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  • Since the US is a nation of immigrants, why should anyone go back?

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  • Why does Trump think America isn't great?

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  • What is it with liberals that hate Southern states and defend Muslim terrorist states like Iran?

    You still defend Obama giving Iran billions to build nukes.
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  • Why was Ronald Reagan in favor of allowing people from sheethole countries to come to the United States? Why didn't he tell them to go home?

    " Anybody from any corner of the world can come to America to live and become an American. We draw our people, our strength, from every country and every corner of the world." --Ronald Reagan
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  • Does it make a man tough to insult and pick fights with women?

    Best answer: No, that make a man a b**** .Woman are sensitive and insulting and picking fights with woman can cause damage to the woman
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  • Why do you think Trump will lose in 2020?

    I think he’ll lose because people are just plain tired of him. Tired of his drama. Tired of his meanness. Tired of his whining & complaining, day after day. He’ll lose because people are tired of having a bratty child in the White House.
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  • More Americans than ever living in tents. So tell me again how the economy is booming?

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  • What are the odds that the Squad" will be reelected?

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  • Why is Bernie Sanders paying his staffers starvation wages?

    Best answer: Typical Communist hoard all the money for himself let the peasants starve
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  • Why do republikkklans hate antifa instead of the nazis and kkk running their party?

    Best answer: GOP rule number one-don't tick off the people who make up the majority of your base
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  • Would you support adding 25 elected justices to the US Supreme Court? To get a court more in line with America?

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  • Trump voters: how would you respond if your neighbor was a Muslim?

    Best answer: Why would I care what religion they are?
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  • What do Liberals mean when they say white people are immigrants too?

    I am a white, straight, American male and I DON'T speak with a lisp!. I was born in America, my dad was born in America and so was his dad.
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  • Are "Send Her Back!" chants patriotic or deplorable?

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  • Why do republicans want all democrats dead?

    Or so that’s what I’ve picked up on through republicans on yahoo answers.
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  • Why do many Trump voters hate Syrian refugees ? I don't remember single terrorist attack being perpetrated by one?

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  • Why did Wisconsin vote for Trump in 2016 but voted Democrat in 2018?

    Best answer: You're going to get a lot of people explaining Trump's 2016 win by some formulation of "the people wanted X" with X being something that Trump provided. But most of those epxlanations are going to be wrong. They're wrong because they don't understand two key factors about Trump's 2016 victory.

    1) Trump barely beat Clinton. He got 47.22% of the vote in Wisconsin and she got 46.45% of the vote. That means he got a statistically insignificant 0.77%. His Wisconsin victory wasn't some sort of big triumph for Trump, but rather a close won thing which he could just as easily have lost. So explanations about what the people of Wisconsin wanted or not don't have a lot of explanatory power.

    2) Perhaps much more importantly is that Trump got 1.405 million votes in Wisconsin in 2016. In 2012, Mitt Romney got 1.407 million votes. Mitt Romney lost Wisconsin. So Trump got fewer votes than the losing candidate did four years earlier. Wisconsin didn't vote for Trump, they not-voted for Clinton. Barack Obama got 1.62 million votes in 2012. Four years later, Clinton got 1.38 million votes. There was no swing towards Trump. The people of Wisconsin swung away from the Republicans in 2016. It's just that they swung even more dramatically away from the Democrats.

    So what happened in 2016 isn't that Trump persuaded a bunch of Wisconsinites to vote for him. In fact, he did worse than Romney did. But he kept the Republican numbers relatively stable, which Clinton suffered a massive loss of over a quarter million votes. Those people didn't defect to Trump. Some of them voted for third party candidates, but others just stayed home. I don't think we fully know the reasons why. Some have credited the state's voter suppression law, which requires a photo ID to vote. The law, passed in between the two presidential elections, may have kept people from voting. But I think that the bigger issue is apathy about Clinton. The biggest factor was probably the FBI's announcement that they were looking into her emails again. Although this turned out to be nothing (the "new" stuff they were looking at turned out to be copies of stuff they'd already reviewed and they quickly closed the case) it turned off a lot of voters in the closing week of the race. This built on lingering issues with people who didn't like Clinton for various reasons. Some black voters felt she wasn't racially sensitive enough, some left wing voters felt that she wasn't liberal enough. Underlying all of this was a feeling on the left that Trump couldn't possibly win. This may have been especially true in Wisconsin, which no Republican had won since the 80s. I bring up the sense of Clinton's inevitability because I think it's a crucial factor in explaining Trump's win. The people who were skeptical of Clinton felt like it was okay to not actually vote for her because there was no way she could lose. They could have their cake (Trump being defeated) and eat it too (not have to cast a ballot for a candidate like Clinton who they didn't like).

    The feeling of inevitability also helps explain the swing back to the Democrats in 2018 when they won the Governorship and the Senate. Democrats were super energized to defeat Trump. Tammy Baldwin, the Democratic Senator up for election last year, got about 70,000 votes more than Trump did. Democrats weren't enthusiastic about Clinton but complacent over her victory in 2016. In 2018 they weren't complacent and turned out in strength for Baldwin (and in somewhat lesser strength for Gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers).

    The reality is that Wisconsin is a purple state. It has both a Democratic and a Republican Senator. It's gone traditionally for Democrats but Republican Scott Walker won three races for Governor there. Trump lucked out in 2016, but in 2018 things swung back towards the Democrats.
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  • Why does Trump think it's okay to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?

    Best answer: It's probably Trump's penchant for pedophilia. He most likely feels the same way about his granddaughters. It also explains why he raped a 13 year old girl.
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  • Do republicans realize that we're a country of immigrants?

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  • Why does Trump accuse Omar of hating America?

    I have not seen a single evidence that would suggest she hates America. During the presidential campaign 2016, Trump constantly said America is not great, America is dumb, America is loser, America is being raped, America is this and that, and then said - vote for me, i will make it great. Well, isn't that what Omar and others are saying? America is not great, vote for me and i will make it great. Only Omar have never said America is not great, or that America is bad or anything like that. Trump keeps repeating like a robot that Omar hates America, but i am yet to see a single evidence for this claim. She criticizes Israel, the same way Trump criticizes China and Mexico, and Europe. If Criticizing Israel makes her anti-semitic, is Trump anti-Chinese for criticizing China? He literally said China is raping America, how is that not anti-Chinese?
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