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  • In your opinion, what is the point of life?

    Best answer: To enjoy family and friends while we still can.
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  • What makes people happy these days?

    25 answers 7 days ago Green Living
  • Are weather forecasts getting better?

    Best answer: Yes they are improving, and yes a skeptical blog would write about that if there were something interesting going on.
    In fact I googled "improved weather forecasting watts up with that" and found several pages of articles, just from one skeptical blog alone.
    20 answers 7 days ago Global Warming
  • Are you concerned with the fact that US nuclear plants are losing $2.9 billion annually?

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  • Why are people with penis so strong?

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  • The Paris Accord calls for developing countries to be given aid of at least $100 billion a year til 2025. How much have they gotten so far?

    Best answer: It is impossible to say, since by their own COP rules:

    Page 87, #77
    "A separate pool of funding to finance national coordinating bodies through a direct line item in the secretariat’s budget shall be established. Such support shall not be subject to measurement, reporting and verification."

    So we get to pay in but there is no method for us to find out where our money goes. All we know is that the US, who didn't ratify the agreement, paid in $1 billion and all the rest of the other nations paid in $0. After all, that is what it was all about. Picking the US taxpayer's pocket.
    13 answers 7 days ago Politics
  • Liberals, exactly how will the Paris Accord stop nature from reforming the Tethys Sea?

    7 answers 1 week ago Jokes & Riddles
  • Should states and cities that declare they are against Trump's withdrawal from Paris Accord and they will support it be biled for green aid?

    Best answer: If they "support" it, the morons who vote for those people and those like me who live with the morons will pay. California with Moonbeam are always spending without any shame or hint that they know taxpayers are actually working hard for the money they flushing down the toilet. Flushing hard earned taxpayer money down the UN sewer is about the worst waste of money you could come up with but because B. O. and the Media were pushing it, the leftist drones fall right in line. It goes to show that it isn't the planet they are worried about. They are just sycophantic leftwing useful idiots.
    24 answers 6 days ago Global Warming
  • IF EU is declaring to Trump no renegotiation of Paris Accord after 20 years of negotiation, what is the purpose of more IPCC conferences?

    Best answer: Trump is just adding some political diplomacy by talking about renegotiation, if they were to try and renegotiate Trump would just screw up the accord and they would get no where.
    7 answers 7 days ago Global Warming
  • Are you surprised that the EU, has pledged to team up with China to back Paris climate goals?

    Best answer: The Chinese and EU hierarchy understand science, in fact most of the world signed this agreement except Syria, which was ravaged by civil war and so didn't participate; Nicaragua who didn't sign the agreement because it didn't go far enough and......not America but what Noam Chomsky correctly labeled the most dangerous organisation in human history; the Republican party.

    The American public overwhelmingly understand science, the Republican party speaks for its funders

    Another unfortunate thing for deniers is that China is a dictatorship, they can accept climate change or not, there will not be any political pressure from special interests and yet they do accept it, this is because they understand basic science.
    10 answers 1 week ago Global Warming
  • Why don't conservatives believe in global warming/ climate change?

    The scientific evidence is there. My earth science professor believes this and many others do too. He blames humans and their consumption of fossil fuels. So why do conservatives keep denying it? Why don't they believe in it? Even Bill Nye The Science Guy believes in global warming and he thinks it is crazy that in this day and age that people deny it.
    41 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • What is causing global warming?

    Best answer: That's a really good question.

    I prefer not to answer in sound bites. This is really a complex question. It is complicated because the end of the little ice age coincided with the start of the industrial era, when we started to burn lots of fossil fuels. So the answer is most likely both- recovery from the LIA and extra CO2 emitted by us people.
    25 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • Why were there two shootings by liberals today?

    Best answer: Yet another lib lost his grip on reality.
    15 answers 2 weeks ago Green Living
  • IF EU is declaring to Trump no renegotiation of Paris Accord after 20 years of negotiation, what is the purpose of more IPCC conferences?

    Best answer: I don't understand what Trump is doing.

    1.) It is possible that he is wanting to renegotiate to increase the CO2 reductions of other countries, because under the original agreements, US had agreed to the most reductions.

    If this is the case, then Warmers should be strongly behind Trump. If the Warmers remember correctly, they USED to think that the Paris agreement asked for too little from other countries.

    2.) Trump could simply be asking for less money from the US to go to the Climate funds with the other countries actually giving money. Warmers should be OK with this. This forces the issue that while the US has given 1 billion, no other country has really contributed at all. Forcing them to contribute, can be a good or bad thing.

