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  • Can an unmarried couple live separately if they agree themselves who keeps their child without going to court?

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and have a 3 year old child together we decided we agree on a break up and living separately. We came to a mutual agreement that he would keep our child living with him and that I would move out alone since he can provide better for the child than I could. we don’t want to fight in court for custody and he’s okay if I want to come over anytime I want to see our child. I also said I would buy things for our baby time to time anytime I could. We aren’t fighting we just want to go the most peaceful way about this And some time apart to either see if we are just taking a break or agree to permanent break up which will most likely be the case. We just need time apart either way. So my question is, can we go about this without it being considered abandonment because I, as the mother moved out? And I’ve seen this before so often where it’s the same situation but the father leaving and doesn’t get in trouble but his family swears because I’m the female, and the mother I would get in trouble....
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  • Can you be charged for letting someone drive in this situation?

    If you let someone who says to you that they are drunk drive your car can you be charged for letting that person drive because they said that they were drunk?
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  • Are you still a child in high school?

    I always hear high school students called children, so since I'm still in high school at almost 19 I must still be a child. Right or is the media just hypocrites?
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  • Cane someone "buy out" child support arrears through the courts, if plaintiff agrees?

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  • If you hire a hitman to kill your wife, does it mean you did it?

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  • Can I get my children into a child psychologist?

    I am trying to build a case against my ex wife for parental alienation. She has already tried to take rights away from me by falsely claiming abuse on my part. The social worker and child psychologist confirmed she was lying and that she had coached our kids to lie. Our kids are 4,6, and 8. During the "investigation", I was unable to see my kids (obviously). The case was dismissed and she was given a warning about it and that's it. But I know she is coaching them still and lying to them. Is there any way I can get a child psychologist to spend time with them and have them use their findings in a court case against her? Like they'd go to a regular appointment but have the doctor testify to their findings, assuming there is evidence to suggest their mother is lying to them or coaching them/manipulating them? I don't want my kids to be around her anymore because she is lying about me to them and I don't want her poisoning them against me.
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  • How can anyone possibly justify separating children at the border?

    I don't understand the purpose of this at all. Any decent human being can see this is traumatic for the poor innocent children.
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  • I think transgender should be officially banned?

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  • Do you have suggestions for lobbying the CO state legislature on veterinary care?

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  • I recently got fired for missing days 2 1/2 days. I went to collect unemployment and the company is firing me.?

    I was a service advisor and I was getting sexually harassed by another employee. I told my boss and he talked to the guy and it stopped for about a week then it happened again. This time he decided to move me being that the other guy made a lot more money than I did. I asked if I would still have these days off I asked for and he said no problem. A week before the 1st event they said I couldn t have that day off. I was a little frustrated but then they said I couldn t have the other 2 days either. I told them I was not going to be able to make it. They said they needed me that day and never replyed because I absolutely needed that day off. I had bridal portraits scheduled for months and it was going to be a cancellation fee that I could not afford. Is this fair.
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  • Should I sue a local cop ?

    He has pulled me over twice just to ask me if I would be at church on sunday. So I just said hail satan.
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  • God daughter taken into care?

    Just writing this because I'm beyond upset,I've been in my god daughters life since she was born, for 6 years,I know her mum was struggling to cope due to depression,I've always been there for her,but she never told me she was dabbling in drugs,just learnt my god daughter is now in foster care,so out the blue as her mum never told me social services were involved,or that she had been to court on several occasions, as the god father do I have a right to try and get my god daughter to live with me?I can't stand the thought of her going through the care system, any help greatly appreciated. Thankyou.
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  • Is it considered copyright to use a real city in a video game?

    I’m from Lincoln, NE and me and my friend have a dream of starting a game company and making our own games. Lately I’ve been wondering if I could use the actual layout of Lincoln in a video game, like would that count as copyright? I don’t feel like it is but I would like to be safe
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  • How exactly do I have "Freedom of Speech" if I get arrested for calling a black person the N word?

    This is the reason why I have no respect for the American government and its laws.
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  • Can a person just drive to Massachusetts from New York, buy legalized recreational marijuana and take it home to New York for personal use?

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  • Is it legal to put flyers on people s windshields in a grocery store parking lot?

    I have dog walking flyers and want to know if I m allowed to put them on stranger s windshields instead of putting them in a mailbox or going door to door.
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  • How are child killers treated in prison?

    Are they treated as badly as child molestors are?
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  • Can a 50 year old legally be friends with a 16 year old.?

    Im a 16 year old boy, both my siblings and I have no interest in knowing eachother, my mom hardly talks to me, and my dad is out of the picture (Just think of it as when I turn 18, I wont have a family in way) I have a person in my life who is like a father figure to me, (there is nothing sexual about our friendship) we met while he was fishing and he taught me how to fish, I opened up about not only my parents not caring about me, and about my really bad living situation Im in, and he wants to help me and guide me through growing up. I seriously trust him immensely, its mutual, and he really does care about my well being (Before we met I had F's D's and C's in all my classes, and he wanted me to start trying and gave me the motivation, now Im passing every class with all A's my highest is a 103), which my parents never show an interest in. (my mom and I actually dont talk more than 3 or 4 times a week quickly and its not too splendid when we do) but is it legal for me to spend time with him, without my parents knowing about him? He really does mean the world to me and is the first person I can honestly say Ive loved like a parent in my life (Im in new hampshire if that matters)
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  • Are you going to sign the petition to save Net Neutrality?

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  • Why do people say you can't murder animals?

    animals can be killed. it is still murder. they have feelings and thoughts just like us
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