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  • Is the term "holocaust denier" just a false dichotomy and type of race card for those who are emotional and can't discuss things?

    Best answer: It is. also a` red herring. ++

    Discuss any w0rld war 2 t0pic related t0 this with these intolerant knee jerk react0rs, and they pull the card right from their hat
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  • Does the FBI call you?

    Best answer: No, If they were concerned about you, they would visit rather than call. And in fact, they would probably know that you were a minor before contacting you. They would investigate first.
    It sounds like it could be somebody calling you for the fun of it, to see how you would react to these questions. In other words, prank calling. The sudden hang-up strikes me this way. If they really wanted information from you, as for a law-enforcement type of investigation, they would have handled it differently.
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  • Can I sue?

    So my ex gf wrecked my car into a light pole while she was high on heroine? I did give her permission to drive my car but she total lost it. The police report was made against her but I have a bill in the mail for $7000 due in 4 weeks that is charged to me. Can I sue her ? To pay the damages
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  • Is it a bad idea to donate my sperm to lesbian couple ?

    I recently met a lesbian girl, who is planning to marry her girlfriend not too far down the road. I don’t know them very well, but they are looking for a sperm donor not through a bank because of how expensive it is. They came to me and asked if I would. I temporarily agreed but I am worried about the legal implications if they for some reason sue for child support. I had them text me to verify that I would not have any responsibilities to the child or them, but should I have a written contract with signatures as well? Just trying to figure out a way to help them but protect myself in case something happens down the road.
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  • If my spouse is not a co-owner of my home will the home be considered his asset for medicaid determination?

    I owned my home before we married and he did not want his name on my home. It is possible that he will have to go to a nursing home. We have been married over 20 years. Will they count my home as an asset against him if he applies for medicaid in the state of PA?
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  • Why don’t life insurances cover suicides?

    I am not suicidal but have always wondered why life insurance won’t cover suicides.
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  • Is it illegal to steal a duck from a pond and eat it?

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  • Do you think one small mistake could get someone fired after years of doing a great job?

    Let's say an employee has done a great job for the company he/she works for and gets great reviews every year. After years of working for a company an employee makes a mistake and texts something bad about his/her boss to an outside party using a company phone. The boss finds out. There are no real consequences such as loss of business etc to this other than the boss's reputation was probably hurt in the eyes of that one client/person. Would this be enough to get someone fired or do you think most companies would let it go as it's the first offense?
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  • As Executor I and two sisters are beneficiaries. A sisters has a solicitor challenge me. In defence can I claim legal fees from the estate?

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  • Is revealing someone s past addiction at work a HIPAA violation?

    I feel like the answer to this seems obvious, but I can t find a clear answer on Google on whether or not drug addiction is considered protected information in the work place. It would be a past problem, not current. There are 2 girls I work with, one who likes to stir up trouble and another who had a problem in the past with drugs, but has been clean for a long time. They got into an argument and now the girl has been telling coworkers and customers alike that this girl is an active addict. I contacted HR but did not reveal the details of this girl s problem (and yes it is my job to contact them since I m a stand in manager in the store) because I was afraid I would also be breaking the law by revealing info HR was never informed of by the girl who is an ex addict. I am trying to proceed with caution on this, but this cannot go on and I can t get into contact with the girl who really needs to go to HR because the higher up management here has failed to do anything now and in the past with problems related to the troublemaking girl. I hope this makes sense to anyone reading it and thank you in advance for your responses!
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  • Can I legally get fired?

    I’m 16 I work st McDonald’s(its Sunday) they want me to close the store but I refused since it’s a school night. Can I get fired? I live in Illinois
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  • What’s the difference between “Supervisor” and “Manager”?

    In an average workplace, what’s the difference between (ie a bar manager and a bar supervisor?) what roles would be different?
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  • My daughter found a screw in her blizzard today from dairy queen, could I sue?

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  • Car accident right in front of my house?

    I was not involved it was 2 cars involved but we have camera at outside so it took the whole video i wasnt sure if i should call the cop and let them know or not get involved??
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  • What should so do?

    A year ago I was injured on my job. I was sent to the hospital. Through the year I would receive my medical bill. I would give the bill to my general manager and she would send copys to the main person in charge. I would take bills 3-4 times a month and they would do the same thing. I even call the main person but she said to keep doing what I was doing with I did. Now I been receiving bills from a dept collectors. I talked to the agency about my problem and how it's work comption. They gaved me time and they personally call my job too. I stop working at the place for about a motnth and I received the same bill. What can I do?
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  • Self employed , Can I avoid paying Social Security?

    I'm a real estate agent and of course, I'm on 1099. I pay my Social security and federal, unemployment etc... whatever is necessary. However, I have a co-worker that she tell's me she has never contributed to the S Security as when you're self-employed it is optional? ?? Really???? I have enough to retire, I'm 63 and if I can stop paying and there's a possibility, I like to know! Can anyone shine some light onto this for me?
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  • Owning a Pizza Shop or invest in it?

    Best answer: I will start with the pros
    1 $15,000 plus equipment and recipe
    2-the only food source in the mall

    Now will go with the cons
    -$500 rent could be raised with a new tenant

    -cost of the utilities, like electricity, gas and phone/internet, if I had to guess a minimum of $2,000 to $5,000.

    -cost of maintenance, since even though you got equipment, many times the oven/s and/or refrigeration can have problems and especially old, could be a recurring issue.

    -Insurance which includes business, and with WC and UI is based on the # of employees

    -Salaries, which is you use (minimum) wage of $7.85 per hour for 72 hours (9am to 9pm) 7 days a week = $565.20 x if I had to guess 1 each to open and close, then would need 2 each during the day, since 1 has to run register, takes orders and the other makes the pizza. So 4 x $565.20 =$2,260.08, but odds are you will need either a supervisor/manager to run it, which means a higher salary (unless) 1 of you does this. Now, I did not add on health insurance, or vacation times, since you will have so many employees, thus can get by w/out benefits. Now with any fast food or retail, there is constant turnover of employees quiting/firing them, or they fail to show up for work, thus have to find a replacement and (re-train) them.

    -Food cost or more precisely how much you lose in food each week that you have to throw away, or give away to a customer/gift card to make up mistakes a employee makes.

    -How much is gross vs net of the $12,000 to $15,000. In other words, how much does the owner make each week, since the owner can only make what is (leftover) after you subtract out the costs. My (late) husband was self employed, and there were bad weeks where he would state that his secretary made more than him, since no income coming in.

    If (neither) of you has owned a business, then the odds that the business will fail, or in many cases, a new business fails w/in the 1st 5 years, thus may have to file bankruptcy.

    Loan or co-invest ,most likely won’t make a difference, since if the business fails, then either both of you or one of you is out of the money and gone forever, especially if the business goes into bankruptcy.

    The one poster who suggested going to the shop several times a day plus on different days can see how much business they maybe getting, and my guess is that the owner is barely surviving and wants out.
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  • What is the actual crime and punishment for yelling "fire" in a crowded theater?

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  • Police report for stolen phone ?

    I recently added a friend to my line which she agreed to pay for monthly and she hasn’t paid for anything since she got it . It’s been four months now and she refuses to get out my line and give me the phone . I spoke to T-Mobile and they told me I can file a police report . Can I ? How will I do it ? We live in different counties? Do I file where she lives or where I’m at ? I’m supper confused and frustrated I need help! TIA
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  • If someone slips because of a slippery surface prank and they die are you responsible?

    If I put butter or oil in a bathtub and then someone tries to get in to shower not knowing that s their and slips and falls and dies am I responsible for their death or does the police see it as a accident a foolish mistake or prank gone wrong
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