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  • Can I get a hotel room key or not?

    I made a hotel reservation with deposit. They close their office at 9pm, which I can't make it because of my late night flight. Do I still have a right to stay there? How can I get a room key? Can I stay a hotel without registration/check-in procedure? Is it legally right or not?
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  • Is an eleven year prison sentence enough for the African 'refugee' who carried out this violent rape?

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-... The piece of **** naturally doesn't show any remorse whatsoever. This situation is a direct result of Germany not securing their borders during the so called 'refugee' crisis.
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  • In America, should it be legal for an employer to fire a good, hard working person simply because they are Christian?

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  • Can cops use what I say on Facebook against me?

    if some one on FB posts "Name the most illegal thing you have done" and I answer it but I lie about doing something illegal, could I be arrested for saying I did something that I didn't?
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  • So my girlfriends parents think that her & i are illegal because of our age. She is 14(15 in less than a month) and i am 17. are we legal?

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  • If I hit someone first, but got beat up as a result, can I press charges?

    I hit the guy first because he was saying some disrespectful things towards me. Unfortunately he kicked my a**. My injuries were a black eye, busted lip, and bloody nose. I didn't go to the hospital but I took plenty of pictures. Can I press charges? I know there were witnesses who saw me hit him first but I came out pretty badly beaten, and I would like to take legal action if possible.
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  • Can CPS take away my son? (He's been lying to counselors)?

    My 14-year-old lying about sexual abuse saying that my boyfriend touches him inappropriately but somehow he never said anything to me about it at home. These claims came up out of nowhere after he heard from another kid that my bf was arrested for child molestation (never charged). Now he's making up these stories and CPS is threatening that they will have to take him out of my care if I don't get my bf to move out. Can they do that. there is not any proof that anything ever even happened. My bf has reassured me many times that my son is making it all up. It's unfair that he is being judged and going through this again. I'm about ready to uproot and move my whole family to another state, it's gotten that bad.
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  • Cons Since the Court ruled that women have a Constitutional right to get an abortion, isn't Trump violating his Oath of Office,?

    By trying to take that right away from them
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  • Robbed in Mexico?

    I recently visited Mexico, and while I was there. Some young man (around 24 y.o) greeted me and showed me around the local area. At one point, he told me there was a special event in the area, and he told me I needed to go to some special place to lock up my phone and money so that it doesn t get stolen at the event. He took my money ($900) and my phone and went inside a building for about 3 minutes. Then, he came out and told me to go in (while he waited outside) because people wanted to talk to me about it. I went inside and asked several employees, but they had no idea what was going on. I went outside to ask the young man what was happening, but he was gone. The employees (at which apparently was a medical building) said that I was robbed and that there was nothing I could do about it. I went to the police station and reported what had happened (I also gave them the number of the cell phone that was stolen and my U.S home address), and they said they ll investigate the situation. Now I have no phone and lost $900. What are the odds that I will get it back?
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  • Kuwaiti immigrant raped woman on a riverbank. Was this him showing gratitude to the UK for letting him stay here?

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/... He entered the country illegally in 2015 and was granted Leave to Remain two weeks before he carried out his vicious rape, in other words he got rewarded by the state for committing a crime. Third world rapists and misogynists... what charming people we're importing into this country.
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  • When a woman playfully says no to having sex, what can happen if he keeps going?

    Last week my friend was trying to have sex with this woman that he has just met that night. She kept telling him to stop, but she was smiling while saying it. You know when a woman says stop sometimes she just don't want to appear to be easy, and wants you to try harder. So my friend kept going and then he penetrated her. She seemed to be enjoying it for the first 2-3 minutes, but then she got serious with him and started crying. He stopped immediately, he got up, and was very kind to her even though she ruined his night. He took her home and called to make sure that she was okay. But now she won't answer his calls, and he is concerned that she may cause trouble for him. Any advice that I can give him will be appreciated?
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  • Could you scientifically empirically prove that punching or even murdering you mother, daughter or a stranger is "bad", "wrong", or "evil"?

    Or do you believe such concepts do not exist? If you say yes, PROVE IT.
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  • In cases of fatal Police shootings in the USA, why does the law usually back up and take the side of the Officer as opposed to the victim?

    Best answer: Your supplement asks about shooting someone in the leg.

    That is a tough target, particularly if the someone is running. Attempting that shot actually increases the odds that an innocent bystander will be shot instead.

    Your main question is best answered by denying the "usually" comment. It's the new technology of body cameras that back up the officer's statement, not the "law." The "law" is disembodied and impartial. It is people who are partial and prejudiced. Body cams are neither partial to a particular person nor prejudiced against a particular person.

    Statistically, I don't think that the majority (implied by your use of "usually") of officer-involved shootings comes up with the wrong answer. You are trying to imply "innocent until proven guilty" but you can't forget "dead if you don't shoot the armed perpetrator first."

    Recently in New Orleans we had an officer-involved shooting that left one officer dead at the hands of a convicted felon in possession of a stolen firearm. The felon wasn't shot and killed - but a cop WAS. So tell me who is the victim in this case?
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  • Should men be able to sue their girlfriends/wives for not doing their womanly duty?

    a relationship is a contractual (or non-contractual if you're not married) agreement to fulfil a man's needs. in return we give you a baby, protection and an overall better life. the woman's end of the deal means she has to cough up the vagina whenever the man feels like it. there needs to be a consequence for women who don't fulfil their womanly duties.
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  • If your against gun ownership, would you support the death penalty for anyone that uses a gun in a crime ?

    Best answer: That would result in millions of Democrats getting the death penalty. Of course, the Left might not care since being dead doesn't seem to stop Democrats from being able to vote.
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  • Coworker wants to sue me, how far can this go?

    A new coworker had a public record saying she was abusive to patients. I found the public record and showed my supervisor. She was let go soon after but then re-hired about a 1-2 weeks later (I have no idea why) and the statements describing her abuse on the public record were erased. Now she's saying that she's going to sue me. This woman is clearly not in the right mind, which was evident before I found the public record describing her abuse to an elderly patient. However, I'm aware frivolous cases get taken to court all the time. Will a lawyer even take her case? Should I be prepared to get my own lawyer? I'm about to graduate school and only work part time so I don't have the time or money to deal with this nonsense. Thanks in advance for any input!
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  • Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults?

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  • Can I sue?

    Im a driver for a contracted company. We are contracted with the railroad. Almost three years ago, I was involved in a situation with one of their employees, who showed up to work to drunk and sexually harassed me. He ended up getting fired. However, they hired him back a few weeks ago, and told me that if I refuse service to him, I will find out what happens next. Can I sue them?
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  • Is this really considered rape?

    Best answer: It is rape if you resist, say no or do anything else to stop the person. Consenting by saying "Yes" even if you don't mean it would make it not rape. You are telling the person it is ok to do what they are doing. You are giving them permission.
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  • If a house is left in a will to me but my dad is allowed to live in it untill he dies does he have any legal rights to take over the house?

    Grandad left the house to me in his will with the stipulation that my dad would be able to live in the house until he dies and then it would go to me, so its not actually in my name yet but will be when he dies and i have just found out he is going to try and get ownership of the house now in order to release equity on the house to have more money for him and my mother, does he have any legal right to do this? How do we stop him? He is basically trying to steal mine and my children s future out from under us.
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