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  • Why don't people care about global warming?

    Best answer: Most of us with some basic knowledge and a minimum of experience have seen the same old con game over and over and over again. Some people seem to enjoy being conned. All someone has to do is tell them they are saving the planet and they are ready to sacrifice other people's money at the drop of a hat and they feel so generous and they feel like super heroes. They are the new "green" hornet fighting corporations and profit for the planet.
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  • Why do naive person think man made climate change is real but God or Jesus never existed?

    Is it because of liberalism?
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  • If we have 200 years of data saying the climate is getting warmer and two billion years of evidence saying the climate naturally fluctuate s?

    How can we say that humans cause it? I'm sure we have an effect, but every life form affects their environment.
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  • Earth temperatures have allegedly risen 2 degrees in 140 years. How does a 2 degree difference have such a dramatic impact? Or does it?

    Best answer: Most of that warming should be where people don't live in polar regions so when you hear anecdotal stories about how cold it used to be, you can take it with a tiny grain of salt. It is kind of humorous reading disaster stories about how it used to be a degree or two colder and now we are all going to die. It is pretty sad really.

    Notice Dirac (aka James, Pegminer, others?) that warned us about the permanent drought in California just a couple years ago, Peak Oil 10 years ago, etc. is now implying that hurricanes are going to be catastrophic from our CO2. Common sense tells us that a hurricane forming in air temperature a fraction of a degree warmer would be essentially the same hurricane. In other words, our CO2 isn't doing much of anything regarding hurricanes but alarmists need people to believe otherwise and they apparently need to feel they are saving the planet. The only thing we need saving from is their ilk. Notice Dirac tried to insinuate blame for Harvey on our CO2. Did our CO2 cause Harvey to stall? What a joke these alarmists are. They can't help promote their Cause no matter what. They don't want you to focus on obvious facts and common. Their Cause depends on lies and exaggeration. Their cause is to attack capitalism, freedom and promote central authority, not that Dirac understands that. He doesn't know much about the real world outside of text books which he continually brags about. We had a very long time between hurricanes before Harvey yet Dirac and his ilk didn't blame that nearly unprecedented lack of hurricanes hitting the US on our CO2. Only bad things can be blamed on CO2. It is one of their unspoken rules.
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  • If so called global warming is true, then how does one know that it is caused by human activity and not natural occurrence?

    So there is this figure saying the temperature has risen 1.8 degrees since 1880? How could you possibly break down the cause over 140 years? Let's say someone theorizes that half is caused by human activity and the other half is caused naturally. That means .9 degrees is responsible for each. So what is the margin of error on that .9 degree figure? What is the margin of error on the 1.8 figure? It seems a little hokey to say you can possibly know a relatively minuscule change over 140 years by measuring retrospectively and with models that have margins of error.
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  • Why is anthropogenic global warming more of a philosophy and not science?

    Best answer: It is a theory and has not been proven through the Scientific Method.
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  • Should people in developed nations be required to be vegan? We don't really need meat, right?

    Meat consumption is causing global warming. Did you know cow farts release more co2 than cars? The meat industry is harming the environment, the health of humans, and the well-being of sentient animals. Furthermore allowing people to kill other sentient beings creates a culture that promotes violence and intolerance to other life. Humans don't need meat. So with all the harmful side effects that comes with meat, why is it tolerated? If the government can require most people to not drive drunk, it certainly can require most people to be vegan.
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  • Is global warming ever to be stopped?

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  • I just bought a 25 acre property that has about 1,000+ old tires on it. Should I use gasoline or diesel to light them on fire?

    Best answer: Douse them all with gasoline. If you have bottle rockets, throw one of them in from a safe distance. That's what I would do. Otherwise pour a trail of gas out to a safe distance and light it. These people advising you to use diesel are p*ssies.
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  • Do you believe in "global warming?"?

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  • Do you think climate change is as big a deal as they're making it out to be?

