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  • Why is Arctic sea ice at record low extent?

    Arctic sea ice extent for May 2018 was 12.2 million square kilometers (4.7 million square miles). This was the second lowest May extent in the 39-year satellite record
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  • Why do Gores alarmunist disciples lie about not having satellite data before 1979?

    Best answer: Why do Gores alarmunist disciples lie...
    You can stop right there. They lie to push their alarmunism...
    Elitist leftists pushing for increasing the power of the state to enrich themselves and control the behavior of everyone else. It is a very old game.

    I checked page 224 and it does show what a convenient year 1979 is. Alarmists love to make graphs that look bad. They play games with the scale and color. It is a PR game and it is amazing how many clowns they get to fall for it. It is sad, really. All you have to do is say it is science. They love to think of themselves as up to date on the latest science.

    Hillary illegally keeps her server unsecure with classified information so that she can keep the cash flowing into her slush fund and they took millions and millions from the Russian, trading away national interests with Uranium assets (maybe more), and now these same useful idiot alarmists think Trump is colluding with the Russians. It is just mind numbing stupidity.
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  • Do you agree with the IPCC that our CO2 emissions have caused the earth to warm and that earth will continue to warm?

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  • Why do humans mess up the Earth and then complain about it?

    Best answer: It is well known in the scientific community that every species on Earth, humans included, will reproduce until their population exceeds the resources needed to sustain it (food, space, etc.) unless something else trims its numbers. It is natural and it has occurred often with humans in historical times. Occurrences of human overpopulation have been local but is now worldwide.

    It is also part of nature that after overextending the population, corrections will follow, often by famine during less than optimal seasons of food supply, along with other deaths caused by a weakened population and by acts of desperation. This also has happened with humans and will continue to occur.

    For people, famine is only one possibility from a long list of natural and man-made disasters, at least one of which will destroy a very large percentage of the population.

    Our population WILL be reduced, that is a certainty. When it occurs, for humans it will be the most terrible tragedy in recorded history.
    For nature, it will just be normal processes.
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  • Will the Sun melt and get rid of all the ice on earth?

    Best answer: It's not the sun as much as it is the greenhouse gasses trapping the heat that our planet gets from both the sun and the earth's molten core. The heat on earth should gradually dissipate into space but greenhouse gasses trap the heat so it can't escape the earth's atmosphere.
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  • How would the lapse rate change in a warning world?

    Wouldn't it tend to remain constant; at least in the troposphere?
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  • Like Dennis Ridd, wouldn't you be fired from your job if you accused your coworkers of fraud?

    Best answer: The case (Peter Ridd against James Cook University) is in court and tomorrow the judge might have something to say about it. In the mean time we have JimZ on record supporting the firing of scientists for party political reasons. As if we needed any more evidence that his denial of AGW is not based on science or logic, but on ideology.
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  • Did Tim Ball Manipulate data?

    Best answer: Looks like a Canadian judge thought Tim Ball is either an incompetent idiot or someone pretending to be an incompetent idiot. He seems to be another one of those young earth creationists, and I care about the scientific opinions of young earth creationists as much as I care about the opinions of flat earthers. (I ignore them)

    And JimZ pou might want to spell the name of the course that you claim you went on correctly. Your bosses might think you didn't pay attention, or worse that you didn't go.
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  • Is ocean water temperature increase caused by climate change permanent?

    Is the damage to the ocean that we can no longer fix?
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  • How would you rate yourself for CLIMATE CHANGE?

    Best answer: 3 - There is a lot that can be done, but most needs to be done by the government and industry. Individuals don't have that much of an impact.
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  • Have you been homeless?

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  • What should happen to Scott Pruitt, given that he has declared war on the war on lead?

    Best answer: Scott Pruitt is having all sorts of problems, his security in his first year cost the EPA well over 3 million.

    He is the head of a government agency charged with protecting human health and the environment. but he is dismantling that agency. Two of the aides he brought with him from Oklahoma, just handed in their resignations and he had given them a huge pay raise through a loophole in the safe drinking water act. The act allows hiring people in the case of an emergency, but contacting a business on behalf of his wife, who wanted to open a franchise, is hardly an emergency.

