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  • Can employers fire employees for testing positive for marijuana AFTER it becomes federally legal and/or removed as a schedule 1 drug?

    Im in the healthcare industry and as of right now professionals cannot smoke weed on their free time outside of work. If they were to test positive on a drug test, the employer has the right to fire them according to state and federal laws. My question is...AFTER weed is legalized federally and/or removed as a schedule 1 drug, will laws change protecting employees rights, allowing them to smoke outside of work and not have to worry about being fired for a positive drug test? Will employers be forced to treat it exactly the same as alcohol?
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  • My maid smokes around my child?

    Best answer: I only read the first half, and that was more than was necessary.
    Fire this woman, and go through an agency to get a respectable housekeeper who doesn't smoke, and doesn't lie.

    Check with a lawyer first, before you do anything or say anything.
    Since she is living in, you may find you need to legally evict her now.
    If she were not doing anything for rent, it might take 3 days, but in her case, she is earning it, so it may be 30 days. That could be sticky.

    Go speak to a lawyer about getting rid of her. There have been cases where nannies have refused to leave, and they legally had to be allowed to stay, while they dragged the parents into court. If she is not in the country legally, that gives you leverage, but also pouts you at risk- and so does paying her under the table.

    As I said, talkto an attorney first, and in the future, be more careful.
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  • What is the maximum age for prison? would a judge sentence a 97 year old man to prison?

    If a 97 year old man confesses to a bank he robbed 41 years ago, will he go to prison?
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  • I was recently cited for "unlawful use of a cell phone" while behind the wheel however, I was at a red light. Can I contest?

    I obviously understand the law of not texting and talking while driving. However, I was unaware of the new CA law regarding absolutely no use of a cell phone except if its Bluetooth or hands free. Just law just began January of this year. If I was at a red light (not driving) when he told me to pull over ahead and unaware of the new law, can I contest?
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  • My boyfriend broke everything I own. What can I do?

    So I'm 17 and I live with my parents and my little sister. My parents do a lot of work abroad so they live in Canada and they come home occasionally so I live alone basically. My boyfriend got angry with me when I didn't answer him when I was in sixth form so he came over and trashed my room. He ruined all my make up. Smashed my Tv, Xbox, PlayStation, wii u, MacBook and iMac. My glass tv stand has been smashed and he's broken every piece of furniture in my room. He then went into my closet and ripped all of my clothes and destroyed all of my shoes. The walls are splashed with paint and he's wrote '****' on the tiles of my en-suite in lipstick. Other tiles have been smashed and the sink is off the wall. He's also smashed my car windows and ripped photos of me and my parents he even cut up my retainer as he knew that I'd have to wait to get a new one and my teeth would move. I'm not sure what to do. I haven't told my parents yet and my best friend is on her way over. It's only my stuff he's ruined. Everything I own is ruined and the only clothes that haven't been ripped are the ones I'm wearing and some that's in the washing machine. Would the police do anything as he's done thousands of pounds worth of damage.
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  • I'm 13 yrs old and stole a candy bar worth a dollar. What if I went back and said sorry and paid from what I stole. What will happen to me?

    Best answer: The owner or manager of the store would probably accept your money and thank you for having the courage to fess up.
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  • Can my boss decrease my pay back down to minimum wage because I quit two days before my two weeks notice was up?

    I worked at Subway for almost 10 months and I decided it was time to go. I am a high school student, but I was working around 37 hours a week. It was too much for me to handle. I decided to put in a two weeks notice. I typed it and left it in an envelope for her. When she saw it, her attitude towards me changed. She would not speak to me nor look at me. She stopped answering my phone calls and did not return text messages. About two days before my two weeks was up, my mother ended up in the hospital. I called my boss repeatedly and tried to tell her why I would not be coming in to work. She did not answer nor return any of the calls. Therefore I texted her and said "I quit as of today. I will bring your key to the store tomorrow." I have not talked to her at all after that. When I picked up my last check stub, I noticed that she had decreased my pay back down to $7.25, which is what I had started with. I had worked up to $7.55 in the 9 months I worked there. Is she allowed to do this?
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  • Can he really put that in the deal and can it be enforced?

    We are making a deal out of court for child custody, but one thing I don t agree on his he wants to put in the deal that I can t date someone unless he agrees. Can that be put in and can it even be enforced?
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  • Are shoplifters criminals​? Even the ones who steal small inexpensive things?

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  • I am being bullied by manager at work because i am not always available to cover shifts. Do i have rights to say no to covering?

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  • With crime paying in the UK are we a magnet for overseas crooks?

    Shop lifting, drug possession and other crimes now go unpunished in the UK because of police resources making the UK a free for all destination.
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  • Is It Illegal To Park In A Gas Station?

    When I'm in busy areas, I like to avoid parking garages and there's always open parking spaces in gas stations or small stores. I'm wondering if it would be illegal to just park in one of those spots for a few hours instead of dealing with parking garage hassle.
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  • Do you find it offensive the fact the Oxford dictionary defines unborn human children as parasites?

    The dictionary defines a parasite as "an organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense." In a logical sense unborn human children are parasites but in an "emotional" sense they aren't. Do you see this fact in an illogical way or in a logical way? Do you agree unborn human children are parasites or do you find it too offensive?
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  • Can my neighbor have his camera s facing my backyard?

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  • Would a smoker notice if I stole one of their cigarettes?

    Imagine a smoker has an open package of cigarettes and some have already been smoked. Do you think they would notice if someone stole a cigarette from their package? Would they notice that there is one missing? I guess the real question is, do smokers often remember the exact amount of cigarettes they have left? Would they notice if someone was to steal one from their package? The smoker that I'm talking about is my father, by the way. And I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be too happy if I just asked him straight out for one.
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  • Can a town ambulance/paramedic refuse to take a person to the hospital?

    My son was struck by a vehicle head on. The EMT, firefighters and police responded. I arrived ASAP on the scene. The EMT didn't even check my sons vitals. He had visible bleeding from his gum and a laceration on his shin. The impact took him out of his sneakers. The bicycle he was on was completely stuck under the vehicle. The firefighters had to jack up the vehicle to extricate the bike. Anyhow, the EMT did not feel my son needed to be brought to the hospital but if he had issues later we could call 911. I was floored! Of course I brought my son home, watched him, iced his injuries and shortly thereafter brought him to the ER and he had x-rays. Nothing broken but ER doctor confirmed a concussion. Do I have any legal rights?
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  • I have recanted my statement against my husband but the state is moving forth with charges,I have been call to testify can I plead the fifth?

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  • How do I get out of a DNA test when I'm being orderd to take one in court?

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  • If a lawyer knows his client is guilty, is he still obligated to defend him?

    Could the lawyer get in trouble if he knows that his client is guilty, and still defends him? I'm not a lawyer, but I was just curious about this.
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  • Will a judge allow this?

    My mother and I signed a lease to a townhome. Her and I made a verbal agreement where she would pay rent and I the utilities. 6 months into the year lease she stopped paying rent. Can I take her to small claims court to get the unpaid rent to be only her responsibility and have the judge agree?
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