    They talk of massive improvements having to be made by around 2030 - or we are in big trouble. They talk of the arctic sea ice being gone within a few decades, the permafrost melting, ocean burps, and on and on and on. And if headway is not made we will be living in an extremely undesirable environment with hundreds of millions of climate change refugees and major coastal cities underwater! Is this stuff for real? Or a big pipe dream?
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  • Infrared/Microwave Analogy?

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  • If earth temps have risen 1.8 degrees since the 1880s, then how did the polar ice caps melt? Did the temperature go from 2 to 4 degrees?

    Best answer: The polar ice caps melt every summer and then freeze in the winter. It is something that has been happening for thousands of years. They never melt entirely and some years have far more melting than other years. There were reports of a near ice free Arctic over a hundred years ago and that obviously wasn't caused by our CO2. Greenhouse gases should warm the polar regions more and that is where most of the warming is reported but then again it is hard to trust the temperature adjustments.

    Yes, by average it means that it isn't rising that much in the US and even less in the tropics. When you read people talking about CO2 causing droughts keep that in mind because those sorts of predictions of drought are indicative of anti-science propaganda. These climate cultists want so badly to feel important that they are willing to inflict a really harmful political agenda, or so it seems to me. Another thing to keep in mind is that just because it is reputed to have increased, it doesn't mean we caused it. I suspect it somewhere less than 50% caused by us.

    So we are melting a little ice in the Arctic. Whoopty do. It hasn't melted much in the Antarctic and that doesn't help alarmists so they focus more on the Arctic and the ice there is mostly floating and won't do much harm if it did melt. If it did melt, it would probably allow a new shipping lane, allow access to more resources, increase arable land to the north, and more baby caribou will survive.
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  • How, exactly, are adjustments made for the urban heat island effect in temperature measurement since 1880?

    The earth temperature since 1880 has supposedly risen 1.8 degrees since 1880. This measurement has partially been achieved by hundreds of weather stations around the world. I've been asking how adjustments are made to this 1.8 degree figure when the urban island effect is a factor. People here have been telling me that "adjustments" are made, but these people never give me any specifics. Do they subtract 1/10th of a degree when a one building is added around a weather station? Is it 2/10th degrees for two buildings? What if the building is taller than average? Do they subtract 15/100th of a degree? How, exactly, does that science work?
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  • What is the global warmist's scientific margin of error for the 1.8 degree temperature rise since the 1880s?

    Best answer: I don't know what it is. I'm skeptical of that rise being accurately assessed. Obviously the number of stations a 140 years ago was much less. There are sometimes differences in how the temperatures are taken and when but they can adjust the temperatures accordingly. It is sometimes shown how adjusted temperatures tend to equal the warming. In other words, the warming may be due to the adjustments. Alarmists will of course deny this.


    <<<The peer-reviewed study tried to validate current surface temperature datasets managed by NASA, NOAA and the UK’s Met Office, all of which make adjustments to raw thermometer readings. Skeptics of man-made global warming have criticized the adjustments. Climate scientists often apply adjustments to surface temperature thermometers to account for “biases” in the data. The new study doesn’t question the adjustments themselves but notes nearly all of them increase the warming trend.>>>

    <<<In fact, almost all the surface temperature warming adjustments cool past temperatures and warm more current records, increasing the warming trend, according to the study’s authors.>>>
    “You would think that when you make adjustments you’d sometimes get warming and sometimes get cooling. That’s almost never happened,”

    In my opinion, based on these inconsistencies and questionable adjustments that always go one way, you'd have to be fool to have a great deal of confidence in their certainty. I know they can assign certainties to their studies but those sorts of things aren't worth anything if adjustments aren't based on legitimate reasons.
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  • Are you excited about the warming weather this time of year?

    Best answer: If you live in central England and have experienced 6 days(this week) without seeing the sun .......yes!
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  • Are those who deny global warming serious?

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  • If earth temps have risen 1.8 degrees since the 1880s, then how did the polar ice caps melt? Did the temperature go from 2 to 4 degrees?

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  • How many 'Greenhouse Gases' are necessary for life?

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  • What is wrong with the world?

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