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  • Do you think its right for my parents to lock me in my bedroom as a punishment for sneaking out ?

    for the past few weeks my parents have tried to ground me for general bad behavoiur, i DONT do groundings so i have sneaked out , my parents warned me last weekend that sneaking out will NOT be tolerated and if i did it again i will be locked in my room until i learn to respect my parents, i took no notice and told my mum to piss off, i have just got home from school and have been escorted to my bedroom and LOCKED IN my bedroom door has a lock and key so i CANT get out , my parents said in an hours time they will remove my tv, phone pc etc, and i will stay locked up in my bedroom until monday morning for school, do you think this is fair or is my punishment too harsh ?
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  • Why do managers do drug testing for marijuana in the states where it’s legal?

    Best answer: Several reasons. 
    Even though it is legal in the state, it still is a violation of federal law. That could be an issue if you are high and try to claim a federal benefit such as Worker's Comp. 
    And yes, some forms of THC stay in your system for weeks. But the psychoactive substance, Delta 9, is only present when you are under the influence. 
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  • Why does anyone need a gun?

    How could you live with yourself knowing that you murdered someone even in a self defense scenario?? Sure it was for your own safety but still, it should make you feel bad. 
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  • Can they fire me?

    No, they haven't said that I was fired...'yet'. This is the problem, I'm a student and i'm 16 and I work part-time. I didn't come in as scheduled yesterday because I was ill and I called them to tell them that I wouldn't be able to make it because I'm ill but they didn't pick up. So after an hour they called me and told me that I have to call regardless if they didn't pick up and tell them that I won't make it. Now they want me to go to the Doctor and get an excuse otherwise I can't work but they have to acknowledge that parents have jobs too they can't just turn from their work and run and get things and besides I've been to the hospital before that during a car accident and now I have to go back but the Doctor's around here aren't available until Monday. What if the excuse isn't for yesterday and is made on Saturday instead? Would they accept it still? I just didn't want to get anyone sick with this Flu that's running around. Also I won't be able to make it in the morning either because my mother has to work and I have no other transportation to get me there. Should I call in and tell them that I have no transportation and that they shouldn't put my schedule's in the AM? Thank you. xx
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  • Is the President above the law?

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  • I put up a google review on a lawyer. Now said he ll sue me. All I said was "we didn't find him terribly bright"?

    I posted simply that "we didn t find him terribly bright". Hi went insane and said he s going to sue me. though another lawyer said I couldn t be sued for feeling somebody may not be terribly bright. He said it s my opinion and to prove that in court is not possible. Which lawyer is right/?
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  • My boyfriend is saying to pay the insurance on my truck cuz ill loose my license in Missouri..I've never heard of that ..is this true?

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  • Dad sold dog and now buyer wants money back that’s already been spent- what does the UK law say?

    Apparently the dog does not get on well with theirs and sadly my dad has spent all the money, what does the law say? Thank you 
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  • How much jail time do I get for not paying child support?

    I don’t want to pay child support money because my son is honestly not very hard working and his grades are slacking. Is refusing to pay a reasonable punishment for this, and do I gotta go to jail for it? I live in Georgia if that helps.
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  • If my coworker is pregnant was she probably having sex?

    she just announced that she's having a baby in September. no clue if that was TMI
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  • If a 16 year old married a 21 year old could it drop a statutory rape charge? (Parents consent)?

    A 15 (almost 16) year old lies to a 21 year old about her age, (says shes 18). The police know they had sex. If they get married when she turns 16, could the charges be dropped? 
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  • How come people on here like to play lawyer when they are not attorneys and know nothing at all?

    So I got framed for a crime. Some idiot called in a bomb threat under my number using a spoofing app. I had a few concerns so I peeked help on here about asking about air travel after being charged with this. No one on here was helpful so I contacted an experienced attorney who has helped me in the past. He has officially told me that I am not on the no fly list and will never end up on it. He says he's going to make sure that he keeps me from going to prison and he says he will also make sure that I don't end up on the no fly list. I also asked him if i was placed on the list after the arrest and he said no. He said no they don't place you on it automatically. I am relieved but I find it so stupid that people on here like to play attorney when they are just ordinary people and don't even know what they are talking about. I can argue all day along with them if they want to and the answer is going to be that my attorney is correct. How come people on here like to play lawyer when they are just ordinary regular people ?? How come people don't realize how stupid it makes them look when they say stuff like this ??
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  • Does the child also get the pension after the last parent dies?

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  • Are tourists subject to these kind of foreign laws?

    Ive read that in some pats of the world,e.g-Indonesia)homosexuality is considered illegal and punishable by public whipping to those citizen who are caught engaging in the practice.But do those laws and the punishment apply only to the citizens or also to any tourists or foreigners who get caught doing the same thing?
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  • Are employers going to care about a trespassing charge? ?

    I got arrested when I was 18 for trespassing at an abandoned location that was supposedly haunted. Unfortunately I live in a state where I can’t expunge or seal that conviction so now I graduate college and have to disclose it.  It was obviously stupid but it kind of blows my mind that I can’t have it expunged given the nature of the offense. Do you think employers will care ?
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  • Is driving on a suspended license an easy crime to get away with?

    My license is not suspended, but I don't think I'd stop driving if it was. If I drove on a suspended license and I get pulled over, I'd be facing arrest a longer suspension, fines, my vehicle being impounded etc. Well the solution is don't let that happen. Be mindful of speed limits, signal turns and lane changes, follow at safe distances, come to a complete stop at stop signs, don't run any red lights, or yellow lights for that matter if I have time to smoothly stop, and so on and so forth. If I don't do anything to get myself pulled over, then I probably won't be.
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  • If as a child I allowed someone older to molest me, is still considered rape?

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  • My father in law moved in and yesterday I found his loaded gun between the couch cushions, and I have minor kids. I’m so angry. ?

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  • Is it illegal to throw a plastic water bottle at a car?

    Just wondering laws regarding that. I lost my cool after dude tailgated me on 460 for good while. I flipped him off,he flipped me off back. I rolled down window asking to pull over an lets settle this like men. he said nah. so i grabbed a water bottle out my cup holder and threw it and it hit his door. dude calls police and tells then color my car and all of that. is it illegal or what penalty could I have committed? only worried due to past assault charges and trying to do better.
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  • Pension Problem?

    Best answer: This is dependent on the individual plan. The most common answer is that it CAN be set up for the life of the person that 'earned' the pension and that of their spouse. Even if an alternate survivor can be named, ONLY one such person can qualify.
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