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  • Isnt it unfair mcdonalds serves pedestrians only that come inside but refuses to serve them at the drive through?

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  • Can I sue McDonalds if their Cashier (Wrongly) assumed my Gender?

    Best answer: Of course you can sue. Pay a lawyer. You won't win any money.
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  • Can HR disclose info on salary to other employees?

    I’m getting a bonus for referring a friend to the company. This friend wants half of this bonus which I don’t feel I should as I did her a favour by getting her a full time job and she now earns more money than myself. However she keeps pestering me about this money and whether I have received it yet. I feel like just telling her I never got it as it’s the easier option but my question is if she asked HR or one of our managers whether I got the money can they legally tell her? As it goes on to my wage?
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  • Underage marrying?

    I just randomly watched to catch a predator and one of them were saying "we should get married so it be legal" to what he thought was a 14yo girl. Purely outta curiosity what the hell?? Is it actually legal for a pervert to marry a child?
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  • Employer suddenly decided to change our working hours without any prior discussion with us. How screwed are we?

    We are on a 2-year contract and we’ve already completed 1 year - we are supposed to become permanent next year. The contract we signed was for working hours from 9pm-5pm. Today it was abruptly announced that as from Jan next year, this will change to 11am-7pm. We’ve been clearly told that those who are unhappy are free to give their resignation. We want to seek legal help for breach of contract but there are 2 Termination Clauses in our contract which are sort of keeping us off. They are as follows: 1. The agreement may be terminated by either party giving 30 days written notice of such termination on or before the 1st day of the month. 2. It is specifically recorded that notwithstanding 1. above, this agreement may be terminated at any stage for misconduct, incapacity, poor performance or the operational requirements of the company or for any reason justified in law.
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  • Someone keeps running background checks on my mother?

    Best answer: It's an advertisement friend so that they can sucker you into joining the background check program that they're trying to sell you I get these things 200 times everyday in my email disregard them. Don't spend so much time reading email and looking at your electronic contrivances. everytime you go on your electronic device you're taking a psychological test and they're marking your answers with what's called a cookie. What they're doing is designing something that will definitely affect your brain and make you purchase something. That's what cookies are all about they notice what's site you go to and what sites you don't go to what emails you look at and what emails you delete and from the information they gather they can design questions that you absolutely cannot resist. Don't buy into this.
    Get it out of your life because sooner or later they're going to trick you to doing what they want you to do. Buy their product!
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  • What's happens if you don't show up to court?

    I am in FL, I was in a bicycle accident in city Deerfield Beach, Broward county where I was the victim and was hit by a big SUV. Last week I looked on my county clerk of courts website. The guy pleaded not quilty and lawyered up. I have a personal injury lawyer. They don't represent clients in court for this kinda court case. Can I hire a traffic lawyer for this?  She was saying the money I will be getting for pain and suffering and etc. Won't be affected by the outcome whether the judge finds him guilty or not guilty. If I cant, and I have to testify what happens if i just don't show up?
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  • Office Manager said I’m not allowed to know my brother’s dental information?

    He said due to HIPPA Law I’m not allowed to know anything about treatment, financial standing and things of that nature. Is this true?
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  • Should an illegal alien be able to file a restraining order on someone?

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  • Trump says he is being denied any defense as part of impeachment proceedings, why does he need this though if he is not being accused of?

    I am confused as to why Trump keeps saying that he is not being allowed any defense, when he isn t being accused of anything. Why the hell would he need any kind of defense when there is no accusation? Defense against what? Nothing? This is also only the investigation phase, so the president is getting way ahead of himself if he indeed did nothing wrong but already believes that he needs defense. If this were to go to trial, then perhaps he can look into getting an attorney, but if you ask me the damage has already been done now that every attorney within 10,000 miles likely wants nothing to do with Trump since he has effectively ruined the careers of all lawyers who have been involved with him, most notably Giuliani and Cohen. No one in their right mind is going to want to work with Giuliani now that this shitshow has taken place.
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  • Who pays the estate bills of the deceased?

    So my father passed away and left me with executor dutys,  there are 4 Heirs including me. I inherited my fathers property. We are having a dispute because the Heirs insist that i pay all of the unkeep on the house including property tax and condition to maintain the property and i feel like that is the estates job seeing that the house is not in my name yet? Do I have to pay these property expenses although the property has not been transferred to me yet in indiana? Please advise and provide me with websites. Thank you
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  • The guy fixing my car DRANK my SPRITE??????

    i went to take my car for an oil change at walmart and left an unopened sprite in the cupholder, when i came back to get my car the sprite was EMPTY!!!! can i sue them for this or something???
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  • Our mail lady retired, and now we have a mailman in stead of a mail lady. Can I file charges on USPS?

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  • Can you charge your parents for stealing?

    Not that I actually intend to, just wondering is I have grounds for pressing charges for the sake of an argument. I’m 26, my fiancée and I weren’t at our home, my parents came over and took all of my alcohol (about 4 bottles worth), and when I asked about it denied it and got mad at me for asking. Eventually I got it out of them that they did in fact sneak over and take it all, but they said they will replace it so “I have no right to be mad”. Not that I would go through the trouble of charging them over a few bottles of liquor, but they fail to see the issue with their actions, and I feel like what they did was definitely lying and stealing. They are just calling me a b*tch for being so upset about it, but I’m just bothered that I’m an adult living on my own and have to deal with this, it is something a 15 year old would do. I feel like if there were legal actions that COULD be taken, they might realize that what they did wasn’t “nothing” and I have the right to be mad. So yeah, just wondering what the stance is with that. I know it varies from place to place but generally speaking! 
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  • Child support question?

    How can i legally in the state of california get a document saying i am intitled to child support for my niece.
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  • Doctors note ?

    Best answer: You should have gone straight to your union rep. Gone to your doctor appointment and given the manager a doctor's note the next time you worked.
    As it is union, if they try to fire you, your union can grieve it. Check with your union rep. Obviously you live in the USA, I my country the employee has labour rights.
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  • So what do you think Hunter Biden was up to in Ukraine under the cover of his famous Dad?

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  • What happens if I have a subpoena but don’t show up for court? (Texas)?

    An incident with my child’s father happens a couple of years ago(an abuse case) im honestly over the whole situation and really just don’t care anymore so I don’t want to testify. I don’t even know if I can even explain the situation because I don’t remember most of it. I’m pregnant and going through it so I just don’t wanna be bothered by this. Is there a legal way for me to get this over with without me having to testify?  If you can truly give me advice, I’m willing to answer any other questions!
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  • Is it illegal to live in a coffee shop?

    my gf and i want to open a coffee shop, we’re planning on renting a place where there is two floors, we want to open a coffee shop on the first floor and we want to use the second as a studio apartment where we’re going to live in, would that be illegal?
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  • Can a security guard at my school taking my personal property without my consent?

    I have a mini soccer ball my friends and I play with at lunch and the security guard took it today without my consent. I am the owner of the property, and refused to give it back.
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