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  • Can my boss actually fire me?

    he said that if anyone take the day off (who is scheduled to work) or walks off the job without approval, or the womens strike will be terminated. can he do this? is it even legal? im still walking off the job to protest the unfair gender wage gap.
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  • Will Trump legalize drugs so the Mexican cartels can stop killing each other?

    Or how will he fix the "Drug and Crime Problem" I think by legalizing drugs there will be less crime in both the U.S and Mexico, especially Mexico
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  • Is it okay to bully someone who has a degree at a place of employment that doesn't require ones?

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  • Are we required by law to provide creditors with employment verification without employees permission?

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  • Can my employers force me to work from home?

    My employers have decided to make us work from home twice a week. I will only see some people in my team including my best friends once or twice a week. I also find working from home isolating and suffer from anxiety and depression and this is making me really bad. I work better in the office with other people. I've told my employers about my concerns but they have just dismissed them. Can I do anything legally as this is making me feel suicidal?
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  • Can I get into bar with expired DL if I have SS card and school ID with me?

    Do my DL expired 2 days ago on my birthday and I really want to go to the bars with my friends tonight. I ve heard of people getting in with an expired DL but if I can t, will having my social security card and school id help me?
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  • Is this sexual harassment?

    I'm 13 and a boy in my class has been making comments about my appearance. It makes me very uncomfortable and makes me want to not come to school. Its been going on for a while and I started keeping a log. He said things like "You have NO ***," or "Your the flattest girl in the school" And hes also saying racial slurs like "You work at Starbucks" Please help with this.
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  • If Trump was be impeached, IF, very early on what would happen?

    Would there be a total reelection or would the Republican Party elect the new president on their own or would the partly nominate a few nominees that the public elects from there?
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  • My boss is committing what I consider fraud. Is this illegal and what can i do about it?

    When hiring new employees he is negotiating a salary, but gives them nothing in writing. Then, when they start, he makes them sign a noncompete before they find out he is paying them much less. He offered an employee $31.47/hr. When they got their first check, they are actually being paid $22/hr. These people often quit hiring paying jobs to take this position. Then he threatens them with the noncompete they signed and basically tells them tough luck. He considers this to be just the way capitalism works. This has to be illegal isn't it?
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  • Should I sue my mother for telling me she used butter but she really used" I can't Believe its butter"?

    Best answer: If you think it's Butter
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  • If a child accidentally breaks something in a store, does the parent legally have to pay for it?

    What if the child breaks it on purpose? What if the child smashes glass sculpture after sculpture and the parent doesn't care and doesn't stop the child?
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  • I have a horse that was given to me over a year ago in a verbal agreement. now the owner wants her back. what can I do?

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  • Ramadan, Do you believe woman should be stoned to death if they commit Zina(adultery)?

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  • Will I get in trouble for getting caught on private property??

    Me and my bf were at a vet hospital that was closed but later on employees were parked around the place and then one comes up. The guy walking a dog starts yelling and says "This is private property" "I'm walking my dog" "you have 5 min to leave!" And I hurry up and leave. He did seem mad and I didn't get out the car I just yelled "ok" and left like he demanded. I wasn't even having sex or doing oral it was just kissing and I had my clothes on. Will I get in trouble? Is he going to call the cops on me? If I was to get in trouble wouldn't he have not gave a warning? HELP (This was Sunday and in the afternoon) -he's not the owner -it's been 5 days
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  • Photos5.com is suing me for Copyright Infringement for their images, Advice please?

    I have used some images that I found on Google search in my new restaurant business website, I have been contacted by someone from Photos5.com copyright on October 2016 with a cease and desist letter with a settlement offer of 350$ for the unlicensed images, I removed the images from my restaurant page (which was crappy wood background and some love heart image), and I contacted them confirming the removal, and I refused to pay the huge amount and they said they contacted me first before forwarding my case to their lawyer because they want to resolve this "Infringement" in friendly way, I told them the images has been removed and this is it, if they don't want their images to be used, they better close their images shop and stop showing images online, I made my point very clear to them, and their letters don’t scare me, they said they have no other choice but to take this to their lawyers. Yesterday morning I got a formal complaint threatening letter from IP attorney in NY at our restaurant, saying that I am being sued for $30,000 for using his client's copyrighted photo on our restaurant website, and that we have caused damages to his client and their images registered in the US copyright office. The story is crazy, it's only images, their lawyer claim is beyond my imaginations, Can they sue me or they just bluffing? it's only 20$ images, and the same images is available on many wallpaper sites, I am not afraid from their fancy lawyers, but I want to know if this is real.
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  • Can I refuse to appear in court as a witness?

    A friend of mine was sent a letter approximately two weeks ago, regarding an appearance in court as a witness. My friend owns a restaurant and was asked to appear in court to say he witnessed friendship between two people. My friend does not want to appear in court as a witness, so he did not respond to the letter. A few days ago, another letter was sent to him, saying that if he did not appear in court, he could be arrested. Does my friend have to got to court?
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  • Does it cost money to get a lawyer to sue your boss?

    Moral of the story is, I have been missing a paycheck from my boss since May 2016 and have been trying to get it since. I have explained every issue and reasoning behind why its missing and how its missing and even show evidence. He still doesn t understand and gives me attitude and says "I can t see where your coming from" What do I do?
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  • When you're loved one passes away and there are still outstanding medical bills, what do you do?

    My mother n law passed away this passed November. We are still receiving outstanding medical bills. Problem is at the time of her death she had no assets, so we can't use that to pay and we certainley don't have the money to pay off all her bills? My thought was to send a copy of her death certificate along with the bill. Or do we still have to pay?
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  • If someone is convicted of murder or disappearance, are they allowed to live regularly while they do their trials?

    or are suspects of murder or disappearance kept in jail until it is established they are non guilty? this is for a story. i have a main character who is accused of murder (or i could change it to disappearance of a person) and is going through the court trials on occasionally assigned dates. but he does go to work and still lives at home through the book. i was hoping this wasn't a plot hole, because now that i think about it, i do remember some movies where the suspect of murder is kept in jail during the period of time.
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