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  • Ok so i am very interested in becoming a national guard. I’d love to help rescue in tragic events, but I don’t really want to go to combat?

    Is there anyway of just being a tragic event helper or must you go to war?
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  • Whats the best way to get a general discharge from the Marine corps?

    I want out its been a year. I have better things I could be doing it’s depressing asg
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  • Which navy jobs spend the most time at sea?

    I m joining the navy soon, I d like to spend more time at sea. Which jobs would help me spend more time away?
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  • What do you call yourself before basic training?

    Best answer: That would probably depend on which branch of the service you joined. When I enlisted, many years ago, the Navy referred to their Company Commanders as sir, and the Marines referred to their Drill Instructor as Sir, but I don't think that they did that in the Army or Air Force.

    As for what you'd call yourself, it would probably be by whatever title an E-1 would have in the branch of service you're joining.
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  • I have a family emergency and i ship out in two days, do i speak to first sergeant in the air force to have it changed?.?

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  • Military or money?

    I am in college right now, I am on the path to become a doctor. I’ve been torn over this for years, should I join the military or become a doctor, and no I don’t want to be a doctor in the military. I’ve wanted to join for a while but I also don’t want to be broke like a lot of military members I know. I would enlist either Army or Marines. Yes I’ve gone through all this time in college and what not but I just wanted to keep my options open and I don’t know what to do.
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  • I didn’t list all my jobs at MEPS?

    Best answer: Hmmm. Your recruiter tells you that in order to process your application they need 12 jobs and you only want to give them 5. My guess is that your application doesn't get processed. That's probably OK because if you aren't mature enough to understand that the boss gets to make the rules you aren't mature enough to serve.
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  • Should I join the Army?

    A little bit about me, i'm 17 as of now and I turn 18 next year March. I've always had a decent level of fitness and seeing as i'm finished my leaving cert in 2 days i'm going to pursue my fitness a lot tougher (I have a lot of training regimens planned out). If I was to join I have about 9 months of straight training. I haven't told my parents yet I've had this idea in joining for months, doing tons of research about the Irish defense forces and i'm really certain I want to join once I turn 18. I want the life skills that comes with and just everything about it. Is there anything I should know? How I should tell my parents? Should I even join (not that I have any doubts but I want to know EVERYTHING I can)? I'm going to College in September, not sure if that's important to know too. Thanks for any help.
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  • Can you think of ways that joining the Army is better than joining the Air Force?

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  • Military Question?

    So I was planning to join the military but I haven t decided which branch. Anyway my question is about credit, I have credit card debt and slowly paying off but always on time with my payment, my credit score is low but not bad! My gf however has a lot of unpaid medical bills when she was younger, and has student loans that needs to be paid. We planned on getting married next year before I join the military but i don t know if her low credit score will affect my chances in joining the military after getting married? We also have 2 young kids, and my gf is working 2 part time jobs so we can pay off our debt. I just want to make sure they will be alright before I join. Serious answer only please. Does her credit/debt affect mine in joining the military? It s has always been my dream to join the military and I have to join before I pass the age requirements
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  • Will I be drug tested at MEPS again?

    So, I m apart of the future soldier program for the Army, I went to MEPS at roughly January of 2019 and going through medical they did all the tests eyes, physical, drug test, etc.. Now it is time for me to ship off, when I go back to MEPS in a few days will they drug test again before shipping me off? Or will they just check height weight and stuff and sign me off? I took 2 xanax 2 nights ago and i go to MEPS in 2 days. Just want to be safe.
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  • Can i be medically discharged for adderall?

    It was prescribed from a military doctor i hate being in the corps i want out
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  • What could possibly go wrong with Saudi Arabia building smart bombs for the American Military?

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  • What is the most decorated unit?

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  • Should the US move to destroy Iran's nuclear capability before they have nuclear weapons?

    Best answer: The idea is appealing. It is also irrational.
    Major, Squadron Commander, 42nd Bomb Wing, 2nd Air Force, Strategic Air Command (SAC), US Air Force, 1960-74
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  • Can you back out of DEP?

    Best answer: If AD then yes you can get out up until the day you leave. If you decide to, you need to let them know ASAP so your spot can be filled. They will also be pissed so expect some flack. If you decide later on to join again you will hit a lot of road blocks and can be denied.
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  • Can I still get into the army with 2 felonies and a bunch of misdemeanor’s including misdemeanor assaults?

    Best answer: North Korea or Iran might take you but nobody else would.
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  • Seriously thinking about going psyops?

    Can anyone tell me what selection is like. I m currently on fort bragg, I m an 11b and ive been stationed here for about 3 weeks. I really love culture and language and think psyops may be for me. Anyone have any tips about joining?
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  • Could you realistically become a tank commander within eight years of service?

    Best answer: Absolutely. 6 out of the 14 tanks in a tank company will have a tank commander who is an E5(P) or E6.
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