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  • My dad said if I don’t like his rules then move out . This is illegal right? I’m 15 I can’t move out?

    I don’t see how he can say this to me. I have nowhere to move because I’m 15, can’t rent anywhere, I don’t really have a job, I just help my uncle some times for like $20. This choice he’s given me is stupid and illegal. It’s not a choice at all really.
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  • What would happen to Trump if he got impeached?

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  • What happens at a funeral when someone dies bankrupt who pays the bills?

    My grandparents are in a nursing home, and they will eventually run out of money, and will have to cash out their life insurance policies to pay privately in order to qualify for care paid for in a really crappy Medicaid nursing home once they run out of money. They have already consumed much of their home equity and their car was wrecked years ago with liability only insurance. Their estimated funeral expenses for each of them are 2100 for funeral home services 12000 for casket 700 for embalmer 4000 for cemetery 800 for burial vault 500 for florist bill 700 for musicians and singers 325 for undertaker to transport body to funeral home Which of these services are negotiable, they have a writen funeral instruction document stored long side their wills and it would be a crime to skimp on the funeral costs. Who pays for these expenses when medicaid estate recovery will leave the estate with a negative value before the funeral. Do we. Need a lawyer now to figure out how to plan for this? Which funeral vendors are likely to negotiate a lower rate? Does medicaid allow prepayment for a funeral or any ancillary services as part of a spend down. I'm sure paying for a funeral singer in advance is treated with suspicion by medicaid as a disqualifying transfer? Is this so? What are we to do?
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  • Can the FBI arrest you for images you've delete?

    If you were to have illegal images on your device, and the FBI is tracking you, (you don't know this), but you delete the images off of the device, can you still be charged?
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  • What needs to be illegal starting today?

    Best answer: Democrats.
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  • Can I pass a cop if he is only going 75 in a 65 legally?

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  • Is it illegal to knock stuff down off of the shelf in a store as long as you don’t damage anything?

    This dumb stupid Indian lady at 7/11 constantly accuses me of buying tobacco products for minors even though it’s not true and always gives me a hard time whenever I try to buy some cigars. By law can I just knock down the whole candy aisle and leave it for her to pick it all back up as long as I’m careful enough not to damage any of the products? I want to make her pathetic excuse of a life as miserable as possible.
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  • Why did the U.S. President claim that 138 MILLION people were killed in the Sri Lanka bombings?

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  • Why was I fired for refusing to call a trans woman by female terms at work?

    Best answer: Easy.

    1. Employers enact conduct policies that comply with state Department of Labor laws regarding discrimination in a wide variety of matters.

    2. Many states are "at will" employment states, giving employers broad leeway in determining when to terminate an individual's employment.

    In short, you didn't follow their rules, so they let you go - and they were legally within their rights to do so. You have no argument in the matter (though I suspect it's all fiction for the sake of trolling anyway).
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  • Is it illegal for my husband to force me to put my money into our joint account?

    I recently got a job and as soon as my husband found out he has been trying to force me put my checks into our joint account. He made a budget that I had no part in making nor do I know just what bills my money is actually going to pay. I asked him to tell me what bills he wants me to pay and I would transfer the money instead but he doesn't want that. He got mad when I told him I wanted to keep our money separate. He wants the whole check every payment cycle and when he's done I'll get the scraps so to speak. I need several things that he might not deem necessary because they don't fit into his plans. Like my dog needs her shots, exam, and heart worm meds. He hates the dog and has denied me money to take her just to get her nails trimmed. Is this illegal for a spouse to do this?
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  • Can employer force two employees involved in a an car accident on company property to resolve the issue?

    Long story short - two parties were involved in an accident in the parking lot of the company where they both worked. Both vehicles were personal vehicles and not related to the company in any way, both individuals were off the clock, therefore not on company time. There is some dispute as to who is at fault, and no police report was filed, therefore no one was officially deemed at fault. Both parties refuse to give up insurance information until the other party admits fault. Now HR has gotten involved and basically threatened the "jobs" of both parties. Understandably, the company just wants the problem to "go away" but just curious as to whether or not they really have a dog in this fight or not?
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  • Can a 21-year-old single male adopt a teenage boy?

    Best answer: Yes.
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  • Can my friend sue the school for this?

    Today at my highschool we had a lockdown (not a drill but a real lockdown.) My friend was in the hallway coming back to class after grabbing a snack. When it was announced that we were on lockdown, he quickly ran to the nearest classroom and asked to come in. The first teacher denied him. He knocked on about 7 other classroom doors and every teacher denied him, so he was left on his own devices and had to find an empty classroom on his own. I researched on schoolsafety.org and it said that no student should be left stranded during a lockdown. This is exactly what happened to my friend. Can his family sue the school? If not, then what can be done? I feel sorry for him because if I were in his situation I would have had a panic attack and would have some mental trauma as a result.
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  • My daughter is 15 and her boyfriend who we thought was 17, ia really 20, what should we do ?

    He told us he was 17, but we found out he is really 20, after seeing his age on his license, my daughter knew he was 20, and also helped heep the secret. What should we do about this
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  • Are there many murders in UK?

    Best answer: Never been there nor studied their stat's but in the US, nothing will happen to you if you stay away from junkies and out of black neighborhoods esp. at night. I have a feeling that the UK is exactly the same except you get stabbed instead of shot.
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  • Is it against the law to not a have a funeral?

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  • Is Morris dancing in England illegal?

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  • Arrest warrant ?

    Sorry , update !!! I was called by a detective from a police department Monday saying he issued a warrant for my arrest . I told him I would try to turn myself in Thursday since I have 2 children to get situated . But it’s now Wednesday & I called the courthouse twice , the lady told me there is NO warrant in the system . What should I do ? I was trying to the right thing but now I’m just over it & confused . I never been in trouble before
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  • Does the manager have the rights to ask for a doctor note?

    Ok so my coworkers called in sick and the manager tell her to come in for a few hours and work and my coworker said she can't so the manger said next time I need to see a doctor note. So next day later my coworker shout at the manager saying you don't have the right to ask me for a doctor note. So she was telling all the coworkers that the boss is evil and I said that I always bring in a doctor note to show my boss if I'm really sick next time she said that's bullshit and said that the manager suck. So next week later the manager cancel all her shift and fired her next week to get her last pay cheque she shouted at the boss again saying I'm glad I'm not working for this company anymore. F you all mother f
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