    As for lead, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and that he wants to be seen to do the right thing there. His problem is that he saw the need for a soundproof phone booth in his office and wants to us to believe he wants to do away with "secret science". His staff at the EPA are suing him to produce evidence for his AGW denial.

    I understand that living in Washington is expensive, I am not complaining that he is enlisting his staff to help find him an apartment, a mattress, or that he dines in the White House mess more than he should. What I do have a problem with is his conspiracy theories and his dismantling of the EPA.

    For JimZ:

    Most business owners will do the right thing and environmental regulation is there to allow the honest businesses to be able to compete on a fair basis with the unscrupulous, who are willing to cut corners and have no care if people get hurt. Those regulations need to be enforced or they are meaningless. JimZ is complaining about this regulation, but dismantling the EPA is just dumb. Remember that the EPA was created in part because the Cuyahoga river was so polluted that it "caught fire". I also dislike paperwork (with a passion), but I understand why it is needed.

    This has nothing to do with left wing, right wing politics, a reasonable person would agree that pollution is bad, even if you disagree with the scientific community. One would even expect that conservatives would be all for protecting the environment and do so with a passion, while progressives would be less enthusiastic. Right now it is the progressives that are proposing (half heart-ed) measures while the conservatives busy themselves denying the science.
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  • What size amp I need to power a 2000 watt single 12" sub?

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  • Should the EPA be legally required to turn over Pruitt's documentary evidence for his climate change denial?

    Best answer: The great thing about the EPA at the moment is, for all the bluster, Pruitt has manifestly failed. He's failed six times now to delay or roll back regulations on pesticides, lead paint and renewable-fuel requirements.

    Why? Because under his leadership the EPA has failed to produce the necessary data (what some might call hard cold facts) necessary to convince courts.

    Eventually he'll be fired or will resign. Like, let me see, Comey, Yates, Flynn, Bharara, Shaub, Dubke, Priebus, Spicer, Short, Scaramucci, Bannon, Gorka, Price, Manigault, McCabe, Porter, Sorenson, Hicks, Cohn, Tillerson, McMaster and Shulkin ...
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  • Why do people think that just because I accept the evidence that humans are causing Earth to warm, that I love big government?

    Best answer: I would never make such an assumption... and I wouldn't be surprised about a political conservative disliking Trump.
    I get that there are individual opinions on various issues, and that they don't all come as a package of "the leftie stuff" or "the rightie stuff", at least not for anyone with a brain between their ears. The debate on specific issues all too often gets buried underneath the "package" of stances that either side of the political spectrum wants to push at any given time.
    If someone accepts the conclusion of the scientific community that global warming is a measurable reality, is that a political opinion? Should it be? Maybe the question of what to do about it is, but I have personally never regarded an acceptance of scientific conclusions to be a matter of politics. Of course, some people certainly want to treat it as such.
    In answer to your question, I guess there are plenty of people who prefer to simplify the concept of politics, tell themselves that this means this, ort that means that, without applying much thought to details, because in reality they are not that interested or engaged.
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  • So I engaged in a debate with a right wing libertarian earlier this morning and now I feel stupid.?

    Best answer: Well I agree, it's hardly extreme simply to be transgender.. but it is extreme to say this. There's never any excuse for violence.
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  • How can the increase of heat waves be a consequence of climate change?

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  • Is there anything more 'commie' than Trumps protection racket for dying fossil fuel industries?

    Best answer: It is called corporate socialism.

    Trump promised to revive the dying coal industry but the coal jobs are not coming back, in reality wind and solar are adding far more jobs. This is what he has tried already.

    Removed pollution controls.
    Removed coal mines safety regulations.
    Slashed the amount coal companies have to pay their workers for work related illnesses like black lung decease.
    Taxed solar panel imports, making solar on the roof more expensive.
    Taxed steel imports. (to make steel you need carbon monoxide and that is made from coal)
    Taxed aluminum imports. (to make aluminum, you need lots of electricity)

    With coal plants still closing, he is looking to use a war act to force companies to buy electricity from failing coal (and nuclear) plants, upsetting nearly every one, from environmentalist to economists and even the majority of the electricity industry. But why would any one expect rationality from someone who claims global warming is a hoax? At least the coal companies are happy.
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  • Why would anyone believe what Breitbart has to say about climate?

    Best answer: because they aren't very bright, don't understand science and it says what they want to hear
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