    3.) Trump wants to lower the US CO2 reductions. If this is the case, Warmers should be upset.

    So to review #1 - Warmers should be very happy. #2 - Warmers should be rather indifferent. #3 - Warmers should be upset.

    Of course, most warmers are liberals, so it really doesn't matter if Trump is going for 1, 2 or 3, liberals are going to find an excuse to be upset.
    11 answers 1 week ago Global Warming
  • Is the atmospheric temperature the only reason the glacial ice will melt and cause a glacier to break off?

    Best answer: Gravity certainly also plays a role. Glaciers typically form uphill and flow downward until they melt or if they make it to the ocean, they break off into the ocean and melt Obviously liquid water would tend to melt it more than air temperature after that. Note: the gravity is pulling the ice to warmer conditions in lower elevation in case that isn't obvious to alarmists.
    14 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • Did CAGW cause this ship of fools full of "climate scientists" to cancel their research because of “unprecedented” thick summer ice.?

    Best answer: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Liberals find an excuse to blame someone else for the world's woes. Here are some examples:

    Israel is the reason Palistinians beat their wives.
    Hillary blaming the murder of our Ambassador on a film.
    The 911 attack was caused by Bush being so mean.
    President Bush snuck down to New Orleans in the middle of the night and blew up the dam.

    These are just a few. but now, we have Gary F calling Jim Z a liar and putting the blame on the North Pole sending all that ice down to the Antarctic. "Jim conveniently leaves out the fact that the ice had drifted south from the high arctic. Lying by omission is still lying." (Comment in Jim Z's answer.)

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! My next guess is that Gary F will be blaming Trump for this. Or maybe it was Santa Claus. Maybe he was getting tired of his igloo and wanted a change of scenery. Oh, yes, NOAA has reported on a traffic jam of ice bergs heading down to the Antarctic. They are planning on installing traffic lights on the Equator. Gary should inform Bloomberg and maybe he can divert some of these icebergs to NYC then they wouldn't be having record heat waves. (And this would solve their drinking water problem, also.)

    In answer to the question: It really was just an excuse for these 'climate scientists' to get out of the office and away from their wives or same sex partners to bask in the Antarctic sunshine caused by Global Warming. They can do this and make heroes of themselves by dictating the horrors of Climate Change to their sexy assistants all payed for by the US taxpayer. Now these poor 'scientists' will have to adjourn to a Club Med for a new 'Environmental Crisis Conference' and figure out a way to make the American taxpayer pay for it. (And just think about it: There are no laws against taking drugs in the Antarctic. HAPPY TIME!)

    Unfortunately, these outright crooks have no conscience, scientific sense or morals. It is apparent that they are seeing the golden goose is fleeing and are going pluck the goose all they can before it vanishes. These are not the people you can put your trust in.
    18 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • Why do you think that some people want books written to point out the side against the theory of Catastrophic Global Warming to be banned?

    Best answer: I have taken no interest in US politics until the most recent presidential election cycle. I come from the other side of the pond. However, since taking an interest I can now see exactly where Mr Hope, who was also born on this side of the pond, was coming from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a6YdNmK...

    The instant change from "Comey should be fired" to "Comey should not have been fired" highlights the situation perfectly.

    I don't see a strategy but the Democrats do have a tactic. That tactic is to rubbish the opposition at every opportunity. They don't need any other reason. Banning dissenting books would obviously appeal as would banning dissenting voices of all kinds and playing up their point of view whenever they can.
    10 answers 1 week ago Global Warming
  • Should the U.S.A. drop out of the Paris agreement wise idea or NOT?

    27 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming
  • SO which should and which does get more attention in the media? Global warming or deaths in third world countries?

    Best answer: There are lots of deaths as well from cold and from having to heat your home to try to escape the cold. There are lots of fires caused by humans trying to heat their homes. I wouldn't promote warming the world purposefully to keep people warmer but if we are going to count heat related deaths, we need to count the ones that die from having to heat the home and the consequences of staying in that heated home from breathing dung smoke, and to the increased exposure to deadly diseases.

    I made eggs this morning with bell peppers and my wife opened all the windows. She has an extraordinary sense of smell and odors bother her so she would really suffer if I made my eggs by heating them from dung and come to think of it even I would probably not be able to finish my meal. That is one of those first world problems I suppose.

    To answer the question, you barely hear about the those dying from dung fuel but GW is all over the news. I watched a Nature program earlier this week on PBS about Yosemite and it was barely tolerable there so many references to permanent droughts etc due to climate change. It is a propaganda barrage from every direction.
    13 answers 2 weeks ago Global Warming