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  • If someone uses your camera to take a picture, will the copyright be theirs or yours?

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  • I live in Florida my boyfriend will be 18 soon and I'm 15. We've been together a while now. Can he still be charged with statutory rape?

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  • Is is illegeal to take nude photos of yourself if you are 13? btw, I'm a gir?

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  • Is it okay to have 12 cats?

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  • Can you be charged for pulling someone out of a moving car?

    Can you be charged ?
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  • Will it ever be possible for 100 PERCENT of the US to have a 0 PERCENT unemployment rate? If so, how might it be possible?

    How can we be ok with having unemployment in our country? Unemployment is AWFUL! Starving, homeless, no medical care can mean insanity at it's worse, and these people live on PUBLIC STREETS! Some have tried to rob me, and even though all may not be bad, their lives are ruined, they're f***ed by capitalism.
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  • Can my boss file a police report because I walked out?

    OK so today I walked out of my job. I am a waitress and all day my boss has been telling me how bad if a job I ve been doing. I m literally his too sales person and I ve gotten nothing but compliments all day. I was already upset with him because he had me wait on a guy who has been coming around literally harassing me. So I just decided to walk out. Well after a few ours he texted saying he was going to file a report with the police but I didn t take anything. I didn t even take my tips. I kept everything in the register. Can he really file a police report all because I walked out?
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  • I m being sued. Is this a really cheap way out of it?

    So I wrote my girlfriend an 11,000 dollar check, that s my savings at 24 years old, I m more than happy to temporarily quit my job, my grandfathers a car dealer so I can sign my car over to him and get it back later, I live with a friend so I technically own absolutely nothing. Clothes an Xbox, PS4, tv and really nice computer, but I can always say they re my friends. Can you sue someone who can technically own nothing? What happened by the way was I was driving on a highway and hydroplaned into a redneck sack of **** lady in Kentucky who s claiming she has permanant neck damage. Not only is she full of ****, I honestly don t plan to ever give her a single penny, win or lose the case. The accident did total her vehicle but not mine. Thoughts? Anyone?
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  • Can my boyfriend's ex legally keep him from seeing his daughter if he is paying child support and being a good father? They are not together?

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  • Can my car be towed from my residence?

    I live in a private residence where everyone has two cars. We have 2 but other car has been out of use for 3 months. Either way neighbours have space to park. We had a letter from the residence manager that a neighbour complained and threatened to call the police and get it towed. What rights to we have?
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  • Does a landlord have to give a 30 day notice, and if not is it illegal?

    My landlord has kicked me out without a 30 day notice. She has sold all of my items at a yard sale while I was visiting a friend. One of my dogs was put in the pound, and I honestly don't know what to do at this point. Should I call a lawyer or the police? I've lost basically everything I owned, and I was not notified I had to leave the residence. I payed my months worth, So I don't understand why she would do all of this.
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  • My sister isn't allowed in my house anymore but has keys?

    Best answer: I'd be very careful before following any of the other "legal advice" you've received.

    WHERE matters. In MY State she needs to be evicted. If you change the locks, you are locking her out, and that is illegal when she was a resident in your home and still has property there. You MIGHT be able to make an argument that she has abandoned your home/her belongings, but that depends on WHERE you live and how long she’s been out of your house.

    I would advise that you file for eviction according to the laws in your State. Her change of address is meaningless. That does not mean she has legally vacated your residence. It means that she gets her mail somewhere else.

    I would send her a letter, receipt requested, DEMANDING that she return your keys. I would include advice along the lines of, “Any or your belongings which remain in my home after [30 days from now] will be considered abandoned, and I will dispose of them.”

    You could also put all of her belongings together and deliver them to her boyfriend’s mother’s house. If she attempts to enter your home after her belongings have been delivered to her, that would mean you could attempt to have her arrested if she gains entry to your home.

    If she’s spiteful enough to keep the keys and enter the house when you are not there, she’s spiteful enough to steal from you.

    And concerning changing the locks - it’s not terribly complicated. I’m by no means handy around the house, but I’ve changed my own locks on occasion.

