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  • Whats the best part of being a adult?

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  • I think there should be stricter gun controls do you?

    Best answer: Oh yeah if there were, the incident in Florida would have been prevented. Although bad guys would always buy guns from the black market.
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  • Cons: Are you angry that the law recognizes a landlord's right to prohibit tenants from having guns in their homes?

    Best answer: Landlords property, landlords rights. And yes I'm conservative.
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  • Why do liberals think aborting babies is okay?

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  • Which white knight president started this child support and alimony thing in America?

    I am from SriLanka. I know its not just America but Australia, Canada and UK all have this female empowering laws. And you see even after giving them all these luxuries these women still crying out for more freebies than women from any other part of the world. So what was the point? Why are these countries so sympathetic towards women when they don't even want your sympathy.
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  • Couple wants a kid?

    So, a couple contacted me stating the male can't have kids, and the female is looking for it the natural way, no strings attached. I guess, I need some insight into this as is going to possibly be the only time I'm doing this. And I am being compensated for this. Is there anyone else who has done this and can give me any forewarning and/or their experience? It doesn't matter how long the story or explanation, I just need to be aware of what this comes with and thanks.
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  • When will the Rights of children feeling Safe and being Safe in schools, be MORE Important that the right of some people to bear arms? AND?

    When will the Rights of children feeling Safe and being Safe in schools, be MORE Important that a written 2nd amendment that was written hundreds of years ago, when times were different? WHEN? WHEN? WHEN?
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  • Why does America not make it illegal to posses firearms?

    I’m from England so obviously no one can legally own a gun here, in the past 10 years there has been 4 massacres in England only one of which was a shooting. In America there has been over 50 shootings specifically in schools in the past 3 years.... god knows what the number is overall for general shootings. Is it not just common sense to make firearms illegal. They literally bring no good whatsoever. I guess ‘protection’ is the main reason why people want to own a gun, even though there’s multiple other ways of protecting yourself. Such as tasers, pepper spray, anything hard, getting off your *** and learning self defence, being generally fit enough to fight...
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  • If everything that was illegal was made legal for one day, what crime would you commit?

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  • If an 18-year-old boy has sexual relations with a 17-year-old girl, will it count as statutory rape?

    Best answer: As Xyzz told you, it depends upon where you are. You can look up the law by doing a search on "age of consent" and your state or area.

    The other thing that could get you would be if you were sexting or discussing what you would or have done via telephone or email. The actual act of having sex may not be a crime, but in fact, sending sexual material back and forth with a minor can be considered a crime.

    You also need to think about getting real birth control, because neither one of you is ready to be a PARENT, no matter what the age of consent may be.
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  • What's the difference between Robbery and Burglary?

    I mean, they're both forms of stealing. I'm only questioning this as I saw a news article saying something along the lines of "Man, 32, arrested for Robbery & Burglary"
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  • Is it illegal to use cuss words against the president?

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  • I have had poor service. I want to complain in writing. I need an address.?

    I want to complain about service, I get different answers form different employees.
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  • What's the worst that could happen if I paid a red light ticket this way?

    Let's say a red light camera ticket was for $100, and I gave them 20 $5 checks. Can they really find me in contempt, or would they just grumble as they deposit the checks?
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  • Job Application "In your lifetime, have you ever committed a crime for which you were not caught?"?

    I m applying to be a police dispacher. I don t know if it is looking for honesty or what. The only thing I can think of is underage drinking and buying lottery tickets when I wasn t 18, do they care about that or just stealing and drugs and stuff?
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  • Why does Nikolas Cruz's lawyer say he's a child when he's legally an adult?

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  • Why did this customer get me fired?

    They asked me where the bakery was and all I did was point to and said”see that large sign that says bake shop, it’s right there”. Then I went to finish what I was doing. About 15 min later I got called into the store managers office and he fired me. He said the customer complained and demanded I was fired so he fired me. Can I get my job back or something?
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  • Should I sue my employer?

    Alright, first, some info and background on the situation- Info- I am under 17 years old, and work as a lifeguard at an indoor swimming pool. I live in New York Situation- I have worked here since I was 15, and quite enjoyed my job, in the beginning. But now, we have a new "lieutenant" Who is crap. But that's not what I'm asking about. So in our facility, we have a pump room, which all lifeguards are taught how to manage when we first start the job and are often asked to go in to "turn on"certain water toys in the kiddie pool, the pump room is big, and hosts many huge machines. My friend(Who is a newer lifeguard) Was being given the initial tour, which included the pump room. While during the tour, one of the supervisors(Which are ranked below the lieutenants) told him that we were actually not legally allowed in the pump room, and that we were not allowed a microwave in the pool are( We do have a microwave in a room that you can go into, it is right by the lifeguard office, we also have a fridge and multiple safety tools in that room). I am under 16, so I cannot work with heavy machinery, and I have been asked multiple times to go in and switch some on, being the teenager, I forget how to turn them on, and the supervisor has to walk me through it again. Asking for legal advice, from someone knowledgeable in this area. No accusations, or questions about where I work, thank you in advance!
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