an collar for an invisible fence by PetStop and our property is about 2 acres long. My neighbor just across the street has her mailbox on MY YARD so they have to get it and they called the cops on my little chihuahua for running out of my yard which is impossible. The note does not say anything the box checked is just dogs running far off yard. What do I do if my neighbor keeps filing fake complaints to the police?
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  • My dog recently had muscle tremors what should I do for treatment?

    He is a Jack Russell . a few days back he had a muscle tremor that lasted a minute after that he was very needy still is. so my thoughts are should I take him to the vet just to be safe? and what treatments are there for muscle treatments? any advise or help would be helpful!
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  • My 5 month old dog isn’t used to me yet.?

    When I come home from school she barks and growls. And if I go over to pet her she hides behind my mom and find behind the couch shaking. Any tips to get my dog used to me or any idea of what this could be. She’s been in the house for 3 weeks.
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  • Why do people blame Chinese for eating dogs while in fact Korean eat more dogs?

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  • Can I still drink my hot chocolate if?

    Best answer: This will disgust everyone and I will get hate mail, but my dog and I share an ice cream cone every now and then.
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  • Our Vizsla is 1 year and 3 months old and still has separation anxiety, will she be fine in a kennel for a week if we go on vacation?

    We've stayed home with her for a full year (without taking any trips) to get her situated with the home and used to us. However, even if just one family member leaves the house for the day while still having others home with her, she will bark by the door for at least 10 minutes and sit by the door until that person comes home. She used to try to get a hold of anything and destroy it when all of us go out just for a couple of hours, but she has grown out of that. We are taking a big family trip next week to celebrate my birthday, my sister's graduation and another sister's engagement. Members of our family are getting old and can no longer watch pets. They used to watch our previous dog before he died, and he never had to go in a kennel. However, no matter who we asked they were either busy with work or too old, which is understandable as other people have lives and limitations. This will be the first time ever putting any dog in a kennel. We will only be gone for a week, no longer than that. She is going to a decent kennel that allows her to socialize and play with other dogs as well as daily walks and treats. **By the way, I will not listen to your crazy ideas that keeping a dog in a kennel is cruel. They have existed for many years and have been used by many people. So take your crazy somewhere else if you are going to troll, as it will not be read or tolerated by me!** Thanks!
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  • Could my dog be pregnant?

    I have 2 dogs a male and a female. The make is a ridgeback but on the smaller size for his breed. He’s only abt 50 pounds. The female is a chihuahua. I’d say the normal size of your average chihuahua. When ever I leave the house I close my chihuahua in my bedroom. I left for work in a hurry and came home to see I accidentally shut her outside the bedroom and out with the male dog. She’s currently in heat. What are the odds he got her pregnant? I’m hoping slim to non because I can’t imagine how he’d be able to penetrate her but what are the odds he somehow did?????
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  • I have a dog that’s almost 20 months. Her mom is 90 lbs & dad is 120 lbs. my dog is 70 lbs. does this mean she’s a runt?

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  • My dog keeps barking all though the night?

    Best answer: There are many reasons for a dog to bark so I cant say why. If you want to stop the barking you can buy sonic devices that stop a dog from barking without harming the animal. Search for "sonic bark stoppers" on amazon and you'll see alot of choices
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  • What is the healthiest wet canned cat food I can buy without any bad things in it like corn,wheat and other junk?

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  • How do I get my puppy to stop going in his crate at night?

    I have three puppies and the other two puppies don t go in their crates he s the only one. Every morning me or my husband have to clean his crate the area around his crate. They go outside for a while before it s time for bed. I don t understand why he does it and I don t know how to get him to stop I mean he gets it all over our walls blinds and floors.
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  • Why not give a puppy carnation milk in a can?

    Best answer: Because puppies are not baby cows - DUH!
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  • What is your snake's name?

    My snake's name is Pixel, due to it's underbelly looking pixelated.
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  • What’s wrong with my dog?

    my dad needed a dog sitter because we were going away on a trip so my mom said she can take her. (divorced parents) my mom also has 2 cats. during the 2 weeks she’s been watching her, the dog has been eating cat food. we’re back from the trip he hasn’t come to pick the dog up yet. my mom told me that the dog has been having diarrhea for the past couple of days and she’s been going in the house. around 2 days ago when we let her out outside we noticed about a teaspoon of bright red blood in the snow (it wasn’t in her stool just blood alone) i told my mom and my dad that it was time to take her to the vet. they both said they’d rather wait and see. today, my dog has been throwing up all night in her crate and the smell of the vomit was so bad it woke me up. i took her out of her crate and moved her to her bigger crate downstairs and she threw up in there too. the vomit is brown and paste-like (i think it’s half digested) there’s a lot of it too. she also had been refusing to eat her kibble, but will still eat vegetables or treats. i’ve been able to get her to eat a little bit of kibble out of my hands though. is this the cat food? or something else? i’m going to try to reconvince them to take her to the vet when they wake up.
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  • How can I calm down my anxious dog during severe thunderstorms/tornadoes?

    Best answer: Talk to your vet re some medication for what's going on - there are some non-drug products Try not to baby him - the more you do, the more he's getting the message that there is something to worry about. My neighbour had a Large Munsterlander who was reduced to a quivery wreck when thunder was around - ditto with the local Shoot was out - yes, a gundog! She/we (we sat her dogs) had to make sure he was safe indoors, shut the curtains and put the radio /TV on low (which cut out the noise, but not him feeling the atmospheric pressure changes), and as best we could, ignore him.

    I've no experience with thunder shirts, but getting one might be an option.
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  • Are squirrel and capybara related I know their both rodents does anyone know if same family?

    Best answer: Capybara: Caviidae family, Rodentia order, Mammalia class, Animal kingdom
    Squirrel: Sciuraidae family, Rodentia order, Mammalia class, Animal kingdom

    They are both rodents, but that's the closest relation they have.
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