    EDIT: Your relationship with your sister, your husband, her various boyfriends, her child, is very, very LEGALLY complicated. Do you still have her child? https://answers.askadc.com/question/index...

    You need to speak to an Attorney.
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  • My photo is on a pornsite, what can I do to take it down or what options do I regarding the law?

    A friend of mine stumbled upon this user s profile who uploaded photos he stole from my Facebook. They re not nudes; simply pictures of me in bikinis, normal clothes and dresses. Some of the photos are from when I was 16-17. I ve tried contacting admin to take down the pictures. It also says on his profile that he lives in my city. Can I file a lawsuit for harassment? And what about the pictures of me being underage? Please help!
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  • Is POTUS Donald Trump going to care if MILLIONS of Americans get get permanently sick or die. Because they won't be able to afford?

    Best answer: Millions of Americans don't have health care now and ObamaCare is in a death spiral. Obama caused massive problems with the heath care system, but now it's about Trump "caring". Congress will do the best they can to repair the damage done by Democrats.
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  • Slander, blackmail, extortion, or just free speech?

    Hey, everyone... So, there was this business (wedding reception venue) that took my wife's money, but the day that we were scheduled to show up, there was an ice storm (a state of emergency was declared on that day, so it wouldn't have been legal for them to be open for business anyway), so we politely asked for a refund, and they're refusing to give us anything. We sent them a letter saying that if they failed to pay us, we would be giving them a poor review on social media and bridal websites. They replied by claiming that this is "extortion" and they would pursue legal action. So the main thing I'm wondering is, will my wife and I be punished legally for this, or is this company handing us a load of crap?
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  • Is it legal for two houses on the same property to share the same water line?

    Me and my husband put a mobile home on my in-laws property 2 years ago, we live down a dirt road and there was no logical way for us to hook up water to house except for a connection that was already there in the yard. Im just wondering now if this was legal because I have beome a christian since and just worried I might be breaking the law. It would have cost a ton of money to get our own line and have to dig through neighbors yards. There was an old well but would be too much to replace and may be dry. Silly question now I know since its already done, but im just wondering what the water department would say about this? I dont feel comfortable calling them to ask bc Im afraid they may want to shut off our water if I do.
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  • Is Loss prevention allowed to do this?

    Hello, basically I work at a local Rite-Aid pharmacy (it's like Walgreens) one day this guy from loss prevention comes in and talks to this associate about something for like an hour then he leaves. (Of course merchandise) fast forward one week exact, my shift supervisor come to me and tells me that loss prevention said I couldn't wear my bandana to work anymore, saying it's not proper dress code. All I want to know is, is LossP allowed to comment or even tell me what I can and cannot wear?? This is exactly how I wear it to work. PS...I've been wearing it for a little over a month with no problem and customers even complimented me.
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  • Why not just abolish all the bad laws?

    1. Clothing laws: People should be able to wear whatever they want, without anyone telling them they can't, even if people want to walk around completely nude, it's their choice. 2. Self Harming laws: Nobody should have a right to stop anyone harming themselves, if people want to self harm, use drugs, or kill themselves it's their choice, they should be responsible. 3. Property laws: People should be allowed whatever they want, have access to everything without needing to "pay" someone, and be able to go wherever they want, without being told they can't. 4. Substance laws: No substance of thing should be illegal, music, books, drugs, guns, if people want it they should be allowed it. 5. Laws on rank and title: Ranks and titles should mean nothing, nobody should be a "doctor", "general" or an "officer" as nobody should weald any power over another, so abolish such titles. 6. Identity and Fraud laws: As identity and fraud are manmade to begin with their should be no such rubbish laws, let people call themselves whatever they want. 7. Nation border laws: People should have freedom of movement to go wherever, without anyone saying they need a bit of paper, or that they "can't". 8. Imprisonment laws: Nobody should be locked in a cage in this day and age, especially for profit, let these people free, they are not animals, and abolish prisons.
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  • If you caught your pastor in a gay sexual act, what would you do?

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